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									Northrock News
Northrock Residential Association Newsletter                                                                           April 2010

Your Current Board Members                                          Northrock Shopping Center Update
President              Doug Higginbotham       347-1542             A Long Horn Steakhouse has been built behind the Chevy
Vice President         Penny Glenn             341-0088             Chase Bank. It is scheduled to open soon. One of our Directors
Secretary              Ed Burke                347-3433             reports one dessert will feed four people! Board members are
Treasurer              Richard Heflin          347-9478             continuing to meet with the Town to ensure that the Developer
Assistant Treasurer    Pat Smith               347-4212             will make changes to the hillside and other landscaping.

Yonderlea Subdivision                                               Inspection Walk Around
Approval. On April 21, 2010 the Warrenton Planning                  In a continuing effort to uphold the appearance of the Northrock
Commission approved, by a vote of four to one, an                   community, the Management Agent and three Board members
application from owner Jeff Rizer, who owns property in             made a mid April walk around inspection of Northrock.
Warrenton, to subdivide the property as shown in Plat 01-09.        Homeowners in violation of Association covenants or by laws
This approval is for a proposed seventeen (17) lot subdivision      were notified by mail. Please consider your neighbors and make
from an 11.078 acre property at 415 Winchester Street (GPIN         the necessary corrections.
694-37-1634). The property is zoned R-10 Residential, which
requires a minimum of 10,000 square feet per lot. The project       Washington Post Box
will extend and utilize existing public street access from          A number of people continue to miss the delivery of the
North Hill Drive. A 4.43 acre residue lot will be retained at 415   Washington Post on a routine basis. If you miss a paper call
Winchester for the owner's single family residence. The             Steve Dotson at 540-351-0155. They will not deliver you a paper,
Comprehensive Plan identifies both low and medium density           but will give you a credit. It's important that he knows the paper
residential for the property. The Commission also required          has not been delivered. If you would like a paper box put on the
the applicant to build the "Branch Connector Road" as part of       post with your mail box, he will take care of that also. If you
the approval. See sketches on back of Newsletter.                   continue to have a problem, give Pat Smith a call and she may
                                                                    be able to help you.

Board Voiced Development Concerns. The Northrock Board              West Ridge Court Gets New Trees and Shrubs
of Directors found out about the April 21st Planning meeting        The Board of Directors thank Mr. Richard Sanders for the
the evening before. The Board raised many questions                 excellent selection of trees and shrubs that were recently
regarding this proposal and voiced a strong opposition to its       planted in the West Ridge Court section. The quality, quantity
approval. The Board noted the absence of water permits from         and the distribution are a major enhancement to the area and in
state/federal officials, lack of waiver for utility connection to   concert with keeping Northrock as one of Warrenton's select
the Northrock sewer community property, and concerns                developments.
about 60 foot wide Branch Connector road construction along
the entire Northrock west side boundary line. Last, was the
                                                                    Armi Contract Extention
overall safety aspects of Yonderlea and about six adjoining
                                                                    The Board approved a one year extension to the Armi
other LAND LOCKED owners' eventual plans for development
                                                                    (Management Agent) contract at no cost increase. We thank Mr.
rights that envision only one way to enter or exit. Finally, all
                                                                    Austin for his consideration during these tough economic
the heavy construction equipment employed to move vast
quantities of soil in fragile wetlands and its wildlife areas
must enter/exit North Hill Drive. This will create new upkeep,      Association Budget News
traffic, parking and safety concerns for all Northrock and          For some time, both the Board and Armi have worked hard to
adjoining large property owners and visitors.                       reduce Association expenses. Due to the extremely hard Winter,
                                                                    Association expenses for snow removal costs has increased
Next Approval - You Can Help. The next hurdle will be to            significantly over past years. Some areas like legal fees are
address this issue at the Town Council meetings. The Board          expected to increase due to economic conditions and are
needs the full support of all Northrock residents to help           outside of our control. In April 2010, Armi negotiated a new
develop strategy, attend Council meetings, sign petition,           banking agreement that refunds fees paid and waives any future
research issues, etc. The Board will vigorously negotiate           bank fees.
these issues at Council meetings. To aid Council
negotiations, the Association needs volunteers to develop a
long term development sustainable master plan that                  Management Agent            Austin Realty Management Inc. (ARMI)
encompasses all of our boundary owners likely                       Northrock Residential       10 Rock Point Lane
developmental issues.                                               Association owners should   P.O. Box 3413
                                                                    contact the Management      Warrenton, VA 20188
Once the Branch Connector road is constructed, the                  Agent Armi if you have a    Phone: 540-347-1901
adjoining owners become potential developers funneling all          problem, complaint,         Email:
traffic onto North Hill Drive. Your help is urgently                question or suggestion.
needed, please call a Board Member today.

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