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ID     2_1_1                  2_1_2                  2_1_3                  2_1_4                   2_1_5

                              argue reguires that
                              you take one side,
                              analyze reguires to
                              close examination of
                              something, compare                                                    professional people,
                              and contrast is the                           total number of         scientists, business
                              similarity and                                pages, double space     people, lawyers,
       argue, analyze,        difference between                            or single, font,        supervisisors and
     0 compare or describe    two things            No                      sources have use        collegues
                                                    Describe how the
                                                    history, culture and
                              survey of information geography may have
                              on topic              influenced
                              (contemporary music contemporary music
                              from a specific       in the geographical
                              geographical area)    area you have           At least ten sources,
                              and American          chosen. How has the     with a minimum of
                              contemporary music outside world              five journal articles
                              (in order to compare influenced this          and three books. MLA
     2 describe, compare      the two)              music?                  Style Manual.

                                                     research recipes pick
                                                     a recipe buy food
                                                     prepare food pack
                                                     food to transport to
                                                     class bring food to   Dish must be
                                                     class present food at homemade -nothing
     3 make bring             cooking at home        potluck               "store bought"

     4 compare and contrast                          no                                             classmates
                              Look at different
                              solutions and put      Introduction, Review,
   14 Review, Synthesize      them together          Thesis, Conclusion    3-5 pages

                                                    there is an abstract,
                              taking my views apart discussion and          I can present this as a
      analyze, summarize,     and looking at them summary required of       powerpoint              my teacher and
   40 and react               closely               me                      presentation            students

                                                                                    Page 1

    43 fast food

                                            preface, introduction,
                    inter-relationship of   chapter 1 and chapter
    46 analysis     aspects                 3                      complete it by July 1   IB researchers
ID     2_1_1        2_1_2                   2_1_3                  2_1_4                   2_1_5

    60                                                                                     the instructor

                    Tells of the history of
                    ADHD, what ADHD
                    is, who does it affect, History, Diagnosing,
                    what medications are Description of ADHD,
    63 describing   there for ADHD.         medications                                    Nope


                                                                           Page 2

                            pro-active - take
    compare and             several sources and                             formatting - 1 inch
    contrast; analyze and   distill main points and                         margins, times-
    report; extract and     connect them            no - just an analysis   roman, verdana or     just my instructor and
132 digitize                together                part                    easy font to read     class
                            this is an informative
    explain, inform,        essay, not an
136 interest                argument.               one part                Use MLA method        classmates

                                                                                  Page 3

ID     2_1_1                    2_1_2           2_1_3                            2_1_4                   2_1_5
                                                use a variety of                 Submit all the
                                                relevant sources to              evaluated sources in
                                                write an informative             your research paper
                                                or argumentative                 (Citation), avoid
                                                essay, assignment                plagiarism ->
      Informative or                            should be 1,000 to               paraphrase
      Argumentative,Explai                      1,250 words or 4 to 5            accurately, Portfolio   Other Members of the
      n & Demonstrate      Inform, Argue,       pages, MLA style                 due Wednesday,          Class, Group B
  139 Research             Explain, Demonstrate documentation                    11/16                   (50254)
      create, website,
      health needs and                                                           use Netobjects
  147 solutions, local     build website        technical, content               software                classmates

                                                       identify ethical
                                                       dilemma, present
                                                       facts, possible
                                                       optiona and
                                                       consequences,           use of APA
      argue, analyze,                                  respect for individual, guidelines,grammar/s
  156 compare                   ethical dilemmas       beneficience, justice pelling                classmates

                                                        what is the dilemma?
                                                        sides of the dilemma--
                                                        options and
                                                        consequences? my
                                opposing sides-- pros opinion and why.
                                and cons, my position impact on nursing--        APA guidelines, peer
                                and why--               respect, beneficience,   reviewed journal     possibly other
  159 highlight, rationalize,   explaination, rationale justice.                 articles, 4-6 pages, classmates
                                                        Yes. Advantages of
                                pros and cons of        normal vaginal
  166 argue                     elective C section      delivery                 Use APA format          None

                                to pick one side of the
  167 argue                     dilema                  yes, research            APA guidelines          none

                                                                                       Page 4

    assemble, expand,
    generate, identify,
    promote,                                                          Interview Contact &
    compile,utilize,                          Identify...Analyze...Pr Online Resources &     Mothers and Fathers
182 translate, improve    active/persuasive   esent...Persuade        Dental Professionals   of Bottlefed Babies

