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									                            ARLD Board Minutes
                               March 24, 2006
                         MLA Office, 12:00 pm – 2:30 pm
Present: Victoria Peters (Chair), Deb Bergeron, Karen Docherty, Linda Eells, Stephanie
McConnell (via ITV), Jim Newsome, Carla Pfahl, Lynne Weber

Guests: Julia Kelly (MEMO/MLA information literacy collaborative liaison); Lynne
Beck (chair of Distance Learning Round Table and that group’s liaison to the ARLD

Victoria Peters called the meeting to order.

The February Board Minutes will be reviewed and approved at next meeting (send to
group again for corrections).

New Business
   (Kelly) Future communication/collaboration between ARLD Day and the
  MINITEX/U of M Reference symposium (only every other year, collections in the
  year in between) – time conflict now with ARLD Day – is there any way we can
  work together? We are doing similar things with regard to poster calls, etc. What
  should we do? We should find a way to coordinate to keep one event from diluting
  the other. Costs are about the same, we shouldn’t be competitive. Events are only
  two weeks apart now. Topics are similar. We have a broader audience than the Ref
  Symposium. Maybe on the “off” years ARLD should do more reference? ARLD
  Day is a big event. There is also a MINITEX ILL symposium every spring, another
  overlapping event. Jim and Victoria and Julie will try to work something out. ARLD
  could consider a different date altogether; Collection Development group at U of M
  could do so also.

Old Business

1. Organizational issues
     a. MLA Membership committee (hasn’t met yet – Lynne and Kate are on the
     committee) – How do we do outreach to library school students? Recruiting: MLA
     student membership is $19 but they can designate either PLA or ARLD as a
     b. MLA Communications committee (McConnell update)
       One meeting held, duties still need to be assigned; Two themes for next
       newsletters. April will include reports from all committees and divisions of
       MLA, similar to “Chapter Topics Report” from ACRL.
     c. Distance Learning Roundtable Liaison (Beck)
     d. MLA procedures manual section on ARLD (V. Peters) - handout

2. MLA 2006 conference planning (J. Newsome)
    MLA will decide which programs will be accepted at April 7 meeting.
    Eight ARLD proposals received; discussion/ranking – possibilities for co-
   sponsorships? Combine #1 & #2 as preconference on Wed morning. Two (5&6)
   recommended as co-session. So this should give us the right number for slots we
    Discussed list from other sections to determine those we could be interested in
    Timelines: Preconferences Wed AM 3 hours; poster sessions 10-5; Business
   meeting on Wed; ARLD session slots:Wed 5-6:30 (we have five breakouts)

3. ARLD Day discussion (K. Docherty)
      Question: who is collecting registration submissions? Alison did it in the past.
      Registrations should now be directed to the CLIC office attn: Karen and she will
      have someone handle it. Deb will put registration form on web site. Registration
      will go out to all MLA list not just ARLD. Registration goes out on Monday and
      closes on Wed. April 19. Bibliography-entries are done-will be sent as an
      acknowledgement of registration and will be posted to web.

       a. Programs-she contacted all presenters including poster folks and let them know
       what will be available and what they need to bring (laptops and projectors); she is
       coordinating hotel and flight details for morning speakers. They will probably rent
       a car at the airport.
       b. Venue- all set.
       c. Subcommittees
                 i.   Food
                ii.   Posters (including poster boards, set-up, etc.)
                iii. Music – Lynne Weber has contacted Suzuki group. They will play
                        from 9:00-9:30.
       d. Moderators needed to introduce speakers:
                Karen and Victoria will introduce keynote speakers
                Jim will moderate Robins; session
                Research behaviors of students – Carla and Van – Karen will moderate
                Blog panel – Melissa moderator
                Robin Furber – Victoria moderator
       e. Need volunteers for registration – most of Board will be there
       f. Budget – Karen waiting for update(s) from Barb; doesn’t yet know if we have
       any sponsors. We hope to break even. Airfares are more expensive than budgeted
       but hotel is less. MLA takes our losses if registration is too low. Foundation does
       have money they can give back for programming for divisions. Karen will track
       g. Need nametags, receipts for day of event. Karen will talk to Barb.

