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Brokering & Trade Printers
MAKING THE MARK                                                                     INDEPENDENT PRINTING
Custom Printed Post-it                                                              COMPANY
Notes                                                                               Presentation Products
  Name brand and house brand                                                           Independent Printing Company specializes in presentation fold-
custom printed Post-it notes                                                        ers, paperboard binders, green presentation products, and promo-
Wholesale to the printing trade.                                                    tional packaging solutions—including laminated boxes, portfolios,
WWW.MAKINGTHEMARK.COM                                                               and CD/DVD packaging.
                                                                                    Print capabilities include
                                                                                    up to eight colors in one
                                                                                    pass, UV, in-house foil
LMN PRINTING                                                                        stamping, embossing,
Raffle Book & Ticket Company                                                        and laminating. Call us
   LMN is the only company across the United States that has specialized in         today to request our free
raffle books for more than 36 years. Because of this, we have mastered the          award-winning PASSPORT
art of printing raffle books and tickets. We are trade printers and give a 50%      Presentation Solutions
discount to all printers and brokers. We now also specialize in variable data.      product and reference
We offer all our clients short-run, perforated, full-color tickets numbered         guide. Have a demand
in any sequence. Our raffle books can be stapled as well as glued for easy          for eco-friendly products?
handling and mailing. Call us today for our retail price list and samples. Toll     Check out our Enviro line
free 800/741-5668. Our address is 118 N. Ridgewood Avenue, Edgewater, FL            of products: including the Envirofolder, Envirofolder Premium,
32132. All price quotes are given in 24 hours.                                      Enviro-Binder, and Frosted Folders.
WWW.LMN-PRINTING.COM                                                                WWW.INDEPENDENTPRINTING.COM

WISE BUSINESS FORMS                                              BUSINESS CARD INC.
Forms & Checks                                                     Thermographed Business Cards and Stationery to the Trade
  We are committed to quality, innovative product devel-           Since 1951, BCI has been serving the trade with award winning quality on thermo-
opment and exceptional customer service. Wise has been                                                   graphed business cards and stationery. Foil
instrumental in reshaping the independent forms industry.                                                stamping, blind embossing, and true copper
We are committed to quality, innovative product develop-                                                 die engraving services too!
ment and exceptional customer service. Our six manu-                                                      WWW.BCI-INC.COM
facturing facilities—Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maine,
Pennsylvania, and South Carolina—are strategically
placed bringing unparalleled flexibility and convenience to
distributors. Our products include:                               FOLDER EXPRESS
  Continuous Forms                                                Presentation Folders
  Unit Sets                                                         Folder Express provides presentation folders to
  Cut Sheets                                                      the trade. Standard production time is 24 hours
  Software Compatible FormOne & FormOne Basic                     on more than 60 die patterns. The company can
  Document Security                                               print, foil, stamp, emboss, UV coat, aqueous coat,
  Prescription Pads                                               varnish, laminate, custom die cut, and glue flat or box pockets. It regularly stocks
  Check Stock                                                     more than 150 papers. Prices include free ground shipping in the contiguous states.
WWW.WBF.COM                                                       WWW.FOLDEREXPRESS.COM

Four-Color Printing                                                                                 LANCER LABEL
  4over is a trade printer that offers full service,                                                Custom Labels
four-color printing to print brokers, design agen-                                                    Lancer Label can provide you with all of your
cies, print shops, graphic designers, and other                                                     label needs. We have expert consultants ready to
industry professionals. It offers 100% price match                                                  help you with any of your label projects. From sim-
to ensure competitive pricing. In early 2009, the                                                   ple one-color labels to complex four-color process
company will offer a new service, Grand4mat.                                                        special applications. Call us today for your Free
com, which will offer banners, building wraps,                                                      Sales Materials to help build your Profits.
and large posters to the trade.                                                                     WWW.LANCERLABEL.COM

w w w. q u i c k p r i n t i n g . c o m                                                                 2009     THE SOURCE SHOWCASE                5
2 0 10          S O U RCE               SHOWCASE

Brokering & Trade Printers
WISCO ENVELOPE                                                                            THE DFS GROUP
Letterhead, Envelopes,                                                                       The DFS Group offers a 100% unconditional guarantee on its
                                                                                          entire product line. Products available include short-run, full-color
Marketing Materials
                                                                                          printing, more than 2,000 customizable products such as checks
  Wisco Envelope gives you a single
                                                                                          and forms, tax forms, and a large selection of holiday cards and
source contact for custom printed let-
                                                                                          gifts. Ask for a copy of their 196 page catalog and a free sales
terhead, envelopes, and marketing
materials. The company can provide
simple one-color work or complex four-
color jobs. It offers special envelope
configurations and has hundreds of envelope sizes, including custom windows
and sizes and special applications. By manufacturing and printing its products,
the firm offers fast turnaround times. Free sales tools are available.

