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									Welcome to …

 Purchasing Plus
Purchasing is a “Team Effort”
 a partnership between your department and the
        Purchasing Department at U of A!

Check online at
Linda K. Fast, APO, CPPO, CPPB
   Manager of Procurement

       321 Administration Building
    Department Number 479-575-2551

           Phone: 479-575-6513
             Fax: 479-575-4158
         Procurement Staff
• Andy Fletcher – Buyer Supervisor
  Phone: 479-575-6761
• Karen Walls, CPPB – Buyer
  Phone: 479-575-6400
• Ellen Ferguson – Buyer
  Phone: 479-575-5314
         Procurement Staff
• Whitney Smith - Buyer
  Phone: 479-575-5158
• Linda Hickman – Project Manager
  Phone: 479-575-6290
• Judith Drummonds – Project Manager
  Phone: 479-575-2551
Andy Fletcher
Karen Walls
Whitney Smith
Ellen Ferguson
P- Card Services
    Connie Oberg
 Phone: 479-575-6279

         Marla Misamore
      Phone: 479-575-5088
Connie Oberg
Marla Misamore
Linda Hickman
        Surplus Warehouse
                 Wenoah Goodson - Manager
                 Phone: 479-575-2325

     Mon – Fri

8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
                             Gas Cylinder
                    Dewayne Keirn – Manager
                    Phone: 479-575-4990
      Please Feel Free to Contact Us
              with any questions, problems or concerns.
               You can expect our full cooperation!

                    We are committed to Quality Customer
                  Service…it’s our pledge to you!

   Remember to PLAN AHEAD
Allow a realistic amount of time for the processing of
 your requisition and delivery from the vendor.
 Check our suggestions, cautions and information
 listed on our web site.
     Purchasing & Contracting Authority

      U of A Purchasing Department:
  Purchasing & Contracting Authority for U of A!

All purchases, contracts, rentals and leases are subject to
 policies and procedures set forth by the Board of Trustees
 of the U of A and regulations and procedures as stipulated
            in Arkansas statutes and regulations.
BASIS requisition processing
  for U of A Departments

          • Call your Buyer for
          • BASIS requisitions received by
            Purchasing without the proper
            information or documents
            attached will not receive
            immediate processing.

             Contact your department Buyer
             or see the Purchasing web site
                  for more information
   Internal Purchase Requisition
• Your requisition is strictly an in house
  document . Please use the comment
  functions available in BASIS to inform
  your department, as well as your Buyer
  of specific processing information or
  justifications the purchase requires.

• Please complete all Information
  necessary for processing and double
  check for accuracy before sending to
  your departmental Buyer through the
  BASIS target system
• Must have all documents attached

• Remember - All requisitions must be
  approved and a Purchase Order issued
  PRIOR to the purchase

• Each Purchase Order is valid only for
  the vendor for whom it is issued. No
  substitutions for vendors is allowed!
 Call your departmental Buyer if you have
            questions about…
• Types of Purchase Orders
• Status of Orders
• Prepayments
• Purchase Order Cancellation and Change
• Purchasing Timetable
• Procedures for Receiving Freight
• Shipping & Handling Charges/Tax
Merchandise Returns & Repairs
• Return of Merchandise
• Restocking Fee
• Return of Non-          Please remember to check
  Merchandise or          with the Purchasing
  Damaged Goods           Department if you have
• Repair of Merchandise   any questions about the
  or Equipment            procedures involved in
• Copier Repair
                          any of the areas listed!
• Out of Warranty
• Warranty Repairs
  Specific Merchandise & Services
• Office Supplies –
  OfficeMax Contract
  Pricing Online & Retail
We also use:
• State Contracts
• E&I Co-op Contracts
• US Communities
• TIPS/TAPS Contracts
• Many competitively bid
Computer Hardware, Software, & Peripherals

