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									Hinchingbrooke School                                        Year 7 ‘Modelling: Unit 7.4
                                                                     ICT Department

About this unit                                                                                                        Expectation
In this unit pupils are given experience of using spreadsheets as models. The units is based on Sample teaching unit   At the end of this unit
7.4 from he Key Stage 3 strategy materials: Introduction to modelling and presenting numeric data.                     Most pupils will: understand that spreadsheets can be used as
Pupils learn about:                                                                                                    a mode to ask ‘what if’ questions. They will understand the
      Using a spreadsheet                                                                                             difference between variables and rules and be able to apply
      Modelling using a spreadsheet                                                                                   simple formulae. They will be able to explain the advantage
      How to refine and develop a model                                                                               and limitations of using a spreadsheet as a model.
      Ways of presenting information from a spreadsheet
                                                                                                                       Some pupils will not have made so much progress and will:
The teaching unit is expected to take 6 lesson and a further lesson will be used for assessment.                       be able to use a model to answer ‘what if’ questions; be able to
                                                                                                                       use fill handle to replicate formulae; be able to enter and
                                                                                                                       format data appropriately.

                                                                                                                       Some pupils will have progressed further and will: be able
                                                                                                                       to develop and refine a spreadsheet model adding variables and
                                                                                                                       varying the rules.

Where the unit fits in                                                                                                 Resources
The uni assumes that pupils will have ahd some experience using spreadsheets but recovers aspects such as cell         Resources include:
referencing, data type and simple formulae so that pupils with little or no experience can catch up.                        Microsoft Excel
                                                                                                                            Projector and whiteboard 9 or other suitable
                                                                                                                            Material from Unit 7.4 Key Stage 3 strategy
                                                                                                                            Modelling test for assessment purposes
                                                                                                                            www.school-
                                                                                                                               resources.co.u/framesforks3spreadsheetquiz.htm -
                                                                                                                               quizzes based on spreadsheets.

Hinchingbrooke School – C. J. W. Lucas 14/11/2010                                                          ICT - Year 7 Spreadsheet modelling Unit 7.4                      Page       1
Learning                 Possible teaching activities                                                             Learning outcomes                   Points to note
Pupils should learn
Lesson 1
      About the main    Starter – Show–7.4P1a Zoo activity. Encourage students to calculate with calculator              Realize that               Numeracy
features of a            or in their head table 1. Discuss the method used. What if there where 22 Lions?         spreadsheets can be used to
spreadsheet and the      Recalculate in table 2. Is this an effective method? Notion of ‘underspend’. Show        make calculations quick and         Keywords: Row, column,
associated terms.        7.4T1b Zoo activity, demonstrate how to make the same changes. Point out that the        easy.                               worksheet, text label, numeric
 How to use the         totals changes automatically because we use formulas. Ask students to come up with               Know that main terms       data, cell reference, formulae, fill
‘fill handle’ to         a few more changes to see what happens, remind them that they only have £1000.           associates with spreadsheets        handle
complete a model         Spreadsheets – Basic terms and structures: Go through on board – hand students                   Be able to use the ‘Fill   Resource:
quickly and easily       ‘spreadsheet labels, show 7.4T1c Presentation pupils fill in speech bubbles with         handle’ to replicate or continue    -7.4P1a Zoo activity
 About the              correct terms.                                                                           number patterns. Some               -7.4T1b Zoo activity
advantages and           Times table square – Demonstrate how to use fill handle – ensure concept of              formatting                          -Spreadsheet labels (print outs)
disadvantages of         highlighting more than one cell to continue a pattern is understood. Try Mon and                 Understand how to          -7.4T1c Presentation
using a spreadsheet      Tues etc, Jan, and Feb etc. Demonstrate Dog, cat, why doesn’t this work? Pupils to       make simple formulae to a           -7.4T1d Table square
                         create own TT square. (Weaker students can open 7.4T1d Table square.                     spreadsheet and how to sort data.   -7.4P1g Football league table
                         Setting up a spreadsheet: 7.4T1e Football league – Q/A as to how spreadsheet                     Understand some of the     -7.4P1f Football league table
                         could be used to make calculations. Using 7.4P1f upils create, enter and copy a          advantages and disadvantages of     -Year 7 Modelling Homework
                         formula for the number of games played and for the number of points gained. When         using spreadsheets                  Week 1
                         finished they sort the table appropriately. Differentiation: Weaker pupils will need
                         extra help with formulae. Those who finish quickly should sort table and could use
                         Copy/Paste to create Sheet 2, which is sorted according to different criteria. Again
                         shading/formatting could be added. Most advanced could try using Absolute Cell
                         References in their formulae Show formulae for games played and how to copy it.
                         Pupils open 7.4P1f on HOLE and enter formulae.
                         Plenary: Discuss advantages and disadvantages of using spreadsheets
                         Homework: Uses of spreadsheets ‘Year 7 Modelling Homework Week 1’
Lesson 2
 How to enter rules       Starter – Show pupils 7.4P2a Zoo activity – what do they need to do in order to            Show they can use a model      Numeracy
  and formulae into a      answer questions? Let pupils come up and demo or ask them to open in HOLE. How              to answer ‘what if’
  spreadsheet              is this easier than the paper and en method?                                                questions.                     Keywords: Variable, Formulae,
 How to sort data         Idea of a model – Show e.g. of models that simulate situations – ‘black box’ models        Become aware of variety        Model, ‘Black box’ model
  according to             as we cant see workings. – National lottery ‘Lottery simulations’. Show 7.4P1g              of uses for spreadsheets       interrogate
  appropriate criteria     Football league table to demonstrate Rules (e.g how quantities are combined to find        Understand how to
 That a spreadsheet       a total) formulae (a way of writing a rule using symbols). And variables (quantities        recognise Formulae and         Resources:
  can be used to           that can change their value) – pupils make notes. Remind them of how to create              variables                      -7.4P2a Zoo activity
  answer ‘what if’         formulae for games played and calculate no of points. Demo how to answer ‘What if’         Create simple formulae         -LOTTERY SIMULATION
  questions.               questions. Show pupils 7.4P2b Football league question sheet discuss how to                 and use fill handle to copy    -7.4P1g Football league table
 About some of the        answer the questions. Remind pupils to reset values after each question.                   Answer ‘what if’ questions     -7.4P1f Football league table
  uses of spreadsheets     Extension – some pupils can go on to create a column chart.                                Will create a chart from       -Year 7 Modelling Homework
  in everyday life.        Plenary – Go through answers for Football league question sheet                             the data                       Week 2
                           Homework – What is a spreadsheet? Year 7 Modelling Homework Week 2

