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									April 23-24 TennBarU presents …

2010                                              Law Firm Management

                                                                                                                                     Program Overview P.1
The Basics
                                                                                                                                           Speaker Bios P.2
Producer: Keith Frazier
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3 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
                                  TennBarU’s 2010 Law Firm Management Conference
                                  is a must attend program for firm managers of both large and small firms. This two-day program and networking oppor-
Friday, April 23                  tunity includes sessions on law firm economics and hot topics such as alternative fee arrangements, social networking
 3:30 p.m. – 5 p.m.               and managing of nontraditional associates.
Saturday, April 24                State of the Economy                                            LinkedIn have emerged as powerful internet sites with mil-
 9 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.               Last year was a tumultuous year in law firms, especially the lions of users, they have shown themselves to have privacy
                                  largest ones, where over 10,000 lawyers and staff were laid and security issues that can be troubling to lawyers and oth-
Date: April 23 – 24               off. But many law firms have moved past the immediate, cri- ers. This session will focus on use of technology and the in-
Location: Chattanooga,            sis-driven responses to the decrease in demand for legal serv- ternet in the practice of law and litigation involving
The Chattanoogan                  ices, with firm leaders now considering the question “What’s computers and technology. This session, will provide insight
                                  next.” Nationally known consultant, Susan Raridon Lambreth into how social networking can be an “unfriend”ly world for
1201 South Broad Street,          of Hildebrandt Baker Robbins, will discuss the likely impact of lawyers. An audience response system will be used to “poll”
Chattanooga, Tenn. 37402          known trends and offer thoughts on preparing your firm for po- the group.
(423) 756-3400                    tentially disruptive changes yet to come.                       Managing Nontraditional Associates, Partners
                                  Alternative Fee Arrangements — Fad or Future                    and Of Counsel
Registration                      Law firm billing practices have come under pressure as          This program will discuss non-traditional associates, partners
                                  companies look to reduce legal and other costs. In this ses-    and other of counsel arrangements have implications for law
$495 TBA Members
                                  sion, managers of leading Tennessee firms will look at the      firm economics, client satisfaction and firm supervision. This
$595 Non-members                  alternative fee arrangements that have emerged and ana-         adaptive program will feature roundtable discussions of var-
FREE TBA-member judges,           lyze whether they are simply fads or emerging trends in the     ious scenarios.
                                  profession.                                                     Diversity Challenges for a New Decade
law makers and law students
Late Registration: Please         The “Unfriend”ly World of Social Networking                     Increasing diversity and inclusion in the profession has been
                                  for Lawyers                                                     discussed since the 1980’s. Why are we still discussing the
add $100 if registering ten       While social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and     topic and what real changes are possible?
days or fewer prior to seminar
or at-the-door.                   Law Firm Management Conference Agenda
Hotel Registration: Guests        Friday, April 23, 2010
may book their rooms on-line      3:30 – 5 p.m.              State of the Legal Economy
by going to             5 – 6 p.m.                 Break
                                  6 p.m.                     Reception and click-      7 p.m.                     Dinner
ing the "Book Online" button or   Saturday, April 24, 2010
by calling 1-800-619-0018. To     8 – 8:30 a.m.              Continental Breakfast
access the TBA group discount     9 – 10:15 a.m.             Alternative Fee Arrangements — Fad or Future
                                  10:15 – 10:30 a.m.         Break
please use the Group ID           10:30 a.m. – 11:45 a.m.    The “Unfriend”ly World of Social Networking for Lawyers
#347714.                          11:45 a.m. – 1 p.m.        Lunch/Hotel check out
                                  1 – 2 p.m.                 Managing Nontraditional Associates, Partners and Of Counsel
                                  2 – 2:15 p.m.              Break
                                  2:15 – 3:15 p.m.           Diversity Issues and Challenges for a New Decade
                                  Speakers Include:

              Frazier             Bailey                 Baker              Garrett             Hampton             Lambreth            Malone

