More Info
									                                                                               WHAT TO DO...WHAT TO DO!
                                                                                    SPRING HAS        $15.00 or 2 for $25.00. Special reserve
                                                                                    SPRUNG.. and      box seats are available as well.
                                                                                    now the Silent       In order to make this a very

Chamber News                                                                        Auction
                                                                                    committee is
                                                                                    busy planning
                                                                                                      successful event, we need your help in
                                                                                                      securing items for both the live
                                                                                                      and silent auction segments of the
                                                                                    the 2009          event. If you have something that you
                                                                                    SWING INTO        have to donate, or have solicited a
                                                                                    SUMMER            business to donate, please drop it off at
                                                        SILENT AUCTION. This year’s event will        the Chamber office asap. If you need
                                                        take place Thursday, May 28th from            someone to pick the items up, contact
                                                        5:30-9:00pm at the Eagles on Brice            the Chamber office or Mary Hudson at
                                                        Road. Our Auctioneer for the evening          866-4888 and we will be happy to
                                                        will be our very own top legal eagle,         collect the item/items.
                                                        City Attorney, Jed Hood.                         If we all work together we can
                                                            We are planning a fun packed              present to the community a fun and
                                                        evening with games and music to               exciting event that will benefit
                                                        compliment the silent and live auctions.      the Chamber and all the things we do
                                                            Tickets are available for sale from any   for the community, and also our
                                                        Chamber Board officer or by calling the       successful first year program, Leadership
                                                        office at 866-4753. The ticket price is       Reynoldsburg.

                                                        In this issue:                                       Mar./Apr./May 2009
                                                       Chairman’s Letter                 2
                                                       Member to Member Discount         3
                                                       Get to Know Our New Members 4
                                                                                                    The mission of the Reynoldsburg
                                                                                                   Area Chamber of Commerce is to
               Reynoldsburg Area Chamber of Commerce

                                                       Leadership Reys. Update           5
                                                                                                     promote and support a strong
                                                       Welcome New Members               6
                                                                                                   business environment by being the
                                                       Focus on the Calendar             7
                                                                                                  collective voice in the Reynoldsburg
                                                       Paid Inserts: Janitor’s Supply,             area and to enhance the general
                                                       King Gyros, PC Geeks, Reidel
                                                       Insurance, Reynoldsburg                     welfare of the community through
                                                       Chiropractic, and Wagner                            economic prosperity.

                                                                                   TO “SEE AND BE SEEN”
                                                          Your Chamber's Board has formed an Ambassador Committee whose purpose is
                                                       twofold: First, to visit hundreds of prospective members in the Reynoldsburg area,
                                                       spreading the good news of all that YOUR Chamber does; and second, to personally visit
                                                       as many members as possible each year, to find out how we can help them in their
                                                       business, and to share the many positives about the business community and the many
                                                       Chamber activities designed to help our members be successful.
                                                          Interested in getting your name out there in front of nearly 1,200 businesses? Then
                                                       volunteer as an Ambassador and help with this ongoing effort. You'll be
                                                       given all of the tools and information you'll need, and each on-site visit will
                                                       provide you with the opportunity to leave your business card and to work in
                                                       a few notes about what you do.
                                                          For more information, or to volunteer, call either the Chamber office at
                                                       866-4753, or Board Chairman Dave Reidel at 866-7799, or send an email to:

                                                                                                                              Mar/Apr./May 2009
                                                                      A WORD FROM THE

                                                                      Fellow Member Investors,

                                                                      Industrialist Andre Godin
                                                                      (1817-1888) once said "The
                                                                      quality of expectations
                                                                      determines the quality of our action." Which brings
                                                                      to mind a question I have for you: What are your
                                                                      expectations of your Chamber investment (dues)?
                                                                      When you write that check, what do you expect in

Detective Brian Marvin, Reynoldsburg Police Department talks          I've always believed that I should expect to benefit
about security issues, the internet and protecting business.          from involvement in any organization at the same
                                                                      level at which I'm willing to participate. Perhaps
                                                                      that's an old-fashioned principle, but it seems to
                                                                      work well, especially with regard to OUR Chamber.
                                                                      How, you might ask?

                                                                      Simple. Involvement (action) in OUR Chamber has
                                                                      brought referrals, new business, friendships, learning
                                                                      opportunities, interaction with community leaders
                                                                      (elected and volunteer), and other good things to
                                                                      my insurance agency and to me personally.

