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Ford Dealer Invoice document sample

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									TO:      AAA Automotive Professionals
         AAA Purchasing Professionals
         AAA Insurance Professionals

CC:      AAA Club Field Staff (as approved by individual clubs)

FROM: Doug McLendon, Director, Roadside Programs and Benefits

RE:      2010 AAA/Ford Vehicle Purchase Program

Greater savings are now available to AAA clubs and service providers through the 2010
model year AAA/Ford Program. Ford Motor Company recently approved an increase in
incentive amounts on many new 2010 vehicle models available through the AAA/Ford program.

AAA clubs and service providers can receive substantial savings on a wide selection of quality
Ford vehicles suitable for light service, mobile battery service and other roadside solutions that
support the 2010 pacesetter strategy. The AAA/Ford Vehicle Purchase Program offers AAA
clubs and service providers the opportunity to purchase quality vehicles with specific models
eligible for savings ranging from $400 to $8,000 “off dealer invoice price” at the time of
purchase through participating Ford Dealerships.

2010 Program Enhancements and Changes include:

   Off- invoice incentive amounts on a variety of vehicles have been increased from $50 to as
    much as $3,000 allowing clubs and service providers a lower acquisition cost on vehicle
   New! Ford introduces the new Transit Connect to the AAA program vehicle lineup for the
    2010 model year.

Program Eligibility:
To ensure eligibility for the AAA/Ford Vehicle Purchase Program incentives, it is important for
clubs and service providers to comply with the following program requirements:

       2010 model year vehicles must be purchased or leased ne w at participating Ford
        and Lincoln Mercury Dealers. Vehicles purchased at tow truck distributors
        (i.e. Miller Ind., etc.) are NOT ELIGIBLE for this AAA/Ford incentive. See the
        Ford/Miller Program for savings details.
       AAA Fleet Identification Numbe r (FIN) “LF015” and Option Code “56A” has been
        designated for club purchases, AAA Fleet Identification Number (FIN) “XE071”
        and Option Code “56A” has been designated for service provider purchases. See
        Attachme nt A for incentive details. Clubs and service providers MUST present the
        appropriate AAA Fleet Identification Numbe r to the Ford or Lincoln Mercury
        Dealer at time of purchase. Failure to provide this info rmation at the time of
        purchase will result in forfeiture of the incentives. Buyers are encouraged to
        identify themselves as fleet purchasers to ensure contact with the prope r sales
       Vehicles must be used in the course of business and titled to a business name.
       This offer is valid in the US only.
Purchasers can receive an additional cas h-back rebate by fully completing and submitting a
rebate form to Chantay Tarver, AAA Automotive Account Executive, as indicated on the rebate
form. Service providers must continue to submit their rebate forms through their local AAA club
first, who after verifying AAA affiliation and completing the “club section” of the forms,
forwards the forms and sales receipts to AAA Automotive for processing. All rebate requests
MUST be received within 90 days from purchase delivery date to qualify for the rebate.
Failure to submit rebate requests prior by this deadline will result in forfeiture of the

Confidential: The AAA/Ford program is a privileged and confidential CPA Competitive Price
Allowance (CPA) program and incentive amounts listed are not readily visible to Ford dealers in
Ford’s ordering system (Concepts). Orders/quotes received from Ford dealerships using the
AAA FIN codes (Club purchases- LF015, Option Code 56A or service provider purchases–
XE071, Option Code 56A) will price vehicles at invoice. Incentives will be deducted from this
invoice price once the dealer receives the final invoice back from Ford.

As a reminder, Ford occasionally makes special retail promotional offers available to the general
public that may provide equal or better value than the AAA/Ford program. If this should occur,
please encourage your clubs vehicle purchasers and service providers to seek the best deal
available, as the AAA/Ford incentive cannot be combined with any other Ford offer.

