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					                                                  Published monthly by the USS
                                                Razorback Base of the United States
                                                    Submarine Veterans, Inc.

                                                Base Commander, James W. Barnes
                                                        Editor, Jim Barnes

                                         April 2004

       Commanders Corner                        Razorback Update 4-6, 2004.                  Enclose is a picture of Hussein, they
It is my sad duty to report that two of our   This is a combination of information           didn't have enough weight for John and
base members, Robert “Bob” Wight and          from John Adams and myself. John is            him to dive so Hussein found some
John A. Harrel Jr., have lost their wives     overseeing all the activities in Tuzla,        scraps metal to use for weight.
in recent days. Please keep these fellows     Turkey.                                        Sometimes you just have to improvise.
and their families in your prayers.           We (John Adams and Greg Zonner)                The USS Razorback is sitting where
 After all the hard work by so many here,     boarded the tug on March 26th to move          she's going to be for a couple weeks. The
around the country and in Turkey the          the USS Razorback from Gölcük to               hull cutting begins tomorrow to make a
USS Razorback is in the shipyard having       Tuzla. Piloting the tug was Capt.              hole for the batteries to be removed.
the batteries pulled. From the reports        Nurettin Çelik (pronounced Chelik) and         We are still looking to leave Turkey on
from John Adams and Greg Zonner they          Captain Mehmet Yildirim. We were at            May the 5th.
may be pulling them as I write this.          40 degrees 45 minutes 691 seconds N            I will send you another update in a few
The Secretary of the Navy has given us        Latitude, 29 degrees 20 minutes 574            days.
the USS Hoga also, the senate has thirty      seconds East. Mayor Hays joined us on          Thanks
days to reverse his decision but it looks     the tug around 8:00 that evening.              Greg Zonner
like she is ours.                             The tug's name is Cerno 46, they call her                         ^^^^^
 We are still waiting on the mooring          Kırk Altı, which is Turkish for 46. (Note                   In This Issue
plans to be approved by the Corps of          there are 29 characters in the Turkish            28 Boat Reunion                 3
Engineers. Once we have their approval        alphabet and these are the 'I's' without          A Second Opinion                3
we can begin construction on that site.       the dot, has an oo sound as in look) Kırk         April Meeting                   3
 It appears that we are seeing more           altı is slang for crazy. There is a               Arrange Military Medals         2
interest by more people now that the          sanatorium in Istanbul and when                   Authorization for Medals        2
mayor has the title to the Razorback. I       someone is committed, a form 46 is                Chaplain’s Office               2
would like to say a big THANKS to all         filled out. Thus, when if someone calls           Commanders Corner               1
that has helped in any way over the past      you Kırk Altı, they are calling you crazy.        Ensure VA Benefits              2
two years. There were times when it           From our 1.2 knot trip up the Marmara             Good Submarine Info             4
looked as if we would not get either of       Sea to Tuzla......the name fits the tug           Obituaries                      3
the vessels, but through persistence and      well.                                             Razorback Pictures              6
hard work it is all working out. We still     Enclose is a picture of the 'little tug that      Razorback Update                1
have a long way to go and will continue       could' although there were times when             Ribbon Checker                  4
to need your help and support. Thanks to      John and I were wondering if the USS              Speaker Hastert                 5
you one and all.                              Razorback was pulling the tug.                    Sub Building Methods            5
The next meeting will be April 23-25 in       They have completed cleaning the hull             Vietnam Cross of Gallantry      6
Russellville. This is our third year to       underwater and they have begun the
have the campout / cookout and it             battery disconnection. It will take them a
promises to be fun. Hope to see all of        few days to disconnect the battery cells.                       ^^^^^
you there.                                    The USS Razorback has been moved               What would you call it when an Italian
Jim                                           from Tuzla Bay into the shipyard area.         has one arm shorter than the other?
                   ^^^^^                      (See Pictures) They will pressure wash         A speech impediment.
                                              the hull with a very high pressure jet,                        ^^^^^^
                                              they can not sandblast over water.
