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									                                                              BY BRUCE CLARK

                                                   A VERY SPECIAL HOT-ROD
                                                  A derelict becomes a showstopper

Metalcraft - Welding Reference Guide /   WINTER/SPRING 2007
                                         . . . i t’s n ot h ow m u ch yo u d o ,
                                         b u t h ow we l l yo u c a n d o i t . . .

                                                                         Nick and his son Greg, begin the teardown of the ‘53 Chevy.

              ith the upsurge in interest for Hot Rods due to TV     enough for the custom built engine that was being put together

W             shows like Overhaulin and Pimp My Ride Lincoln
              Electric decided in 2006 to build their own Hot Rod.
In addition to building a classic hot rod Lincoln wanted this hot
                                                                     by Gibbons Motorsports in Mooresville, North Carolina. Peter
                                                                     Gibbons, the owner of Gibbons Motorsports, is also a three time
                                                                     CASCAR Super Series champion racer who knows how to put
rod to be a mobile welding ambassador capable putting on live        together the kind of engine Lincoln Electric was looking to
demonstrations and letting people try MIG, TIG, Stick and            power their Hot Rod. Starting with a small block 350 Peter went
Fluxcored welding as well as plasma cutting. After deciding to       to work to create a naturally aspirated engine that turned out
build the hot rod the next challenge was to find a vehicle that      576 Hp on the Dyno.
would be an eye catcher as well as able to carry 700 pounds of          Back at Harrison’s Hot Rods the body of the truck was under-
welding & cutting equipment along with two welding booths.           going its own transformation. All door handles and mirrors were
That ruled out car’s, a pick up could carry the weight but didn’t    removed, the door panels were smoothed and solenoid door
really fit the bill for covering and protecting the welding equip-   releases were installed. The headlights and tail light we
ment. After lot’s of junk yard junkets Lincoln settled on a 1953     “frenched” giving a newer sleeker look to the vehicle. Since the
Chevy Panel Delivery truck. The picture above shows the truck        floors and firewall were virtually non existent Nick plasma cut
after it was brought into a garage from a snow covered bone yard     the rusted pieces out and welded new ones in their place. All the
near Barrie, Ontario Specializing in vintage vehicle shells this     fenders (the truck came with five fenders with which to make
bone yard had several choices but none fit the bill like the Chevy   four) needed extensive patching the completion of which was
Panel Delivery truck.                                                televised on the twelfth episode of Legendary Motorcar.
   Once purchased the job of converting this rusted out shell into      With the engine installed and running the hot rod was deliv-
a fire breathing hot rod fell to Nick Harrison of Harrison’s Hot     ered to Noyzboyz where Sav Mitas and his crew installed a cus-

Metalcraft - Welding Reference Guide /   WINTER/SPRING 2007
Rods. With several years of experience building Hot Rods in          tom tuned exhaust system. Hooked up to the headers the system
England, Nick had recently moved his family and Hot Rod busi-        tames the 576 Hp, but only just.
ness to Canada. Contacted through the Roadmates Hot Rod                 Next stop after all of the restoration and customizing was fin-
club in Toronto (Canada’s oldest hot rod club) Nick was keen to      ished was the paint shop. The truck was taken to Kuepers Auto,
take on the challenge of converting this truck into a show stop-     near Aliston, for final bodywork and painting. The color choice
ping Hot Rod                                                         was a simple one, Lincoln red. Kuepers took a panel from one of
   Nick started the whole process by stripping the truck down to     Lincoln’s small mig welders to the people at Dupont Paints who
it’s various pieces and then sending everything out for stripping.   were able to match it exactly.
The frame was then boxed, and reinforced to accept the new              After the Hot Rod got out of the paint shop, Lincoln went to
drive train. A brand new Mustang II front end was installed along    work inside the panel truck bolting a sliding tray capable of sup-
with a Crown Victoria 9-inch rear end which would be robust          porting the welders to the frame. It was covered with aluminum
View of the car’s dilapidated interior.
                                                                      diamond plate that was supplied by Metal Supermarkets (who also sup-
                                                                      plied all steel tubing and stainless steel sheets for the build) to give it a
                                                                      showroom appearance. Mounted to this tray were 6 smaller sliding trays

Extensive sheet metal work was required.
                                                                      to which the various welding and cutting machines were mounted. A
                                                                      central GFCI box was mounted to the main tray to provide 115 and
                                                                      230 volts of power for the machines. This way when the Hot Rod
                                                                      shows up at an event it’s a simple matter of plugging into the power,
                                                                      pull out the welding tables, hook up the gases and it’s demo time.
                                                                         The Hot Rod carries it’s own inert gases for cutting and welding
                                                                      (Argon for TIG, Argon/Co2 for MIG and compressed air for Plasma
                                                                      cutting) all securely fastened to the main sliding table.
                                                                         For the interior of the Hot Rod, Lincoln turned to TM Custom
                                                                      Auto Trim, one of Toronto’s top custom upholstery shops. TM
                                                                      Custom has provided custom interiors for everything from vintage

