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									Attention NC Coast Host Members:

    We are proud to present you with an online advertising opportunity on www.coasthost-nc.com.

Why market through NC Coast Host website?
   Historically, NC Coast Host has been the resource for reliable tourism information
   NC Coast Host website links qualified consumers directly to you
   This new benefit is a “quantifiable” marketing/advertising program, exclusively to NC Coast Host
   NC Coast Host has a significant traffic volume. In 2009 the NC CH website had more than
      143,000 page views and 45,000 visits.
   NC Coast Host web link provides accurate referrals 24 hours a day, seven days a week to your
   Travel consumers are directed to NC Coast Host’s website through a multi-media advertising

 Advertisements will be sold annually, on a first come first serve basis, so place your order today. To
submit your order or if you have any questions please contact Paige Somervell at 910-332-8748 or by
email at marketing@capefearcoast.com.

Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunities:

Home Page Advertisement Position
Number available: 3
Description: Advertising on the homepage is the premier location on the NC COAST HOST’s website.
Three stagnant advertisements are placed on the home page. This page is the entry page for all of the
visitors to the NC COAST HOST website. Ad dimensions are 257px wide by 63px tall.

    1 year : Jul 2010 – June 2011            $1800

Sponsorship/Advertising Opportunities:

Interior Page Advertisement Position
Number available: 4
Description: Advertising on the interior page is a great way for business owners to stand out and gain
online exposure from consumers navigating the internal pages of the website. You will have the unique
opportunity to be displayed within the right hand navigation in a rotating fashion. Ad dimensions are
173px wide by 120px tall.

    1 year : Jul 2010 – June 2011            $1200
                                             Advertising Agreement

        Thank you for choosing to enhance your listing on the NC COAST HOST website, the leading source for
        visitor’s information within the region. Not only are you helping to promote your business, but you are
        also benefiting from the fastest gr owing segment in marketing and sales today. Please sign this
        agreement where indicated, and fax it back to 910-332- 8797, Attention: Paige Somervell.

        Organizat ion Name                              Business Category                  _____________

        Contact Person                                  Tit le

        Mailing Address                                 City                     State            Zip

        Phone #                                         Fax #

        Unique Tracking URL                                                       Email           ______

        See products and rate sheet for quantity discounts.
               Schedule                    Included Page            Quant ity        Rate               Total
        1 year Jul ’10 - June ‘11            Home Page                           $ 1,800
        1 year Jul ’10 - June ‘11           Interior Pages                       $ 1,200
        Comments:                                                                Sub-Total
                                                                                 Total Due


        Please send ads in .jpg format at 72 dpi to Paige Somervell via email at marketing@capefearcoast.com by
        the deadline June 15, 2010.

                                              Pay ment Options:

1.   Checks—Payable to: NC Coast Host, and mail it to P.O. Box 655, New Ber n, NC 28563

Signature                               Printed Name                     ________          Date

Subscriber agrees to comply with the terms and conditions statement on the preceding

Thank You!
                                       Terms and conditions

Internet Link Policy Statement: The name and reputation of NC COAST HOST are important assets, which
we will not allow to be damaged. Therefore:

Article 1 – T o the extent permitted by law, NC COAST HOST will not allow on its ser vice or promotions
any content, applications, services or products which:
 Violate laws, statutes or tariffs (including statements that are defamatory, fraudulent or deceptive);
 Are pornographic, or
 Are ―harmful matter‖ or ―Matter, taken as a whole, depicts or describes in a contemporary state -wide
    standards, appeals to the prurient interest, and is matter which, taken as a whole, depicts or
    describes in a patently offensively way sexual conduct and w hich, taken as a whole, lacks serious
    literary, artistic, political, or scientific value for minors.‖ ―Matter‖ includes ―live or recorded video
    message when transmitted, disseminated or distributed as par t of the commercial transaction.‖
    ―Minor ‖ means ―any natural person under 18 years of age.‖

Article 2 – NC COAST HOST shall enforce this Policy by:
 Providing a copy of this Policy to each Subscriber as par t of its subscription agreement and to which
    Subscriber must agree before its information is made available to NC COAST HOST; reviewing with
    each Subscriber this policy and its services prior to placing Subscriber’s link on NC COAST HOST
 Promptly investigating complaints from other customers, regulatory bodies, and consumer groups;
 Conducting random ―spot checks‖ of each Subscriber using NC COAST HOST’s service;
 Requiring each Subscriber to provide information regar ding the means by which it can be contacted
    by traditional and electronic channels for the purpose of Subscriber relations, general inquiries,
    complaint making, or problem resolution.

Article 3 – NC COAST HOST values its relationship with Subscribers and will wor k with them to ensure
compliance with this policy.
 If the Subscriber’s program is determined to be in violation of this policy before being made available
    on NC COAST HOST service, NC COAST HOST shall inform the Subscriber, in writing, why t he service
    violates the policy and will provide guidance to the Subscriber, when requested, to assist in having its
    program be in compliance with this policy.
 If the Subscriber’s program is on NC COAST HOST service center and then determined to be in
    violation of this policy, NC COAST HOST shall notify the Subscriber in writing and give it five business
    days from the receipt of the notice to change its ser vice so that it is in compliance with this policy.
    Again, if requested, NC COAST HOST will provide guidance to the Subscriber to assist in having its
    service be in compliance with policy.

NC COAST HOST Terms: Subscriber agrees and understands: This agreement is between subscriber and
NC COAST HOST. Ter ms are 10 days net pay ment. NC COAST HOST reserves the right to
accept or deny the ad with available infor mation. The subscr iber will furnish to NC COAST
HOST all ad and logo infor mat ion in the appropr iate for mat. As a condition to become and
remain a subscriber to the NC COAST HOST’s benefit ser vice, they must be a member in good standing
of the NC COAST HOST at all times during the ter m of any subscriber period. Loss of such status, for any
reason, entitles NC COAST HOST to disconnect subscriber’s service without refund of any unused portion
of the subscription fee. Pay ment on installments of ten (10) days hereof made five (5) days
after the indicated due date, will result in a late char ge of $15.00 or 10 percent of the
delinquent amount, whichever is greater. Failure to pay may result in subscriber being
disconnected from service. A reconnect fee of $50.00 will be charged.

Signature                                 Printed Name                              Date

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