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					                                                                                           Policy 5.106

Administrative Guidelines                                                                         1

New Personnel Hiring Procedures
For Professional Certified / Licensed Staff
   1. New applications come to the Director of School’s Office
   2. A personnel folder is generated and maintained by the receptionist (Penny James) which
          a. Initial document collection & development of personnel folder
          b. Spring Screening Interview (if in the local area)
          c. Folder maintained in Central Office by receptionist until a recommendation for
             hiring is made is made in writing to the Director of Human Resources.

   3. A principal wishing to hire a teacher should review the individual’s personnel file prior to
       making a recommendation and personally check at least two references by voice
   4. Personnel folder should contain the following minimum documentation before a hiring
       recommendation is made:
            a. A completed application form
            b. College transcripts,
            c. Tennessee Licensing documentation
            d. PRAXIS Scores (either official copy or as listed on college transcripts)
   5. Principals and/or supervisory personnel making a hiring recommendation should do so in
       writing to the Director of Human Resources who will review the personnel file to insure
       that all documentation is in place for a hiring clearance.
   6. If documentation is complete, the Director of Human Services will ask the Director of
       Schools for hiring approval.
   7. If documentation is incomplete, the Director of Human Resources will inform the
       principal that the individual cannot be hired until all documentation is received and
       placed in the person’s file.
   8. If approved for hiring, a letter will be written to the candidate to confirm the offer of
       employment and all parties informed of the offer.
   9. If the candidates accept the offer, the individual’s personnel file will be transferred to the
       Business Office and maintained by the Payroll/Personnel Officer (Virginia Phillips).
   10. Payroll/Personnel Officer will give the new employee a packet of personnel form for
   11. Employees hired in spring and early summer will be expected to complete and return all
       requested items in the “Teacher Information Packet” to the Payroll/Personnel Officer as
       soon as possible, but no later than the “New Teacher Orientation” meeting prior to the
       first day teachers report to work.
   12. All “New Personnel” will receive a letter during the summer indicating that they will
       have an “Orientation Meeting” on a given date, prior to the first day of in-service. New
       Personnel should bring the following items to the meeting:
            a. Identification documentation (Driver’s License, Social Security Card)
            b. Social Security Numbers and Dates-of-Birth for self, spouse, and all dependents
            c. Know the number of exemptions to declare (W-4 form for Withholding Tax)
            d. Know if they wish to take insurance (May want to talk with spouse if spouse has
                insurance with his/her employer)

Updated as of 11/14/10
Administrative Guidelines                                                                      2

           e. Bring any and all forms the individual may have received in the Teacher
               Information Packet that has not already been returned to the Business Office.
   13. All New Teachers will meet with the Director of Human Resources, Payroll/Personnel
       Officer, and other business office personnel prior to the first teacher workday for the
       “Orientation Meeting.”
   14. Personnel Orientation Meeting will include:
           a. Overview of necessary documentation required of all employees
           b. Completion of all documentation and signatures
           c. Overview of Insurance Plans
           d. Overview of their responsibilities on licensing and license renewal
           e. Notification that all personnel documentation must be on file in the Payroll office
               by September 10th and be verified by the Director of Human Resources
   15. The Director of Human Resources will review all New Personnel files on September 10th
       and make a determination if all documentation is complete.
   16. New Personnel found to have incomplete documentation will be given written notice
       that their paycheck will be withheld until all documentation is complete and on file
       in the Business Office.
   17. Personnel who have complete documentation on file by the September 10th deadline will
       receive regular payroll disbursements and follow the evaluative protocol for advancement
       through the licensing progression from Apprentice or other licensing  Professional
   18. Any person who teaches under an Interim -B License, Alternative A, Alternative C or
       Alternative E License should be aware that these licenses expire each August 31st and
       must be renewed each year. Interim B may be renewed two times; Alternative A & E
       may be renewed three times, Alternative C is a specialized program coordinated with a
       college course plan.
   19. Personnel teaching on an Interim or Alternative License should convert the license to an
       Apprentice or Professional License as soon as possible. If teaching under an Interim or
       Alternative license in the final renewal cycle, the license must be converted to the
       Apprentice or Professional license by March 15th or the individual will not be
       recommended as a “rehire” for the upcoming year.
   20. Maintaining a proper and valid license is the responsibility of the individual teacher
       / principal /supervisor /director. The administrative staff will assist personnel in
       understanding the requirements and timelines, but securing and maintaining a license is
       the responsibility of the individual.

Updated as of 11/14/10

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