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									Monitoring and Evaluation

 Management of a Training Program
   Control & Monitoring Phase

• Essential PM Processes
  – Review of Preparation Processes
  – Setting Standards
  –Tracking and Status Reporting
  – Change Management
• Tools
   Control & Monitoring Phase

• Starts when the work results are
  generated by execution.
• Monitors and insures what are
  executed complies to the work plan,
  and the deliverables are acceptable
  based on the quality metrics agreed
  with the customer.
   Control & Monitoring Phase

• Feedbacks information for
  “execution” to perform corrective
• Ends when final deliverables meet
  the prescribed quality standards,
  and accepted by the customer
                    Risk Analysis
What could be possible events or conditions that will serve as threats
to the successful implementation of a training program?
• Management function
• Assesses the extent by which training
  has been carried out and program
  objectives have been attained
• Seeks to obtain feedback or
  information on the effects of the
  training program

• Seeks to answer the question:

“Is the training program
         Methods of Evaluation
   Reaction Level Evaluation
   Learning Level Evaluation
   Job Behavior Level Evaluation
   Organizational Level Evaluation
   Ultimate Value Level Evaluation

Sample Reaction Effects
     Evaluating Training Results
 Objectives: What do we hope to accomplish
 Conditions before training: What specific conditions
  prevail which make training necessary
 Records/Documentation: What records or training
  should be kept what data should be collected?
 Conditions after the training: What changes have taken
 Other Factors: What factors other than training may
  have contributed
 Results: What have we accomplished?
 Program Evaluation
 Operation Evaluation
 Impact Evaluation
Summary and Conclusion

   Management of a
   Training Program
      Summary & Conclusion
• The training manager must be able to
  analyze, design, develop, implement, and
  evaluate the training program.
(1) Clarity of Purpose
(2) Training Plan is a helpful tool to outline
  the series of activities of the training
(3) Training Content – content outline,
  checklists, written guide
   Summary & Conclusion
(4) Training Methodology – appropriate
(5) Training Activities
  – Preparation and Quality Planning
  – Actual Conduct
  – Monitoring and Evaluation
  – Post Training Activities
(6) Training Documentation and
         Use of Templates
Creating Standards
Easy Retrieval
          Sample Templates
• ManagerSelfEval.doc
• Project_Plan_Template.doc
• OrgChgMgtPlanTemplate.doc
• Meeting_Minutes_Template.doc
• Quality_Plan_Template.doc
• Project_Budget_Template.xls
• Project_Budget_Planner.xls
• Risk_Management_Plan_Template.doc
• Monthly_Status_Report_Template.doc
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