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									                             AMA Detroit Chapter

October 2009

Wouldn’t it be great to gain insight from a seasoned marketing professional?
Wouldn’t it be great to share your years of experience with an eager audience?

To help you gain the experience you need, the AMA Detroit Chapter is pleased to continue for the
seventh year our Marketing Mentoring Program. This fun program is designed to provide the
best career advice available anywhere from seasoned marketers. We’re seeking Mentors
(marketing professionals with 7+ years of experience) and Associates (professionals with less
experience and a desire to grow) to form Mentoring Teams. Whether you are new to marketing
as a recent college grad, or you are transitioning to marketing from another field, this program is
for you. To quote a 2009 Associate (from our feedback survey): ‘Working with someone who is
several steps ahead of me is what I liked best about the program.” (Membership in the AMA is
not a requirement to participate.)

The program will run for eight weeks from late January to late March 2010. It is meant to be fun,
flexible and doable, as we all have busy lives. Here’s how it works: we will introduce the Mentor
and Associate pairs at a Kickoff Meeting, each pair will build a relationship through informal
meetings/conversations on your own schedule, and each pair will set one goal to achieve
together (for instance, if networking is an area you wish to develop, you might set a goal to attend
an AMA event together and network with three new people).

We limit the formal meetings for the program!

The first meeting is short (no more than 1 hour) and less formal for Mentors only: .Mentor Pre-
Program Meeting on Thursday January 21. We want to set program objectives and topics that
might be offered. (In our 2009 feedback survey, this was a request by several mentors.)

Otherwise, there are only two formal meetings that will require your attendance:
  Kickoff Meeting (Monday, January 25 ) - Meet your partner as well as network with all

   program participants and discuss program goals.
  Wrap-Up Meeting (Thursday, March 25 ) – Share and celebrate your success with your

   fellow program participants; awards will be given for outstanding achievements.

One informal event (not required)
  Networking Happy Hour (Thursday, March 4 ) – An informal time to meet and chat with

   fellow program participants as well as other marketing professionals from the Detroit area.

Past participants have tailored activities to their current needs and each pair’s activity was
unique. During the 2009 Mentoring Program one pair updated the Associates resume and then
set out to build a marketing plan for a local recycling business as a new career path for the
Associate. Another pair used the Mentor as a ‘communications resource’ as the Associate was
shifting careers from an engineering emphasis to a marketing focus. And lastly, we always have
pairs which include Associates who were interviewing or had just started a new job. The Mentor
becomes an unbiased career coach/sounding board as the new job or new prospect evolves. In
the 2009 program, the Mentor helped the Associate navigate the new company and new
The 2010 AMA Detroit Marketing Mentoring Program gives Mentors the opportunity to help
others, while strengthening leadership skills and increasing visibility in the marketing community.
Mentors are encouraged to bring Associates from their place of employment into the program if
they wish. About two years ago, one of our stalwart mentors, Benjamin Ben-Baruch, sent us this
humorous and insightful note on the program: “We network with them early in their careers and
take responsibility for helping them develop new skills and advance their careers. In short, we
succeed in establishing collegial relationships with people who are quite likely going to be our
bosses in the twilight of our careers. It is sort of our own pre-retirement social security program.”
And his more recent update, “In the past two weeks I have written letters of recommendation for
two of my previous 5 associates and corresponded with a third…I have been thinking that it has
indeed had a positive impact.”

We just need a resume and a one-page application from you to find you the best match. You will
find the application posted on, or send an email to, and we’ll email you the application form. We will work to create pairs
with closely matched objectives and interests. If applications exceed the availability of partners,
the order in which applications are received will be considered in selecting participants, so please
apply early. You’ll receive confirmation of your participation by email.

Application deadline: Friday, December 18, 2009
Email application and resume to:

Please be sure to mention this great program to your friends and colleagues. If you have any
questions, feel free to contact Doug at 248-204-1921 or Mary Kay at 734-327-3881 or at We look forward to having you join us for a very exciting year.


Doug Scott                                                 Mary Kay Boitano-Nelson
Gfk Automotive                                             ForeSee Results, Inc.
Co-Director, Mentoring Program                             Co-Director, Mentoring Program
AMA Detroit Chapter                                        AMA Detroit Chapter

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