4-8 Update                                     40th U. S. President                          entitled to the full amount of disability
Greg,                                                                                        compensation you feel you deserve. The
All is well here in Turkey.                    I thank God that I live in a country          difference between having evidence or
We're still on track with the schedule for     where dreams can come true, where             producing witnesses could mean
a         5         May         departure.     failure sometimes is the first step to        receiving less than 10% disability
I've requested the crane's arrival for         success and where success is only             compensation and as much as 100%
tomorrow to begin the battery removal          another form of failure if we forget what     compensation.
along with help from the Gölcük Navy           our priorities should be.                     To ensure that you will be eligible to
Yard.                                          Harry Lloyd Hopkins,                          receive the fullest amount of deserved
The hull cut in the photo is for the           Advisor to                                    disability compensation for any military-
forward battery group. As of now that          Franklin D. Roosevelt                         related psychological or physical trauma,
cut is complete. Mahir is the Naval                               ^^^^^                      injury or illness you are advised to fully
Architect on staff and a good friend.            Getting Authorization For                   document your initial condition with a
Adnan is the retired Master Chief who is        Medals You Feel You Deserve                  medic or in a letter to a loved one or in a
overseeing      security    and    system      The     following    website     provides     diary you can preserve. You must also
operations.                                    information on how to apply to The            collect and maintain a roster of names
As you can see from the interior shots,        Awards Branch of your former Military         and addresses of those you serve with.
she doesn't look like she used to.             Service Branch for a medal you were           The men and women you serve with
However she will before we're finished.        never authorized but feel you deserve.        today can later serve as eyewitnesses to
Let me know if I can do something              All applications for authorization of a       events or occurrences that produced a
special for the kids.                          medal must be made using Form DD-             condition        warranting      disability
April 7th was another productive day.          149 and mailed (not faxed and not             compensation.
Much of the piping was removed from            emailed) to The Awards Branch of your         Rosters of names and addresses should
the forward battery compartment. Late at       Service.                                      be sent home to a family for safekeeping
night the USS Razorback gained her own         DD-149 is downloadable in .PDF format         in a secure location. Copies of rosters
new anchor to keep her bow from                from this website:                            can also be preserved by mailing or
moving while we manipulate the barge.        emailing them to The American War
The winds were high so all maneuvering         m                                             Library ( for online
operations were delayed. The crane             Best,                                         access archival.
arrived for loading onto the barge once        Brooke Rowe,                                  Take a lesson from the thousands of
the sub is safely anchored.                                      ^^^^^                       Vietnam War era veterans who missed
We need relatively calm winds to rig the                                                     out on obtaining deserved disability
                                                 How to Arrange Military                     benefits because they failed to preserve
batteries from their hold.
Cheers,                                        Medals and Ribbons for Display                documentation or witness lists of
John                                                     or Wear                             incidents that caused psychological or
                   ^^^^^                       A Official Order of Precedence of             physical injury or illness. The majority
Treasurer's Report for March:                  military medals and ribbons is available:     of these veterans can testify about the
                                               Please       travel      to        URL:       many years it has taken them to advance
 $1890.17 Beginning Balance                 their disability claim through the VA
   Deposits                                    ay                                            only to have it either approved for far
   $80.00 Dues (Base and National)             Webmasters are invited to link to this        less     the    deserved     compensation
     5.00 Donation                             URL.                                          percentage or rejected outright because
    50.00 Stores (Cookbook)                     Brooke Rowe                                  the veteran failed to provide convincing
                                                                ^^^^^                        documentation or eyewitness testimony
   $135.00 Total Deposit                       How to Ensure VA benefits for                 confirming their condition was military
     Expenses                                  PTSD or Undocumented Injury                   related.
     $19.11 Expenses for Guest Speaker                                                       WHAT TO DO IF YOU ARE
                                               or Illness: What the Military and             EXPOSED TO PSYCHOLOGICAL OR
at last meeting                                VA won't tell you.