            Program               Bruce Bailey                              of the firm’s Board of Directors. She    other roles in their firms. She is a
                                                                            concentrates her practice in the         Yellow Belt in Law Firm Process Im-
            Producer              concentrates his practice at Cham-
                                  bliss, Bahner & Stophel PC in busi-       areas of higher education, corpo-        provement.
                                  ness bankruptcy, media and libel          rate transactions, immigration,
Keith Frazier                                                               health care and government affairs.
                                                                                                                     Melvin Malone
                                  law, and litigation. He is certified as                                            is currently chairman of Mller &
is a shareholder in the           a Business Bankruptcy specialist by       Garrett represents several institu-
                                                                            tions of higher education and            Martin PLLC. During his tenure as a
Nashville office of Ogletree      the American Bankruptcy Institute
                                                                            serves numerous clients in various       Commissioner of the Tennessee
Deakins where he represents       and the Committee on Continuing
                                                                            corporate transactions. Her immi-        Regulatory Authority, Melvin Mal-
management in the area of         Legal Education and Specialization
                                                                            gration practice is concentrated on      one presided over many telecom-
labor and employment law          of the Tennessee Supreme Court.
                                                                            employment, business, investment,        munications arbitrations and
with an emphasis on employ-       He has also been active as a medi-
                                                                            entertainment, physician and em-         presented testimony before Con-
ment litigation. Frazier          ator and arbitrator.
                                                                            ployer education-related immigra-        gress on telecommunications is-
served as the managing
shareholder of the firm’s         Beverly Baker                             tion issues.                             sues.       In      addition     to
                                  is chief diversity officer at Ogletree                                             telecommunications providers and
Nashville office from 2001 –
                                  Deakins and has practiced in the
                                                                            Phillip Hampton                          utilities, he provides counsel to
2005. In 2005 he was elected                                                is the president and founder of Log-
                                  area of employment law — coun-                                                     builders, start-up companies, retail
to the firm’s five-member                                                   icForce Consulting, LLC, a legal
                                  seling and litigation for over 20                                                  merchants, religious organizations,
Board of Directors which is                                                 technology consulting firm. He has
                                  years. She has handled wrongful                                                    professional athletes, non-profits
responsible for the manage-                                                 over 20 years of experience in the
                                  termination and promotion cases,                                                   and others on a host of legal mat-
ment of the firm’s 37 offices.                                              field of information technology and
                                  discrimination claims (age, race,                                                  ters.
    Frazier also is active in                                               since 1995 has consulted with nu-
                                  gender, disability, etc.), wage and
civic and professional activi-                                              merous law firms and government          Karen Neal
                                  hour disputes and racial and sexual
ties. He served in the past as                                              agencies in the areas of practice        practices in the areas of public fi-
                                  harassment claims. Baker assists
President of the Tennessee                                                  management systems, technical lit-       nance and general municipal law.
                                  employers in development of poli-
Bar Association Young                                                       igation support, computer forensics,     Her primary focus is in the area of
                                  cies and programs including em-
Lawyer’s Division and he cur-                                               electronic data discovery, and trial     municipal bonds issued by state and
                                  ployee handbooks, conducting
rently serves as the Section                                                presentation technologies.               local governmental entities. She
                                  internal investigations, and
Delegate to the House of Del-     negotiating employment-related            Susan Lambreth                           joined Bass Berry & Sims in 1993,
egates for the ABA Labor and      agreements, such as non-compete           is a Vice President with Hildebrandt     having practiced in another Nashville
Employment Section. On the        covenants, confidentiality agree-         Baker Robbins and has consulted to       firm and in the office of the Ten-
civic front, Frazier previously   ments and severance agreements            law firms for over 25 years. She con-    nessee Attorney General. While in
served on the Nashville           to comply with state and federal          sults on leadership, practice man-       the Attorney General’s office from
Chamber’s Board of Gover-         employment laws. She conducts             agement and strategic issues             1982-1986, she worked with the
                                  on-site employee and management           affecting the future of law firms and    State Treasurer’s office, the State
nors and Executive Commit-
                                  training on diversity and other em-       the profession. She is well recog-       Comptroller’s office and the Depart-
tee. He remains active with
                                  ployment issues affecting the work-       nized as the nation’s expert on prac-    ment of Finance and Administration.
the Nashville Chamber and
                                  place.                                    tice group management and has            She also co-authored the Local Gov-
he additionally provides vol-
                                                                            written two books on this subject,       ernment Public Obligations Act of
unteer service to other non-      Stacey A. Garrett                         along with numerous articles. She        1986, which provides the statutory
profit organizations in the       is a founding member of Bone              has taught leadership skills to over     authority for the issuance of most
Nashville area.                   McAllester Norton PLLC and chair          3,500 partners in practice leader or     city and county debt in Tennessee.
 Neal                  Ramsey             Reed                Shearon            Stevens             Thornton            Ashworth

