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									              Canadian Welding Association - Association canadienne de soudage


LOCATION: CWB Suite 206-2528 Ellwood Drive SW, Edmonton AB
TIME: 5:30 PM: Members present: Mike, Dennis, Dwayne, Bruce, Harvey, Darcy
Attachment # 1 – Current Executive Roster.
Call to Order/ Confirmation of Agenda
Meeting started 5:50 pm.

Approval of Previous Minutes (see attachment#1)
Harvey motioned to approve minutes from April 13, 2010, Darcy 2nd, passed

Business Arising From Previous Minutes
   1) Business Card Advertising – Next Steps: Mike and Dennis will take the lead on this
      initiative. Dwayne will look into formatting website and setting up sponsor logos on a
      promo powerpoint to be run at all future dinner meetings. Darcy to send Saskatoon
      Chapter survey to Dennis for modification for use by the Edmonton Chapter.
   2) Tentative 2010-2011 Dinner Meeting Program – Praxair Gas plant tour, Fort
      Saskatchewan, perhaps meet at the Dow Center. Date for this event September 15. Dennis
      to confirm date and forward details to the rest of the executive group.
      The U of A Faculty club will be booked for Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and May. The AWS
      and CWA will share the dates with the CWA asking for 3 dates. Darcy to check with Ken
      Nelson to see if Wilkinson and UnderWater Welding presentations can be hosted by CWA.
   3) Fall Seminar: Avoiding Welding Fatigue: Next Steps- Mike announce that the CWA National
      will be hosting an event in Edmonton and Vancouver. The guest speaker is from Austrailia.
      More details to follow.

New Business
  A) Addition to Executive: Luke Balderson Midwest Sales Manager with Linde Canada Ltd was
     not able to make tonight’s meeting, He is in the process of relocating to Edmonton and is
     interested in becoming a member of the CWA Edmonton chapter executive and has asked
     that we forward the minutes of this meeting. Luke’s contact info:
     306-341-1185 ll)
  B) CWA Chapter Sponsored Seminar – Theme and Planning Committee, Everyone would like
     to hold a large event. Discussion of what could be done and how is tabled to the next
     meeting. Bruce would like to set up a SC to take this task on.
     Terms of reference attached to these minutes. See attachment #2.
  C) Nederman and ITW Miller Awards – Bruce reviewed some new CWA National bursary
     awards. Cut off date for the first awards is July 31, 2010. More detail on www.CWA.org
  D) 2009-2010 Year end windup: Executive Appreciation - It was decided that an executive
     appreciation dinner would be held for executive members and their significant others on
     Wednesday, June 23 at Sorrentino’s Restaurant on Calgary Trail South. Dwayne will send
     an invitation email to all executive members and Luke Balderson in the next day or two
     asking for RSVP to get a count and then book the restaurant for 6:00pm.

Page 1 of 5        1042 Gillies Road, Sherwood Park, AB, T8A 1E1 • Phone/Fax 780-464-6894
                       Email: cwaedmontonchapter@shaw.ca • Web: www.cwa-acs.org
    E) EATS formation: CWA participation – Bruce will discuss what is happening with Joel from
       AWS and advise.

    F) CWA Advisory Council and Annual Conference – September 25 – 28 in Ontario. All chapter
       chairs are to attend this event. Bruce said he could go and nobody had any objections. Sept
       25 will be the Advisory meetings in Milton Ontario at the CWB Head Office and the Annual
       Conference at the Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, Ontario.

Treasurer’s Report – Dale reported that the current bank balance is $4540.80 with about $1500
in outstanding expenses.

Membership Report – no report available

Education Report – no report

Publicity Report - no report

Adjournment of Meeting: Meeting adjourned at 7:40 pm

Minutes recorded by Darcy.

Next CWA Executive Meeting
Date: Tuesday, August 24
Time: 5:30 pm
Location: CWB Office, 2528 Ellwood Dr, SW.

Attachment 1:

LOCATION: (CWB OFFICE EDMONTON, Suite 206, 2528 Ellwood Drive)

Executive Roster

Chair CWA-ACS Edmonton Chapter:                   Bruce Cormier (GRB College of Welding)
                                                  work 780-436-7342, fax 780-436-7344
1st Vice Chair                                    Steve Jones (Midwest Constructors)
                                                  Cell: 780-914-6728
2nd Vice Chair/Program Chair                      Dennis De Lange (Praxair)
                                                  cell 780-619-4964, Work 780-702-4964
Past Chair/Promotion                              Sylvester Mardell (Agrium)

