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                 1-800-367-6274 * 973-989-1122 * 375 E. McFarlan St., Dover, NJ 07801 *

      Alcoholics Anonymous * Al-Anon Family Groups (families of alcoholics) * Alateen (teens of alcoholics) * Double Trouble
      (alcohol/drug recovery, but on psych medications) * Nurse Recovery Group * Overcomer's Outreach (Christian addiction
      recovery) * Parent Support Group (parents of addicted) * SMART Recovery (cognitive behavioral therapy) * Sexaholics
      Anonymous * Nicotine Anonymous * Overeaters Anonymous * Gamblers Anonymous (including groups for young
      gamblers) * Gam-Anon (families of gamblers) * Narcotics Anonymous * Nar-Anon (families of drug addicts) * Debtors
      Anonymous (overspenders) * Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers (addictions) * Cocaine Anonymous.

      Bereavement Support Group *Catholic Widows & Widowers * Motherless Daughters of NJ support for women who have lost their
      mothers * Spousal Bereavement Group * St. Thomas WOW'S (Widows Or Widowers) * Surviving After Suicide Support Group *
      Compassionate Friends (loss of a child of any age) * SHARE Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support (loss of infant, stillbirth, miscarriage) *
      Perinatal & Neonatal Group (loss of infant, stillbirth, miscarriage).

      Adjustment to Vision Loss Support (vision loss) * Asperger Syndrome Parents Education Network * Autism NJ * Alliance for Disabled
      in Action * Parents & Grandparents (who have disabilities themselves) * Children of Deaf Adults * HLA (Hearing Loss Association) of
      America (hard-of-hearing) * Beyond the Eyes (multicultural vision loss) * Brain Injury Assn of NJ for those with brain injury & families of

      Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance support groups (for those with depression or bipolar disorder, open to families/friends) * Moving
      Forward Self-Help Center (consumer-run drop-in center) * NAMI Middlesex County and NAMI NJ en Espanol support groups (families
      of those with a mental illness) * SAMHAJ Support for South Asians (mental health) * Chinese Mental Health Support Group (patients
      and families) * PACES (parents of children with emotional or behavioral challenges) * Rutgers OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
      Support Group * OCD Support for Spouses & Supporters * OCD New Jersey * Peer To Peer Group (mental health consumers) *
      Overcomers Outreach (general mental health) * Youth Partnership (13-21 with mental health issues) * BILY (parents of children with
      emotional or behavioral challenges.)

      Adult Survivors of Sexual Assault (female) * Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse/Assault * New Horizons (domestic violence victims) *
      Women Aware (for victims of spouse abuse) * The Next Step (domestic violence victims) * Manavi (for South Asian women in abusive
      relationships) * Support group developing just for women with disabilities who are victims of any violence.

      Alzheimer’s Support Groups * A.L.S. Association * Allergy & Asthma Support Group of Central NJ * Brain AVM/Aneurysm Support
      Group * Stroke Club Support Group * JFK Stroke Wives Group * Young Wives (of Alzheimer’s patients) * Brain Tumor Support
      Group * Breast Cancer Support Group * Strength For Caring (cancer patients & caregivers) * Voices of Healing (breast cancer) *
      COPSA Spouse (memory loss) * Healing Journey: Relaxation for Cancer Patients/Families * Living with Cancer * Lesbians with
      Cancer Support Group * LGBT Cancer Support Group * Celiac Sprue & Dermatitis Herpetiformis Support Group * Diabetes Type
      2 Support Group * Adults with Diabetes * Pediatric Epilepsy Support Group * Eating Disorders Association of NJ * Second Chance
      (heart transplants) * HIV Infected/Affected Group * Support Group for HIV+ Gay Men * Huntington's Disease Support Group *
      Laryngectomee Support Group * National MS Society (multiple sclerosis) * United Ostomy Association * Kidney & Pancreas Support
      Group (transplant patients) * NJ Bariatric (Bariatric surgery) * JFK Johnson Rehab Parkinson Support Group * Young Onset
      Parkinson's Patient & Family Support Group * Parkinson’s Disease Patient & Family Group * Alopecia Support Group * Central
      Jersey Restless Leg Syndrome Group * Aphasia Support * Interstitial Cystitis Group of Central NJ * Gynecological Cancer Support
      Group * NJ Bariatrics Lap Band * Tourette Family Support * Lupus Foundation * and many others.

