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Atlanta Federal Criminal Lawyers - DOC


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                ATLANTA CHAPTER
                               NEWSLETTER – MAY 2007

 Former FBI Director to Speak at               Federal Criminal Practice Seminar-
   June 19th Judges’ Luncheon                             May 11, 2007

                                              The Atlanta Chapter is co-sponsoring the
The Atlanta Chapter’s most popular
                                              Fourth Annual Federal Criminal Practice
event, the annual Judges’ Luncheon, will
                                              Seminar with the ICLE at the Ga. State
take place on Tuesday, June 19th, at the
                                              Bar Headquarters on May 11th. Judge
Hyatt Regency Atlanta. The featured
                                              Stanley F. Birch, Jr. of the Eleventh
speaker is former FBI Director Louis
                                              Circuit Court of Appeals is slated to
J. Freeh. Mary Edelstein is chairing this
                                              speak at lunchtime. Chapter Vice
event. Mark your calendars now.
                                              President Jeff Berhold is co-chairing
                                              this daylong event. If you haven’t
                                              received a registration form, contact Jeff
                                              Berhold at (404) 872-3800.
Administrative Law Judges from the
                                                MARCH LUNCHEON A GREAT
Merit Systems Protection Board and
the Equal Employment Opportunity
Commission will explain the do's and          King & Spalding recently hosted a panel of
don'ts of federal labor practice during       government agency lawyers at a March 26th
the Chapter’s 3rd annual Labor Law            luncheon entitled “Working with Federal
symposium on May 23rd. This CLE               Agencies.” Panelists included Terry
program should be of interest to              Bird,     Immigration     &     Customs
government attorneys, human resources         Enforcement        (moderator);    Guy
and labor relations specialists, as well as   Gebhardt, U.S. Bankruptcy Trustee;
private     labor    and      employment      Kim Jones, Environmental Protection
practitioners. For more information,          Agency; Brooks Thomas, U.S. Customs
please contact Joyce Kitchens at              & Border Protection; Ron Crawford,
joyce@kitchensnew.com.                        Securities & Exchange Commission;
                                              Amy        Liebes,    Federal     Trade
                                              Commission; and Bill Timm, Internal
                                              Revenue Service.
“Working     with    Federal    Agencies,”             Update on Chapter’s Plans For
(cont.).                                                 FBA Annual Convention.

The lively and informative discussion              The      planning      for     the    FBA's
focused on the panelists’ respective roles         2007 National Convention continues.
and     responsibilities   within    their         Themed “Atlanta Then and Now,” the
respective agencies.       Panelists also          convention is being held at the Atlanta
provided some practical guidance for               Marriott Marquis, on September 5-8,
those in private practice who interact             2007. Convention Co-Chairs are Joyce
with these particular agencies. Frank              Kitchens and Linda Amidon; Honorary
Coan chaired.                                      Co-Chairs are Chief Judge Jack T.
                                                   Camp and Senior Judge William C.
  JUDGE THRASH GIVES TRIAL                         O’Kelley of the U.S. District Court for
   TIPS AT APRIL LUNCHEON                          the Northern District of Georgia. This
                                                   year’s convention will offer the best and
Judge Thomas W. Thrash, Jr., of the                most diverse CLE courses presented at
U.S. District Court for the Northern               annual conventions in years, covering
District of Georgia – a member of the              such topics as class action issues,
Atlanta Chapter’s Executive Committee              appellate advocacy, class actions, the
– spoke on “Observations on the                    latest issues in Title VII litigation, ethics
Psychology of Trying Federal Jury                  for government attorneys, and the ever-
Trials” at the Chapter’s April 25th                changing role of the corporate general
luncheon, which was hosted by Alston &             counsel. The CLE Committee is chaired
Bird. The luncheon, and in particular              by Kerri Gildow and Chris Parker.
Judge Thrash’s sense of humor, was                 The Fund Raising Committee, co-
enjoyed by all who attended. Ben                   chaired by Phil Savrin and Robin
Mathis chaired the event.                          Sangston, already has surpassed its
                                                   initial goal of $100,000, and has raised
                                                   the goal to $125,000! Contributors as of
                                                   to date include:

                                                   Gold Sponsors
                                                   Pepsi                            $10k
                                                   Kitchens New                     $10k
                                                   Kilpatrick Stockton             $ 10k
                                                   Ellarbee Thompson                $10k
                                                   Troutman Sanders                 $10k
                                                   Dow Lohnes                       $10k

In photo, left to right: Ben Mathis, Atlanta       Silver Sponsors
Chapter     Executive     Committee;    Jeff
Berhold, Chapter Vice-President;        U.S.       Long Law Firm                   $5k
District Judge Thomas W. Thrash, Jr.;              Sutherland Asbill               $5k
Henry Quillian, Chapter Executive
                                                   Wargo & French                  $5k
Committee; John Bielema, Chapter
                                                   Cox Communications              $5k

FBA Convention, (cont.)                                 MEMBERSHIP UPDATE

Bronze Sponsors                                   Our membership has been growing
                                                  steadily in recent months, but the Atlanta
Fellows Johnson                $2500              Chapter still ranks as only the third
Andersen Tate                  $2500              largest in the 11th Circuit. The Tampa
Rogers & Hardin                $2500              Bay Chapter, for example, is more than
Freeman Mathis                 $2500              50% larger than the Atlanta Chapter (and
Andrew M.Scherffius, PC        $2500              growing fast).         Nationwide, the
                                                  membership roll of the Puerto Rico
Contributors:                                     Chapter is 3 times larger than ours, and
                                                  the New Orleans Chapter is more than 5
Linda Amidon                   $500               times our size.
Amy Weil                       $500
Gray Hedrick                   $350               Atlanta certainly has no shortage of
Cherry Law Firm                $100               attorneys who have (or would like to
                                                  have) a significant practice in federal
                                                  court, and our membership should reflect
As for FUN, a southern style dinner/              that. If you know of any such attorneys
reception at the Margaret Mitchell                who are not yet members of the FBA,
House is planned for Thursday,                    please have them contact David Bain,
September 6th -- complete with BBQ and            Membership Chair for the Atlanta
the sounds of the Blue Grass band,                Chapter,     at    404-724-9990       or
Packway Handle.                                   dbain@bain-law.com.

A cocktail reception is also planned for
the evening of Friday, September 7th at
the High Museum of Art, where
attendees will experience the “Now” and
the “wow” of Atlanta. In addition to
music, food and drinks in the beautiful
Weiland Lobby, attendees will be able to
view the several new exhibits of the
museum, including an exhibition of
photographs of Annie Leibovitz
entitled:    Annie      Leibovitz:     A
Photographer’s Life, 1990 – 2005.

The Convention’s big event is always
the Saturday Night Banquet, swearing in
of officers, and awards presentations.
Plans are still underway for this event,
but rest assured it will be done in classic
Atlanta style and tradition.

If you have a question, suggestion or
comment for the newsletter, the Atlanta
Chapter, or would like to become more
involved, please contact one of the
chapter officers or executive committee
members for the 2006-2007 bar year:

Amy Weil, President
(404) 581-6077

Kevin P. Weimer, President Elect
(404) 586-9200
Jeffrey L. Berhold, Vice-President
(404) 872-3800

John R. Bielema, Secretary
 (404) 572-4504

Kevin A. Maxim, Treasurer
(404) 885-3506

Tom Lacy, Immediate Past President

Executive Committee
Linda Amidon
L. Frank Coan, Jr.
Kerri Gildow
Ashley R. Hurst,
Joyce E. Kitchens
Ben Mathis, Jr.
Steven D.Moore
Chris Parker
Henry Quillian
Anne Rector
Phil Savrin
Hon. Thomas W. Thrash, Jr.


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