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Cub Scout Donation Request Letter Template - PDF

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Cub Scout Donation Request Letter Template document sample

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									Pastoral Council Meeting Minutes
                 Date:     February 18, 2009
                Time:      5:00pm – 6:30 pm
                Place:     Room 204
           Minutes By:     Lee McClellan Karp
              Agenda:           Opening Prayer/Question of the Week
                                Approval of the Minutes
                                Pastor’s Report
                                Pastoral Care Commission Report
                                Building + Grounds Commission Report
                                Miscellaneous
                                Closing Prayer
                                Next Meeting – March 18, 2009 at 5:00pm Room 204
          Ron Bocinsky                                 X       Deacon Bill Keeling
          Chairperson                                          Staff Representative
 X        Ursula Boehme                                        Fran Kilts
          Representative-at-Large                              Secretary, Representative-at-Large
 X        Rick Braschel                                X       Mario Lizaso
          Vice-Chair, Social Fellowship Commission             Finance Council
 X        Kathy Cicio                                          Alex Mieniel
          Staff Representative                                 Hispanic Commission
 X        Fr. Greg Goolsby                             X       Anita Neidert
          Pastor                                               Pastoral Care Commission
          Tom Gump                                     X       Tom Pacer
          Gospel Justice Commission                            Liturgy Commission
          Luis Guzman                                  X       Jerry Ritthaler
          Comisión del Ministerio Hispano                      Representative-at-Large
 X        Jo Huddleston                                X       Chuck Thom
          Education Commission                                 Building + Grounds Commission
 X        Lee McClellan Karp                           X       Deacon Kevin Tracy
          Small Faith Communities Commission                   Stewardship Commission

Action Items
Task                          Who                                  When
Pastoral Council Morning      All Pastoral Council + Spouses       Saturday, March 21 at 9am
Lenten Reflection                                                  Starts with 9am Mass and then to rectory
                                                                   for reflection with Sister Susan

     1.   Pastoral Care Commission Update
     2.   Healthy Times Newsletter
     3.   Praze Fitness Fact Sheet
     4.   Supporting the Troop Article – Knights + Scouts Collaboration History
     5.   Notice of Meritorious Action for Miles Page + Alex Popp
     6.   Parish Workday Project List
     7.   Eagle Scout Leadership Service Projects