                                                                   (more on back)
     Grandparents Raising Grandchildren * Holistic Moms (moms with natural health interests) * Central Jersey Moms
     (general online support group using message boards at ) * Gay Dad’s Support Group * Army
     & Air Nat’l Guard Family Support (families of those in the military) * BILY (parents of children with emotional or
     behavioral challenges) * PACES (parents of emotionally or behaviorally challenged children) * Spouses Caregiver Support
     Group (caring for a spouse with any chronic illness or disability) * EARS (caregivers of the elderly) * Caregivers Support
     Group (caregivers of elderly or disabled) * CONCORDS & Passages self-help groups (those dealing with divorce or
     separation) * Separated & Divorced Catholics.

     Professional Service Group (unemployed or underemployed professionals) * Clutterers Anonymous (chronic messiness) *
     OWLs (older lesbians) * Youth Drop-In Center (gay youth) * Gay Dad’s Group * Men's Coming Out Rap (gay men) *
     Men’s Group (gay).

     Here’s a list of the types of groups that individuals are trying to get started within the County. If you are interested in
     helping any of these groups to get off the ground, please just contact the Clearinghouse for the local person working on it:
     Persons with physical disabilities * Those who lost a loved one in a home fire * Women with disabilities who have
     been victims of violence.

     NJ Quitnet (online support groups to stop smoking) * MOMS Club (stay at home moms)* Mothers and More (moms who have
     altered their career paths to care for their children at home)* Mothers Of Preschoolers * Expecting Parents Meet-up Online
     Group * Totally Hip (online support group for those who have had or anticipate having hip replacement surgery) * NJ Families
     For Russian Ukrainian Adoptions * Foster and Adoptive Families * Parents Without Partners (single parenting) *
     DOROT/University Without Walls Telephone Support (aging issues for persons 59+) Signs of Sobriety (deaf addicted) *
     Professional Assistance Program of New Jersey (professionals with an addiction) * Iraq/Afghanistan War Family Bereavement
     Groups (loss of loved one in war) * COPS (loss of loved one in line of duty)* Rainbows (bereaved children through death or
     divorce) * New Jersey Association of the Deaf-Blind * Parents of Blind Children * National Federation of the Blind of NJ
     (advocacy) * ALDA (Assn. of Late Deafened Adults) * Monday Morning Project (advocacy for disabled) * C.U.S.A.
     (correspondence group for disabled) * Advancing Opportunities (formerly Cerebral Palsy of NJ) * Cocaine Anonymous *
     MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) * Acoustic Neuroma Assn of NJ * Anorchidism Support Group * CJD Foundation
     (Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease) * Fragile X Association * Hemophilia Association of NJ * Huntington's Disease Society of America
     * Myasthenia Gravis Foundation * Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis Foundation * Parents of Prader-Willi Syndrome
     Children * NY-NJ Chapter of PXE International (pseudoxanthoma elasticum)* Shingles Telephone Support Group * Tourette
     Syndrome Association * Support Organization For Trisomy * Resolve of NJ (infertility) * NJ Self-Advocacy Project (adults with
     developmental disabilities) * The Arc of NJ (developmental disabilities) * Unschoolers Network (Homeschoolers) * Statewide
     Parent Advocacy Network (parents of children with disabilities) * Little People of America (dwarfism) * Toastmasters
     International (public speaking) * Vet Center Support Groups (for military veterans) * National Organization for Women of NJ *
     Cult Information Service (cult, ex-cult members and families)* New Jersey Tenants Organization * Survivors Network of those
     Abused by Priests (sexual assault victims) * Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of America * Acoustic Neuroma Association of NJ *
     Spina Bifida Association * Collaborative Support Programs (housing, advocacy for mental health consumers) * Consumer
     Connections Support Network (consumers who work in the mental health field) * Fear of Dentists (online group) * Victims of
     Stalkers (online group) * and many more!

For professionals, who would like to have a handy guide to all the NJ, nat'l, online & model groups, our new Directory is available for $25
         plus shipping. See contents at ,
     but understand you'll receive it much quicker if you order it directly from our Clearinghouse (call, or visit our website for details).

  So, for help in finding or starting any type of Mutual Aid Self-Help group,

call   1-800-367-6274.                                  Remember it as        1-800-FOR-M.A.S.H.
                   Please feel free to copy this page and post it on any public bulletin board.
                                                                                                                         July, 2010

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