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					Cover Letters
Most job applications call for a resume and
a letter. The letter is crucial because it is
the first thing your reader sees.

If the letter is ineffective, the reader will not
bother to read the resume.

Make your letter appeal as directly and
specifically as possible to a particular
Keys to a Good Cover Letter
   Selectivity – select two or three good points
    of special interest.

   Development – develop your points into
Keys to a Good Cover Letter
   For most candidates, a job-application letter
    should fill the better part of a page.

   For more experienced candidates, it might fill
    two pages.

   Do not go on and on about a minor point.
    Employers seek candidates who can say a lot
    in a small space.
A Cover Letter Does the
   Identifies the job you want
   Demonstrates your knowledge of the
    employer’s company or organization
   Explains how your qualifications enable you
    to contribute to the employer’s success
   Indicates the next step that you will take
Tell where you discovered the job opening.

   “In response to your advertisement in the
    May 31, 2008 Lubbock Avalanche Journal…
   “Bob Ward, manager of human resources,
    informed me…”
   “I was delighted to see your ad for a chemical
    engineer in Sunday’s newspaper.”
Identify the position you are interested in
“Please consider me for the opening in the
Production Design Group that you advertised
through the University’s Career Services

“I would like to be considered for the position in
systems programming.”
Make sure that you:
State that you are interested in the position.

   “I would like to apply for the position of…

   “I would like to apply for job # 45676…
Sum up your best credentials

   “My BS in chemistry and five years working in a
    hazardous materials lab qualify me for the position.”

   “My academic training in hotel management and my
    experience with Sheraton International have given
    me a solid background in the hotel industry.”
Sample Introduction
I am writing in response to your notice in the
May 13 New York Times. I would like to be
considered for the position in system
programming. I hope you find that my studies in
computer science at Eastern University, along
with my programming experience at Airborne
Instruments, qualify me for the position.
   The body of your letter is the place to explain
    how you can contribute significantly to the
    new organization.

   Here is the place to sell your skills. Describe
    your work experience, your education, and
    your professional skills.
   Don’t simply repeat information that can be
    found in the resume

   Do use the “you-attitude” in the body. The
    letter is specifically geared toward your
    reader’s needs.
The Education Paragraph
Students with little work experience should
focus on the education paragraph.

   Take your cue from the job ad. What skills
    are they seeking?
   Discuss skills and knowledge gained from
    advanced course work.
   Extracurricular activities can show that you
    are able to coordinate and manage people.
Sample Education Paragraph
At Eastern University, I have taken a wide
range of science courses, but my most
advanced work has been in chemistry. In one
laboratory course, I developed a new aseptic brewing
technique that lowered the risk of infection by more
than 40 percent. This new technique was the subject
of an article in the Eastern Science Digest.
Representatives from three national breweries have
visited our laboratory to discuss the technique with me.
Sample Education Paragraph
In one class, we designed a computer
simulation of the transportation between three
manufacturing facilities, two warehouses, and
seventeen retail outlets. Through this class, I
gained substantial experience in designing the
kinds of systems used by your company.
Work Experience Paragraph
   Although you discuss your education and
    experience in two different paragraphs, try to
    link the two.

   How has a job helped you with school?

   How has school helped you with a job?
Sample Work Experience Para.
For the past three summers and part-time during the
academic year, I have worked for Redego, Inc., a firm
that specializes in designing and planning industrial
complexes. I began as an assistant in the drafting
room. By the second summer, I was accompanying a
civil engineer on field inspections. Most recently, I
have used AutoCAD to assist an engineer in designing
and drafting the main structural supports for a 15-acre,
$30 million chemical facility.
Another Work Exp. Para.
I have worked in merchandising for three years as a
part-time and summer sales person in men’s fashions
and accessories. I have had experience running
inventory-control software and helped one company
switch from a manual to an online system. Most
recently, I assisted in clearing $20,000 in out-of-date
men’s fashions: I coordinated a campaign to sell half
of the merchandise at cost and was able to convince the
manufacturer’s representative to accept the other half for full credit.
For this project, I received a certificate of appreciation from the
company president.
Still on Body Paragraphs…
   Select only skills that relate to the
    advertisement and which will benefit the
    prospective employer.
   Don’t explain how the job will make you
   Use the pronouns “you” and “yours” rather
    than “I” when appropriate.
   Quantify, quantify, quantify your abilities.
Still on Body Paragraphs…
  Don’t just say you are great, prove it.
“I won the 2008 award for new ideas saving the
company $14,000.”

 Show how you will help the company.
“My work with governmental agencies has
provided me a wide variety of skills from which
your company will benefit.”
   Thank you for your time

   I hope to hear from you soon
   I am looking forward to discussing my
    application with you in greater detail

   I can be reached at…
   If you would like any additional information,
    write to me at … or call …
   After your signature you need to add whether
    you have included a resume or not.


Fawn D. Musick
Enclosure: Resume
Final Slide
   Be sincere
   Show enthusiasm
   Don’t lie about or exaggerate your skills

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