     $19.11 Total Expenses                                                                   PHYSICAL TRAUMA, INJURY OR
                                               10, 20, or 30 years from now you may          ILLNESS
 $2006.06 Closing Balance                      find yourself suffering from an
Any questions, please give me a yell.                                                        1. See a medic immediately. Ensure that
                                               undocumented psychological or physical        your examination, diagnosis and
Wendell Dedmon                                 injury or illness that originated while you
                  ^^^^^                                                                      treatment is documented in your military
                                               were serving in the military. To obtain       file. Obtain a photocopy of your medical
          Chaplains Office                     disability compensation from the              report. Mail that report home with
America was founded by people who              Veteran's Administration you will             instructions it must be placed in a secure
believed that God was their rock of            required to produce evidence or               location.
safety. I recognize we must be cautious        witnesses confirming that your condition      2. If your incident does not require
in claiming that God is on our side, but I     is military related. If you are unable to     immediate review by a medic, fully
think it’s all right to keep asking if we’re   provide evidence or witnesses to the          document the incident in great detail and
on His side.                                   cause of your condition you will not be
Ronald Reagan
mail your report home with instructions          He’s sleepless nights and stress.       lake side of the drive and have
it must be placed in a secure location.            He’s wet and dirty diapers            electricity, water and sewer for a total of
3. Obtain the names and addresses of               And a house that is a mess.           $21.93 for the two days. The other 3
those who witnessed the incident. Also                                                   campsites only have electricity and water
include the names of enlisted and officer         So they talk about abortion            for a total of $14.79 for the two days.
superiors as well as a complete (if                    As the alternative                We have to vacate by 1500 on Sunday. If
possible) roster of all the personnel in           For that fetal imposition             you would like to come earlier or stay
your unit. Mail this/these lists home with    Who would change the way they live.        longer please contact the Marina at 479-
instructions it must be placed in a secure                                               967-5516. The spaces are in Ray’s name
location. You may also mail lists to The             He isn’t really human.              so all you have to do is show up and
American War Library for permanent                  He doesn’t even breathe.             register. Please let Ray know if you are
online archival (                 He was just a misadventure            planning to camp, if the sites are not
The above is very important advice to              They happened to conceive.            taken he has to pay for one night, that
meet the need of any future                                                              happened last year. Ray’s e-mail
requirements. 10, 20, 30 years from now         They sit there in the waiting room          phone
you will be eternally grateful for                 With papers they must fill,           479-967-5541. If you need a hotel the
following this advice. Just ask any              The waivers and consent forms           Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn and Fairfield
veteran who is grieving the deprivation          And arrangements for the bill.          Inn are close by.
of disability compensation because he or                                                 Our resident cook, Jim Stephens will be
she failed to consider the future when         They know it’s what they have to do.      cooking again this year. He will cook
they were younger.                                   There is no other way.              dinner on Friday night, lunch on
Note: The above Advisory is also                 But once or twice they wonder           Saturday and breakfast on Sunday.
published              at            URL:         What that little guy might say.        Dinner on Friday night will be                                                  hamburgers and hot dogs. Contact Ray
htm                                                “I wish you wouldn’t do this.         Wewers at
 Brooke Rowe                                          I’ve got too much to do.           or 479-967-5541 no later than April 21
 Associate Librarian                             I have to learn to walk and talk,       with what needs to be provided.
 The American War Library                           To dress and tie my shoes.           Saturday morning you will be on your                                                                      own for breakfast. Lunch will be served
                  ^^^^^                              “I have to learn to whistle         about 1300; Jim is furnishing the Bar-B-
          28 Boat Reunion                           And I have to learn to run.          Q and beans. We need to bring a side
The Wisconsin Maritime Museum is                 I have to learn to say my prayers       dish and desert. The base meeting will
sending out information/registration                 For when the day is done.           start at 1600 with more social time to
packets for the 28-boat reunion to be                                                    follow. Sunday breakfast will be served
held here in Manitowoc, WI Oct. 5-10,             “I have to watch for Daddy             at 0800.