                                                                      How about you. Are you willing to take the steps
                                                                      necessary to derive more benefit from your
                                                                      membership investment? Does the level of your
                                                                      participation (action) result in benefit to you and/or
                                                                      your business (expectation)?
Chairman Reidel serves as moderator of the candidates’ forum          YOUR Chamber provides many opportunities for
featuring city council and city auditor candidates.                   action: monthly luncheons and business-after-
                                                                      hours events (networking opportunities); many
                                                                      advertising/promotion opportunities; committees,
                                                                      where the Chamber's work gets done by volunteer
                                                                      members; and, of course, the key events we hold
                                                                      each year (Silent Auction; Taste of Reynoldsburg;
                                                                      Golf Classic).

                                                                      I'm certain that the quality of your action
                                                                      (participation) will result in fulfilled expectations, but
                                                                      to make this happen, your involvement is the key. I
                                                                      encourage you to step forward to serve, to
                                                                      become more involved, and to reap the benefits.

                                                                      It's a pleasure to serve.

                                                                                                               Dave Reidel
Heartland Bank had a rousing game of corn hole for the Business                                       Chairman of the Board
After Hours guests. They gave away money...clever, huh!

                                                                  2                                         Mar/Apr./May 2009
                               MEMBER TO MEMBER DISCOUNT

                                 Member to Member Discount Program
One of the many benefits of being a member of the Reynoldsburg Area Chamber of Commerce is having the
opportunity to participate in our Member to Member Discount Program. This special program encourages Chamber
members (and their employees) to choose other Chamber members when making buying decisions. This program is
a great way to attract customers, build relationships with customers, save money and strengthen our local
What types of discounts can be offered?
Any! Some that could be offered include a percentage off the purchase price, such s 10% off car detailing or 10%
off dry cleaning. You could also offer a “Bonus”. For example, if you operate a restaurant, you many want to offer a
“free” dessert with a customer’s meal.
Be creative! You may want to keep in mind that to be effective and popular, the discount or bonus should be
substantial enough to attract attention.
The Reynoldsburg Area Chamber of Commerce will promote this program and your discount at every opportunity,
including monthly membership mailings, email blasts, new member packets and on our website. The Chamber will
issue Member to Member Discount cards with a decal to display at your place of business.
What are the guidelines?
   The member must be in good standing with the Reynoldsburg Area Chamber.
   The participant must offer an exclusive discount/promotion to Chamber members, over and above what non-
    members would receive.
   The participant can review and revise their offer for the Member to Member Discount Program at any time.
    The participant agrees to abide by their discount/promotion and fully understand that it is their responsibility to
    notify the Chamber of any and all changes immediately. Those changes will be made by the Chamber within 30
   The participant agrees to educate employees about the Member to Member Discount Program.
   The participant agrees to contact the Chamber in writing if they wish to terminate their participation in the
    Member to Member Discount Program.
Tips for Success
   Educate your employees. Utilize the Program description sheet to inform your employees about the
    Reynoldsburg Area Chamber of Commerce Member to Member Discount Program. Place this information in a
    break room, or common area that employees share.
   Track your results. If possible, record the number of discounts issued per month to measure the business traffic
    of Reynoldsburg Area Chamber members. Chamber staff will also utilize this information to monitor the success
    of the program.

   Market your business. By using the window decal at your business and at points of sale, Reynoldsburg Area
    Chamber members will know that you are a participating business in the discount program.

                                                          3                                        Mar/Apr./May 2009
                                         GET TO KNOW OUR NEW MEMBERS

