Bag of Tricks Start with a medium to large size tote bag like the tote bag we got at conference Put items in the bag and have each guest take any item out that t by jzi72718


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									                                   Bag of Tricks
Start with a medium to large size tote bag, like the tote bag we got at conference. Put items in
the bag and have each guest take any item out that they want. As you go around the room,
ask the guest what they think the item means. This can be the funniest part!
You can have fun using any items you want, but here are the items in my bag…and how I
explain them:
1. Lei—talk about the Caribbean Cruise
2. Peeps (the squishy baby chick marshmallow candy you find around Easter…a bag of 10 is
   perfect)—“Oh look, 10 chicks! Now you can have your own lia sophia show and hang out
   with all your peeps! And we‟ve got a SWEET deal for our hostesses!”
3. Jewelry care cloth—tell them how (and how not to) care for our jewelry
4. Help Wanted sign—sell lia sophia to help you get out of credit card debt. Join my team
   to help me out (wiggle the sign & mention the flexible hours). Host a show to help the
5. Coffin (miniature candy holder)—“You can wear our jewelry to the grave, thanks to our
   Life Replacement Guarantee!”
6. Tiny Money—“It doesn‟t take much to get started in your own lia sophia business”
7. Barbie Doll—“This represents your good friend. Can anyone tell me what her name is?”
   then say “Nope…her name is Shenita! „Cause Shenita show to go to!!!”
8. Cell Phone—“Call me anytime to place an order or have a show”
9. Laminated Gems—talk about the specials
10. Credit Card—“We take Visa, M/C, and Discover”
11. lia sophia box—talk about how much the average hostess receives
12. Wrapped gift—“earn money to pay cash for the holidays”
13. Celebrity picture—talk about our celebrity notoriety
14. Fashion forward picture (like the picture of Stacy London we got at conference)—you
    can have a fabulously accessorized wardrobe…book a show or sign up!
15. Razor (take blades out or affix a cap permanently)—talk about company history
16. Small watering can w/seed packet in it—“Thanks to you being here, lia sophia is
17. Small stack of my business cards—When you wear our beautiful jewelry, you‟re bound
    to get a lot of attention and compliments. So if you wouldn‟t mind, I would really appreciate
    it if you would take a couple of my business cards to give those people. And I want to
    thank you in advance for becoming my walking advertisement!”

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