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					           Renée Ahee
 President, Ahee Communications, Inc.

“Melting Pot to Stewing
Pot: Marketing Catholic
  Charities to Multiple
             “Melting Pot” to
              “Stewing Pot”
 “Melting Pot” – place where immigrants of
  different cultures or races form integrated
     Ingredients melt into one
 “Stew” – mixture of meat or fish with
  vegetables or stock
     Ingredients mix but don’t change basic nature
 Changing demographics of America
     More minorities
     Fully American, but keep cultural identity
            The New America

 African, Asian, Hispanic, Native America
  growing faster than white America
 By 2020:
     African Americans will be 13%, up from 12%
     Asian Americans will be 6%, up from 4%
     Native Americans will be 1%, up from ½%
     Hispanic Americans will be 21%, up from 12%
 40% of the total U.S. population will be non-
              Buying Power!

 Minority population growth means
  astounding buying power
     Total personal disposable income
 $861 Billion
     African Americans - $572 Billion
     Hispanic Americans - $452 Billion
     Asian Americans - $254 Billion
     Native Americans - $35 Billion
      Marketing Implications

 Opportunity to expand outreach to non-
  traditional givers
 Because of desire to preserve own
  culture, must tailor
     Products
     Media
     Message
          Targeted Marketing that

 Same marketing strategies apply to
  finding new donors as selling widgets
     Know your audience!
       Family values
       Tradition of helping others

       Charitable giving

       Giving pattern and levels
        Targeted Marketing that
 The product must work
     Hard to argue with 300-year track record
     Won’t get resistance to goals, mission
 Oakwood Hospital - Example of successful
  nonprofit targeted marketing
     Healthcare “product” tailored to the user
     Intimate; Language-, culture- and religion-sensitive
 Research might surprise you
     Asian Americans are big givers; they “give”
         The Bottom Line Is
 Strategic marketing at its best
 Build credibility, trust with the target group
 Use communications tools that speak their
 Use pictures, references of people who reflect
  the target audience
 Demonstrate Catholic Charities’ support of the
  community that’s important to them
        Tactics to Reach Your
 Know your audience – Did I say that?!
 Don’t stereotype
     Differences mean opportunities
 Hire/Use a member of the community to help
  plan strategy
 Hire professional marketing translator
     Not the admin who took a couple Spanish classes!
       Accountability – Critical
        Even for Nonprofits
 Your mission helps to unite, but…
 People are more skeptical of “institutions”
     General population due to Enron, World Com
     Ethnic populations due to aftermath of 9/11
 Catholic Church undergoing severe scrutiny
  these days
     Catholic Charities painted with the same brush?
 Better Business Bureau promoting standards
  for charity accountability
              Key Messages

 275 years
 9 million people a year get health care, social
  services, emergency food and shelter,
 1600 partnering agencies give back $3 billion
 No regard for religion, race, ethnicity, gender
 There for the national emergencies and the
  local, personal ones
 You can help
   Some Other Marketing Tips

 ID leaders in your target groups
 Know the competition
 Be visible in your target groups
 Link with lawyers, attorneys from the
  target community
 Get sensitivity training
 Use media favored by your target groups
      Institutions Provide Entrée

 Partner with trusted target “institutions”
     The black church
     Minority professional organizations
       Wolverine Bar Association
       National Black MBAs

       National Organization of Women Business
       Native American Business Alliance
        A Real-Life Example

 Detroit Arab American Study-first survey to
  gauge 9/11 effects
 Nonprofit UofM’s ISR and UMD CAAS
 Challenge: get this diverse community within a
  community to participate
 Using a community Advisory Panel; PSAs,
  personal letters, broadcast and print media
  interviews in Arabic and English
 So far, good results
       The 5 Ps of Marketing!

 Ps of Marketing
     People
     Product
     Place
     Promotion
        Thank you!

“Melting Pot to Stewing Pot:
Marketing Catholic Charities
   to Multiple Cultures”

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