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					                                                                    GLOBAL PROJECT FINANCE MODELLING SERVICES

Structuring and negotiation of financial, operational and legal risks

                                                               International project finance
                                                               Entering or working in the ever changing world of project
                                                               finance requires continuous learning. This challenging field
                                                               attracts the brightest minds of finance to create complex
                                                               structures with implications on legal, operational and
                                                               financial risks. No other field attracts such a wide mix of
                                                               backgrounds from Lawyers, Actuaries and Credit analysts,
                                                               Engineers and Economists. To get to the top it is crucial
                                                               to have a detailed knowledge of all building blocks of a
                                                               project finance transaction from the different perspectives of
                                                               stakeholders and environments.
                                                               Structuring of a transaction
                                                               Many project finance professionals started out as financial
Invaluable tools for professional                              modellers to achieve financial confidence with a project.
                                                               Stepping up to get active in the structuring and negotiations
project financiers                                             requires further knowledge which is where this course fits
• Learn the process of structuring a project finance           in perfectly. The course covers the essential and advanced
  transaction                                                  skills required in legal, financial instruments, operational
                                                               issues, cross-border, Due Diligence, sources of funding and
• Get insight into the differing objectives and risks of
                                                               other key areas.
  key parties

• Undertake risk analysis of projects in mining, power,
                                                               Updated transaction case studies
  PPP infrastructure and oil & gas                             The course is based on a case studies, lectures, group
                                                               and individual exercises. The case studies are based on
• Key sources of funding including Export Credit Agencies/     Mr. MacDonald’s successful project finance career with
  Multilaterals                                                ANZ Investment Bank and the Royal Bank of Scotland and
• Analysis of key legal risks in projects                      includes references to recent real projects from 2005-2009.

• Efficient management of currency, interest rate and          • Mining greenfield project in Australia
  commodity price risks                                        • Power greenfield project in Indonesia
• A structured approach to Due Diligence and analysis          • PPP infrastructure in Singapore
• Detailed examination of failed projects and lessons learnt   • Oil & gas borrowing base facility in Australia

• Real life project finance case studies                       Is this course right for you?
                                                               This course has been specifically designed for professionals
How will this course help you                                  with backgrounds in the following areas.
and your team?                                                 • Project Developers
• Work actively in all phases of a project – origination,      • Financial Advisors
  execution and monitoring
                                                               • Banking teams
• Gain more structure in the Due Diligence process
                                                               • Government and Export Credit Agencies
• Achieve stronger structuring and negotiation skills
                                                               • Construction and Service Companies
• International case studies improves benchmarking
  and references                                               • Legal and Accounting Firms


   Gain a complete understanding of the process of a project finance transaction
                        Achieve stronger negotiation and structuring skills

Day one                                                       Day Two

Essentials of a project finance transaction                   Legal framework required to
• Analysis of commercial drivers                              achieve Financial Close
• Traditional industries and newly emerging subsectors        • Contractual obligations amongst Key Parties

• Domestic and international financing                        • Shareholder / sponsor documents

                                                              • Project and finance Documents
Parties involved in different phases
• Sponsor(s), EPC contractor, offtaker(s)                     Financial modelling of base case and
                                                              downside scenarios
• Operator and mining contractor
                                                              • The financial model and the role of assumptions
• Financiers and Export Credit Agencies / Multilaterals
                                                              • Relationship between the key variables and ratios
• Lease Providers
                                                              • Nominal vs. real calculations
Structuring and execution processes                           • Types of financial ratios (IRR, NPV, DSCR, LLCR, PLCR)
• Negotiation and and challenges of Financial Close
                                                              • Sensitivity and cashflow waterfall analysis
• The different phases of Construction, Completion
                                                              • The model audit – involved parties and process
  and Operations

• Refinancing and ultimate closure                            Risk structuring and analysis
                                                              • Country and political
Sources of funding and risk profiles
                                                              • Sponsor and management
• Sponsor and third party equity
                                                              • Construction, operational, market
• Bank market (senior and subordinated debt)
                                                              • Financial, environmental, social
• Capital markets (Bonds, securitisation)
                                                              • Insurance, legal, tax
• Export Credit Agencies (ECA) / The World Bank and key
  Multilaterals                                               • Force majeure

                                                              • Acceptable risks – the risk allocation matrix
The role of investors
• JV Partners for Sponsors

• Export Credit Agencies / Multilaterals
                                                                  Case Study: Power
                                                                  • Greenfield project
• Structuring Project Finance transactions for distribution
                                                                  • Independent power producer
• The syndication process                                         • Indonesia

