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          To fIND THE BEST IN

   Meet the Best
 Personal Wealth Managers
 in the Austin, San Antonio
and the Central Texas Region


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The Austin, San Antonio
and the Central Texas
Region’s 2009 fIVE STAR
Wealth Managers.
                                                                                                                  H M A NA
We surveyed consumers, financial service professionals



and TEXAS MONTHLY subscribers to find the best in
client satisfaction wealth managers in the Austin, San
Antonio and the Central Texas Region. Here they are.

             ell over half of the consumer responses                     of surveys had arrived and Crescendo began              who, for one reason or another, are not on
             in the Austin, San Antonio and the                          carefully scoring each wealth manager. Both             this year’s list.
             Central Texas Region indicated it is                        positive and negative evaluations were included
difficult to find a wealth manager they trust and                        in the scoring. Only wealth managers with five
rely on. (1) Wealth managers, broadly defined, are                       years of experience in the financial services                   R e s e a R c h D e c l a R at i o n s :
those individuals who help you manage your                               industry were considered.                                As with any research or recognition program, it is
financial world and/or implement aspects of                                    Next, each wealth manager was reviewed             important that we provide you the following
your financial strategies. Common examples                               for regulatory actions, civil judicial actions and       declarations:
of wealth managers are financial advisors, life                          customer complaints as reported by FINRA (the
insurance agents, accountants, tax advisors,                                                                                      • The 2009 Five STar Wealth Managers do not pay
                                                                         Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) and               a fee to be included in the research or the final list of
attorneys, etc.
                                                                         other regulatory agencies.                                 Five STar: Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth
      With more than 15,000 wealth managers
                                                                               Then, before finalizing the list, wealth             Managers.
in the Austin, San Antonio and the Central
Texas area , how do you find someone who                                 managers were reviewed by a blue-ribbon                  • The overall evaluation score of a wealth manager
                                                                         panel. The blue-ribbon panel was comprised of              reflects an average of all respondents and may not be
listens to you, represents your interests and                                                                                       representative of any one client’s evaluation.
operates with an emphasis on integrity and                               individuals from within the financial services
                                                                         industry. Although panelist comments were                • The FIVE STAR Award is not indicative of the wealth
service? Crescendo Business Services, an                                                                                            managers’ future performance.
independent research firm, can help. They                                incorporated into the final score, safeguards
                                                                                                                                  • Wealth managers may or may not use discretion in
administered a rigorous research process to find                         were built into the review process to reduce
                                                                                                                                    their practice and therefore may not manage their
out which wealth managers successfully satisfied                         the ability of panel members to influence the              client’s assets.
key client satisfaction criteria and overall scored                      composition of the final list on the basis of            • The inclusion of a wealth manager on the FIVE
the highest in client satisfaction.                                      company affiliation.                                       STAR Wealth Manager list should not be construed
                                                                                                                                    as an endorsement of the wealth manager by
The Selection Process                                                    Best in Client Satisfaction                                Crescendo Business Services or TEXAS MONTHLY.
In January, Crescendo surveyed, by mail and                              The resulting list of 2009 FIVE STAR Wealth              • Working with a FIVE STAR Wealth Manager or any
phone, 80,000 high-net-worth residents in                                Managers is an elite group, representing less              wealth manager is no guarantee as to future
the Austin, San Antonio and the Central Texas                            than 3 percent of the wealth managers in the               investment success nor is there any guarantee that
Region and subscribers of TEXAS MONTHLY.                                 Austin, San Antonio and the Central Texas area.            the selected wealth managers will be awarded this
                                                                                                                                    accomplishment by Crescendo in the future.
An additional 4,350 surveys were sent to                                 Only 385 of the top-scoring wealth managers
                                                                                                                                  • The research process for the FIVE STAR: Best in
financial services industry professionals.                               made this year’s list. To make the list more
                                                                                                                                    Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager Program,
      On the surveys, recipients were asked                              user-friendly, wealth managers have been                   managed by Quantitative Market Intelligence
to evaluate only wealth managers whom                                    grouped based upon their primary financial                 (QMI), incorporates a statistically valid sample in
they knew through personal experience, and                               service. Each wealth manager has also listed               order to identify the wealth managers in the local
to evaluate them based upon nine criteria:                               up to three additional financial services that             market that score highest in client satisfaction.
customer service, integrity, knowledge/expertise,                        they provide their clients.                                QMI does not include wealth managers on the list
communication, value for fee charged, meeting                                 Although this list will certainly be a useful         unless their score is statistically valid. At least fifty
of financial objectives, post-sale service, quality                      tool for anyone looking for help in managing               percent of the wealth managers in the market have
of recommendations and overall satisfaction.                             their financial world or implementing aspects              a statistically valid score.
                                                                                                                                  • For more information on the FIVE STAR Award and
     Only original surveys — no copies —                                 of their financial strategies, it should not be
                                                                                                                                    the research/selection methodology, go to:
returned in their specially designed envelopes                           considered exhaustive. Undoubtedly, there
were accepted as valid. By February, stacks                              are many other excellent wealth managers
      2009 Consumer Survey, Quantitative Market Intelligence