 4. Web Page design (Bergeron)
     a. Demo
     b. Feedback and Discussion
     c. Using new technology (Wiki or Blog)
Blog – available only to ARLD board (for postings) with rotating responsibility for
postings – one member responsible each month. Where should it be? On our home page
with ACRL blog hotlinked also. We want our page to be a place where someone can
come and get answers. Have inquiries come to ?Members-at-Large?

We need to market the website by mentioning it wherever we go.

Wiki – for procedures manual – restricted access – available from Board page.

5. ARLD recruiting brochure could be redone - made shorter and made available for
ARLD Day (Lynne Weber) – with registration form enclosed.

6. MEMO/MLA information literacy collaborative update: Kelly – ARLD liaison and
chair of the IL collaborative
     Feb meeting update (next one in June): Investigation of how to standardize
        language used on library web pages to talk about searching, OPAC, indexes, etc.
        (group received 750 responses to survey about what things should be called).
        Using this language will be voluntary, with the hope that people will see the same
        language as they move from grade school through to college.
     Tom Shaughnessy et.al. - Metronet working w/HS in St. Paul & Farmington to
        train info media specialists to train teachers about methods to use in class. IL
        sessions for students will be held on college campuses –this will help high school
        students to start thinking about college.
     MEMO-IL standards for K-12: distributing publicity out to districts to see if they
        can get folks to voluntarily adopt the standards; IL standards (any education
        standards) are not popular with state legislature right now but will be brought
        forward by Suzanne Miller as interest increases. Governor Pawlenty is showing
        some interest.
     Online tutorial? Assn Calculator at U, other standardized tools used in K-12.
        MINITEX may be involved in housing and taking responsibility for whatever tool
        is selected. They want to use open source.
     They want to do posters for fall conferences (i.e. MLA in Sept.2006 and MEMO
        conference in Bloomington in October 2006). Jim will see if MLA is interested in
        adding a “partnership” session with MEMO for the fall conference.
     ELM usage by library type from Bill DeJohn – reviewed handout.
     Research Design Committee (MEMO) projects
        1) Web information inventory targeted to 4th graders, college students,
             grandparents. Look at scores, how they compare, maybe do it at the State
             Fair. Issue-we don’t know what the IL level is.
        2) MN First Year Info Lit Survey - Survey 1st year students in college to
             determine what IL skills they actually have coming into college, ask where
             they went to HS, did they have a media specialist in their school, etc. and
             make correlations and analyze data – this project is already under way. They
             have over 30 participants interested from around the state. Big picture-get
             students during summer orientation, get them from all types and sizes of
             institutions. Scheduled tentatively for Summer 2007. Many different groups
          working on this (handout provided). Need to arrange for Human Subjects
          approval process to be done at each institution. Group to work as liaison to
          different colleges. Group to analyze data. Group to try to get funding
          (Suzanne Miller may have funding available).
         IT Skills: Sense of group is that technologically the media specialists are all
          over the map, some with very low skills, some very high tech. MEMO is
          trying to communicate to schools what IT skills they should expect in their
          media specialists.

7. Legislative Day: Lynne Beck and Lynne Weber are going; Karen encourages people to
go between 11-1 (in the State Law Library?)- there will be a MNLINK/MINITEX
celebration to show legislators what was done with money for MNLINK

Jim – Poster sessions at MLA – only ARLD did them last time, but now everyone can
submit, but ARLD should not take responsibility for all poster proposals. Need an MLA
subcommittee for developing poster guidelines, and reviewing proposals and selecting

Next Meeting:                Friday, April 21     2:00-4:30

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