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					What’s up in New Mexico?

               Mac Juarez

Marketing and Member Services Association
New Mexico by the Numbers
 18 co-ops.
 12 are Tri-State.
 Serve 200,000-plus.
 Avg. residential load
  is about 550
 Largest IOU PNM
  serves 485,000.
 Others - El Paso
  Electric and muni’s.
New Mexico requirements
 5% of co-op power must come from
  renewables by 2015.
 10% of co-op power must come from
  renewables by 2020.
 IOUs – 20% by 2020, 15% by 2015.
 IOU portfolios – 20% wind, 20% solar
  and 10% from geothermal or other
  qualifying fuel.
 Efficient Use of Energy Act debate
So what is New Mexico doing?
   Energy Efficiency Starter Kits.
   CFLs.
   Holiday LED lights.
   Matching equipment rebates.
   Weaning consumers off propane.
   Time-of-use rates.
   And passing on tons and tons of
Energy efficiency starter kits
 Customizable to your price point.
 Great as registration gifts at annual
 Great as gifts to new consumers or
  those with high bill complaints.
 Great as giveaways at housing fairs.
 Stuff them with printed materials.
 Great as giveaways.
 Some NM co-ops require consumers
  to exchange incandescents for CFLs.
 Great as goodie bag stuffers.
 Rebates and dropping price make
  them lucrative fundraisers for groups.
 Noticeable preference for 100-watt
Holiday LED lights
 New CDEC
 Utilizes Tri-State
  rebate and
  wholesale purchase
  agreement with LED
  Holiday Lighting.
 Schools make $3 off
  each $7 sale.
Matching equipment rebates
 Utilizing Tri-State rebate money.
 Most N.M. co-ops are taking
  advantage of rebates.
 Not every co-op is utilizing all the
  different rebates available.
Weaning consumers off propane
 Concentrated
  effort by some
  N.M. co-ops to
  replace propane
  heating with
  electric thermal
  storage (ETS)
Weaning consumers off propane
 CDEC also is
  studying drainback
  solar water heating
  systems made by
  King Solar Products
  of Oregon.
Time of use rates
 Most N.M. co-ops utilize time-of-use
 Some N.M. co-ops, such as Kit Carson
  Electric in Taos, offer season rates for
  part-time residents.
 CDEC has found that the TOU rate
  has made consumers more
  conscientious of their usage, not just
  when they are using electricity.
 Educating with information
 Most N.M. co-ops don’t have financial
  resources to offer broader incentives
  to promote energy efficiency.
 Much of that burden rests with the
 But there is still the need to educate
  consumers on being energy efficient
  and presenting the options available.
Educating with information
 Our Energy, Our Future
  and the Straight Talk
  national campaigns
  have been excellent
  opportunities to
  incorporate energy
  efficiency and
Educating with information
 Condensing national
  publications to fit
  local co-op budgets.
Educating with information
 More publications…
Educating with information
 CDEC is introducing energy efficiency
  and conservation to our future
  generations of leaders.
Educating with information
 Finally…
  Watch out MTV!

 This fall, CDEC
  will launch DVD
  of nationally and
  locally produced
  in its office lobbies.
N.M. co-ops need your help!
 Our statewide group and Tri-State are
  presenting a two-day symposium in
  Albuquerque, Nov. 5 and 6 called…
Who’s coming?
 With Tri-State’s
  help, we’ve secured
  nationally known
  “energy expert”
  Doug Rye as the
  keynote presenter
  and luncheon
  speaker Thurs.,
  Nov. 6.
Who else is coming?
 We are inviting all Tri-State member
  co-ops in Colorado, New Mexico,
  Nebraska and Wyoming.
 Basin Electric Cooperative members.
 Co-ops from Texas and Arizona.
 Any other electric utility that
  expresses interest.
Symposium’s focus
 Energy Education: Marketing energy
  efficiency to consumers.
 Efficiency Mythbusters: What works,
  what saves?
 Beyond the energy audit.
 Emerging renewable technologies.
 A showcase of energy efficient and
  renewable products and technologies.
What we need from you
 Presenters – We need to hear success
  stories, experiences and advice from
  industry leaders who are utilizing
  energy efficient equipment or
  launching innovative energy efficiency
What we need from you
 Vendors – We need product vendors
  who want to showcase their energy
  efficient and renewable products and
What we need from you
 Sponsors – We need industry groups
  and businesses willing to assist our
  statewide effort with symposium
Symposium recap
 Dates: Nov. 5-6 (Wed.-Thurs.)

 Location: Albuquerque.
  (Exact location to be determined,
  based on number of participants.)

 Deadline to register: Sept. 30
         That’s what’s up
          in New Mexico!

Marketing and Member Services Association

                 Mac Juarez
               (505) 285-6656

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