  WM-2         | September 2009         t e x a s m o n t h l y. c o m
                                                                           S p ecial Adver ti si ng S ec ti on
                                                                                                      H M A NA



                F i v e S Ta r W e a lT h M a n ag e r S                                                             B e S t I n C l I e n t S At I S fA C t I o n

                                                                             i N d E X O f W E A LT H M A N A G E R S
List compiled by Crescendo Business Services. Names in boldface also appear in the profiles that follow. Wealth Manager additional financial services: AC=Accounting; BK=Banking; BP=Business Planning;
               CG=Charitable Giving; EP=Estate Planning; FP=Financial Planning; IN=Insurance; IV=Investments; LC=Long-term Care; TS=Trust Services; TX=Taxation; WP=Will Preparation

            Banking                           eSTaTe Planning                      FinanCial Planning                         FinanCial Planning                          FinanCial Planning
Banking                                  James C. dunlap                          FinanCial                                 Michael Burton                               Steve dziuk
                                          Law Office of Jim dunlap                Planning                                   Burton Group financial                       Ameriprise financial
Steve Builta
                                          TS, WP                                                                             Advisors                                     BP, EP, iV
 Hometrust Mortgage                                                               Lisa Allen                                 BP, EP, iN
 Company                                 Carl feuerbacher                          Planning Works                                                                        Patrick easter
                                          efg&m                                    BP, EP, iV                               Scott Campbell                                Morgan Stanley Smith
dana Carter
                                          BP, CG, iN                                                                         austin First Financial                       Barney
 Wells fargo investments                                                          donald W. Ames
                                         Grant foster                                                                        eP, iv, lC                                   eP, iv, TS
Jason Jarl                                                                         Ames & Weinheimer
                                          foster financial Group                   BP, iN, iV                               Clay Carter                                  Laurence Egle
 Banc of America
                                          BP, fP, iV                                                                         Carter Wealth                                H. d. Vest investment
Howard H. Lutz                                                                    Jean Arias                                 Management                                   Services a non-bank
                                         Julie R. frey                             Morgan Keegan
 Amegy Bank                                                                                                                  BP, EP, iV                                   subsidiary of Wells fargo
                                          Graves dougherty                         iN, iV, LC
 fP, iV, TS                                                                                                                                                               iN, iV
                                          Hearon & Moody                                                                    Raoul Celerier
Sharon Perry                              BP, CG, TX                              Kurt Armbruster                            Ameriprise financial                        Kam Emerson
 Summit Home Mortgage                                                              Edward Jones                              CG, EP, iV                                   Edward Jones
                                         Chris Heinrichs                           iN, iV, LC
Elaine Ries                               Heinrichs & de Gennaro                                                            Scott Chapman                                 iN, iV, LC
 Charles Schwab                           BP, TX, WP                              daniel Brandon Arrington                   Raymond James financial                     Larry Esparza
 fP, iN, iV                                                                        Wells fargo Advisors, LLC                 Services                                     Ameriprise financial
                                         Sam Hildebrand                            BP, EP, iV
Michael Rogers                            Clark Thomas Winters                                                               iV                                           CG, EP, iV
 Chase investment                         BP, CG, WP                              Jim Bailey                                Jason Clevlen                                Alexander fafoutakis
 Services                                                                           Ameriprise financial                     Ameriprise financial                         Riverstone Wealth
                                         Lloyd Lochridge                            iN, iV, LC
 BP, iN, iV                                                                                                                  iV                                           Management
                                          McGinnis Lochridge &
                                          Lochridge                               issam M. Bakir                            Michael Coley                                 iN, iV, LC
BuSineSS                                                                           TnT Finanical Services                    senior horizons
                                         Melvin Martinez                                                                                                                 Martin ferguson
Planning                                                                           BP, in, iv                                EP, iN, LC                                   Live Oak investors
                                          Melvin Martinez
Steven fleckman                           attorney at law                         david Ballard                                                                           CG, EP, iV
                                                                                                                            Charles Cooper
 fleckman & McGlynn                       BP, in, iv                               Waddell & Reed                            uBS Financial Services                      Jenny Fleming
 WP                                                                                iN, iV                                                                                 equiStar Wealth
                                         duncan Osborne                                                                     Kent Copeland
James P. Robinson iii                     Osborne Helman Knebel                   lawrence Barocas                           Ameriprise financial                         Management
