SOUTH MIAMI ROTARIAN Meets Tuesdays 12 00 noon at the Best Western 5959 SW 71 Street South Miami Tuesday April 8th 2003

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					                         SOUTH MIAMI ROTARIAN
                                      Meets Tuesdays 12:00 noon at the Best Western, 5959 SW 71 Street, South Miami

Tuesday April 8th 2003                                                                (305) 382-9887 work (305) 441-7943 home
                                                                              To find a club to make-up an absence, check
    President DON STREAKER Officiated
     A N N O U N C E M E N T S:                                         IT’S YOUR TURN ON: April 15th DOOR PRIZE Barbara Kornblau
                                                                        IT’S YOUR TURN ON: April 22nd DOOR PRIZE Edward Kitchen
Rotary’s Global Quest – we want growing pains!!
Our goal is to grow 10% from 59 to 65 members by June 30th.             ROTARY MOMENT
Congratulations to all those members who brought guests these
past meetings. Our quest for new membership continues. Lets             Arjune Singh delivered the Rotary moment of this week. The
join efforts to make our club grow so much that the hall won’t          theme: Leadership, Education and Training.
be big enough for our Tuesday lunch meetings.                            Rotary International supports the training of Rotarians
District Event                                                          through the publication of self-paced study materials and
04/25/2003 12:00 pm                                                     support of district sponsored events. The primary Rotary
Rotary Foundation Seminar                                               Education outreach at the District level is the District
Westin Ft. Lauderdale Hotel                                             Assembly, which I hope you plan to attend on April 26 at the
400 Corporate Drive                                                     Westin Ft. Lauderdale Hotel.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33334                                                It’s through Rotary education and leadership training that
From Interstate 95 take exit 33, Cypress Creek exit and you             Rotarians become Rotary knowledgeable. The development of
can see the hotel from the highway east side of I-95.                   leadership skills will benefit your club as well as your business
Contact DG Tom Burnaw (Weston) 954-384-2611                             and professional life.
District Assembly and Expo                                              Another reason to attend is to meet and network with Rotarians
Westin Fort Lauderdale Hotel                                            from all around our district which includes 42 clubs from
Contact Robert C. Simon (Pompano Beach) 954-786-3958                    Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe counties and the Grand Bahamas
Board members are expected to attend, and new members shall             Island.
make an effort to be here. The information shared at this event         OUR SPEAKER:
is very valuable for the progress of the new members in the
club.                                                                                             ED FISCHER
    Ann Fisher and the Polio Plus Program. Donations are                     Vice President of Speak Out, Inc. Tel. 305-669-1449
     pouring in as a result of the mail-in campaign. However we         He is a veteran trainer, motivator, and management consultant.
     are still $400.00 short of our Club commitment. June 1st is        Ed has been developing training and marketing programs and
     the deadline for this campaign. Remember to contribute.            motivating sales teams in the United States and Caribbean for
    Kenwood Elementary School will have its career day April           more than 20 years in industries including financial services,
     22nd from 9 a.m. until noon. If you wish to be a scheduled         real estate, consumer electronics, retail and professional
     speaker please contact Mike Newman.                                services.
    CITIZENSHIP AWARDS for High School. Volunteers are                 A former state trainer for Combined Insurance Company of
     needed to present these awards at local high schools.              America, he is an expert in the art of motivation, the science of
    Upcoming event: July 4th. We will have a PEPSI or COKE             selling and personal self-development. He possesses a Master of
     booth at the 4th of July Celebration from 3:00 pm until            Science degree in Adult Education: Human Resource
     10:00 pm at PALMER PARK grounds. We will need 10                   Development from Florida International University. He is listed
     volunteers to attend the booth and sell other items such as        in the “Who is Who in the South and Southwest” and is past
     flags and T-shirts. Profits from the sales will benefit the        vice president of the Miami Chapter of the American Society
     our Club and the City of South Miami                               For Training and Development and past president of several
    INSTALLATION BANQUET It will be held June 28th at                  prestigious organizations including The Rotary Club of South
     Parrot Jungle Island. Details to come.                             Miami, the South Miami/Kendall Area Chamber of Commerce,
UPCOMING SPEAKERS:                                                      and the South Dade Toastmasters Club. He is also an Adjunct
4/15 Israeli Consul General Michael “Mickey” Arabel                     Professor for Florida International University.
4/22 Miami Herald Executive Editor Tom Fiedler
-------------------------------------------------------------------      WHAT IS YOUR ATTITUDE IN LIFE THESE DAYS?
                                                                        We see the world through our eyes. The way I see the world is
We welcome all our visitors….                                           not the same as you see the world. As Harold Timons from the
Terry Biddulph CORAL GABLES CLUB                                        University of Tennessee stated, As we go through life we tend
                                                                        to wrap ourselves with experience like layers of onion skin.
                                                 Attitude motivate us. – Our behavior is the way we exhibit our
Ann Fischer                     April 5                                 attitudes. Attitudes can be categorized in one of the following
Mike Newman                     April 5                                 six categories:
Nan Morgan                      April 20                                Theoretical: Looks for the truth and knowledge and has a
Don Streaker                    April 22                                passion for the discovery of the truth.
                                                                        Utilitarian: Search for the value, for what is useful. Has a
Mike Mills                      April 28