Hinchingbrooke School – C. J. W. Lucas 14/11/2010                                                         ICT - Year 7 Spreadsheet modelling Unit 7.4                         Page      2
Learning Objectives             Possible teaching activities                                                       Learning outcomes                   Points to note
Pupils should learn
Lesson 3
 About the                 Starter – Ask students to tell you what ingredients would be needed to make                   Think about the sort of     Numeracy
    relationship between    some biscuits. Discuss amounts needed of each ingredient. How much would it                    information used in
    input/process/output    cost? Pupils sketch out a possible model in books.                                             creating a model            Keywords: Variable, Formulae,
 To identify               Main – Show 7.4T2c Biscuit model - which cell contain variables? Which of                     Be made aware of the        Model, Rule, Input, output,
    Variables, Rules and    these would be most likely to be changed by the user? Why is it better to use this             differences between         recalculate
    formulae in a model     cell? (Possibly discuss absolute cell referencing). Remind about what a rule is.               rules and variables
 That a model              Which cell contains rule or formulae? What does each formula in the model do?                 Know about input –          Resources:
    recalculates if         Break down and write out. What is the input? (Ingredients), what is the output?                Process – output            -7.4T2c Biscuit model
    variables are           (cost) Show how unit costs can be changed and the model recalculates. Give                    Show that they can use      -7.4P2d Biscuit question sheet
    changed                 pupils 7.4P2d Biscuit question sheet.                                                          a model to answer what      -7.4P2e Biscuit answer sheet
                            Plenary – Go through answers 7.4P2e Biscuit answer sheet. What advantages                      if questions                -Homework week 3
                            can you see in the Biscuit model? If time go through last weeks homework                      Show awareness of the
                            (students peers assess each others books).                                                     advantages of using
                            Homework: Terms and uses. Homework Week 3                                                      spreadsheets
Lesson 4
 About formatting           Starter: Identifying rules and variables                                                 Identify rules and variables    Numeracy
    data appropriately      Display Disco model 7.4P3a. Discuss and identify which cells contain rules and             reliably
 To enter rules and        variables. Show answers on 7.4T3c. Consider the 3 rules identified – work out             Be able to explain how
    check them              what the formula should be in each case – writing it in words if necessary then            simple formulas are             Key words: Variable, rule,
 To explain what           translating it to the correct format. Fill in 7.4T3d and compare with answers on           calculated                      Income, cost, profit, loss, format,
    rules are calculating   7.4T3e. Discuss use of Disco model – elicit answers from pupils as to how it              Understand the notion of        currency
 To test whether a         may be used.                                                                               profit and loss
    simple model works      Using a model to make predictions                                                          E able to format cells using   Resources:
    satisfactory            Give pupils copies of 7.4P3f in pairs. Explain that they are going to set up a             currency, gridlines and          -7.4P3a Disco model.xls -
 How to improve the        model for the disco following the instructions on the sheet and using 7.4P3a as            emphasis                        -7.4T3c Rules and variables
    model                   their starting point. Explain that sheet gives precise instructions about formatting      Comment on the                  answers.doc
                            data – follow carefully. Show 7.4T3g sheet 2 as an example of what they are                effectiveness of the model.     -7.41Pf Disco model activity
                            aiming for                                                                                                                 1.doc – available as printed
                            Developing the model                                                                                                       worksheets
                            Pupils work on instructions from 7.4P3f. Interrupt to check up on pupils                                                   -7.4T3g Disco model.xls sheet 2
                            understanding of reasons for formatting – if necessary go through with less able                                           -7.4P3h Disco model activity 2 –
                            pupils. Pupils use model to answer questions at end of 7.4P3f                                                              available as printed worksheets
                            Extension – some pupils may get on to 7.4P3h Activity 2 – have available                                                   Microsoft Excel & Internet
                            Plenary                                                                                                                    Explorer
                            Discuss effectiveness of model in predicting whether disco would make profit on
                            different days. What are the limitations of the model? Could it be improved?
                            Homework: No homework

