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Ohio State Tax Lien


Ohio State Tax Lien document sample

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                     BUILDING PROFILE

Community: Lowellville

Building Name: Ruozzo Towing & Auto Building
Building Address
Street Address/Post Office Box: River Road
City/State/Zip: Lowellville, Ohio 44436

Building Owner: Michael Ruozzo

Building Owner Contact Information
Street Address/Post Office box: 220 East Jackson
City/State/Zip: Lowellville, Ohio 44436

Mail Information:
Negotiated Sold Tax Lien
American Tax Funding
Youngstown, Ohio 44503

Phone Number: n/a
E-mail: n/a

Website (if available): n/a

Building Area
Total Area (sq. ft.): 612                    Max. Available (sq. ft.): 612
Office (sq. ft.): n/a                        Min. Available (sq. ft.): 612

Location Details
Total Acres: 0.124                           Additional Acres: n/a                  Zoning: n/a
In City Limits: yes                          Type of Park: n/a

Building Features
Year Built: 1954                             Condition: Fair                    Column Spacing: n/a
Floor: n/a                                   Walls: n/a                         Multi-tenant: no
Dimensions: n/a                              Bay Size: n/a                      Sprinkler System: no
Min.Ceiling Height (ft.): n/a                Max. Ceiling Height (ft.): n/a     Lighting: n/a
Truck Docks: no                              Drive- In Doors: n/a
Cranes: no                                   Parking Lot Spaces: n/a
Building Type: n/a                           Roof: n/a
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Land Use
Historical Uses: Vehicle towing and salvage yard

Existing Use: Vehicle towing and salvage yard

Potential Uses: Commercial or Light Industrial


Service Provider                                           Primary Voltage
FirstEnergy- Ohio Edison                                      available

Service Provider                                           Main Size (in.)    Pressure (psi)
Dominion East Ohio                                          available

Service Provider                                           Main Size (in.)
Aqua Ohio (Raw)                                               n/a
Aqua Ohio (Treated)                                          available

Service Provider                                            Main Size (in.)
Village of Lowellville                                       available

Service Provider                                             Switching
Time Warner Cable                                              n/a


Highways                                                    Interstates
Name                       Distance (mi.)                   Name              Distance (mi.)
SR 170                           5                          I-76                   9
SR 289                          0.5                         I-80                   12
SR 616                           3                          I- 680                  6
US 224                           2
US 422                           5

Name                       Siding                           Distance (mi.)
CSX Transportation           no                                nearby
Norfolk Southern             no                                nearby
Ohio Central                 no                                  n/a

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Name                                                       Distance (mi.)
Akron- Canton Regional                                          63
Cleveland Hopkins International Airport                         79
Pittsburgh International                                        55
Youngstown-Warren Regional                                      18

Water Ports
Name                                                       Distance (mi.)
Lake Erie- Ashtabula                                           71
Ohio River-East Liverpool                                       41

Tax Structure

Ohio State Taxes
Corporate Income Tax: yes                                  Corporate Franchise Tax: no
Sales Tax: 5.5%
State Tax Website:

Mahoning County Taxes
Sales Tax: 1%

Municipality/ Local Taxes
City Sales Tax: none
Municipal Income Tax: 2.5%

Real Estate Taxes
Taxing District: Village of Lowellville                         Tax Class: Commercial/ Industrial
School District: Lowellville Village School District            Parcel No.: 400090068000, 400090069000
Full Tax Rate: 85.25000
Effective Tax Rate: 56.790429

100% Appraised Value:
Land- $ 4,000
Building- $ 8,400
Total- $ 12,400

35% Taxable Value:
Land- $ 1,400
Building- $ 2,940
Total- $ 4,340

Annual Real Estate Taxes: $ 261.89

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Enterprise Zone: yes                                          Empowerment Zone: no
Foreign Trade Zone: no                                        Specialized Zone: no

Physical Characteristics

Soil Type: Made land

Topography: flat

Flood Plains: no

Wetlands: yes

Environmental Condition
Phase I: unknown
Phase II: unknown
Covenant Not to Sue: no
Future Testing Recommendation: recommended

Emergency Contact Information

Fire Protection: Village of Lowellville
Fire Insurance Rating: 6

Police Protection: Village of Lowellville

Other Information/Comments
 This small vehicle salvage yard is presently available for sale. After site clean up occurs, the property might be
suitable for commercial or light industrial usage. The property has frontage on Lowellville Road, a main village
street with direct access to the nearby city of Struthers.

Michael Ruozzo
220 East Jackson
Lowellville, OH 44436

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