2004. The reunion is open to shipyard             With Mommy at the door,                A devotional will be held after breakfast.
workers, submarine veterans and the                And I have to ride in carts           Donations will be accepted. Any
public is welcomed. Because of the               When they take me to the store.         questions contact Ray or Jim Barnes.
graphics involved these packets will only                                                                   ^^^^^
be sent by mail. If you (or anyone you             “I have to blow out candles                         Obituaries
know) are interested in receiving one,              On a lot of birthday cakes,          Roberta Wight, 80, of Fayetteville died
please email me your name and address              And pose for all the pictures         Sunday, March 21, 2004 at Medi Home
and we will get one out to you as soon as             Mommy always takes.                in Prairie Grove. She was born March 6,
possible. Any questions, please feel free                                                1924, in Mt. Ayr, Iowa, to Harry Dale
to email or call. Thanks!                             “If you let them do this,          and Avis Rush Hetzel.                         I’ll never learn to wave.          She was a retired secretary and a
                   ^^^^^                            I’ll never have a birthday.          member       of     Grace     Cumberland
         A Second Opinion                           I won’t even have a grave.           Presbyterian Church in Fayetteville.
              By Bob Scott                                                               She had served as state commander of
                                                     “I’ll never play a game,            Arkansas Diamond Chapter Wives of
     There’s a little guy somewhere                And I’ll never laugh or cry.          U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War
          Waiting to appear,                       I won’t even have a name,             II.
     Curled up inside his mother’s                And I’ll always wonder why.”           Survivors include her husband, Robert
        Protective atmosphere.                                ^^^^^                      Wight of the home; two sons, Jay Wight
                                                        April Meeting                    of Hoffman Estates, Ill.; and Chris Wight
    He’s the one they didn’t plan on,        The USS Razorback Base annual               of Oak Park, Ill.; and six grandchildren.
     He’s an extra mouth to feed.            cookout / campout will be April 23-25       Cremation is by Luginbuel Funeral
         A little inconvenience              2004, that is a Friday Saturday and until   Home in Prairie Grove. Burial of the
         Neither of them need.               1500 Sunday. Ray Wewers has reserved        ashes will be in Henderson, Iowa.
                                             5 camping spaces at the Lake Dardanelle
     He’s doctor bills and formula.          Marina; two of the campsites are on the
Memorials may be made to All Faith           submarine operating off the coast of          "He wanted to meet all the guys on
Methodist Church in Eagle Rock, MO.,         Southern California.                          board. He must have had his picture
or a charity of choice.                      Best known for his role as the Gunnery        taken 100 times."
                      ^^^^^                  Sergeant in the 1987 war movie "Full          This will mark the first time "Mail Call"
Patsy Jane Harrel, age 65 of Greenbrier      Metal Jacket," Ermey served 11 years in       has devoted an entire episode to one
died Saturday April 3, 2004. She was         the Marine Corps. He rose to the rank of      specific topic according to the show's
born February 28, 1939 in Mineola,           Staff NCO serving two years as a drill        executive producer Robert Lihani.
Texas the daughter of the late Dudley        instructor and a tour of duty in Vietnam.     "We're very excited about this show," he
and Grace Baldwin Swann. She was a           He was medically retired in 1971 and          said. "It's our 50th episode and we think
member of the Eastside Church of Christ      was later awarded the honorary rank of        it's going to be a special one." The
of Conway. She is survived by her            Gunnery Sergeant. "I've got the best job      episode, tentatively scheduled to air in
husband of 44 years, John “Bo” Harrel,       in the world now," Ermey says of his job      late April, will feature segments on
Jr.; by a son, Steven Harrel of              as "Mail Call's" host. "I have the            navigation, propulsion and weapons
Greenbrier; by a daughter, Sandra K.         privilege to go out and have the best in      aboard the submarine. Other topics the
Tinkle, and husband Tracy, of                the business demonstrate how the              show will address include how the sub
Naperville,      Illinois;   by     seven    military works," he said. "And, I get to      makes air and water, how the submarine
grandchildren, Kayla Tinkle, Ashley          bring the U.S. military to the people."       dives and do submarines really have the
Harrel, Haley Harrel, Justin Harrel, Sami    The Gunny took time to talk to                best food in the Navy?
