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Sample Application Letter for Education Busary


Sample Application Letter for Education Busary document sample

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									     APPLYING FOR A BURSARY 2010-2011
     For financial assistance from the Isle of Man Arts Council in the
     financial year 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011, complete the
     enclosed forms and return them to the address below by not later than 10th
     February for consideration at 5th March 2010 meeting; by not later than 3rd June for
     the 18th June 2010 meeting; and by not later than 16th September for the 1st October
     2010 meeting. Applications will not be considered retrospectively.

                       Item (6) of the Terms of Reference of the Isle of Man Arts Council, as approved by
                       Tynwald on 16th October 1991, the aim of a bursary award is:
                       “To assist individuals or groups to represent the Island by participating in
                       appropriate events off the Island or to obtain access off the Island to short term
                       tuition not otherwise available …”
                       The Council has agreed to allocate a sum for the above purposes (i.e., travel and/or
                       course fees). The sum available will be dependent upon Arts Council funds available.
                       INDIVIDUALS OR ORGANISATIONS?: Bursaries can be awarded to individuals,
                       groups and established arts organisations resident or established in the Island.
                       APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Application forms are available from the Isle of Man Arts
                       Council or can be downloaded from our website at www.iomarts.com. Interviews will be
                       held as appropriate. Applicants are required to provide two (2) letters of
                       recommendation / support.
                       LEVEL OF GRANT: The maximum Bursary grant to individuals and groups is £1,000

                       1. WRITTEN REPORT: Recipients of bursaries are required to submit an end of
                          project report form (attached), and should include a photograph of the recipient

                          taking part in the activity specified, together with receipts for expenditure of the
                          bursary. This report form, together with documentary proof of payments made in
                          connection with the bursary, should be submitted to the address below within 28
                          days of the completion of the event or course. The Arts Council reserves the right to
                          use this report and photographs in its annual review of the Arts Development
                          Strategy and forum.
                       2. IT IS A CONDITION OF ALL BURSARY AWARDS that the money awarded is
                          used only for the reason specified in your application.
                       3. PUBLICITY: If the bursary is required to enable participation in an event (festival,
                          tour, gig, etc) it is a condition of the award that the Arts Council is acknowledged on
                          all publicity materials with the wording ‘Supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council’.
                          Copy of logo available by e-mail on request. Examples of your publicity material must
                          be included with your report.
                       4. FAILURE TO DECLARE OTHER INCOME SOURCES (including Government) will
                          result in your application being ruled ineligible. If the applicant is indebted to any
                          Government Department please notify this office.
                       5. IT IS A CONDITION of funding to organisations that a copy of your latest audited
                          accounts be held on our files. Please contact us if you do not have audited accounts
                          so that we can discuss your situation.

                          If you have any questions about procedure or terms & conditions contact:

                          ISLE OF MAN ARTS COUNCIL
                          ST ANDREW’S HOUSE FINCH ROAD DOUGLAS IM1 2PX
                          Tel: 01624 694598     Fax: 01624 686860
                          email: jan.cowan@gov.im
BURSARY APPLICATION 2010-2011                                Office Use Only
(Financial Year 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011)

                                                                       Date of Birth
Name of Applicant                                                      (if under 21)

Full name of contact person                                       Relationship
                                                                  to Applicant

Art Form/Field                                Event/Course

Contact Address

Postcode                            Email

Telephone Numbers             Day            Mobile                   Evening

If funding is granted, cheque to be made payable to:


Continue on separate sheet if necessary

ADDRESS OF VENUE                                       TRAVEL DATES

(Financial Year 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2011)

 Please give a full breakdown of principal costs, including those funded by other sources.
 If your application is successful, documentary proof of payment (all receipts) and a full
 trip report will be required within one month of return to the Isle of Man.

ITEM                              DETAILS                                ESTIMATED COST

TRAVEL (Ferry / Flight costs)                                            £

COURSE / EVENT FEE                                                       £

ACCOMMODATION                                                            £

OTHER (please specify)                                                   £

                                    TOTAL AMOUNT APPLIED FOR:            £

ANY OTHER INCOME INCLUDING                   SOURCE                    AMOUNT



 DECLARATION: I hereby certify that all the information given on this application is
 accurate and, if successful, I undertake to credit the Isle of Man Arts Council in ALL publicity
 and to abide by any conditions attached by the Isle of Man Arts Council. I also agree to supply
 proof of expenditure and a full report. If the applicant is indebted to any Government Department
 please notify the Arts Council.

Print Name:                                        Date:


(If under 16 years of age, parent to print name & sign):

       Isle of Man Arts Council 2nd Floor St Andrew’s House
                    Finch Road Douglas IM1 2PX
              Telephone: 01624 694598                      Email: Jan.Cowan@gov.im

                                                                                         Page 2 of 2
End of project monitoring report

To fulfil our monitoring needs and to help us assess the impact of our funding, please complete and return
this form to us within two months of concluding your funded activity. Please type this form if possible. If
you hand write it, please do so using BLACK INK and BLOCK CAPITALS throughout. You may reproduce
the questions, with answers, on your own word-processing system if you prefer. However, you must type
the questions above your answers and use the same numbers as on this form.