The frame, once stripped required reinforcing and modifications.
                                                                      Corvette’s to brand new Aston Martins for more than 45 years.
                                                                      According to Tony “in this type of business, it’s not how much you
                                                                      do, but how well you can do it. We’re not running a production
                                                                      shop here. We’re believers in quality, not quantity. I work off our
                                                                      name. If we didn’t have the reputation we have, we wouldn’t be in
                                                                      business today”. Tony Macri and his team were more than up to the
                                                                      challenge of finishing the interior of the Lincoln Hot Rod to show-
                                                                      case the products and yet maintain the look of a custom Hot Rod.
                                                                      Using Lincoln’s colors of black and red throughout the interior TM
                                                                      Custom designed an interior that perfectly suits the exterior look of
                                                                      the hot rod. They proved once again that if you go with the experts

Reinforcements were MIG welded to bring it up to current standards.
                                                                      you won’t be disappointed with the result.
                                                                         TM Custom was also responsible for installing the state of the art
                                                                      sound and navigation system provide by Clarion Canada. The
                                                                      Clarion system consisted of the following components:

                                                                      MAX765VD – In dash DVD/CD Player
                                                                      NAX970HD – Hard disc navigation system
                                                                      APX4360 – Amplifier
                                                                      SRR1686 – Full range speakers for front and rear doors
                                                                      PXW1051 – Subwoofers and woofer enclosures.

The original front end was dodgy even when new.
                                                                         Brad Wisnoski and Dave MacKinnon came by after the installation
                                                                      was complete to check everything out and tweak the dials so the
                                                                      sound was perfect. Now the battle rages on as to what era of music
                                                                      should be played, the early fifties which was when the truck was
                                                                      originally built, or today’s music. Like in most peoples homes it will
                                                                      ultimately come down to who has possession of the remote control.
                                                                         Finally after a year of missed deadlines and false starts the Lincoln

Metalcraft - Welding Reference Guide /   WINTER/SPRING 2007
                                                                      Hot Rod made it’s inaugural appearance at the Speedorama show in
                                                                      Toronto on January 26, 2007. During the show hundreds of people
                                                                      had their first ever chance to weld and plasma cut, and judging from
                                                                      the smiles on their faces it looks like the Lincoln Hot Rod is going
                                                                      to be very busy at car shows across Canada. During the Speedorama
                                                                      Show, Chip Foose, arguably the top car designer in the world,
                                                                      dropped by to visit his friends at Lincoln and to offer some tips and
                                                                      words of encouragement. Lincoln Electric is the official welder of
                                                                      Chip’s successful TV show, Overhaulin’, and after providing welding
                                                                      advise over the years, was pleased to receive his advise on where
                                                                      Lincoln should go with the graphics for their Hot Rod. M
                                                                            Nick Harrison
                                                                            Harrison’s Hot Rods – Hot Rod conversion
                                                                            2382–15th Side Rd, RR #3 Tottenham, ON, L0G 1W0, Tel: 905 729 2508

                                                                            Peter Gibbons
                                                                            Gibbons Motorsports – Custom engine & transmission
                                                                            211 Wagg Road, Stouffville, ON L4A 7X4, Tel: 905 640 2209

                                                                            Tony Macri
                                                                            T.M. Custom Auto Trim – Interior design and installation
                                                                            #10 Wilby Crescent, Toronto, On Tel: 416 249 7137

                                                                            Tibo Kueper
                                                                            Kueper’s Paint Works – Exterior paint job
A brand-new Mustang front end was installed to give it modern handling.

                                                                            7020 2nd Line, Lisle, On,
                                                                            L0M 1M0, Tel: 705 466 2846

                                                                            Clarion Canada Inc – Sound & navigation system
                                                                            Brad Wisnoski
                                                                            Manager Marketing & Product OEM Sales Manager
                                                                            2239 Winston Park Drive
                                                                            Oakville, ON L6H 5R1
                                                                            Tel: (905) 829-4600 ext. 233

                                                                            Foose Designs - Rims
                                                                                                           B u i l d Te a m

                                                                            Bill Grisdale
                                                                            Grisdale Racing Products – Tires
                                                                            400 Brock Road, Dundas, On
                                                                            L9H 5E4, Tel: 905 627 0224
The engine undergoes Dyno tests at Gibbons Motorsports in North Carolina.

                                                                            Sav Mitas
                                                                            NoyzBoyz Performance Exhaust – Custom exhaust system
                                                                            627 Danforth Rd., Toronto, Ont
                                                                            M1K 1G1, Tel: 416 264 0240

                                                                            Antique Chevrolet Parts – Reproduction Chevrolet parts
                                                                            1438 Wallace Rd., Oakville, On.
                                                                            L6L 2Y2, TEL: 905 827 3162

                                                                            Metal Supermarkets (Canada) Ltd. – all Steel and Aluminum materials
                                                                            HQ – 170 Wilkinson Road, Toronto, On
                                                                            L6T 4Z5, Tel: 1 800 807 8755
The 560 horsepower engine nestled in its new home.

On display and demonstrating at Speedorama 2007.

Metalcraft - Welding Reference Guide /   WINTER/SPRING 2007                                                                     

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