Tinkle, Kelsy Tinkle and Alex “Bo”           crewmembers and sign autographs               "We're looking forward to seeing the
Harrel; by two brothers, Dudley Swann        during an embark in USS SALT LAKE             episode," said CDR Tracy Howard, the
of Little Rock, AR and Henry Swann of        CITY (SSN 716). R. Lee Ermey and the          commanding officer. "I've got the best
Nashville, AR and by a sister, Betty         crew of History Channel's "Mail Call"         crew in the Submarine Force and this is
Harris of Kansas City, KS.                   embarked the attack submarine off the         an excellent opportunity for their friends
Funeral Services will be held Tuesday,       coast of Southern California to film an       and family to see them at work."
April 6, 2004, 10:00 AM at the Roller-       episode of the 30-min. show answering         "What an incredible honor it has been to
McNutt Greenbrier Chapel officiated by       viewer's questions on life aboard an          ride SALT LAKE CITY and see you
Jim Woodell and Ted Knight. Eulogist         attack submarine at sea. The episode is       fine men at work," Ermey told the crew
will be Fred Shoemaker. Entombment           tentatively scheduled to air in late April.   on the 1MC at the end of the day.
will be at Crestlawn Memorial Park           Check your local listings for exact dates     "Semper Fi!"
Mausoleum. Visitation will be from 6-8       and air times.     Machinist's        Mate                       ^^^^^
PM Monday evening at Roller-McNutt           Second Class Joshua B. Hildebrand                           Dear John
Greebrier Funeral Home. To sign our on-      won't forget the Gunny's visit anytime        The ultimate response to a Dear John
line guest register, please go to            soon - Ermey presented him with his           letter... You gotta love a man like this!                         hard-earned     "dolphins"     during a       A Marine was deployed to Afghanistan.
                   ^^^^^                     ceremony on the mess decks. "What a           While there he received a letter from his
  GOOD SUBMARINE INFO                        surprise to have the Gunny give me my         girlfriend explaining that she had slept
From Bruce Brown                             fish," Hildebrand said. "After all the hard   with two guys while he had been gone
News items from ComSubPac                    work of the past year to get qualified, it    and she now wanted to break up. AND,
NAVAL BASE POINT LOMA -- "Drop               made the day even more special."              she wanted all the pictures of herself
and give me 20," isn't a phrase Sailors      Hildebrand is now "qualified in               back.
aboard the attack submarine USS SALT         submarines" and has earned the right to       So the fellow did what any squared away
LAKE (SSN 716) typically hear on the         wear the dolphin insignia. The dolphins       Marine would do. He went around to his
mess decks while underway. That all          signify that he has acquired specific         buddies and collected all the unwanted
changed recently when "The Gunny"            skills, knowledge and experience, has         photos of women he could find. He then
embarked with the History Channel's          demonstrated proficiency in all aspects       mailed about 25 pictures of women (with
"Mail Call" to film the show's 50th          of the submarine's operations and is a        and without clothes) to his former
episode.                                     trusted member of the ship's crew.            girlfriend with the note: "I don't
One of the History Channel's top-rated       "We are so pleased to have the Gunny          remember which one you are. Please
shows, "Mail Call" is a weekly series        and "Mail Call" here on SALT LAKE             keep your picture and send the rest
that answers viewer's questions about        CITY for the day," said the boat's Chief      back."
technology used throughout history by        of the Boat, or COB, ETCM(SS) Brian                              ^^^^^
the Armed Forces. The show's host,           Schell. "What a great opportunity for the               Ribbon Checker
Gunnery Sgt. R. Lee Ermey, brought the       crew to show off SALT LAKE CITY               This is an excellent website for active
"Mail Call" crew out for a day of filming    and what we do," he said.                     duty or retirees to get a printout of their
to answer viewer's questions about life at   Throughout the day of filming, Ermey          ribbons. You probably are already aware
sea on an attack submarine. "We get lots     took time to talk with Sailors, sign          of the site.
