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					                                       Metropolitan Community College

                                        COURSE OUTLINE FORM
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Course Prefix & No.:          LEC: LAB:                                                  Credit Hours:
 CHRM 2980                     0   13.5                                                  4.5


The student experiences daily supervision and management of a kitchen or bakery and dining area under the
instructor's supervision. The student serves as team leader and menu planner.

45 credit hours of CHRM classes including CHRM 1020 or equivalent


The student cannot function in a commercial kitchen without proper professional training in a time restricted
setting, as received in our lab-kitchen. We learn by doing and reinforcing kitchen skills and developing
"kitchen sense". All production classes give practical experience in the preparation of food items,
merchandising them, and in this class the operation of the kitchen from the perspective of a student manager.
This experience is gained in supervising assorted work stations (pantry, line, Bistro, bakery, hot food,
storeroom, and fry station manager). Classroom work is tied into the experience (i.e. sanitation, supervision,
nutrition or purchasing) in a practical way. Large scale and small quantity preparation is produced in a time
restricted, quality minded setting. Food from simple to upscale is produced and served in the dining area or for
a special event.


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Attached course outline written by: Jim Trebbien, Brian O'Malley and Tina Powers Date: 10/04
Reviewed/Revised by:                   Jim Trebbien CCE                          Date: 10/04
Effective quarter of course outline:        05/FA                                Date:
Dean: _________________________________________________                          Date:
                        Daryl Hansen
                                    Metropolitan Community College

                                     COURSE OUTLINE FORM
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Course Objectives, Topical Unit Outlines, and Unit Objectives must be attached to this form.

TITLE: Student Manager                     PREFIX/NO: CHRM 2980


All students will be able to:
A.Apply menu writing principles to properly select menu items.
B.Select proper recipes and quantify them as needed. Learns to complete all paperwork and purchase
orders. Can cost out recipes and menus.
C.Give direction to other students in the lab in the preparation, sanitation and merchandising of the food (i.e.
management by walking around).
D.Reinforce professionalism and is able to work with speed and decision making
E. Reinforce skills in the servery and storeroom function.


The student will be able to progressively address the completion of the following as a manager:

 1.Time food to meet the Bistro, production and serving demands.
      A. food is started in a timely manner.
      B. students recognize what foods can be prepared beforehand.
      C. students recognize value of Mise en Place.
 2.Select and use proper menus and recipes.
 3.Utilize proper sanitation.
 4.Apply nutrition principles in menu planning and handling of food.
 5.Determine when to use scratch, mix of convenience foods.
 6.Identify and put into action, principles learned in Basic Skills classes. Able to use proper terminology.
 7.Maintain professional appearance, proper hygiene, professional image, actions and manners.
 8.Merchandise and garnish foods.
 9.Serve all grill and servery food in a timely manner.
10.Operate storeroom including storage, invoices, receiving, issuing, inventory and computer inventory, and
11.Serve food in a professional manner and deal properly with all customers to the satisfaction of instructor and
12.Treat students as fellow professionals.
13.Be punctual, be in lab every scheduled day, and be responsible to complete all work assigned.
14.Determine how to use all equipment and tools properly.
15.Understand how to check food for quality and portion control.
16.Apply safety in daily duties.
                                   Metropolitan Community College

                                     COURSE OUTLINE FORM
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17.Identify and practice proper cleanup and sanitation.
18.Follow each station job description.
19.Complete all production forms.
20.Complete steam table diagram.
21.Complete all duties listed on one of the three assigned job descriptions.
   A.Kitchen manager/Bistro manager
   B.Storeroom manager/ Service manager
   C.Servery manager
22.Cost out daily menu and do comparisons.
23.Identify and satisfy all customer needs.
24.Organize students, and ones self, to be active in preparing food in a timely and proper manner.
25.Control amount of food prepared.
26.Properly store all receivables and leftovers and use all leftovers properly and efficiently.
27.Maintain proper portion and quality control.
28.Manage by walking around to give direction and control.



              COURSE OBJECTIVES                                      ASSESSMENT MEASURES
1.                                                       1.
Apply menu writing principles to properly select         Student will select proper menu items and do so in a
menu items.                                              timely manner, progressively more efficient.

2.                                                       2.
Select proper recipes and quantify them as needed.       Student will select proper recipes, quantify them and
Learns to complete all paperwork and purchase            draw up purchase orders. Student will be able to cost
orders. Can cost out recipes and menus.                  all.

3.                                                       3.
Give direction to other students in the lab in the       Student will actually be in the area of food preparation
preparation, sanitation and merchandising of the         and give direction and guidance daily.
food (i.e. management by walking around).

4.                                                       4.
                                                         Student will follow professional guidelines and will be
Reinforce professionalism and is able to work with       able to work in a timely manner in production and
speed and decision making.                               paperwork.

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