                                                                        passion for being first in the pursuit of wealth.
                                                                        Social: These are the eliminators of hate and conflicts, their
                                                                        passion is the investment of themselves unto others
                                                                        Aesthetic: They like the experience, the good expression and
                                                                        impression. They are passionate about form and harmony.
                                                                        Individualistic: This group asserts themselves in victory. Their
                                                                        passion is in attaining and using position and power.
                                                                        Traditionalistic: In search of real true meaning, and they are
50/50 PRIZE:         NOEL MARKMAN (To the foundation)
                                                                        passionate about finding meaning in life.
                                                                        Each category when the passion is too much creates stress on
                                                                        the individual.
         Next week’s 50/50 pot = $606/ 18 cards remain
                                                                        Stuff to bring to help out…
CRAFT TALK              There was no craft talk speaker                 Inkjet Cartridges to Mike Mills
                                                                        Cell Phones to Linda Kaplan This program is being phased out
Upcoming Craft talk speakers                                            soon.
April 15th           Leo Haskins, Jr.                                   Clothes for Suited for Success to Larry Sherry & Barbara
April 29th           Frank Weiss
                                                                        Other usable clothes to Fellowship House
                                                                        Club’s email:
    H A V E Y O U M I S S E D A M E E T I N G?
    SUBMIT MAKE-UP FORMS BY THE 5TH OF EACH MONTH                       EDITOR: Antonio Re:
     To Club Secretary Carlos Gamez @             CLUB’S AWESOME WEBSITE:
 OPPORTUNITIES TO                                     COMMITTEES                         CLUB OFFICERS 2002-2003
                                             CLUB SERVICE                                President………….Don Streaker
                                             Director – Doreen Reitnauer                 President Elect…..Mike Newman
                                             Archivist – Bruce Higley / Diana Phillips   V. President……........Ed Kitchen
7:30 a.m. Miami-Dadeland, Marriott Hotel
                                             Avenue of Service Awards/Gen Gangemi        Secretary…………Carlos Gamez
12:15 Allapattah, Women’s Club of Miami
                                             Bulletin – Antonio Re / Ed Fischer          Treasurer………….David Jacobs
  1737 N. Bayshore Dr, 4th fl
                                             Classification & Membership – Ed Kitchen    Sergeant-at-Arms........Mike Mills
                                             Current Year Historian – Stan Zeltsman
                                             Fellowship Activities – Heather Berry                BOARD OF DIRECTORS
8:00 a.m. Miami Beach, Van Dyke
                                             Fundraising – John Sorgie                   Joanna Barusch       Diana Phillips
  846 Lincoln Road
                                             Programs – Dan McCrae / Linda Kaplan        Ellen Book           Doreen Reitnauer
12:15 Perrine-Cutler Ridge,
                                             Public Relations – Ed Fischer               Edward Fischer       Larry Sherry
  Tony Roma’s 18851 S. Dixie Hwy.
                                                                                         Linda Kaplan        Deborah Waks
7:00 p.m. Miami Sundown,
                                             VOCATIONAL SERVICE                          Dan McCrae          Lydia White
BPOE Lodge, 10301 Sunset
                                             Director – Peter Wendschuh
                                             Career Development –                               DISTRICT 6990 GOVERNOR
                                             High School Citizenship – Mike Newman                   Thomas J. Burnaw
7:30 a.m. Opa-Locka,
                                             Rotary Volunteers –                                   2000 Lake Point Drive
  Jackson So. Maternity Centre
                                             Youth Services –                                       Weston, FL 33326
  14700 NW 27 Ave
12:00 Homestead,
                                             COMMUNITY SERVICE                                    ASSISTANT GOVERNOR
  Capri Restaurant 935 Krome Ave
                                             Director – Deborah Waks                                   Lydia M. White
  Florida City, FL
                                             After School House –                                    500 Savona Avenue
12:00 Hialeah-Springs, Miami Springs
                                             Community Development –                               Coral Gables, FL 33146
                                             Elder Program – Howard Wiener
                                             Fellowship House –
8:00 a.m. Bal Harbour,
                                             Harry White Scholarship – Diana Phillips
  Bal Harbour Beach Club, 10201 Collins Av
                                             Interact – Diana Phillips / Mari Colina
12:15 Miami,
                                             Inter-Club –
  Rusty Pelican, Rickenbacker Causeway
                                             Partners in Service –
12:15 North Dade- N. Miami,
                                             RYLA – Diana Phillips
  Laurenzo’s 2255 NE 164 St
12:15 Coral Gables,
                                             INTERNATIONAL SERVICE
 Renaissance Restaurant, 2340 SW 32nd Av
                                             Director – Amar Sawhney
                                             Ambassadorial Scholarship – Otto Fuentes
                                             GSE – Peter Wendschuh
                                             Polio Plus – Doreen Reitnauer
                                             Rotary Foundation – Ann Fisher
7:30 a.m. Key Biscayne,
                                             World Community Service – Roy Gonas
   Sonesta Beach Hotel, 350 Ocean Dr
                                             Youth Exchange – Doug Weinman
7:30 a.m. Miami-Kendall,
   Casa Alberto Rest. 7190 SW 87 Ave.
 Golf & Country Club
12:15 Miami Shores Country Club
 10000 Biscayne Blvd.
12:15 Miami West, 94th Aero Squadron
 836 X-Way & 57 Ave (Red Road)
12:15 Miami Lakes
Shula’s Steakhouse, 7601 Miami Lakes Drive

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