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					          Target your
application to the job
Applications – What are they For?

•   Check fundamental selection criteria is met
•   Select candidates for further assessment
•   Provide labour market indicators
•   Screen applicants out
•   Compare applicants like to like
It is your opportunity to…

• Market yourself
• Persuade an employer to interview you
• Create a good first impression
• Demonstrate skills in communication, organisation and
• Emphasise how you meet the employers’ requirements
  for the job
Getting Started – Information you will
•   Personal Details: First and Last Name, Residential Address, Postal Address (if different
    form residential), Home Phone Number, Mobile Phone Number, E-mail Address (make
    sure it is a professional one), If you are an Australian Citizen or Permanent resident
•   Position information: Position title, Position reference number, Your availability (days
    and times), When you are able to start work
•   Education: Graduation date/date completed/date started and when due for completion,
    Degree title (in full), University/Institution/High School, Academic transcripts
•   Other Qualifications: Details of certificates, Licences (eg. Truck driving licence),
    Training, Awards
•   Employment History (most current to least current): Organisation’s name,
    Organisation’s address/details, Supervisors name and title, Phone, E-mail address,
    Position held by you, Date started – to date finished (or current), Responsibilities, Salary,
    Reason for leaving
•   References (at least two): Referee’s name, Position Title, Organisation, Phone number,
    E-mail address
•   Attachments: You may need to attach a copy of your cover letter and resume. If they do
    not ask for a specific document format then it is best to use a word document or PDF file.
    Academic transcripts
Different ways of applying for a job

E-mail Applications:
•  Resume and cover letter as separate attachments to an e-mail
•  Resume and cover letter in the one document as an attachment
•  Cover letter in the body of the e-mail and resume as an attachment
•  Cover Letter and Resume in the body of the e-mail

On-Line Application forms:
•  Similar to sending an e-mail application with your choices
•  Some application forms will not require you to attach any documents and ask you
   to provide all your information in their specialised application form
•  Often require you to include answers to Key Selection Criteria

Printed Application forms:
•   Usually given to an applicant to fill out at interview (similar to an on-line
    specialised application form)
•   Manually fill out your details
Key Selection Criteria
•   What are they?
     – Skills, knowledge and qualities that are relevant to the job you are
        applying for
     – Usually in the form of short answer questions included in your
     – Similar to Behavioural questions (based on your previous actions being
        a good indicator of how you will approach things in the future)

•   Guidelines:
     – Break down the question and make sure you answer what is being
     – Use recent examples
     – You can write paragraphs or dot-points with approximately 250 words to
        half a page in length
     – Be relevant to the question
     – Connect with the employer
     – Be positive and demonstrate ongoing learning capacity
Approach One

• Answering the question using your experiences: focus on
  giving relevant examples from your experiences. You need to
  be specific and concise in your answers.
         Situation   What is the background or specific
          Task       What needed to be done to address the
                     problem and the strategies you considered.
         Actions     What you actually did and how you did it.
                     Include the difficulties and problems you
          Result     What was the outcome.
Approach One

Example: Ability to work under pressure
• In my part-time position with Lim's Fried Wok, I was often the
  only waiter on the floor at peak periods. Having to serve
  twenty tables (taking orders, bringing out meals, making
  desserts and making sure that all customers were well cared
  for) required a strong ability to work under pressure while
  maintaining a cool and pleasant demeanour.
Approach Two
• Answering the question showing that you are familiar
  with the knowledge or discipline: Showing what you have
  learned or your technical knowledge.

Example: Situational Leadership
• Having read widely about leadership models, I am aware that
  the basic tenet of situational leadership is that leadership style
  should depend on the developmental level of the person
  being led in relation to a specific task.
Approach Three
• Answering the question by referring to your attitude,
  philosophy or practice: relate this to the organisations
  values, philosophy and practice.

Example: Communication skills
• My consistently excellent university results in essay-based
  subjects are evidence of my good writing skills. As I believe
  part of the art of good writing is a commitment to the discipline
  of editing, I have adopted the routine of rigorously editing all
  my written work.
Putting this into practice

• “The successful applicant will demonstrate strong
  presentation and written communication skills in
• Use one of the approaches
   – Answering the question using your experiences
   – Answering the question showing that you are familiar with
     the knowledge or discipline
   – Answering the question by referring to your attitude,
     philosophy or practice
A structure to help you answer key selection criteria

Criteria one: Write the selection criteria in full here

Break         What are they looking for     i.e. a double barrel or
down the      specifically? Is there more   triple barrel question
              than one component to the
question      question

What skills   Skill one                     Skill two                 Skill three   Skill four
are they
looking for

Example using the structure

Criteria one: “The successful applicant will demonstrate strong
presentation and written communication skills in English”

Break         Presentation skills in English                 Written communication skills in English
down the
What skills   Reads, listens and      Speaks clearly and     Can write and present      Can communicate
are they      comprehends well        directly               clearly to the needs of    at a professional
looking for                                                  an audience                level
Examples      • Oral presentation     • My tutor gave me     • Researched               • E-mailed and
              for my uni subject      a good individual      information to present     interviewed
              – researching           mark on my             to class.                  several
              career pathways in      section of the         • Tailored the             professionals in
              business                speech they stated     presentation to a basic    the business
                                      that I spoke clearly   level and intermediate     industry
                                      and presented with     level of prior
                                      confidence             knowledge
Tips for before you start
•   Read through the requirements of the application (do you have to
    answer selection criteria or can you do the application in sections?)
•   Download a copy of the application before submitting it online
•   Do your research on the organisation (have you read through their
•   Clarify any unclear instructions with the organisation before you
•   Tailor your resume and cover letter to the position
•   Use the same key words in your application that are used in the job
•   Prepare your answers before submitting anything! - put them in
    a word document first then cut and paste.
•   Spell check and Grammar Check! (Don’t rely on Microsoft word to
    be accurate)

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