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									                             Sample Syllabus Three: Voice Theme

Expository College Writing                            Bethany Shaffe r
15 Week Semester                                      University of Texas-Arlington
Two 65 Minute Classes per Week

        This is an integrated course in critical thinking, reading, and writing. Be cause these three
processes are mutually dependent, we will spend our time reading and analyzing texts as well as
writing about them. The type of formal writing we will do in this class is generally known as
expository writing, which is a combination of informative and argumentative writing. In this type
of writing, you will show both your understanding of texts we have read and your own thoughts
about the issues they discuss.


   TEXT -- The Arlington Reader, Second Edition. Bloom/Smith. Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2008.

   READING –You will be expected to complete all of the assigned reading for this course so
   that you may participate in classroom discussion and learning activities.

   ESSAYS –This course will require you to write three essays: a personal narrative, a synthesis
   essay, and a thesis driven essay focused on voice, film, and writing. Each essay must be of
   proper length and must follow the MLA format.

   READING RESPONSES –You will be required to write five (5) reading responses. These
   brief, two (2) page responses will fully enable you to analyze the assigned readings and
   therefore participate in class discussion. Responses are due on the dates marked on the
   course schedule. ***Note: all reading responses must be typed in 12pt font, Times New
   Roman, MLA headings, and 1” margins. Failure to comply with these specifications will
   result in a zero for the assignment.

   PRESENTATION –You will be assigned a formal presentation at the end of the semester.
   Oral communication is an excellent way to help generate writing topics and ideas. It will
   also help with your ability to speak formally before a group of people with confidence. Each
   presentation will last approximately ten (10) minutes. While no formal writing will be turned
   in, I do suggest creating note cards, posters, power point presentations, etc to help make your
   ideas flow smoothly and effectively. (None of these suggestions are required. If you can
   stand solo and deliver a proper speech, then go for it.) Please dress accordingly.
Course Schedule: I have tried to make this document as complete as possible; however, during
the course of the semester we may be required to alter, add, or abandon certain
policies/assignments. I reserve the right to make such changes as they become necessary. You
will be informed of major changes in writing.
NOTE- Reading assignments are due on the dates they are listed, not the class after.

 Week                          Class Work                              Assignments
  1                        Course Introduction                              None
                        Policies and Procedures
    1                       Diagnostic Essay                      Read: Introduction (1-7)
                         What exactly is voice?
                Class discussion of reading processes.
    2             How can I use my voice in writing?             Read: Introduction (7-26)
            Focused free write on times when voice has
                  come through in academic writing.
    2                   Discuss response papers.           Read: Welty (33-38) and Tan (38-42)
               Analyzing the different voice techniques         Due: Reading Response #1
                          used by both authors.
    3        Multiple forms for developing papers from        Bring in a finalized topic for the
             ideas. Students will learn mapping, spider               Narrative essay
                       webbing, and questioning.
    3          Group discussions of all three questions         Read: Baldwin (118-127) and
            listed after Santiago essay. Each group will            Santiago (129-135)
            answer the questions and report to the class.       Due: Reading Response #2
    4          Students will create a list of places where      Read: Spiegelman (139-142)
              personal voice can be found that are often
              forgotten. Answer discussion questions 1
                             and 3 from TAR
    4         Peer Review: Carefully read and analyze         Due: Draft of Narrative Essay
            three peers’ essays. Be sure to fully answer    (please bring three copies to class)
                   the questions on the review sheet.
    5       Discuss strengths and weaknesses of essay.        Due: Personal Narrative Essay
               Distribute synthesis essay prompt. Field
                       initial round of questions.
    5           Free write on whether or not action can       Read: Alexie (47-51) and Wright
              count as voice? What is voice limited to?                    (57-60)
                        Close reading of Alexie.
    6        Class discussion of Thoreau’s choices and          Read: Thoreau (187-192) and
               how he articulates such choices by using              Thoreau (192-194)
                                  voice.                        Due: Reading Response #3
    6       Intense writing session on using voice when                     None
                      writing about multiple texts.
    7          Library Presentation on finding research      Please meet in the library for class.
  7        Students will look at a sample paper and        Due: One page worth of ideas and
                   grade it using my rubric.                questions concerning the essay.
           Opportunity to ask questions and/or raise
                concerns about synthesis essay.
  8       Lab time and mini-conference opportunity.           Bring materials to work on the
                                                                     synthesis essay.
  8        Peer Review: Carefully read and analyze           Due: Draft of Synthesis Essay
          three peers’ essays. Be sure to fully answer     (please bring three copies to class)
               the questions on the review sheet.
  9              Revision and editing activities.          Bring in one draft with comments and
                                                                      one clean copy.
  9         Discuss strengths and weakness of essay.               Due: Synthesis Essay
          Field questions for final portion of semester.
                 Allow students to choose a film
                  emphasizing personal voice.
 Spring                     No Class                                    No Class
Break 
 Spring                     No Class                                    No Class
Break 
   10     Begin watching Real Women have Curves                            None
   10         Finish Real Women have Curves                    Due: Reading Response #4
             Focused free write on voice in film.          Analyze the main character’s voice
                                                            so far in the movie. With whom
                                                              does she speak freely? Who
                                                                    silences her voice?
  11         Group activity: How does the America                Read: Stanton (375-378)
            Ferrera’s character use voice compared to
           how Stanton does? Which woman is more
                   effective in using their voice?
  11          Free write on how struggle can either            Read: Williams (656-663)
               silence or bring out personal voice.            Due: Reading Response #5
                 Discussion of questions 2 and 3.
  12         MLA Day: Students will practice using                     MLA Day.
              direct quotations, proper citation and
                     documentation of sources.
  12                       Unpacking Day                   Due: Working thesis statement and
          Students will develop their thesis statements          working bibliography
              and create outlines for the final essay.
  13                    Where is your voice?                 Bring all notes from the previous
          How does your thesis statement reflect your         class including thesis and bib.
           own voice while commenting on the use of
                       voice in film and text?
  13        Peer Review: Carefully read and analyze            Due: Draft of Final Essay
          three peers’ essays. Be sure to fully answer     (please bring three copies to class)
                the questions on the review sheet.
  14           Conferences for half of the students.           Conferences and work time.
                    Lab time for others.               Be sure to have materials to work on.
 14         Conferences for half of the students.          Conferences and work time.
                    Lab time for others.               Be sure to have materials to work on.
  15                   Presentations                               Presentations
  15                   Presentations                               Presentations
Finals   No formal class meeting during final exam               Due: Final Essay
Week     time. Stop by to drop off your final paper.

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