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Real Estate Appraiser

  C A R E E R           S TA R T E R S

                    REALIZE your POTENTIAL
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                                               Medium                                                      7-10
Real Estate Appraiser                       Demand
Contact: Donald Haskin, 301-934-7525
                Haskin 301-934-7525,

A Real Estate Appraiser provides objective and unbiased opinions about the
value of real property—providing assistance to those who own, manage,
sell, invest in, and/or lend money on the security of real estate. Appraisers
assemble a series of facts, statistics, and other information regarding specific
properties, analyze this data, and develop opinions of value. Most appraisers
are self-employed, business owners.

CAREER STARTER                                       TRAINING PROGRAM
                                                      COURSE                                     CLASS HOURS
REAL ESTATE APPRAISER                                REL 5040 Real Estate: Appraisal
Receive the 150 hours of classroom training that         Principles & Procedures                            60
is required by the Maryland Department of Labor      REL 5050 Real Estate: Appraisal Practices
Licensing and Regulation (DLLR) prior to obtaining       and Analyses Part 1                                30
your Maryland Real Estate Appraiser license.
                                                     REL 5060 Real Estate: Appraisal Practices
Learn the techniques to assess and evaluate the
value of property.                                       and Analyses Part 2                                45
                                                     REL 5020 Real Estate: Appraisal Standards
        Real Estate Appraisers start at $25,000          and Ethics                                         15
        and earn up to $74,800 dependent
        upon experience.

Advance your career by passing the following
licensure exam:
         In addition to the 150 hours of classroom
         training required, workers must complete
         at least 2,000 hours of appraisal work
experience with a licensed appraiser over a period
of at least two calendar years (24 months) and
pass the Maryland State Real Estate Appraisers
examination to become licensed.

“   Employment of appraisers will grow with increases in the level of real estate activity.
    Additionally, more appraisers will be hired to help with litigation claims, probate cases,
    foreclosures, business valuations, and divorce settlements.
                                                           U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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