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					For immediate release – 6 July 2004

                             WARNS USWITCH.COM
   • Credit Card Comparison Calculator reveals that 35% of the
                     UK’s credit cards are now Chip & PIN enabled*

The advent of chip and pin cards in the UK is likely to spark an increase in so-called
‘card not present’ (CNP) fraud warns independent switching and comparison service

“There’s no doubt that the introduction of Chip & PIN will reduce the amount of credit
card fraud overall, but consumers need to be aware of the increasingly surreptitious
tactics the fraudsters will have to employ to try to beat the new system” says Paul
Schofield, Head of Personal Finance at

“We envisage ‘shoulder surfers’, those that try to sneak a glimpse of a person’s pin
number at a cash point, in a shop, restaurant or the like, and identity fraudsters,
people assuming another’s identity by sifting through confidential documents in
household rubbish etc. becoming more customary going forward” continues Paul.

“Moreover, with a Chip & PIN enabled credit card the onus will be much more on the
consumer. It will be their responsibility to remember their various PIN numbers - and
they’ll only get three chances at this – whilst having to more consciously protect
themselves against fraud” concludes Paul.

According to the Credit Card Comparison Calculator, currently just over
a third (35%) of the UK’s credit cards have so far been activated with Chip & PIN and

it is APACs’ aim that the rollout to all UK cardholders as well as retailers will be
complete by 2005.

Ahead of Chip & PIN becoming fully operational, has issued the
following guidance to consumers on using and protecting pin numbers (especially if
making purchases over the internet) and advice on protecting themselves against the
types of fraud that may become more prevalent as a result of Chip & Pin.

Chip & Pin credit card security:
•   Once you’ve received your PIN number, make sure that you memorise it as
    quickly as possible
•   Invest in a shredder to destroy any evidence of your PIN number as well as your
    statements and receipts etc. Do not just put it straight in the bin.
•   Never write your PIN number down
•   Never disclose your PIN to ANYONE
•   Never let a staff member in a shop or restaurant or the like enter your PIN
    number for you
•   If you have more than one credit card, use different PIN numbers for each one,
    so as to minimise the prospect of ‘multiple’ fraud if your wallet is stolen
•   If you want to change your PIN do not choose a number which is easy to guess,
    such as a birthday or telephone number
•   If ordering items over the phone, be on your guard and make sure that your
    conversation can not be overheard
•   Watch out for ‘shoulder surfers’ when typing in your pin in public places. Make
    sure that you’re not overlooked.

•   Buy only from reputable companies
•   Check for the yellow padlock sign shown in the bottom right-hand corner of the
    screen indicating that your connection is secure
•   The site's URL address should begin with https as this is a further indication that
    your link to their website is secure
•   Use the latest version of your browser as security is constantly being improved
    and released to the public
•   Always print out a copy of your order as proof of the transaction.
                                               3 is the only switching and comparison service that shows
       consumers which UK credit cards are currently chip & PIN enabled.

                    For more information visit
                                  or call 0800 093 06 07

For further information contact
• Jennifer Evans,, on 0207 802 2923 or
• Beverley Aujla, Lansons Communications, on 020 7 294 3683 or
• Ellie Stanton, Lansons Communications, on 0207 294 3633 or

Notes to editors:
* Excluding Budget, Store and Charge Cards is a free, impartial online and phone-based comparison service which helps
consumers compare prices on gas, electricity, home telephone, digital television and credit cards.
Our aim is to help customers take advantage of the best tariffs and services on offer from every
supplier. The company has developed a set of proprietary calculators that evaluate a number of
factors to advise customers on the best deal to suit their individual needs.

The service is also available via telephone, fax and post. Consumers can call on 0800 093 06 07,
fax 020 7233 5933 or write to Customer Services,, 10th Floor, Portland House, Stag
Place, London, SW1E 5BH. is not a supplier but acts as an independent advisor, giving customers an impartial
view of what’s on offer. Unlike traditional brokers, it compares prices from all suppliers, not just
those it has a commercial relationship with. The service is based on the most up-to-date
information provided by the supplier companies and industry regulators.

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