 The Law Offices of James                 & deleery                                uBS Financial Services                    EP, iN, iV                                   iv, TS
 P Robinson iii                                                                    BP, eP, iv
                                         Paul Premack                                                                       Dan Cordoba                                  Jason florey
 fP, WP
                                          The Premack Law office                  Todd Bender                                asset exchange group                         Waddell & Reed
Howard M. Skillrud                        LC, TS, WP                               Ameriprise financial                                                                   iN, iV, LC
                                                                                                                             eP, iv, TS
 Ameriprise financial                                                              BP, iN, iV
                                         frank E Scofield                                                                                                                Keith ford
 fP, iN, TS                                                                                                                 russell Cowman
                                          Scofield & Scofield                     Randal C. Boggs                                                                         Ameriprise financial
                                                                                                                             Morgan Stanley Smith
                                                                                   Morgan Stanley Smith                                                                   EP, iN, iV
eSTaTe Planning                           AC, TX, WP                                                                         Barney
                                                                                   Barney                                                                                Bert foster
                                         Banks Smith                                                                         iv
Amy Bloomquist                                                                     iV
                                          Schoenbaum Curphy and                                                                                                           Prudential foster
 Amy P. Bloomquist Atty.                                                                                                    Karl M. dagel
                                          Scanlan                                 Larry Braxton                                                                           financial Services
 at Law                                                                                                                      Ameriprise financial
                                          BP, TX, WP                               Larry Braxton                                                                          EP, iN, iV
 BP, CG, WP                                                                                                                  iN, iV, TX
                                                                                   BP, EP, iV                                                                            Bill fox
Joe Caddell                              Charles Starr                                                                      Paul davis
                                          New York Life                           david Bregger                                                                           New England Securities
 Caddell Capital Group                                                                                                       Edward Jones
                                          BP, iN, LC                               Bregger & Associates                                                                   iN, iV, LC
 fP, iN, TS                                                                                                                  iN, iV, LC
                                                                                   iV                                                                                    Kirk francis
Edward K. Clark                          Richard H. Tye                                                                     Max dean
                                          McReynolds & Tye                        Janet Briaud                                                                            Cross financial Services
 Edward K. Clark                                                                                                             Ameriprise financial
                                          BP, TX, WP                               Briaud Financial                                                                       BP, EP, iV
 BP, CG, TX                                                                                                                  iN, iV, LC
                                                                                   advisors                                                                              ivan friend
R. James Curphy                          Guy Wilson                                BP, eP, iv                               Michael Dickey
                                          Wells fargo                                                                                                                      Ameriprise financial
 R. James Curphy                                                                                                             Summit Wealth
                                          iN, iV                                  John Brooks                                                                              CG, EP, iV
 BP, TX, WP                                                                                                                  resources
                                                                                   Ameriprise financial                                                                  Anthony Garcia
Elizabeth G. deleery                     Harry W. Wolff, Jr.                                                                 BP, iv, TX
                                                                                   EP, iV                                                                                 Ameriprise financial
 Osborne Helman Knebel                    Cox & Smith                                                                       randall Craig Donowho
                                          TX                                      Tim l. Brown                                                                            iN, iV
 & deleery                                                                                                                   ameriprise Financial
 BP                                                                                The viable group
                                                                                                                             BP, eP, TS
                                                                                   eP, in, iv

                                                                                                                                    t e x a s m o n t h l y. c o m   September 2009 | WM-3

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