                                      The acai (ah-sigh-ee) berry                                Sunset Grille
                                    is the most powerful                                    Newly Remodeled
                                    antioxidant known to                                  Under New Ownership
                                    date. Dr. Alex Schauss,
                                    a nutritional and                   The Sunset Grille is newly reopened for your exciting
                                    botanical medicine                  entertainment time!
scientist, came upon the acai berry by
                                                                        Come visit us just
chance while viewing a display of Amazonian Indian
                                                                        south of Livingston
masks. Why did they have a dance specifically honoring a
                                                                        Ave. on State Rt. 256.
palm fruit? Fourteen years ago he began researching the
acai berry. He proved the acai berry has an ORAC
                                                                        Come on in and enjoy
(oxygen radical absorption capacity) of 1,027. Higher
                                                                        our savory
than any other known food. He chose Monavie to
                                                                        appetizers, entrees,
develop an acai juice blended with 18 other specific fruits,            sandwiches and
as Monavie was willing to formulate it as he directed. Our
                                                                        drinks of your choice.
patented freeze drying method keeps the nutrients unlike                Happy Hour from 4
any other acai product. Now we have the nutritional/                    to 7 pm. Thursdays is Ladies Nigh with 50% off on all Ladies drinks;
functional beverage that exceeds any other available.                   Tuesday night is Karaoke; Sunday is Golfer Appreciation Day.
    Just 4 ounces of Monavie equals 13 servings of fruits
and vegetables per day. It's a simple and convenient
solution to meet your body's nutritional needs. Few, if any
Americans get the USDA recommended 5-9 servings of
fruits and vegetables per day. We can now without
pesticides. Also, the Monavie Pulse blend contains
resveratrol and plant sterols to lower cholesterol.
     In three years, Monavie is a debt-free BILLION dollar
company. Aging baby boomers are expected to
increase their spending to a TRILLION dollars
on healthcare. We have the right product and timing for
you to build a business with residual income.
     Dave and I invite you to become a "drinker" or build a
business in Monavie. Monavie has implemented their own
stimulus package. Enrollment is free through December
31, 2009. A savings of $39.00!
                     Dave & Barbara Reidel
                MonaVie Independent Distributors

5 Bean Coffee is an independently owned coffee                                                                          Ben Runyon
house located in the Stoney Creek Plaza. We have a                                                                     614.348.2939
convenient drive thru, patio, comfortable seating for
              work, meetings, or relaxing and offer free
              wireless internet all day. We proudly                     Clas Event Rental provides all sizes of tents, tables and chairs for
              serve CrimsonCup Coffee and tea (all                      your outdoor tent event! We are committed to our customers,
              available hot, iced of frozen) along with                 guaranteeing and insuring customer satisfaction.
              real fruit smoothies, frozen hot chocolate                We take pride in providing our customers with top quality
              and many other delicious treats. We                       equipment and service. We guarantee that all our equipment will
              serve bagels from Sammy’s and a                           arrive at your site in EXCELLENT CONDITION. Honest and friendly
              variety of muffins and cookies. Catering                  service is what sets Clas Event Rental above other tent companies.
                                                                        We provide personal service from the first call through the final
available. www.5beancoffee.com
                Tracy Heitmeyer– owner
                                                                        Clas Event Rental is your best tent choice!
                     2087 St. St. 256
               Reynoldsburg. OH 43068

                                                                    4                                                 Mar/Apr./May 2009
      2009                                              SUPPORTING OUR COMMUNITY
                                                                    Reynoldsburg High School is completing their
Board of Directors                                                  first year of Career Based Instruction classes for
                                                                    its CD (Cognitive Delayed) students. These
                                                                    students have been working at the high school
Dave Reidel, Chairman of the Board                                  learning numerous entry level job skills. We
    Reidel Insurance Agency                                         would like to extend their usefulness, and
    Linda Smith, 1st. Vice Chair                                    energy in helping your business during summer
         WesBanco Bank                                              break, as either interns or co-opting.

  Kristy Winkler, 2nd. Vice Chair                             Some of the job skills include custodial, office
         National City Bank
                                                              helpers, landscaping, delivery service, gofers,
      Molly Wefel, Secretary          and even minor repairs. If you have the need, or would like to enrich
      Ink Well– Claycraft Rd.         a students learning, please contact one of the following:
      Barth Cotner, Treasurer         Mr. Jason Allen                Mrs. Kathy Ewing              Mrs. Cindy Negulescu
      Cotner Funeral Home
                                      jasonallen@reyn.org            kewing@reyn.org               cnegulescu@reyn.org
      Bill Kay, Past President        614/575-5852 until 3pm        614/501-5411 until 3pm        614/501-4073 until 3pm
     Edward Jones Company             Cell 614/562-5627             Cell 614/477-5773             Cell 614/832-5739


