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					                                                                 Pam Fogo
                                                           HISD PEIMS Coordinator

 To:    Personnel Receiving Cognos Lists and FileMaker Pro Templates

 Date: 11/14/2010

 Re:    Importing and Printing Cognos into FileMaker Pro

 The following page contains generic instructions for the Importing & Printing of data
 using a Cognos list and a FileMaker Pro template.

 If you are unfamiliar with FileMaker Pro operation or if you have difficulty with any of
 the steps in the instructions, please call me. I will walk you through them.

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Open the Cognos list needed. Choose Save As from the File menu.

Choose Excel from the Save As Type: pull-down menu. Choose YOUR personal Drive from the Save
In: pull-down menu. Save. Close the Cognos report.

Open the FileMaker Pro template on your desktop. (FileMaker Pro --- Icon is an open File Folder.
The Cognos icon is a night sky and an observatory.).

Choose the layout you wish to print from the Layout Menu, located in the upper left-hand corner of the
FileMaker Pro template.

Click on File.

Click on Import/Export. Click Import.

Go to desktop or your Personal Drive (wherever you saved the list) and double click on the Cognos

Make certain all fields needed have an arrow and the data going into that field is appropriate. If one
field does not have an arrow (the last one sometimes does not) insert the check mark by clicking with
the mouse. Fields you do not desire should NOT have an arrow. If data is not directed to the correct
field, click on the field name and drag it to the correct data. You are “mapping” the data here.

Click on Import.

When asked if you wish to view the headers as Data or Headers, choose Data.

Click on the first record. It contains only the field names because it is your Cognos column headers.

Click on Records.

Choose Delete One Record.       You get a dialog box saying:           Permanently delete this ENTIRE
Record?        Click on Delete.

Click on Records. Click on Sort. Verify the sort is correct & then click on Sort.

Click on Mode.

Choose Preview.

You should see your document as it will print. You may page through on the screen to check for

Choose File.

Choose Print.

You may leave the data as is until you are ready to import new data.

…. At that time:

Choose Records.

Choose Delete All Records and then begin again with the preceding steps.

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