Custom Labels
   Label Art is a national label manufacturer with both flexography and digital           NAVITOR
                                                               (roll and sheet)           Custom Printing
                                                               printing capabili-           Navitor, one of the nation’s largest custom print providers, is
                                                               ties. From a simple        debuting its newly redesigned website. The site brings greater
                                                               one-color label to a       functionality and new capabilities—including fast and easy
                                                               complex eight-color        online ordering in a new web-to-print solution for uploading your
                                                               wide web label,            custom designs. Navitor brings powerful online tools exclusively
                                                               the company can            to trade partners. Formed in January 2008 from the merged
                                                               accommodate virtu-         Carlson Craft Business Solutions, Regency, and Label Works,
ally any custom label need. Capabilities include full-color, foil, embossing, digi-       Navitor continues its tradition of excellence in custom business
tal, variable printing, window decals, durable decals, hang-tags, and more.               printing needs. Find us at
WWW.LABELART.COM                                                                          WWW.NAVITOR.COM

A M A Z I N G P R I N T C O R P.
Websites & Web-to Print
  Printlinqs offers you a complete printing solution that cuts spending
and increases profits by combining Web-to-Print, Print-to-Web, and
Web-to-Web solutions. Your free new website will include:
  Unique online presence
  Online interface design capabilities
  Over 15,000 prebuilt images to choose from                                   C O R P O R AT I O N
  Web marketing options, including guaranteed top rankings on                  Business Forms
popular search engine results list                                               Why outsource your carbonless forms to vendors that sell on both sides of
  Call 866-91-LINQS or email Visit us online.               the fence? AmeriPrint Corporation sells to the trade, and only to the trade.
WWW.PRINTLINQS.COM                                                             But that’s not the only reason why we are your best source for business
                                                                               forms. We offer a full line of carbonless products, fast turnaround, and prices
                                                                               that will make you smile!
                                                                                 • Custom continuous forms and checks up to 6 plies and 4 ink colors
THE FLESH COMPANY                                                                • Custom snap sets up to 8 plies and 4 ink colors
Trade Only Printer                                                               • Sales books and pads
   The Flesh Company is a manufacturer of commercial document                    • Laser printer forms
solutions, specializing in custom continuous forms, unit sets, and               • Laser printer checks with security features
laser cut sheets. We also offer full bindery services, variable image            • Cross-web glued pocket and envelope forms
printing, promotional printing, and security products. We are commit-            • Press sizes: 14”, 17”, 22”, & 24”
ted to supporting our distributors with the best available technology            • Environmentally friendly papers & inks
and a team of the industry’s most knowledgeable service representa-              • Any quantity, from 1,000 to millions
tives. To learn more, call us at 800/835-0098 or visit our website at            We guarantee that you and your customers will get nothing but the best in                                                               carbonless forms products.
WWW.FLESHCO.COM                                                                WWW.AMERIPRINT.COM

6    THE SOURCE SHOWCASE                 • 2009                                                                   w w w. q u i c k p r i n t i n g . c o m
DISCOUNT LABELS                                          NEW TOUCH
   Discount Labels prints custom label orders from         New Touch offers a patented technology that applies a smooth, silky surface coat to printed
500 to 5,000,000. Most products are manufactured         products that increases their durability while enhancing the “touch” factor. The coating can be
in 24 hours and shipped overnight at ground rates.       applied to products such as business cards, postcards, labels, stickers, brochures, menus, and
The company can provide designs ranging from single      door hangers. The company works with resellers who sign up to become dealers for its services.
color jobs to complex 11-color work. Services include    WWW.NEWTOUCH.COM
automatic open account terms, an electronic order
confirmation system, online order status and tracking,
no plate or setup charges, and process color or UV
labels in 72 hours. The service offers
print resellers a private branded website.

Plastic Cards & Labels
  Ward/Kraft, Inc. is the supplier of choice for all
your Plastic Card and Prime Label needs! Request
your free samples today at our website. Partner with
Ward/Kraft—We’ll be there for you! 877/856-5818.

Wholesale Printer is a wholesale printer that exclusively
services resellers such as printers, designers, pho-
tographers, mail centers, ad agencies, and market-
ing and PR firms. Accounts are rigorously screened
to verify authentic wholesale status. The company
provides short-run, full-color printing on equipment
that includes digital printing presses and Heidelberg
presses, and it offers UV coating. There is also a
team of designers and prepress experts
on staff. Products include booklets,
catalogs, brochures, newsletters,
business cards, calendars, mailing
services, magnetic cards, pocket fold-
ers, posters, and holiday cards.
It also offers a Price
Match Plan.

                                                                    For more information, visit
w w w. q u i c k p r i n t i n g . c o m                                                                2009      THE SOURCE SHOWCASE                7

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