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					                                                                  Miss Ruby’s Kids
                                                                       Sponsored by Baskervill Outreach at
                                                                Holy Cross Faith Memorial Episcopal Church
                                                                                       257 Baskervill Drive
                                                                                  Pawleys Island, SC 29585
                                   Guide Sheet                                              (843) 235-3031

VISM Title:      Quick as a Cricket                                          Year #     2      VISM #     18
1.   Invite the child to look and listen
2.   Try to sit with the child between you and the mother
3.   Show and read the title page
4.   Show and describe how to turn the pages and treat the book
5.   Read to the child in a clear, easy voice. Don’t go too fast.
6.   Stop at most illustrations to:
Name and encourage the child to name:
Colors:           Red, white, green, gray, yellow, pink, blue, black, brown, orange, and purple
Shapes & sizes:   Circle (inside of eyes. sun, wagon wheels), rectangle (some of the pictures on the
                  wall), oval (goggles, cymbals, some pictures on the wall), square. small ant,
                  large whale, long tail, small chimp
Relationships:    On the ant’s back, beside the ant, in the water
Numbers:          1 boy, 2 eyes, 5 rabbits
Categories:       Animals, people, quick (as a cricket), slow (as a snail), small (as an ant, etc)
Causing things to You can turn the page.
Invite the child to tell about personal experiences:
How fast can you run? How do crickets sound?

Introduce the vocabulary in the story:
quick, cricket, slow, snail, small, ant, large, whale, sad, basset, happy, lark, nice, bunny, mean, shark,
cold, toad, hot, fox, weak, kitten, strong, ox, loud, lion, clam, lamb, tough, rhino, gentle, brave, tiger,
shy, shrimp, tame, poodle, wild, chimp, lazy, lizard, busy, bee
Ask questions about the illustrations to help the child to reason things out:
How many crickets do you see on these pages? (three) Where does a whale swim? (in the water)
Where is the lizard crawling? (on the boy’s arm)
7. Encourage the child to join in when you read familiar words
8. Enjoy the book yourself
9. Invite the mother to take over the reading as soon as she and the child seem ready

                         Remember throughout the home session to
              Encourage the child to TALK                Encourage the child’s INDEPENDENCE
              ASK the child questions                                            IMAGINATION
              LISTEN to the child’s answers                                        CURIOSITY

                 Encourage the desire to LEARN
                  PRAISE him/her for doing well
                    Try to IGNORE mistakes               Have a good time with this book!
                 HELP when help is really needed

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