Opening Prayer and Scripture Reading – Tom Pacer
Small group discussion – “What Jesus wills for me is….”
Approval of minutes – Rick moved to approve and Anita seconded
Father Greg
1. Thank you to Fr. Chito for being a great leader
2. Same for Fr. Fabio and the Deacons
     Rite of Sending – RCIA 2/27/09, Rite of Election 2/29/09 with Archbishop
     2/24/09 Archbishop visiting STA with the Permanent Deacons Class of 2012
             - Order of Reader
             - Tom McGivney in class
             - Knights of Columbus hosting Mardi Gras event afterwards
     Ash Wednesday – 2/25/09
                      - Mass at 6am, 9am, Noon, 7pm (Spanish in Church, English in Hall)
                      - 4:30 + 5:30 Services of the Word – Distribution of Ashes, Collection, Our
                          Father, Dismissal. Something new for this year.
     Stations of the Cross 7pm for Lent
     Friday Fish Fry – First seating 5:30pm and Second Seating 7pm
     March 2 – 5 – Deacons and Fr Greg going away on retreat
     Life Teen Spring Retreat 3/6-3/8
     Rite of Reconciliation 2/21 – English + 3/7 – Spanish
     Dental Mission – 3/7-3/14 (Prayers for Safety)
     Two priests will be available Saturday afternoon for reconciliation
     Pastoral Council Morning Reflection March 21, start with 9am mass and then to rectory with
        Sister Susan. Spouses invited. Give count of who is going by Wednesday, March 18
     March 28 is the Parish Workday
     March 28 is the Regional Stewardship Conference at Duluth Marriot, registration fee $40
        (breakfast + lunch), open to anyone who wants to learn about message of Stewardship, begins
        8:30am runs until 5:30pm, more info on Archdiocese website under offices – Stewardship office
     K-9 Dogs 3/22-3/25
     Parish Penance Service March 31
     April 5 is Palm Sunday – Holy Week
     Easter Sunday April 12 – Eight Masses starting every two hours beginning at 7am, last Mass is at
        3pm in Spanish. There is no evening Mass.
     First Communion English April 25 at 9am and May 2 at 2pm - 200 kids
     First Communion Spanish May 9 - 70 kids
     Parish Assembly May 16
     Changes around church
                      - Crosses to be placed on building
                      - Stations of the Cross to be put out of reach
                      - Crucifix suspended over Alter (gold crucifix to go over doors in Narthex)
                      - Bell Tower (Verizon Cell Tower)
                      - Possible outside statue (Fr. Greg)
                      - Limited Fund Drive (pastoral council agreed with fund drive) to repad kneelers,
                          new carpet in Chapel and Church, refinish wood
                      - Outdoor Stations of the Cross placed near retention pond
        Parish Mission
                      - Congratulations/Thank you to Terry Zobel for finding Fr. Bruce
                      - Did a nice job for parish, good response, other churches came
                      - Reception afterwards
                      - Good to have him at Masses
Pastoral Care Commission Update
     Stephen’s Ministry
                   - Ministry is quite busy
                   - Picked up three new care receivers in the past couple of weeks, two job-loss
                   - All female Stephen’s Ministers are busy
                   - Sr. Susan Arcaro is coming in March for continuing Ed
                   - Terry Zobel will be with Ministry in May
                   - We will start recruiting a new SM class in the summer
                   - Looking for more Stephen’s Ministers for fall class
                   - Would like to have a new Stephen Leader
     Friends of Martha
                   - The ministry received a $500 donation last year and purchased a dozen or so
                       table cloths
                   - One of the storage containers for Friends of Martha is missing (glass pitchers,
                       etc.) Search is on for materials and container.
                   - A communication template and a webpage are being built for the ministry and it
                       will be linked to the STA webpage for better communication and for ministry
     Job Networking
                   - Meet four times a month
                   - 6 parishioners who assist the Chairperson at these meetings
                   - Topics covered during sessions
                             Resume writing, critique, review and developing marketing plan
                             Job searching ideas in tough times
                             Cover letters (writing tips)
                             Making the most out of their job interview. How to prepare for an
                                 interview including typical questions to review.
                             Networking, the true way to secure a successful job position. How does
                                 one go about it is covered
                   - Daily e-mails are sent to out private job seeker candidate list, the list has about
                       200 names today
                   - The ministry holds job fairs. The last one was held in Sept 2008. There were
                       over 200 candidates in attendance. The next one is planned for May 5.
                   - STA participated with St. Ann’s “Career Quest” ministry in their first college
                       program. The ministry is trying to arrange this program to be held at STA before
                       the end of May
                   - The STA ministry met with a team of parishioners from Snellville to guide them
                       in developing their job ministry. In fact, STA will be speaking at their April
                   - Job Ministry supports the Job Board near the office
                   - Knights of Columbus have been financial supporters of the Job Networking
                   - Held an evening prayer vigil for the jobs and financial health and there were 70
                       people in attendance
     Blue Star Support Group
                   - New group officers for this ministry – Co-Chairs
                   - March 3 meeting inviting Mr. Owens a parishioner volunteer to discuss webpage
                       for our group and Rick Braschel for guidance on fund-raising ideas
                   - April 25-26 card signing event for soldiers
                   - Updating prayer list for deployed soldiers (good feedback from parishioners
                       after ad in bulletin in January)

                     -    Anne Renkes’s Religious Ed group will be collecting hand sanitizers, sun block,
                          and lip balm for soldier care packages in May
                     -    Cindy McFadden’s groups will be collecting beanie babies and school supplies
                          for care packages later in fall
                     -    STA will be providing USO volunteers for a work day at the airport on August
                          22 * parishioners can go
                     -    Ministry has written a letter outlining the group’s purport and activities to the K
                          of C in order to request a donation to cover the freight for the shipment of care
                     -    Partnering with John Zinger’s group (Our lady of LaSallette) and the Baptist
                          Church to send off 1st Squadron, 108th Calvary, departing March 2 to AF. The
                          ministry hopes to be able to adopt a squadron in order to facilitate sending of
                          care packages to units leaving out of GA
                     -    Upcoming participation by the Blue Star Support Group at the Alpharetta
                          parade. Bonnie Steadman has donated a beautiful banner to the group. *Come
                          walk to show support
                     -    The USO has a wish list which the Boy Scouts or the K of C or the Fellowship
                          for Mons could use as a guide to collect needed items for the USO. Mrs. Austin
                          at the USO told the group these items are needed ongoing.
                     -    Biggest concern is fund raising and group has asked for Parish Fund Raising
                          Guidelines so that they can be assured of following them as they develop a plan
                     -    Need assistance with plan
       Rainbows
                     -    For the third consecutive time we have not had enough children to begin our
                          sessions. In order to have a worth while session, a minimum of 4 kids for each
                          of 3 are groups (K-2nd, 2nd-4th, 4th-Middle)
                     - Rainbows will attempt to start up a new session in Sept 09
                     - Ministry leaders are working with Jim Leslie a parishioner volunteer and
                          updating the STA website with more detailed information about Rainbows by
                          addressing info in a Rainbows webpage
                     - Ministry leader will be meeting with the Rainbows coordinator at Roswell
                          United Methodist in March to combine efforts and combine marketing efforts to
                          reach our and attract children to the program
                     - Networking with 5-6 other churches to compare programs (to improve ours)
                     - All Rainbows programs have had similar problem with enrollment
One church has supplemented their Rainbows program with a similar one – divorce care for kids (Dc4K)

