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									“Nothing happens until a sale is made”
              - Accounting Text Book

               Closing Your First Deal
                             Javier Quezada
Agenda: Day 1, First Half
• Pipeline Development
 o Mexico vs USA: A Cultural Perspective
 o Sales Process
 o Preparing to Sell
 o Target Prospects
 o Creating Your Message
 o Where to Find Prospects
Agenda: Day 1, Second Half

• Sales Engagement
 o Your First Meeting
 o Be Prepared
 o State of Mind
 o Sales Tools
 o Goals
Agenda: Day 2
• Sales Closure
  o Getting the Purchase Order
Sales Approach
    Strategy…    Execution…

   Marketing     Sales
Mexico vs USA: A Cultural Perspective
• Market Comparison
   o Mexico: Big Competition / Small Market
   o USA: Big Competition / Big Market
   o In Technology Mexico = 2.5% of USA Market
• Business Values
   o Specialization
        Cannot be ‘All things to All People’
   o Professionalism
        Product Expertise
        Industry Expertise
        Trusted Partner of the customer
   o Americanization
        .com not
   o Relationships: Contacts and Connections
        Get you an introduction; Not a sale
• Your Brand is important
   o Company and Personal
• Perception of Time
   o Mid to Long Term Perspective vs. Short Term
 Sales is a Process
              Demand         Sales           Sales
Awareness                                             Delivery
             Generation   Engagement        Closure

     Sales Pipeline

                           Sales Forecast
Preparing to Sell
• Determine your Reason for Existence
• Assess Your Market Opportunities
• Perform a Market Analysis / Positioning
• Perform a Competitive Analysis /
• Determine your Go To Market
  „Execution‟ Strategy
Reason for Existence
• Why do you do what you do
  o Vision / Mission
  o Core Purpose
  o What market need are you satisfying
• What value do you bring to your Customer
  o ROI
  o TCO
• How do your customers Perceive you
  o Mexico
  o USA
• @ACTION ITEM: Your Message to the World
  o Develop your 30 second Pitch
  o Formalize it in a 1 Page Letter for a key decision maker
Assessing Market Opportunities
• Market Trends
   o Who has money to spend?
   o Why are they spending money and for what projects?
• Target Prospect Profile
   o By Industry
   o By Revenue
   o By Company size
• Value Proposition
   o What can you do for these targets
• Prospecting
   o Network, Network, Network
   o Online Research
   o Research 10 prospects
   o Use Local Public Library Tools
   o ReferenceUSA Recommended
Market Analysis / Positioning
• How will you position yourself in
  the market place
  o Differentiation?
  o Price?
  o Capabilities?
Competitive Analysis /
• Who is your competition?
  o What are their Strengths?
  o What are their Weaknesses?
• You
  o What are your Strengths?
  o What are your Weaknesses?
• How are you Different
  o What makes you special?
Your Go To Market „Execution‟ Strategy
  • Who are your Target Prospects
     o Who do you need to meet?
     o Where are they located?
     o What relationships can you leverage?
  • How will you go after them
     o Direct / Indirect or Both?
     o Leverage existing relationships
  • Network, Network, Network
     o Local Business Organizations
     o Chambers of Commerce
     o Hispanic Business Organizations
     o Technology Networking Organizations
  • How will you measure your results
     o Goals and Objectives
     o Time frames
     o Pipeline Tracking Tool
Where to Find Prospects
• Warm calling vs. Cold calling
• Networking, Networking,
• Chamber of Commerce
• Silicon Valley Organizations
• Partner Technologies
• Other Techba companies
Determine Direct / Indirect
Sales Model
• Direct Sales Advantages
  o Committed Sales Force
  o Ability to Control more effectively
  o Accountability
• Direct Sales Disadvantages
  o Higher Cost of Sales
  o Difficult to recruit the ‘right’ sales person
Determine Direct / Indirect
Sales Model
• Indirect Channel Advantages
 o Lower Cost of Sales
 o Faster Go to Market
 o Leverage existing install base of clients
 o Mitigate Risk
• Indirect Channel Disadvantages
 o Difficult to Control
 o Compete for Mindshare
 o Less sales commitment
Pipeline Development; A Start
  • Goal: Generate Meetings
  • Create a 1 Page Introduction Letter
     o Targeted Audience: Key Decision Maker (CEO, CFO, CFO, CAO…etc…)
     o Include Compelling statement regarding your company
     o Include measured success stories and results
     o Include reference Quote
  • Develop a list of Targeted Prospects
     o 100 Targets
     o Excel Spreadsheet
     o Decision maker names and contact information
  • Mail letters to selected key decision makers
  • Develop your 30 second sales pitch
     o Focused, clear and compelling value proposition
  • Follow up with Phone calls and ask for meeting
 • Register with a local public library
 • Look for FREE Business Resources at your local
 • ReferenceUSA
 • Develop Pipeline Tracking System:
   o Excel Spreadsheet
       Target Prospect Names
       Addresses
       Key Decision Makers (Leaders, Financial, Operations etc..)