                                                                           Page 5

ID     2_1_1                 2_1_2                 2_1_3                 2_1_4                      2_1_5

                                                   Yes;                  Follow the PLEASED         Yes; Members of our
      Research, Organize,                          Research/Organize,    criteria and utilize the   class, Public Service
  191 Discuss                Wholistic             Discuss, Present      WWW                        Contact
                                                                         Group completion of
                             Create a website,                           project, multiple
      create, develop,       develop a graphics,   create website,       pages, attendance
      organize, publish,     publish issues,       publish a website,    and participation,         parents, children and
  195 present, reasearch     design                present in class      presentation               public

                                                                         multiple pages ,
                                                  developing and         graphics, transfered
  196 prevention             educational approach publishing             to www., presentation

      describe, compare,     contribute and        description,
  198 argue, analyze         prevent stroke        prevention, treatment build a website            yes, all

                                                                        Internet, WWW
                                                                        concept, HTML
                                                   Developing the       essentials,
      Research, discuss,                           concept, hand drawn, graphics/multimedia         Nursing students,
      analyze, describe,                           present, producing a issues and formats,         people who spend a
      decide, publish,       Get organized and     website,making a     file structure, and         lot of time outdoors,
  199 present, and explain   gather information.   draft                hyperlinks                  and beach lovers

                                                                                 Page 6

                                                Topic; Brief outline;
                                                Detailed outline;
                        Critically analyze      Annotated
                        historical and current bibliography; First                        Kate Zhou, Mike
                        rural industrialization Proposal; Second                          Douglass, other
    argue, analyze,     and economic reform Proposal; Third                               professors, DURP
    evaluate, assess,   policies; Look closely Proposal; Final                            students; Chinese
202 explain, describe   at the                  Proposal                                  students and faculty
204 organic cotton      research                interview               analysis market

                                                                              Page 7

ID     2_1_1                  2_1_2                  2_1_3                     2_1_4                   2_1_5

                                                     yes. The main parts
                                                     are to determine the
                                                     ethical problem, both     Position must be
                              research and own       sides of the story, and   made clear.
      analyze, rationalize,   analysis of the        determing what            Rationales on my
  206 determine               information            position I believe.       position are required. Clinical group

                                                                            highlight both sides of
                                                     gathering information the dilemma, highlight
      compare, argue,         research, obtaining    on both sides of this my stance with the          nope, just my
  216 describe                facts and opinions     ethical dilemma        rationals to back it up.   instructor
                                                                            5-7 page historical        professionals,
                                                     historical research,   topical literature         individuals with
                                                     provide current status review, minimum of 5       disabilities, family
                                                     of research, write     references, 3 are          members,
      compare, provide,       look at similarities   historical topical     peer reviewed journal      administrators, policy
  225 assess                  and differences        literature review      articles                   makers

                                                                               4-6 pages, 5-10
      develop, investigate,   close examination of   Identify, Present,        resources, APA
  231 highlight, analyze      alternatives           Consider, Decide          format                  classmates

                                                     Decription of
                                                     dilemma, How it           For my specific topic,
                                                     effects nursing           analyisis of reasearch
                                                     practice, how I feel      and implementation
  233 explore                 analysis               about this dilemma.       to my nursing partice medical community
                                                                               double space in red
  264 describe                use details            no                        and white ink

                                                                                       Page 8

                             Look for information,
                             search for sources,
       research, search,     choose what sources                                use at least 3          Other member of our
       evaluate, understand, to use, develop                                    sources, 400 - 500      class will also view
   277 develop               informative essay     no                           words                   the paper.
ID     2_1_1                 2_1_2                 2_1_3                        2_1_4                   2_1_5

       informative,           Informative,             Portfolio, Research      Write in third person, Class Members,
   281 argumentative          argumentative            Paper                    MLA Style,             Family, Father

                                                                                Choose to write
                                                                                informative or
                              These verbs help to      Yes. Creating a          argumentative, write
                              guide us ,the            portfolio, writing the   in third person,
       choose, challenging,   students, through the    paper, and citing        submit first draft to   members of class,
   282 find, read, and use    assignment.              sources                  turnitin                peer group, tutors


       determine your         defining point of view
       stance, analyze        clearly, looking at      establish issue,
       question, develop      both sides of            provide support for   no more than six           well just next years
       investigative          dilemma, pursuit of      both sides and then pages APA                    students ot have
   284 perspective            facts                    state your own stance guidelines                 examples of format