       Health Ministry
                     - Have 10 members of the Health ministry, each with a specific area that they are
                        working on regarding better health for the parish
                     - Blood drives are continuing to be a success, we have 3 more scheduled in 2009
                     - Mammograms are scheduled for 3/26, need 15 people to sign up in advance
                     - Working on webpage for the Health Ministry to tie to
                     - Webpage will provide healthy recipes and excellent books on different health
                     - Life Line Screening is set for August 29
                     - Healthy Times are being provided to interested parents, we wanted to give one
                        to each elementary school and pre-school child in religious ed, but there is no
                        budget. The first volume is available around the church in several locations
                     - Working on a health faire in fall with free services as well as low fee services
                        that will be available
                     - Request to offer a Praze Fitness – Dance fitness for body and soul at the church
                        on a regular basis, need to know liabilities associated with this offering
                     - Have walkers and other medical devices available for parishioners to use when
                        in need
                     - This summer ministry will offer a walking ministry
                     - Considering magic show and dinner fund raiser
        Ride Ministry
                      -  There are three volunteers who do most/all of the driving. We have a few other
                         volunteers but the main problem is that most people who volunteer can only
                         drive on the weekends and that’s not generally when people need rides
                     - Take two ladies from Dogwood Apartments to Mass each Sunday. We have
                         become great friends and it is absolutely no inconvenience. They are so
                     - There is another driver who does driving for Frances Knowles who also resides
                         at Dogwood. Frances needs rides to the doctors office several times a week
                     - Carol Hopkins drives Fr Tom Hoctor around some. During the Summer and Fall
                         others also drive Father Hoctor to classes
        Knights of Columbus
                     - Fish Fry
                     - Pancake breakfast
                     - Support to the mission trips
                     - Free throw contests
                     - Have found a way to have fish fry oil picked up for use in bio-diesel
                     - Knights have taken on responsibility for the STA Boy Scout Troop and Cub
                         Scout Pack – See handout from K of C magazine
                     - Signing new members
                     - The Cub Master for the Cub Scouts is a K of C from STA
                     - The incoming Scout Master for the Boy Scouts is a K of C from STA
                     - Eagle Scout Leadership Project Review for Boy Scouts on Saturday 3/28
                     - Requesting a brief prayer service and blessing of the property on 3/28 with a
                         shovel of dirt turned to be a kick off in conjunction with Parish Work Day
                     - Scout Sunday – is this Sunday Noon Mass
        Legion of Mary
                     - Legion of Mary wants to do a religious store. No space is the issue
                     - Considering offering items on the STA website through on-site store
        Bereavement
                     - Holding sessions now
                     - Parishioners are attending
                     - All is going well

Building + Grounds Commission
St. Thomas Aquinas Parish Work Day
March 28, 2009

Project List

Saturday, March 28 has been tentatively reserved for A Parish Work Day. Below is a preliminary listing of
projects that could be accomplished that day. Comments and additions are welcome.

Parish Grounds
    1. Rectory drainage, pine straw, plantings and clean up
    2. Brush cleanup behind rectory
    3. General campus yard cleanup/pine straw
    4. Soil in new planter at corner of classroom building/new plantings
    5. Power wash sidewalks
    6. Paint sidewalks under porte cocheres (paint samples painted on cement near trash area) creating
        consistency with paint on sidewalk, hallways, etc.)
    7. Cleanup and organize around maintenance shed
    8. Paint breezeway hall
    9. Finish privacy fence along the west property line
    10. Install stations (as directed)
    1. Install Dutch doors on pre-school classroom door frames
    2. Vestry curtains/curtain rod
    3. Instant hot water heater in vestry sink
    4. Alter speaker for priests
    5. Library shelving
    6. Kitchen cleanup *hot topic – Pull everything out then organize, assign ministries for upkeep
    7. Paint exterior side of windows installed last year window blinds
    8. Clean exterior lighting fixtures
    9. Gutter and roof cleaning
    10. Interior classroom emergency lighting
    11. Campus map installation
    12. Sanctuary air deflector
    13. Kitchen water heater
    14. Hide TV” monitor cabling
    15. Cleanup of fluorescent fixtures in the sanctuary and gathering area
    16. Install simplex door hardware
    17. Install motion switches in classroom building rooms
    18. Clean pews

Suggestion to wash windows and blinds

Eagle Scout Leadership Service Projects
   1. Rectory drainage/meditation garden
   2. Multipurpose trails – Several
   3. Outdoor classrooms – Several
   4. Outdoor amphitheater
   5. Outdoor fire ring
   6. Multipurpose trail signage
   7. Multipurpose gateways
   8. Multiuse footbridges – Several
   9. Church directories + signage
   10. Wi-Fi for classrooms
   11. Walkway lighting
   12. Meditation trail/Stations of the Cross
   13. Pod Casting capabilities
   14. Camera for chapel that sick and home bound can use during adoration
   15. Shelving, pre-school supply room
   16. Shelving, pre-school storage room

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