The Role of Due Diligence
• Technical and Market Due Diligence                          Structuring of the financial arrangements
• Financial Model and Model Audit                             • Debt sizing and debt facilities

• Environmental & Social, including the Equator Principles    • Credit enhancement

• Marketing and Insurance                                     • Financial: Interest rates, FX, commodity price

• Legal and Tax & Accounting                                  • Repayment method and reserve accounts

                                                              • Prepayment and cash sweep

                                                              • Capex and major maintenance expenditure
     Case Study: Oil & Gas
     • Borrowing base facility                                Characteristics of financing structures
     • Junior oil & gas producer
                                                              • Power, Infrastructure and PPPs
     • Australia
                                                              • Mining, Oil & Gas and Telecoms

                                     Master the Due Diligence process
   4 x International case studies improves benchmarking and references

                                                               Neil MacDonald – project finance expert
Day Three
                                                               Neil has extensive experience in origination and executing
                                                               project finance transactions in infrastructure, mining, power,
Credit analysis skills in a banking                            water, rail, PPP and oil & gas. Neil’s impressive career in
environment                                                    Project Finance spans over 15 years in the Royal Bank of
                                                               Scotland, as a Director, and prior to that in ANZ Investment
• Approach to analysing risk
                                                               Bank in both London and Sydney.
• Presentation of risks and mitigants
                                                               Recent Career Highlights
• Presenting to senior management or credit committees         • 2009 Oil & Gas Project in Australia
                                                               • 2008 Petrochemical plant in Singapore (USD 1.4BN)
Ongoing Monitoring of live projects
                                                               • 2007 Oil & gas project in Australia (USD 270m)
• Covenants                                                      – Coogee Resources
• Role of consultants                                          • 2006 Iron ore project in Australia (USD 350m)
• Project Completion                                           • 2005 Merchant power project in Australia (AUD 2.33BN)
                                                                 – Loy Yang A
• Site Visits
                                                               • 2004 Coal seam gas project in Australia (AUD150m) –
• Sponsor’s Perspective
                                                                 Comet Ridge
                                                               • 2003 Gold mine in the Philippines (USD35m)
     Case Study:                                                 – Rapu Rapu
     Public Private Partnerships                               • 2003 Oil & gas financing in Papua New Guinea
     • Greenfield project                                        – Oil Search Limited
     • Independent power producer                              • 2003 Contracted power project in Australia (AUD189m) –
     • Indonesia                                                 Townsville Power Station
                                                               • 2002 Underground coal mine in Australia (AUD76m) –
                                                                 Tahmoor North Coal Project
The case studies – essential in explaining                     • 2001 Oil rig financing in Indonesia (AUD54m)
key concepts                                                     – Australian Oil & Gas Co
• Sponsors present their equity case to a panel representing   • 2000 Gold mine in Tanzania (USD200m) – Barrick Gold
  the board of directors                                       • 2000 Nickel project in Colombia (USD200m)
• Lenders present their case for lending to a panel              – Cerro Matoso, Billiton
  representing the bank’s credit committee
                                                               About Navigator Project Finance
• Export Credit Agency presents their case to a panel          Founded in 2004, Navigator Project Finance Pty Ltd
  representing their board.                                    (Navigator) is the project finance modelling and training
                                                               expert. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Navigator has
Continued emphasis                                             raised the global benchmark in financial modelling services
                                                               to the project finance sector.
• Hands on’ learning - interactive case study focused
  sessions                                                                                     Energy Australia
                                                               Previous training
• 4 x updated industry case studies                            participants                    Ernst & Young
• Plenty of opportunities for Q&A built into the program                                       European Investment Bank
                                                               ABN Amro
                                                                                               International Power
• Group exercises – learn from other participants              Acciona Energy
                                                                                               Lend Lease
                                                               Asciano Infrastructure
    Case Study: Mining                                                                         Merrill Lynch
                                                               Babcock & Brown
    • Greenfield project                                                                       Mizuho Bank
                                                               Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi
    • Aluminium refinery & smelter                                                             PKF
                                                               BOS International
    • Australia                                                                                PricewaterhouseCoopers
                                                               Commonwealth Bank of
                                                               Australia                       Royal Bank of Scotland

                                                               Chevron                         Societe General (SGCIB)

Work actively in all phases of a project – origination, execution and monitoring
                                                                                        We welcome follow-up questions and discussions in
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Cancellation & Refunds:

If any registered delegate cannot attend a course/s, a replacement or substitute is welcomed. Cancellations must be made in writing and acknowledged by
Navigator Project Finance and must reach our office at least 30 days prior to the first course commencement date. A full refund less an administration charge
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