                                                                                        Page 9

                                     my English 100 class,
287                                  university students

                      Page 10

ID     2_1_1                2_1_2                    2_1_3                     2_1_4                     2_1_5

                                                     issue affecting us as     make it interesting for classmates and
  296 compare, relate       medical                  nurses                    nurses to read          nurses

                                                     yes, picking the topic,
  313 research, informative active research          thesis and draft        thesis                      classmates

                                                     Highlight both sides                                Probably just the
                            Really take a close      of dilemma and make APA guidelines 4-6              instructor and
  319 analyze               look at the topic        your stance clear    pages long                     classmates

                                                     identify ethical
                                                     dilemma; present
                                                     underlying facts;
                                                     consider possible
                                                     options &                 Highlight both sides
                                                     consequences;             of the dilemma but my
                                                     decide on course(s)       position should be
                                                     of action utilizing:      made clear with
                                                     respect for individual,   rationalization. Follow
                                                     beneficience &            APA guidelines using      peers - Nursing
      identify, present,                             justice; use of APA       a minimum of 4            students or other
      consider, decide,                              Guidelines; &             pages & maximum of        health care
  321 analyze, highlight    informative              grammar & spelling        6 pages.                  professionals

                            Argue, requires that
                            you take a side,
                            analysis requires a
                            close examination of
                            something, compare
                            and contrast, requires   Write a short essay
                            you to look for          about syphillis and
                            similarities and         Gohonereah and how
                            differences between      it impacted the
      argue, analyze,       two or more things,      hawaiians when cook Use time lines and
  323 compare, describe     and draw conclusion.     arrived.            geographical areas              No.

                                                                                    Page 11

                                                      Identify Ethical
                                                      dilemma, Present
                                                      underlying facts,
                                                      consider possible
                                                      actions and
                                                      Decide on courses of
                                                      action utilizing:
                                                      respect for he        APA format, 4-6
                                                      individual,           pages double
   325 Analyze                 ethical                Beneficience, Justice spaced, 5 sources
ID     2_1_1                   2_1_2                  2_1_3                   2_1_4                   2_1_5

                                                      Examine the measles
                                                      and how various parts
                                                      of the events related
                                                      affect one another or
                                                      relate to the whole,
                                                      evaluate the
                                                      resources from which    Analyze the role that
                                                      you obtain              population collapse
                                                      information, and        and foreign
                                                      reconstruct the past    influences played in
                                                      to paint a clearer      the destruction of
       evaluate, analyze,                             picture of what might   Hawaiian cultural       Perhaps some
   326 reconstruct                                    have happened           practices.              members of the class

                               analyze will help me
                               to examine the topic   yes there is more
                               and compare would      than one part to this
                               be environmental       assignment,research,
   327 analyze, compare        impacting on topic     draft then final draft. do MLA format           students in class

                                                      identification of issue,
       compare & contrast,                            arguments of both
       highlight both sides,   defining issue, pros & sides, position,         minimum of 4 pages,
   328 choose position         cons about issue       conclusion               APA guidelines      classmates

                                                                                   Page 12

                                                No. Describe, explain Not to pass 1947
    Analyze, compare &    Lots of reading and   diseases in the 19th when writing about          Yes, members of my
329 Contrast              critical thinking     & 20th century Hawaii diseases in Hawaii         family

                                                 Research the year of    Be sure to show
                                                 your birth and choose   opposing views as       classmates and
338 research , argument   Research               one topic to argue      well in your paper      general public
                          Do plenty of research Assignment,
                          and use the material Research Topic           Must be based on an
                          you find in your       Conferences,           event or somesuch
    Research, search,     essay. Be sure to cite Research Draft,        that happened in my      People with opinions
361 identify,             properly!              Research Final         Birth year.              about the NAFTA.
                                                                        Research. Works
                                                relating the life       Cited (6 - 2 net max).
                         examination,           experience to his       1000 Words. LILO.
                         connecting the         writing, evaluating his Web/CT. 5 sht, 3         No audience
373 analyze and evaluate relationships.         effects on me.          long. Group credit.      specified

                                                History, works of the
                                                author, and whats
376 Describe                                    happening now                                    Other Students