The form is also available in Microsoft Word format or as a downloadable file on our website
(www.iomarts.com). However, we cannot be responsible for any changes to your computer systems that
result from using either of these two formats.

Funded activity
1. Applicant Name:                                        2. Your grant reference number (you will find this on the
                                                          grant offer letter):

3. Please provide a brief description of the activity you were funded to undertake as described to us in your
   original application:

4. Please give the start and finish dates for the funded activity:

   Start date: _____/_____/_____                       End date:       _____/_____/_____

   If these were not the dates you originally planned, please outline briefly the reason for the change and
   describe the impact the change had on your project, if any:

5. Please tell us where your project took place. If not the location/s you originally planned, please outline
   briefly the reason for the change:

6. Please describe how the activity has benefited: (a) the public; (b) you/ your organisation and describe
   the extent to which the outcomes were as you originally predicted (please refer to your original application).
   Please also highlight any unanticipated outcomes. (Please continue on a separate page if necessary.)
End of project monitoring report

7. Please give actual figures for how many people benefited from your activity. Where categories are not
   applicable to your project please mark N/A.

      Performances                            Ticket Price: £
      Number of performances:
                                                                                            Paid For           Free
      Total attendances at performances

      Exhibitions                             Ticket Price: £
      Number of exhibitions:
      Total attendances at exhibitions (please include paid for and free):

      Education/ outreach                      Fee charged: £
       (Please count each event once only ie. if your organisation ran a workshop lasting 2 days this would be counted
      as 1 event)

      Number of school / junior / community workshops:
      Number of school / junior / community performances:
      Other, please specify:

      Total number of participants (see note below):

     Note: please count attendances in terms of the total number of ‘attendance days’. Eg. if your organisation ran a
     workshop, Friday-Saturday and 10 people took part each day, this would count as 20 attendance days. Events
     taking place in mornings only, afternoons only, or evenings only would count as half a day.

      How many volunteers worked on your project ?

      How many new commissions resulted from your project ?
      (original work which would not have occurred without your project)

8. Please provide the following summary budget information and send a certified financial statement
   using the form attached at Appendix 1 together with relevant receipts for expenditure.

   Forecast total project cost:        £______________           Actual total project cost: £______________

   If there were any significant changes (over 10% variation) between actual and forecast figures, please
   detail these below. If costs increased, please tell us how you managed the shortfall:
End of project monitoring report

     If partnership funding or sponsorship was outstanding at the time of award, please tell us if you achieved
     it as hoped and from where. If not fully achieved, please tell us how you managed the shortfall:

     Please note: If the project/event/course has achieved a surplus of funds because costs have reduced
     or income from other sources has increased, we will ask you to repay any overpaid sums as

9.   Please summarise the ways in which you have acknowledged that your project was funded by the Isle
     of Man Arts Council and attach an example, such as publicity or a press release, etc.:

     Please describe the marketing activity which took place for your project and tell us if it was effective in
     reaching the people your project was aimed at?

10. Please summarise what you think the long-term benefits of your project will be, if any.

11. Please provide any other feedback on your funded activity which you consider relevant, or which we
    have specifically requested as a special condition of funding (please refer to your offer letter):
End of project monitoring report

12. If you have produced anything as a result of your project, please send us a photograph, copy of the
    publication, CD Rom, etc. as relevant. Please send any additional supplementary information you think
    we would find of interest. This could be a summary of audience feedback, sample copies of press
    cuttings, etc. Please list here the items you have enclosed with your end of project report:

   * please note: images submitted in support of your application may be stored electronically by us and they may be
   reproduced in Isle of Man Arts Council publications and on our website. Please mark here if you would prefer that
   we do not use these images for this purpose. 

Application and grant giving process
13. Did you find the application and grant giving process clear?           YES/ NO

14. Please give any general comments on the application and grant giving process which will help us
    improve our service.

   Signature:                                                              Date:

Important information
Openness and accountability
Information supplied by you will be held in manual files. It will then be summarised and details transferred
to a computer-based grants management system. Reports from the information you supply and from any
comments made by external assessors and staff members are likely to be held on both manual and
computer-based systems. The information you supply will be made available to those assessing any other
grant applications you make.

Data protection
Data held on our grants management system is used for statistical and accounting purposes. We view
your signature on your application form as acceptance of the use of your data outlined above.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form. Please return it to: Grants Administration, Isle of
Man Arts Council, St Andrew’s House, Finch Road, Douglas IM1 2PX.
End of project monitoring report

Certified income and expenditure statement                                                                                                                 APPENDIX 1
Name of applicant: ____________________________________                                Grant reference: ______________________

Please include all income and expenditure, both cash and in-kind, using the headings given in your application form and in the same order. Where headings include a number of
different types of expenditure, you should provide a breakdown showing how the figure has been arrived at. Please provide explanations of any significant variations between
budget and actual (greater than 10%) in question 8 in the end of project monitoring report. If you need to use additional pages please include the grant reference number on
each page.

Income                                                                            Expenditure
Source                                  Budget (£)          Actual (£)            Item                                   Budget (£)           Actual (£)

Total                                                                             Total

Total surplus/ deficit on the project (actual income less actual expenditure): £

Signed:                                                                        Date:

Printed name:                                                                  Position (if signing on behalf on an organisation):

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