of email asking about submarines and         autographs and have his photo taken 
what it's like to be a Submariner, so        with crewmembers. "I'm the only guy in        .html
we're here to answer the mail," he           the world that gets told 'choke me' for a                         ^^^^^
explained as he waited to board the          photograph!" he said laughing. "He was
                                             great," said ETEC(SS) Jorge L. Perez.
      Sub Building Methods                    from having to surface frequently to          WASHINGTON, March 25 /U.S.
New London (CT) Day                           charge batteries and refresh their air        Newswire/ -- House Speaker J. Dennis
March 18, 2004                                supply, Firebaugh said.                       Hastert     today      announced       two
Updated Sub Building Methods Have             After World War II, the Navy borrowed         appointments to the Veteran's Disability
Aided Navy's Progress                         from German submarine designs for             Benefits Commission.
By Robert A. Hamilton, Day Staff              improved diesel-electric boats, and           The Veterans Disability Benefits
Writer                                        began to pursue nuclear power as the          Commission was established under the
Groton - An electrician building a house      source they would need for long-              historic       "concurrent         receipt"
would not hesitate to join two power          endurance underwater operations. The          compromise, in the fall of 2003 during
cables in a junction box. If the wires ever   Germans also were one of the                  the 1st Session of the 108th Congress. Its
worked free, you would just remove the        proponents of modular construction for        purpose is to ensure fair compensation to
cover of the box and fix them. But in the     submarines, realizing that smaller            our country's veterans and their
case of a junction box buried in a            modules could be built in a shop setting      survivors.
submarine's bilge space, no one would         to meet much stricter quality controls,       Donald M. Cassiday, of Aurora, Ill., --
risk making such repairs. So Electric         and the United State began to emulate         which is located inside the Speaker's
Boat ran unbroken power cables                that practice. Modularity has reached a       congressional district -- served in the
throughout the entire ship - until now.       peak with the Virginia, which was more        United States Air Force (USAF) where
EB Vice President Millard Firebaugh,          than 80 percent complete by the time the      he piloted the B-47 Bomber, flying over
who spoke Wednesday during the                pressure hull was assembled, and 91           1000 hours during the Cold War. Later
GGolde Year Lecture Series at the             percent finished at the time it was           Cassiday worked at USAF Headquarters
Submarine Force Library and Museum,           launched last year, Firebaugh said.           in the Pentagon, serving as Deputy Chief
said EB spent a lot of time and money                           ^^^^^                       of Staff for Logistics and Director of
certifying a new electrical cable-splicing                  Oxymoron                        Aircraft and Missile Programs. Cassiday
process when it began building the            What is an Oxymoron?                          currently serves as director of Operations
Virginia, which will be delivered to the       Oxymoron Definition: A rhetorical            at Chicago's North Park University.
Navy later this year. "We had to have a       figure in which incongruous or                The speaker's second appointment to the
simple, effective and highly reliable         contradictory terms are combined.             commission is Nick D. Bacon of
process," said Firebaugh, EB's chief                                                        Rosebud, Ark. Bacon served in the Army
engineer and a retired rear admiral, who       EXAMPLE:                                     for 21 years and was presented the
has spent his adult life involved with                                                      nation's highest honor, the Congressional
submarine construction. "We achieved            Oxymoron - Removing the Ten                 Medal of Honor for his heroic action
that." EB developed equipment and             Commandments from the courthouse              during the Vietnam War. Bacon
processes that an electrician can learn in    while making people swear to tell the         volunteers his time to numerous civic
a few hours, and has subjected them to        truth and nothing but the truth, so help      organizations that organize the welfare
the same tests as unbroken cables with        you God, while your hand is on the Bible      of our country's retired service men and
similar results, he said.                     in courtrooms.                                women such as, American Legion,
The new process was one of several                             ^^^^^                        Military Order of the Purple Heart and
                                                                                            the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).