 Page 2 of 5
                                                      smardell@shaw.ca or cwaedmonton@shaw.ca
                                                      Home/Fax: 780-464-6894, Cell 780-914-0165
Promotion                                             Mike Collins (Canadian Welding Bureau)
Treasurer/Reception Chair                             Dale Lesik (ATCO Pipelines)
                                                      dale.lesik@atcopipelines.com or dale.lesik@telus.net
                                                      Work : 780-420-5482, fax 780-420-7411
Secretary                                             Shane Blakely
                                                      Work:780-964-5553 Fax:780-472-6245
Publicity                                             Dwayne Giesbrecht (Canadian Welding Bureau)
                                                      800-844-6790 ext 505
Education                                             Rob Roy (NAC Industrial)
                                                      Cell 780-996-9659, work 780-449-3688
Recruiting Membership                                 Tedd Gunn (Praxair)
                                                      cell 780-220-8007, Work 780-486-6417
Student Representative                                Patrick Lysk (NAIT)
Student Representative                                Chris Lantos (NAIT)
Member-at-Large                                       Darcy Yantz (Canadian Welding Bureau)
                                                      800-844-6790 ext 517
Member-at-Large                                        Harvey Lueke
                                                      Cell 780-690-1774

Executive Membership: Attendance for April 13, 2010
Present: B. Cormier (Chair/Meeting Chair), S. Jones (Vice Chair), M. Collins (Promotions),
D. Geisbrecht (Publicity), T. Gunn (Recruiting), D. Yantz (Member-at-Large),

Regrets: S. Mardell (Past Chair/Promotions), D. De Lange (2nd Vice Chair/Program),
R. Roy (Education), D. Lesik (Treasurer), H. Lueke (Member-at-Large),
S. Blakely (Secretary), P. Lysk (Student Rep.), C. Lantos (Student Rep.),

Call to Order for Meeting
Meeting called to order by chair, Bruce Cormier, at 5:45pm

A quorum was not present. The meeting was information only with any business items deferred until the
May Executive meeting.

Approval of Previous Minutes
Approval of March 10, 2010 minutes deferred until the May Executive meeting.

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Business from Previous Minutes
   1) Business Card Advertising/Newsletter
   2) NAC April Meeting
   3) 2010 -2011Meeting Schedule

New Business
New business is deferred until May Executive meeting.

Treasurers Report
Treasury balance as of March 31/10 is $4534.55.Dale will send 2009 year end financial report to CWA
National by April 30/10.

Membership Report
Edmonton Chapter has 799 members. Mike Collins reported that the National had 4785 new members.

Education Report
No Report

Publicity Report
No Report

Business from previous minutes

1) Business Card Advertising
        Mike will make inquiries among suppliers about advertising in the Chapter newsletter. It was
       agreed to suggest a rate of $500.00 for advertisers. All executive were asked to enquire with their
       contacts to see if they would be willing to pay for advertising spots. Darcy had a Powerpoint demo
       showing the Saskatoon Chapter sponsors. The Powerpoint is used during the Chapter dinner
       meeting to highlight the sponsors prior to the guest speaker presentation. Mike Collins also
       suggested that the chapter run the payments for advertisers who pay with credit cards through the
       CWB. The money would then be moved to the Edmonton Chapter less 3%.
2) NAC meeting
        Bruce gave a brief rundown of the National Advisory Council meeting and follow-up events held
       in Moncton at the New Brunswick Community College on April 8-9, 2010.

3) 2010 -2011 Meeting Schedule
        Tedd and Dennis are looking into a Praxair plant tour for the fall.

Adjournment of Meeting
Meeting was adjourned by Bruce Cormier at 6:30 PM

Next CWA Executive Meeting
Dates: May 11, 2010

Future CWA Executive Meetings
Dates: , June 15/10

Time: 5:30 PM
Location: CWB Suite 206 – 2528 Ellwood Drive SW, Edmonton, AB
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                       CWA-ACS EDMONTON CHAPTER – April13, 2010

TERMS OF REFERENCE : Seminar Planning Committee

The Seminar Planning Committee is authorized by the CWA Edmonton Chapter Executive to plan a
Chapter sponsored seminar. The Committee is authorized to:
   1. Develop a theme.
   2. Engage guest speakers.
   3. Set a proposed date.
   4. Locate a suitable venue.

The committee will be comprised of a Chair appointed by the CWA Chapter Executive, and other
Executive and non-Executive members as the Committee needs to fulfill the mandate.

The Committee will meet at times and locations separate from the Executive meetings.

The Committee will report to the Executive on progress made at the scheduled Executive

The Committee will present its’ recommendations to the Executive for final approval.


The Planning Committee is not authorized to access Chapter funds without the permission of the

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