          Norm Brusk ‘09
      Brusk & Brusk Attorneys                                                                             The inaugural year
                                                                                                          for the class of
        Greg Chamblin ‘10
            PC Geeks
                                                                                                          Reynoldsburg is
          Jesse Etter ‘10                                                                                 quickly drawing to a
       Prudential Financial
                                                                                                          close. What a
        Chuck Franklin ‘10                                                                                fascinating year for
      The Poling Group CPA                                                                                all involved! Join us
                                                                                                          on Thursday, May 7
        Jackie Harris ‘09
 Coldwell Banker, King Thompson
                                                                                                          to hear from the class
                                                                                                          about their
        Brian Hoover ‘11                                                                                  experiences and
      Hoover Transportation
                                                                                                          their class project for
        Mary Hudson ‘09                                                                                   the community.
   Reynoldsburg Visitor’s Bureau
                                     Jerry Giles, of Dynalab talks to the class about the challenges of
          Bill Shorthill ‘10
    W. B. Shorthill & Associates     doing business in a global economy. Dynalab is a successful
                                     business in Reynoldsburg.
       Amanda Sidwell ‘10
       Methodist Eldercare

       Rick Wagner ‘11
    Wagner Insurance Agency
                                     Considered a “Hidden
                                     Gem” in our
          Chamber Staff              community, the Ohio
      Jan Hills IOM CCEO-AP          Department of
          President/CEO              Agriculture explains to
                                     the class the multitude
                                     of services they
                                     provide to the State of

                                                          5                                               Mar/Apr./May 2009
                            WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!
          Aaron’s Sales & Lease                                               Ultimate Building Systems
              7040 E. Main St.                                                    2725 Henkle Drive
         Reynoldsburg, OH 43068                                                  Lebanon, OH 45036
               614.751.1457                                                         513.932.6923
               Rich Swauger                                                          Renee Bak
(Retail Furniture/Electronics/Appliances)                                       (Manufacturing Plant)

                                                                              Extra Space Storage #526
                                                                               2087 S. Hamilton Road
                                                                                Columbus, OH 43232
                                                                                    Kim Hartshorn

                                                                              Extra Space Storage #522
                                                                                  111 Shofield Drive
                                                                                Columbus, OH 43213
                                                                                     Tiffany Ayala

          Dunkin Doughnuts                                                    Extra Space Storage #439
           6144 E. Main St.                                                       3569 E. Main Street
       Reynoldsburg, OH 43068                                                   Columbus, OH 43213
            614.322.9008                                                             614.235.3672
             Sheila Patel                                                           Susan Shindler
            (Restaurant)                                                              (Storage)

      Reiser’s Autobody East LLC
       6751 Taylor Road, Unit G2
         Blacklick, OH 43004
              Marte Reiser
          (Autobody Repair)

    Total Technology Solutions, Inc.
          299 Deo Drive, #128
           Newark, OH 43055
             Pragya Kharel
         (Technology Services)

          Manifold & Phalor
           1283 Brice Road
       Reynoldsburg, OH 43068
            Thomas Creek
           (Machine Shop)
                                            *Discount only applies to Chamber members who do not already have Anthem insurance.
                                            Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of Community Insurance Company. An inde-
                                            pendent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. ® Anthem is a registered trademark.
                                            The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are the registered marks of the Blue Cross and
                                            Blue Shield Association.

                                            6                                                                 Mar/Apr./May 2009
                                           On The
Focus                                     Calendar
Thursday, May 7, 11:30 a.m. Membership Luncheon-Parkside at Wesley Ridge. Panel Discussion with the members of the
Leadership Reynoldsburg Class of 2008-09

Wednesday, May 13, 10:30 a.m.– Taste of Reynoldsburg Committee Mtg.– Chamber Office, 1580 Brice Rd.

Thursday, May 28, 5:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Swing into Summer Silent & Live Auction-at Reynoldsburg Eagles

Thursday, June 4, 11:30 a.m. Membership Luncheon-Parkside at Wesley Ridge. Program TBA.

June 5-14– Community Clean up week -Show your Community Pride

Thursday, July 16 5:30 p.m. Business After Hours, hosted by Epicures

Tuesday, August 11, 12th Annual Taste of Reynoldsburg– Picnic at Huber Park– 4:00p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Thursday, September 3 11:30 a.m. Membership Luncheon-Parkside at Wesley Ridge. Program TBA.