• Purchase from the U of A Computer Store
• Contact your departmental Buyer or Whitney
  Smith at 5-5158 with general questions.
• Check with IT if you have a question about your
  request, be sure to obtain department approval,
  and forward the requisition to your Buyer for
       Fixed Asset Purchases
• Capitalized Fixed Assets are defined for
  inventory purposes as “all tangible property with
  a unit cost of twenty five hundred dollars
  ($2,500.00) or more
   and a normal
   usage of two
   (2) or more
        Fixed Asset Information
• We are Custodians of State & University Assets

• Annual Inventory of ALL Tagged Items

• Tagging of Computer Equipment is scheduled and done by property

• Moves of Heavy Pieces may be Done by Facilities Maintenance
       (Submit a Work Request to the Labor Shop for an internal move)
Wenoah Goodson 5-2325
           • Call before you
             purchase something
             new, she may have
             what you need at the
           • Check with your
             departmental contact
             if you need to surplus
             U of A property!
     Karen Jones
         • Karen Jones – Travel Manager
                 Phone: 5-5363
         • Guide - Traveling for U of A
         • Travel Policy
         • Creating Travel Authorizations
         • T-card Information
         • Vehicle Rental Contacts
         • Information on Vehicle Rental
         • E-mail:
        Official Functions Policy
All food /beverage purchases must qualify or
  meet at least one of the categories below:
• Meetings to host official guests of the University
• Meetings of official in-house committees and advisory groups
  which require a working luncheon
• Scheduled official receptions, and student honors receptions
• Meetings of an administrative nature which require employees
  to work through their lunch
• Student Functions
• Meetings with prospective University donors
• Receptions for official purposes
• Other events which include the public and/or students
• ALL printing not processed by PMC
  Solutions at U of A MUST BE BID by
  U of A Purchasing Department if
  using a BASIS requisition. Bidding is
  good business practice for other
  funding sources too!
• Printing is wet ink on paper.
• U of A has the authority to bid printing
  up to $25,000. Jobs over that amount
  must be bid/approved by the Office
  of State Procurement in Little Rock.
• Copying is dry ink (toner) on paper.
• Call PMC Solutions 5-2404 for your
  printing, mail service & copying!
    Quote Bids $5,000 - $24,999
• Require a minimum of
  three (3) quotes (no
  printing) which may be
  obtained by the dept.
• E-mail quotes are
• Send quote information
  to your Buyer in
  Purchasing when you
  process your
      Sealed Bids over $25,000
• Sealed bidding is required for
  all non contract purchases
  over $25,000.
• U of A must follow strict
  sealed bidding procedures
  according to state law.
• Be specific enough to get
  what you want – brand name,
  model, item number, etc
• Be broad enough, so we
  don’t eliminate competition!
• Contact your departmental
  Buyer – we are here to assist
      Sole Source Procurement

• Sole Source Purchases are purchases which can
  only be purchased from a single source.
• All Sole Source requests must come to Purchasing
  for approval of documentation.
• The Manager of Procurement Services and/or the
  Business Manager must approve all Sole Source
  purchases for U of A.
Complimentary & Preview Purchases

              • Ordering and/or accepting
                Delivery of Complimentary
                or Preview Items.
              • Free is Not Always Free!
              • Return and/or Cancellation
                of Complimentary Orders or
                Preview Items.
    “After The Fact” Purchases
Any employee that orders and/or purchases
goods/services without obtaining proper
approval prior to completing an Internal
Purchase Requisition and the issuance of a
U of A Purchase Order, may ultimately be
liable for the cost of the goods/services.
              “After the Fact”
• Don’t wait to process your requisition!
• Your Purchase Order must be issued before the
  event or items are ordered!
• Full disclosure and departmental approval must be
  obtained for any purchases made “After the Fact”.
Eric Friend
Sample Forms and Information
 Available on the web or call your
   departmental Buyer for help!

     Questions ???
  Departmental Number 5-2551
Please Remember to Call Us if You Have Any Questions…

    We Are Here to Help You!

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