 • Develop your 1 Page Introduction Letter
 • Develop your 30 Second Sales Pitch
Sample Sales Tools…
Prospect   Vertical    Address   Primary     Contact   Opportuni   Amount   Expected   Probabili   Status /
            Industry              Contact/    Info      ty                   Close      ty           Notes
     Sample Sales Tool
Activity                         Awareness    Demand Generation   Sales Engagement   Sales Closure    Delivery
First Call                       10%

Demo Reel                               20%

Follow Up                                        30%

Meeting                                                    40%
Project Requirements Gathering                                       50%
Pricing Discussions                                                           60%

Negotiations                                                                          70%

Yes/No Decision                                                                                80%

Purchase Order                                                                                 82%
Project Timelines                                                                                    85%
Resource Allocation                                                                                  85%
Project Execution                                                                                           90%
Project Checks and Feedback                                                                                 97%
Project Close                                                                                              100%
Your First Meeting
  • State of Mind
    o Confidence, Confidence, Confidence
    o Goal Oriented
    o If you do not believe in yourself, your customer will not
  • Necessary Sales Tools:
    o   Presentations: PowerPoint, Video’s etc..
    o   Brochures and leave behinds
    o   WEBSITE!!!!
    o   .com email address / not
  • Goals
    o Sale!
    o Make sure decision makers are in the meeting
          Economic
          Consumers
          Influencers
Your First Meeting..cont…
  • Determine Opportunity / No Opportunity
    o   Is there Budget
    o   Is project clearly supported by Leadership
    o   Is prospect evaluating multiple vendors
    o   Determine Time Frames
  • Determine Next Steps
    o Get customer to commit to next steps
    o Have customer inform you about what the next steps are
  • Ask Questions
    o What are Pain Points
          Executive
          Consumer
    o What is the purchasing process
    o Who is involved in the purchasing process
    o What will it take for you to win their business
Your First Meeting..cont…
  • What will be a successful meeting
    o Do results of meeting match initial goals
    o Is there an opportunity
    o Know what each decision maker’s pain points are
        CEO: Profitability
        CFO: Cut Costs
        Operations: Improve efficiencies
        Consumers: ‘Make my life easier’
    o If no opportunity, leave the door open for future
    o Ask for a 2nd meeting
    o Don’t waste time, yet don’t burn your bridges
It‟s a Numbers Game
 • Awareness
    o The more prospects you touch and know that you exist, the higher the
      chances of generating demand
 • Demand Generation
    o The more ‘interested’ prospects that you generate, the higher your chances
      to engage in sales opportunities
 • Sales Engagement
    o The more sales engagements you participate in, the higher your chances of
      closing new customers
 • Sales Closure
    o The more sales you close…..$$$
 • Delivery
    o The more times you work with customers, and deliver on customer
      satisfaction, the more new opportunities you generate
 • Rule of thumb
    o 100 targets ‘should’ generate 10 sales engagements
    o 10 sales engagements should generate 2 sales
 • Ensure you have an Americanized
 • Ensure you have a valid .com email
   address…NOT a email address
 • Develop a PowerPoint Presentation
 • Develop a Company and
   Product/Service Brochure
Agenda: Day 2
• Sales Closure
  o   Never say die; A ‘No’ means ‘Not today’
  o   Follow up stay in touch
  o   Be Visible ‘Out of Site, Out of Mind’
• Lab Exercise All Techba Companies
  o Awareness and Demand Gen: 30 Second Pitch
  o Sales Engagement
  o Sales Closure
• Questions?
 • Recommended Books
   o Selling to VITO: Anthony Parinello
   o Little Red Book of Selling: Jeffrey Gitomer
   o The Art of the Start: Guy Kawasaki
 • Recommended Movies
   o Glengarry GlenRoss
   o The Boiler Room
Extra Slides
Target Prospects
Creating Your Message
Sales Tools
• Local Library
• ReferenceUSA
• Online CRM/Sales Tools
Sales Process
• Awareness
   o Goal: Get the First Meeting
   o How: Effectively Communicating Your Message
   o Measurement: Prospect Meeting Acceptance
• Demand Generation
   o Make sure it’s the decision maker
   o Effective Presentation
   o Clear and measurable results
• Sales Engagement
• Sales Closure
• Delivery
• Follow up
Agenda: Day 2
• Homework Assignment
 o Develop a list of Targets
 o Choose a Tool to track your targets
 o Begin Implementing Sales Process
 o Buy Books

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