Prior to that time, she served as a       with an additional focus on busi-       stop web-based application sys-        Executive
law clerk to the Hon. John T. Nixon,      ness development and client rela-       tem for MCLE accreditation of CLE
District Judge. Neal graduated from       tions. Prior to joining the firm,       courses.                               Producer
the University of Virginia in 1976        Reed practiced commercial litiga-
with high honors and from the Uni-        tion with the Nashville office of
                                                                                  Deborah Stevens                        Gail Vaughn Ashworth
versity of Virginia School of Law in                                              is the managing shareholder of         is president of the Tennessee
                                          Miller & Martin PLLC. She re-
1979. She is a member of the Na-                                                  Lewis King who practices in the        Bar Association and manages
                                          ceived her law degree from the
tional Association of Bond Lawyers                                                area of tort and commercial litiga-    the Nashville law firm of
                                          University of Tennessee College of
and has served on panels at the bond                                              tion. She has served as lead trial     Gideon & Wiseman PLC. She
                                          Law, where she served as chair of
attorneys’ workshop.                                                              counsel and successfully defended      earned undergraduate and
                                          the Speaker Series, co-chair of the
                                                                                  product liability claims and other     masters degrees at Tennessee
Bart Pickett                              College of Law Development
                                                                                  catastrophic injury cases, including
is a 2007 graduate of University          Council and editor for the Ten-                                                Technological University and
                                                                                  medical malpractice claims and         her law degree from Vander-
of Tennessee College of Law,              nessee Law Review. Reed is a
                                                                                  trucking lawsuits. Stevens repre-      bilt University.
who currently clerks for the Hon-         member of the Tennessee and
                                                                                  sents several major automotive
orable Joe P. Binkley, Jr., Judge         Nashville Bar Associations, the
                                                                                  manufacturers and has served as
of the Fifth Circuit Court of David-      Tennessee Lawyers’ Association
                                                                                  their lead trial counsel for cases
son County.                               for Women (TLAW) and a board
                                                                                  across the country. In addition, she
                                          member of the Marion Griffin
Willliam Ramsey                           Chapter of the Lawyers’ Associa-
                                                                                  has defended professional liability
is a member of the firm Neal and                                                  claims and has represented major
                                          tion for Women (LAW), currently
Harwell PLC. He joined the firm in                                                insurance companies in the prose-
                                          serving as president-elect. Reed is
1981. The primary focus of his. pro-                                              cution and defense of insurance
                                          the former chair of LAW’s mentor-
fessional practice is complex civil and                                           coverage cases.
                                          ing program with Vanderbilt Uni-
criminal litigation. Ramsey has had
                                          versity Law School, and she             Gif Thornton
extensive involvement in securities
                                          currently serves on the Alumni Ad-      is president of the firm and a part-
litigation and in securities and busi-
                                          visory Council at the UT College of     ner on the Governmental Relations
ness dispute arbitration, both as an
                                          Law. She is a former associate          Team at Adams & Reese. He serves
arbitrator and an advocate. He also
                                          member of the Harry Phillips            as legislative counsel to a number
maintains a significant entertain-
                                          American Inn of Court                   of businesses, as well as trade as-
ment law practice, primarily repre-
                                                                                  sociations and governmental enti-
senting artists and entertainers. He      David N. Shearon                        ties with interests at the Tennessee
has lectured extensively on the use
                                          serves as Executive Director for        General Assembly. In addition, he
of technology in the practice of law,
                                          both the Tennessee Commission           represents clients before regulatory
litigation involving computers and
                                          on Continuing Legal Education and       boards and administrative agencies
technology, and the impact of the In-
                                          Specialization and The Tennessee        of local, state and federal govern-
ternet on the practice of law, gener-
                                          Lawyers’ Fund for Client Protec-        ment. He has extensive experience
ally, and on litigation, specifically.
                                          tion. He is also President of           in the areas of public utilities,
Candice Reed                     Inc., a not-for-profit en-    telecommunications, energy, health
manages the Nashville, Ten-               tity formed by CLE sponsors and         care, insurance, transportation and
nessee office of Counsel On Call,         MCLE regulators to create a one-        public safety.
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 Nashville, TN 37219-2198                                                                                                                              Nashville, TN
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 Law Firm Management Conference
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