Hinchingbrooke School – C. J. W. Lucas 14/11/2010                                                            ICT - Year 7 Spreadsheet modelling Unit 7.4                       Page      3
Learning Objectives             Possible teaching activities                                                     Learning outcomes                    Points to note
Pupils should learn
Lesson 5
 About making a model          Starter: Recap on last lesson                                                       Be able to insert rows           Numeracy
    more realistic/effective    Look at 7.4T3g sheet 2 – Disco Stage 3 (some pupils may have got up to              Show they can add a
 How to add more               this stage last week but others will not have done) Go through changes made          variable and build it into the   Key words: Insert,
    variables to the model      and remind about reasons for formatting data type and text.                          exciting model                   Scenario
 How to insert rows            Increasing the function of the model                                                Follow instructions
 How to improve the            Give out 7.4P3h Disco model activity 2.doc (Again some pupils may have              Write down the description       Resources:
    model                       got onto this last week) Pupils follow instructions to add 2 more variables to       of the changes that has been     -7.4T3g Disco model.xls
 Critically assess other       their model. Some pupils will need extra help with this – more able pupils           made to the model and            -7.4P3h Disco model activity 2 –
    students work in order to   can be used to peer tutor as well as teacher giving extra help                       comment on whether it has        available as printed worksheets
    improve the model           Extension – 7.4P3i worksheet – Inserting a row to calculate the total cost           improved.                        -7.4P3i Insert.doc – available
 To predict the effects of     of the teachers. 7.4P3j – Interrogate.doc – use the model to answer the                                               as printed worksheets
    changing variables or       questions                                                                                                             -7.4P3j Interrogate.doc –
    rules                       Ways of increasing income from an event                                                                               available as printed worksheets
                                7.4P4a – Scenario cards.doc: Pupils work in pairs to answer questions                                                 -7.4P4a Scenario Cards
                                ‘Free drinks’ card should go to lower attaining pupils ‘Buy two get one free’                                         -Microsoft Excel & Internet
                                should go to higher attaining pupils                                                                                  Explorer
                                Plenary Gather answers to Scenario cards and put answers on screen –
                                relate back to model and discuss effectiveness – did adding variables
                                improve the model? What other changes could improve it further? Peer
                                assess in pairs how they feel the other has achieved the criteria’s.
                                Homework: Values, labels and formulae
Lesson 6
 About resenting data          Starter: Show 7.4T5a Sportsday.ppt Discuss What the reports shows                   Be able to recognise             Numeracy
    from a spreadsheet          Q/Aa to where the information may have come from. What program is the                different forms of charts        Literacy
 That charts and graphs        report produced in. Should recognise PowerPoint.                                    Create charts form Disco         Keywords: Chart (pie and bar),
    can be used to represent    Main: What charts could be useful to show the head teacher about our                 data                             Legend, Data value, axes
    data in a way which is      model. Bring out answers like breakdown of costs (pie chart) and                    Produce a .ppt presentation
    clear and easy to           Income/Cost/profit (column chart). What other information is included in             incorporating charts, tables     Resources:
    understand                  sports day report (data, written report, title etc). How could we show HT            of data, text to create an       7.4T5a Sportsday .ppt
 To use bar and pie charts     clearly the difference between the days (number of tickets sold)? Show how           effective reports appropriate    Examples of School Disco report
 About creating a report       to create .ppt presentations to include charts, tables and text. Pupils              for the Head teacher
    on the data produced        complete their own report. Print out handout version – annotate.                    Explain how they created
    form a model                Plenary: Look at some reports and try to set levels sing the profile sheet.          their presentation using
                                Remind students that there will be an assessment next week.                          annotation
Lesson 7
Assessment lesson               Show pupils modelling assessment. Explain how to use i.e. filling in name,          Complete assessment to           Resources:
                                answers in cells etc. Discuss model and what it represents. Remind about             show understanding of            Modelling assessment
                                telling the difference between cells, which contain variables, labels, and           modelling unit
                                formulae. Ask students if they have seen a similar model before? (Biscuit
                                model). Pupils complete assessment. Print.

Hinchingbrooke School – C. J. W. Lucas 14/11/2010                                                         ICT - Year 7 Spreadsheet modelling Unit 7.4                        Page      4
Hinchingbrooke School – C. J. W. Lucas 14/11/2010   ICT - Year 7 Spreadsheet modelling Unit 7.4   Page   5

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