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                        )                           PETITION FOR ANNEXATION


       WHEREAS, SECTION 5-3-150 (3) Code of laws of South Carolina provides for the

annexation of an area or property which is contiguous to a City by filing with the municipal

governing body a petition signed by all persons owning real estate in the area requesting

annexation, and

       WHEREAS, the undersigned are all persons owning real estate in the area requesting

annexation, and

       WHEREAS, the area requesting annexation is described as follows, to wit:

SAID PROPERTY, located in Cainhoy (approximately _____acres) to be annexed is identified
by the Berkeley County Assessors Office as Property Identification Number:
TMS# ________________________________________________________________________
to include, if necessary to establish contiguity, any road, waterway, easement, railroad track,
marshland or utility line that intervenes between this property and the municipal limits of the
City of Charleston.

NOW, THEREFORE, the undersigned petition the City Council of Charleston to annex the
above described area into the municipal limits of the City of Charleston.

                                                            Dated this ________ day of
                                                            ______________, 2008

FREEHOLDERS SIGNED                                          DATE OF SIGNATURE

___________________________________________                 ______________________________
(Signature)                                                 (Date)

(Print Name)

___________________________________________                 ______________________________
(Signature)                                                 (Date)

 (Print Name)
Joseph P. Riley, Jr.                                                                               Josh Martin
      MAYOR                                                                                        DIRECTOR

                                         City of Charleston
                        Department of Planning, Preservation & Economic Innovation

                        DEMOGRAPHIC SUMMARY FORM
                  Please attach this form to the Annexation Petition and submit to:
                           Planning, Preservation & Economic Innovation
                                      75 Calhoun Street, 3rd Floor
                                         Charleston, SC 29401
                                         Attn: Ana Emelianoff
                              Work: (843) 724-3789 Fax: (843)724-3772
                               Email: emelianoffA@ci.charleston.sc.us

In accordance with Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act, municipalities must provide the Department of
Justice with the population and race and land use of each newly annexed properties in addition to a plat
showing the area annexed, the Certified Ordinance of annexation, and the Certified Petition for
annexation. Data on population and race is used to establish voting districts and to maintain statistical
records. This information does not impact the decision to approve or disapprove an annexation petition.

Property Owner(s):

Property Owner
Telephone Number &
Property Address(es):

Parcel ID(s):

                  Current Land Use                                       Proposed Land Use

         Please complete the following information to be submitted to the Department of Justice:
                              Number of                       Race of
                          Current Residents               Current Residents

         75 Calhoun Street  Charleston, South Carolina 29401  Tel. (843) 724-3787  Fax (843) 724-3772

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