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Pa Sales Tax Icc


Pa Sales Tax Icc document sample

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									To:            The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd

                                                                                                                                    Date :
Name of Beneficiary                                                                                      INSTRUCTIONS
                                                                                                         (For Documentary Credit Bills Only)

Address of Beneficiary                                                                                              We hand you draft and / or documents as under for disposal in
                                                                                                                 accordance with the following instructions and subject to our General
                                                                                                                   Security Agreement Relating to Goods or Trade Finance General
Contact Name:                                                     Tel No:                                          Agreement if held by yourselves, and to the terms and conditions
                                                                                                                                             below for :

                                                                                                         PAYMENT INSTRUCTION UNDER DOCUMENTARY CREDIT
Name of Applicant                                                                                              Pay proceeds immediately on negotiation
                                                                                                               Pay proceeds on settlement of reimbursement claim
                                                                                                               Pay proceeds on acceptance of documents by issuing bank
                                                                                                               Please cable Issuing Bank for authority to negotiate
                                                                                                               discrepant documents
Drawee                                                                                                         Please discount upon advice of maturity date
                                                                                                               (For Usance Bills Only)

                                                                                                                    OTHER BANK'S NEGOTIATION
                                                                                                                    Please instruct the negotiating bank as follows:
Departure Date                                 Sea / Airport of Loading

Vessel / Flight No.                            Final Destn. if on Carriage
Port of Discharge                              Our Ref                                                      Amendment(s) under Documentary Credit No.
                                               Draft Dt (dd-mmm-yy)                                              We have accepted amendment(s) No (s)
Invoice Number                                                                                                   under this Documentary Credit.
Documentary Credit No.                         Issued by (Bank and Branch)                                       We advise you that there is / are no amendment(s) to this
                                                                                                                 Documentary Credit to date.

Documentary Credit Date                                                      (DD-MMM-YY)

Please mark number of documents attached                                                                                                                   Other Instructions
Draft                                                                        Air Waybill
Commercial Invoice                                                           Signed Bills of Lading
Packing / Weight List                                                        Non-neg Bills of Lading
Insurance Policy / Certificate                                               Certificate of Origin

Other Documents

For additional information on Draft ONLY
Credit our Current Account A/C No                                                                        With (Bank Name)
Bill amount in words

Bill Amount(in figures)
FOR BANK USE ONLY                                                 Export Account
GSA or TFGA held                               [   ]
Signature :      - Collection letter           [   ]
                          - Insurance policy   [   ]
                                                                                                                                                Authorised Signature(s)
Terms and Conditions
      1       Unless the bill is drawn and/or documents are presented under an Irrevocable Credit issued or confirmed by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited ("The Bank") we agree that: -
                   a)     The Bank retains recourse on me / us in the event of dishonour.
                   b)     The Bank shall not be responsible for any act, omission, default, suspension, insolvency or bankruptcy of any correspondent, agent or sub-agent.
                   c)     The Bank shall not be responsible for any delay in remittance or loss in exchange during transmission or in the course of collection.
                   d)     The Bank shall not be responsible for loss or delay of any bill of exchange or documents in transit or in the possession of any correspondent agent or sub-agent.
      2       Drawings under Documentary Credits are subject to Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (2007 Revision). ICC Publication 600.
      3       For bill negotiation under Usance DC confirmed by the Bank
              We agree that upon the negotiation/finance of clean documents by the bank under a confirmed letter of credit, we will co-operate fully with the Bank and render the Bank
              all assistance it requires in the collection of any outstandings and the enforcement of payment thereof, whether by legal proceedings or otherwise, including the provision
              of evidence and witnesses, and the execution of any further documents required to perfect title to the debt.
              The Bank shall have the right of recourse to us under its confirmation if the issuing bank is not obliged to pay it any amount(s) expressed to be payable under the terms of the
              credit, by any injunction or other court order, or if the Bank suffers any other loss or damage, due to any fraud, illegality, unauthorized act or the like in which we are involved.
      4       We agree that to enable the Bank to provide or consider whether to provide us with services, we are required to supply to the Bank, personal, account and transactional information
              ('Customer Information').Subject to the Bank agreeing to provide such services as we may request, the Bank will use, store and transfer (whether within or outside Singapore) and/or
              exchange such details and information to or with all such persons as the Bank may consider necessary. This includes but is not limited to any member of the
              HSBC Group for any and all purposes in connection with such service and/or for the purpose of promoting, improving and furthering the provision of other financial services
              by the Bank and any member of the HSBC Group to us generally, and/or any other purposes and to such persons as may be in accordance with the Bank's general policy on
              disclosure of information as set out in statements, circulars, notices or other terms and conditions made available by the Bank to us from time to time.
              Without prejudice to the above, we acknowledge that, where the Bank considers it necessary or appropriate, the Bank may transfer any such data, details or information to any
              service provider (whether situated in or outside Singapore), under conditions of confidentiality imposed on such service providers, for the purpose of data processing or providing
              any service on behalf of the Bank to us (including third party service providers, sales and telemarketing agencies).
              We agree and acknowledge that overseas service providers may be required by law to disclose information received from the Bank to third parties. Such circumstances include
              the service provider being compelled to disclose information pursuant to a court order, police investigations and criminal prosecutions for tax evasion or other offences.
                                                THE HONGKONG AND SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION LIMITED
Pay to the order of any Bank or Trust Company

                                                                                                                                                                                                            At                                       of this

                                                                                                                  First of Exchange              (Second being unpaid) Pay to the order of   The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

                                                                                                                  Value Received Drawn under
                                                                                                                  Documentary Credit No :
                                                                                                                  DC Issuing Date            :

                                                THE HONGKONG AND SHANGHAI BANKING CORPORATION LIMITED
Pay to the order of any Bank or Trust Company

                                                                                                                                                                                                            At                                       of this

                                                                                                                  Second of Exchange             (First being unpaid) Pay to the order of    The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

                                                                                                                  Value Received Drawn under
                                                                                                                  Documentary Credit No :
                                                                                                                  DC Issuing Date            :

Guide to Using HSBC Trade Services Collection Order Templates

The file named "dc02.xls" is for presentation of documents under letters of credit,
whereas the file named "colln02.xls" is for presentation of collection documents
(DA, DP, etc.). It’s simple to use.

       Open the file in MS Excel environment. Enable macros when prompted.

       Fill up the shaded fields as appropriate. (The date format is dd-MMM-yy.)

     Move the cursor around by means of the mouse or the arrow keys on your

     After completion of the collection order form, click on the PRINT button at
    the bottom of the form. (Prior to this, insert two pieces of A4 paper in a laserjet
    or inkjet printer that is connected to your PC.)

     The collection order form will be printed along with the Bills of Exchange
    (Drafts). (Note: You do not have to separately prepare the bills of exchange.)

Sign on the collection order and bills of exchange, attach them to the other
documents and send them to HSBC Trade Services.

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