technnologies that have allowed for the
construction of submarine modules that
                                                             Women                          Currently, he serves as director at the
are far more complete than anything in        ALL women can benefit from the                Arkansas Department of Veterans
the past, improving the quality, cost and     wisdom of the Navajo!                         Affairs.
speed of construction, he said.                         A woman is driving toward           "I'm proud these two men who served
The museum is celebrating the 50th            home in Northern Arizona when she sees        their country so valiantly in the past, are
anniversary of the birth of the Nautilus,     a Navajo woman hitchhiking. Because           again willing to serve to ensure this
from its christening in January 1954 to       the trip had been long and quiet, she         commission doesn't leave any veteran
its commissioning Sept. 30, 1954.             stops the car and the Navajo woman            behind," said Hastert. "Their continued
Firebaugh spoke about how submarine           climbs in. During their small talk, the       service to our nation and our veterans is
construction has changed over the years,      Navajo woman glances surreptitiously at       greatly appreciated. They are true
and how it was largely driven by              a brown bag on the front seat between         patriots."
German successes in the first half of the     them.                                                           ^^^^^
20th century.                                 "If you're wondering what's in the bag,"                        Jake
He said then-Lt. Hyman G. Rickover,           offers the woman, "it's a bottle of wine. I   Jake was dying. His wife, Joanne, was
who would later become an admiral and         got it for my husband."                       maintaining a candlelight vigil by his
head of the Navy Nuclear Reactors              The Navajo woman is silent for a while,      side. She held his fragile hand, tears
program, wrote a paper around 1927 in         nods several times and says, "Good            running down her face. Her praying
which he analyzed German U-boat               trade."                                       roused him from his slumber. He looked
operations in World War II. Almost a                            ^^^^^                       up and his pale lips began to move
quarter-century before the Nautilus             Speaker Hastert Announces                   slightly.
would start to take shape, Rickover                   Appointments                          "My darling Joanne," he whispered.
recognized that submarines needed a           to the Veterans Disability Benefits           "Hush, my love," she said. "Rest. Shhh...
propulsion source that would free them        Commission                                    Don't talk."
In his tired voice, "I have something I must confess to you."           obtain    an     SF-180      please     travel   to    URL:
"There's nothing to confess," replied the weeping Joanne      
"Everything's all right, just go to sleep."                             (*) Do not request the medal to be issued to you. The United
"No, no. I must die in peace, Joanne. I...I cheated on you!"            States government does not issue foreign medals.
"I know," Joanne whispered as she softly stroked his forehead.
"Shhhh...Just let the poison work.....                                  Official            Authorization            Information:
          A man doing market research knocked on a door and             Best,
was greeted by a young woman with three small children                  Brooke Rowe,
running around at her feet. He said, "I'm doing some research           Associate Librarian
for Vaseline. Have you ever used the product?"                          The American War Library
          She said, "Yes. My husband and I use it all the time."
          "And if you don't mind me asking, what do you use it                                   ^^^^^
for?"                                                                                     Razorback Pictures
          "We use it for sex."                                          The pictures are some Greg brought back from his recent trip
          The researcher was a little taken aback. He said,             to Turkey and some sent by John Adams of the work as it is in
"Usually people lie to                                                  progress.
me and say that they use it on a child's bicycle chain or to help                                  ^^^^^
with a gate hinge. But, in fact, I know that most people do use
it for sex. I admire you for your honesty. Since you've been
frank so far, can you tell me exactly how you use it for sex?"
          The woman said, "I don't mind telling you at all. My
husband and I put it on the doorknob and it keeps the kids
            Lawyers, can't live with 'em...
A lawyer's dog, running about unleashed, beelines for a
butcher shop and steals a roast. Butcher goes to lawyer's office
and asks, "If a dog running unleashed steals a piece of meat
from my store, do I have a right to demand payment for the
meat from the dog's owner?" The lawyer answers,
"Then you owe me $8.50. Your dog was loose and stole a
roast from me today."
