Start Up Business for Nurses

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 a population management tool
   Provide a useful tool to a wide variety of
    providers and sites

   Provide users with a tool that will facilitate
    caring for a group or population of patients

   Display RPMS data through a single GUI
   Long wish list

   Existing functionality

   Phased development

   User Feedback
                  iCare Users
   Any one who cares for Patients:
             Physicians
             Mid-Level Providers
             Nurses
             Case Managers
             Public Health
             Dentists
             Pharmacists
             Therapists
             GPRA Coordinators
             Quality Assurance Personnel
             Etc….
iCare is customizeable…..

  Users define their own patient population based on the site’s business
Users choose the type and duration of flags they’d like displayed
Users choose their own “start up” screen
An Individual User’s Panel and Flag List
iCare provides users with the ability to create multiple,
predefined and easy-to-define patient panels. Panels
are customizable and unique to the individual user.
A specific Panel’s Patient List

         iCare utilizes logic
         written for other clinical
         applications to “tag”
         individuals with pre-
         defined diagnoses and

          iCare displays patient “flags” related to
               •Abnormal labs
               •ER visits
               •Unanticipated ER returns
Individual National Measures View

   User’s select which National measures they’d like to view and
   then check to see if the measure is met for any individual patient
   on the panel.
National Aggregated Statistics

                                 iCare uses
                                 “official” CRS
                                 report logic on
  Modifying Panels
                        Modifications made
                        to individual panels
                        affect that panel

Users have the
freedom to choose
which columns they’d
like displayed and in
what order.

Each panel can
have a different
Sharing Panels

                                     iCare allows users to
                                     “share” their panels
                                      with others

 “Shared” access is either Read or
  Read/Write and can be permanent
  or temporary
Patient Record

                 iCare pulls all available patient data
                 and displays it in one view so the
                 “whole picture” is appreciated

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