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					AZ. R.E.I.A., Inc.                                                                “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEAS E”

1841 N. 24th Street, Suite 10, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Contact: Alan Langston, Executive Director
Phone: 480.990.7092 - Fax: 480.990.7017

               Arizona State Treasurer, Dean Martin, to Address Real Estate Investors
                          Monday, July 13th - 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM - Celebrity Theatre

Arizona State Treasurer, Dean Martin, will address the Arizona Real Es tate Investors Association (AZREIA) on
Monday, July 13, 2009, at the Celebrity Theatre. Treasurer Martin’s presentation will focus on Arizona’s economy
taking a specific look at how we got where we are, how we are going to get out, and what the future looks like.

Prior to Treasurer Mart in’s presentation, AZREIA will present an extensive update on the Greater Phoenix real estate
investment market. With the co mbination of Treasurer Martin’s presentation and the up-to-date market informat ion,
attendees will leave with a much better understanding and be better prepared to make informed investment decisions.

The event starts at 5:15PM at the Celebrity Theatre with the Greater Phoenix Real Estate Investment Market Update.
Treasurer Martin will speak at 7:30PM. The event is free for members of AZREIA and guests are encouraged to attend.
AZREIA has lowered its guest fee to only $10, if preregistered at to ensure everyone who wants to hear
this valuable informat ion will attend. Co mplete informat ion on the event follows.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Investing Market
We will be taking a close look at the Greater Phoenix real estate market to give you the most timely and best data to
assist you in your investing decisions. Mike Orr, founder of the Cro mford Report and Alan Langston, AZREIA
executive director, will analyze the market fro m your perspective. Data fro m the Cro mfo rd Report and other sources
will be used to give the clearest picture available on the current ma rket and trends in several of Greater Phoenix’s

Arizona Economy: How Did We Get Here, How Are We Going to Get Out and What Does the F uture Look Like
with Arizona State Treasurer, Dean Martin
Arizona and the Nation are experiencing economic turbulence. Treasurer Mart in is the Ch ief Financial Officer for the
State of Arizona and he will be d iscussing the current status of the US and Arizona economies, how we got into this
situation, and how long we can expect it to last. He will also give an update on the finances of the State of Arizona.
The Treasurer will take questions from the audience. Coupling this vital information with our Market Update on the real
estate market will put you in a position to fully understand what is going on and how yo ur investing business is affected.

Treasurer Dean Mart in is a statewide constitutional officer and serves as Arizona’s Ch ief Financial Officer, responsible
for the prudent custody and management of state and local monies. The Treasurer also serves as the Chairman of the
State Board of Investment, and State Loan Co mmission, as the State Surveyor General and on the State Land Select ion

Dean has opened government finances to the public on his website He is a three-time “Freedom o f
Information Award” winner fo r his leadership in opening government and improving acces s to public records. Treasurer
Martin was recognized by the Business Journal in 2004 as one of Arizona’s top community leaders. Dean has also been
recognized nationally as “Hero of the Taxpayer.”

Treasurer Martin was previously a State Senator, Chairman o f the Senate Finance Co mmittee, Vice -Chairman o f
Judiciary, and a senior member o f Appropriations. He is a graduate of Arizona State Un iversity, where Dean earned the
first degree in Small Business Management/Entrepreneurship.

AZREIA is a full-time association for the real estate investor that provides its members the education, training, support, and networking
opportunities that will further the member’s ability to successfully invest in real estate. The association is focused on helping members
achieve financial goals through resources, buying, operating, selling, and acquiring knowledge of real estate investments. Membership
is for people with or without real estate investment knowledge. Members of AZREIA will save time and money by learning from the
experiences of other members, from general meetings, and specific educational sessions filled with topics presented by local and
national speakers who are a specialist in their areas as well as many additional benefits including discounts from businesses that
support the association, the AZREIA Advantage newsletter, a lending library and more. For more information call 480-990-7092 or plan
to attend one of our meetings.

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