The lawyer, without a word, writes the butcher a check for
$8.50 [attorneys don't carry cash--it's too plebeian--and the
butcher hadn't brought the shop's credit card imprinter to the
lawyer's office].
Several periods of time later--it could be the next day but that
would be unrealistic--the butcher opens the mail and finds an
envelope from the lawyer: $20 due for a consultation.
           The Vietnam Cross of Gallantry
All Vietnam Veterans Were Awarded The Vietnam Cross
of Gallantry
Awarded to members of the Armed Forces of the United
States, Canada, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Israel,
France, Germany, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Dominican Republic and
other Allied nations who provided military forces in Vietnam.
The Cross of Gallantry is awarded for individual valorous
achievement in combat during the Vietnam conflict, March 1,
1961 through March 28, 1973.
Because the Cross of Gallantry does not appear on every
United States Vietnam veteran's DD-214 American Vietnam
veterans may receive government acknowledgement (only *)
of this medal (but not the medal itself, see below *) by
requesting a DD-215 from the National Records and Personnel
Center in St. Louis, MO using standard form (SF) SF-180. To

                                                     Our Creed
                        "To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in
                         the pursuit of their duties while serving their Country. That their
                          dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of
                        motivation toward greater accomplishments. A pledge of loyalty and
                                   patriotism to the United States Government."
                                            WW II Boats on Eternal Patrol
                       Sealion (SS-195)      S-36 (SS-141)                   S-26 (SS-131)
                       Shark I (SS-174)      Perch (SS-176)                  S-27 (SS-132)
In God We Trust

                       Grunion (SS-216)      S-39 (SS-144)                  Argonaut (SS-166)
                       Amberjack (SS-219)    Grampus (SS-207)               Triton (SS-201)
                       Pickerel (SS-177)     Grenadier (SS-210)             Runner (SS-275)
                       R-12 (SS-89)          Grayling (SS-209)              Pompano (SS-181)
                       Cisco (SS-290)        S-44 (SS-155)                   Dorado (SS-248)
                       Wahoo (SS-238)        Corvina (SS-226)               Scuplin (SS-191)

                       Capelin (SS-289)      Scorpion (SS-278)              Grayback (SS-208)
                       Trout (SS-202)        Tullibee (SS-284)              Gugeon (SS-211)
                       Herring (SS-233)      Golet (SS-361)                  S-28 (SS-133)
                       Robalo (SS-273)       Filer (SS-250)                 Harder (SS-257)
                       Seawolf (SS-197)      Darter (SS-227)                Shark II (SS-314)
                       Tang (SS-306)         Escolar (SS-294)               Albacore (SS-218)
                       Growler (SS-215)      Scamp (SS-277)                 Swordfish (SS-193)
                       Barbel (SS-316)       Kete (SS-369)                  Trigger (SS-237)
                       Snook (SS-279)        Lagarto (SS-317)               Bonefish (SS-223)
                       Bullhead (SS-332)
                                         Cold War Boats on Eternal Patrol
                       Scorpion (SSN-589)                                   Thresher (SSN-593)
                                                 Pledge of Allegiance
Hawgfish Scuttlebutt

2103 Wright Avenue
Benton, AR 72015
James W. Barnes
                          "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,
                          and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,
                                    indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."
7)                  Swordfish (SS-193)
                       Barbel (SS-316)       Kete (SS-369)                   Trigger (SS-237)
                       Snook (SS-279)        Lagarto (SS-317)                Bonefish (SS-223)
                       Bullhead (SS-332)
                                        Cold War Boats on Eternal Patrol
                       Scorpion (SSN-589)                                    Thresher (SSN-593)
                                                 Pledge of Allegiance
2103 Wright Avenue
Hawgfish Scuttlebutt

Benton, AR 72015
James W. Barnes
                          "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,
                          and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God,
                                    indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

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