Wednesday, September 16 Annual Golf Classic, Willow Run Golf Club– 12:30 p.m. shotgun start

Thursday, October1, 11:30 a.m. Membership Luncheon-Parkside at Wesley Ridge. Program TBA.

Thursday, November 5, 11:30 a.m. Membership Luncheon-Parkside at Wesley Ridge. Program TBA.

Thursday, December 3, 11:30 a.m. Annual Meeting– Parkside at Wesley Ridge

                                                                                                All dates are subject to change.

             Why become a sponsor for a Chamber                                               Interested in sponsoring
    luncheon? The price is reasonable and the                                                 an After Hours
    exposure you will get in return is definitely worth                                       Networking Event?
    the minimal investment. You will be listed on the                                         Remaining available
    monthly invitation as the featured sponsor,                                               months in 2009 are:
    complete with your logo, provided a table to                                              Sept. and Oct. and are
    spotlight your wares at the meeting, receive                  first come, first served on requesting a date.
    mention on the Chamber website as the monthly                 Simply call the Chamber office and we will place
    sponsor and given a special five minute time slot             you on the calendar as the month’s host. There is
    to introduce your company to those attending                  no sponsor fee for this event.
    the function. The cost                                                We will assist you in the preparation by
    for this opportunity is                                       mailing out the invitation for the evening, handling
    only $75. Contact the                                         the RSVP’s and making nametags. You are
    Chamber today as                       YOU                    responsible for providing the location, serving the
    dates fill up quickly!                                        food and drinks, staffing the registration table and
                                                                  providing any door prizes you may wish to give
                                                                  out. Call the office today with your date request
                                                                  at 614.866.4753.

                                                              7                                        Mar/Apr./May 2009
                                                    Wall of Pride Supporters
                                   Buffalo Wild Wings– x hot, inc.                   Pickerington Nursing & Rehabilitation
                                                                                Nancy Sharp– Sharp, Keaton & Company Realtors
                                 Bill Kay– Edward Jones Company                            Wells Family Chiropractic
                                  In memory of Vernon W. Reidel                      Wesley Ridge Retirement Community
Reynoldsburg                        Reidel Insurance Agency, Inc.
                                                                                                  AAA Ohio Auto Club
                                                                                                Armor Paving & Sealing
                                                                                                   Buck’s Dairy Queen

    Area                          Schoedinger East Funeral Home
                                Allegra Print & Imaging, Tom & Ruth Boder
                                                                                                    Connell Hardware
                                                                                                   Elton Acker, Realtor
                                                                                           First Service Federal Credit Union

 Chamber of                          Brusk & Brusk Attorneys at Law
                                                                                                     Heartland Bank
                                                                                                    Dennis Hite, HSG
                                                                                              Land America Lawyers Title
                                  Castle Remodeling and Contractors LLC                                Meijer # 212
  Commerce                      Columbus Gymnastics Academy, Sue Casto                            Adam W. Minton, CLU
                                                                                                        PC Geeks
                                           Cotner Funeral Home                           Reynoldsburg Truro Historical Society
                                                                                                John K. Rosen, DDS, Inc.
                                        Echo Manor Extended Care                               William B. Shorthill, CFP®
    1580 Brice Road                           Fifth Third Bank                                 Valmer Land Title Agency
                                                                                          ThisWeek Community Newspapers
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068                      Mount Carmel East                                    Wild Birds Unlimited

  Tel: 614.866.4753
  Fax: 614.866.7313           Take note...
                                                       To HUBER PARK!
                                                       The 12th Annual Taste of Reynoldsburg is moving to Huber Park, Tuesday,
 It’s good business                                    August 11 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

to do business with
                              The RACC Golf Classic will be Wednesday, September 16 at Willow Run Golf
Chamber members!              Club. 12:30 p.m. shotgun start. Thanks to Outback Steakhouse for being our
                              Dinner Sponsor!

                                                 Congratulations to Jan Hills, President of the Reynoldsburg Area Chamber of
     We’re on the web
www.reynoldsburgchamber.com                      Commerce on her recent award as Professional of the Year by the Chamber of
                                                 Commerce Executives of Ohio!

                                                                                                           PRESORTED STANDARD
                                                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE
       1580 Brice Road                                                                                     REYNOLDSBURG OHIO
  Reynoldsburg, OH 43068                                                                                        PERMIT NO. 50

                                                             8                                                 Mar/Apr./May 2009

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