Other Program Benefits:
    Financing: Ford vehicles can be financed through the AAA/Sovereign Bank Finance
      program by calling 1-877-AAA-5046. This program provides the ability for clubs to
      withhold vehicle loan payments from contractors’ paychecks while the club remits the
      payments to Sovereign.
    One Stop Shopping - Light Service Vehicles: AAA clubs and service providers can
      take maximum advantage of cost-savings with both the Ford and Knapheide purchasing
      programs and realize the convenience of “one stop shopping” when purchasing
      Ford/Knapheide light-service vehicles through Midway Ford. Midway Ford will assist in
      vehicle ordering, upfitting and making the necessary arrangements to have completed
      vehicles shipped to the nearest Ford dealer for delivery. Clubs and service providers
      interested in purchasing completed Ford/Knapheide vehicles are encouraged to call
      Ashley of Midway Ford at 800-923-3219
      or e-mail:
         Discount Parts Program: AAA clubs are eligible to participate in Ford’s National Fleet
          Parts Pricing program (NFPP) and receive discounted pricing on Ford and Motorcraft
          parts purchased from participating Ford, Lincoln and Mercury dealerships. The NFPP
          offers competitive national fleet parts pricing on genuine Ford and Motorcraft mechanical
          parts (at or below the suggested “Not to Exceed”/ceiling price). Discounts average 15%
          off regular retail pricing. The NFPP is available at participating Ford Motor Company
          Dealers and Ford Authorized Distributors (FAD's) across the nation.
           To locate a participating Ford Motor Company Dealers and FAD's, access the
           To enroll your club in the Ford National Fleet Parts Pricing Program, please contact
              account executive, Chantay Tarver at 407-444-7255, e-mail:

Free 2010 Ford Savings Certificates and rebate forms will soon be available to assist your club in
communicating this program to your service providers. To request the savings certificates and
rebate forms in bundles of 50, or should you have any questions regarding the AAA/Ford
Vehicle Purchase program, contact Chantay Tarver at 407-444-7255, e-mail:

Thank you for your continued support of AAA Automotive.

cc:       Bill Beck, National Account Manager, Ford Motor Company
          Marshall Doney, Vice President, AAA Automotive
          Margaret Pittelkow, Managing Director, Automotive Solutions
          Becky Barrett, Director, AAA Purchasing
          Dawn Dobosh, Manager, Preferred Supplier Programs
          Chantay Tarver, Account Executive, AAA Automotive
          ERS Network Regional Managers
          Everest Santana-Johnson, Manager, Dedicated Services
          Ken Bolser, Manager, On-the-Go Services
                                      ATTACHMENT A

          AAA Fleet Identification Numbe r (FIN) “LF015” – AAA CLUBS,
         “XE071” – AAA SERVICE PROVIDERS and Option Code “56A”
  MUST be communicated to the Ford or Lincoln Mercury Dealer at time of purchase.
        Eligible models and incentive amounts for the 2010 program are as follows:

                                                          Rebate Amount
                                         Savings Off        (Rebate Form    Total Incenti ve
                Model                   Dealer Invoice        Required)        Realized
2010 MKS                                    $400               $100              $500
2010 MKZ                                    $3,200             $100             $3,300
2010 MKX                                    $3,400             $100             $3,500
2010 Flex                                   $3,400             $100             $3,500
2010 Mountaineer                            $4,700             $100             $4,800
2010 Mariner                                $2,900             $100             $3,000
2010 Focus                                  $2,400             $100             $2,500
2010 Taurus                                 $3,600             $100             $3,700
2010 Crown Victoria                         $3,700             $100             $3,800
2010 Mustang                                 $700              $100              $800
2010 Town Car                               $3,200             $100             $3,300
2010 Fusion                                 $3,500             $100             $3,600
2010 Edge                                   $3,400             $100             $3,500
2010 Milan                                  $3,500             $100             $3,600
2010 Escape                                 $2,900             $100             $3,000
2010 Explorer 4-Door                        $4,700             $100             $4,800
2010 Explorer Sport-Trac                    $4,700             $100             $4,800
2010 Expedition                             $4,100             $100             $4,200
2010 Ranger                                 $3,500             $100             $3,600
2010 F-150                                  $5,300             $100             $5,400
2010 Transit Connect – New                   $700              $100              $800
2010 Econoline Van (E150-E450)              $4,400             $100             $4,500
2010 F-Series (F250-F550)                   $5,250             $100             $5,350
2010 F-Series (F-650-F750)                  $8,000             $100             $8,100
IMPORTANT! The above incentives effective on vehicles ordered on or after 7/01/09.
AAA FIN Code (LF015-AAA Clubs or XE071-AAA Service Providers) and Option Code
(56A) must be given to dealer at the time of purchase. Failure to provide this
information at the time of purchase will result in forfeiture of the AAA/Ford CPA
incentives. Vehicles sold from dealer Stock – incentives will be paid directly to the
Selling Dealer, via the Fleet Integrated Marketing Payment Statement (FIMPS), at the
end of the month in which the vehicle is reported sold. The Ford Motor Company dealer
should apply the incentive amounts indicated as a reduction to the vehicles’ invoice price
at time of sale/delivery.

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