                                                                              Page 13

                                                Yes. The main parts
                                                of my assignment are
                                                to use MLA format,
                                                stay within my
                                                debatable topic
                                                thesis, organization,
                                                usage of quotes,                                  Yes, fellow
                                                effective conclusion,                             classmates, anyone
                                                and works cited within                            interested in
                                                my paper and at the                               education, parents &
    Argumentive and        Write on a debatable end of my              Do not write about a       student in year-round
410 research               topic                assignment.            personal experience.       schedules

                                                   There are more than
                                                   one part to my
                                                   assignment. The
                                                   main parts are
                                                   describing ADHD and
                                                   its symptoms,
                                                   medications available   This essay must be
                                                   and its side effects,   1000-1100 words and
                                                   and the effects and     it must be a formal,
                                                   benefits of taking      academic essay       I will just be writing to
411                                                medication for ADHD.    using argument.      my professor.

                        SEARCH requires
                        that I look up data;
                        EXAMINE requires
                        that I critically look at
                        data; NOTE-TAKE
                        requires that I write
                        data down. JUDGE
                        requires that I decide
                        the relevance of the
                        obtained data.                                                            General public; health
                        DOCUMENT requires                                                         conscious individuals;
    Search. Examine.    that I write down         Maybe. I will tell you                          people who are
    Note-Take. Judge.   obtained data.            when I finish reading                           interested in eastern
412 Document. Organize. ORGANIZE r                the instructions.                               medicine.

                                                                                Page 14

                           It identifies the                              To have the first draft
    trained, identify,     training and learning   Yes. To identify,      done by the 19th        My Professor and
413 learning,              needed.                 learn, and train.      October 2005.           classmates.

                             It approaches the
                             struggles and
                             difficulties of what an Yes. The main parts To have the first draft
                             Educational Assistant are the struggles and done by the 19th of     My classmates and
414 difficulties, struggles, is going through.       difficulties.       October.                Professor

                           This assignment has     yes, giving            visualize and create
    argue, analyze,        to contain one or       information in         an outline to work and
    compare, and           several of these        argueing , analyze,    manage, using          professors,
415 describe               verbs                   compare and contrast   special instructions   classmates


                                                summarize an article      select article from
                           what my thoughts are of my choice and          web sites listed by
420 analyze                regarding article    analysis/response         instructor              no

                                               Yes, Our assignment
                                               consists of us doing
    There will be two     These verbs indicate research, writing a        We need to follw the
    important verbs used how cancer affects    rough draft, peer          due dates outlined by
    in my assignment      lives of many and    review, and final          Lilo to complete our
422 analyze and describe. what it really is.   written paper.             assignment on time.

                                                                               Page 15

                                                                      encorporate the
                                                                      research skills gained    My target audience is
                          closely examining all                       from the LILO             my instructor, but may
    analyze, highlight,   aspects of the issue,                       research program into     also include my
    consider, present     and from both or                            the writing of the        classmates, or other
423 both sides            multiple perspectives not really, see above paper                     nursing students
                                                                      Informative essay,
                                                                      Cite at least 3
                                                                      sources from LILO in
                                                                      Works Cited, MLA
                                                                      format, Select out of
                                                                      the three topics, Draft
                                                                      due Oct. 21: 400-500
                                                                      words through
                          A detailed                                  turnitin.com, final due   Classmates, the
                          explanation in all    LILO assignment       Nov. 4: 600-700           general public who
                          aspects of the topic, (preparing for the    words through webct       would like to know
426 Analyze               inform the audience. paper), Draft, Final   mail.                     about Diabetes.

                          The dangers of                                                        members of my class
431 dangerous, exciting   boxing.               Boxing                                          and instructor

                                                                                                This the last
                                               Yes, finding the        Use three sources for    assignment. There
                                               resources to support    this assignment and      will no no audience
                          We are to research   the document,           make sure that the       unless someone in
    Research, Write and   and write an         Outline, and Draft,     final is 1000-1100       the general public
433 Argue                 argumentative essay. and Final.              words.                   reads it.

                                                                            Page 16

                          Gives closer
                          examination of
                          something and takes
                          one side of the idea                      Choose a sport and
    Compare, describe,    to go into further   Yes. Skills, General give a detailed draft
435 analyze               detail.              Outlook by observers about it.

                                                 yes...understanding                           I think our instructor is
                          reading and            my assingment and    send our journals to     the only person
436 understand            researching            the research process our instructor           seeing our journals.

                                                                       We must base our
                          This is not supposed                         topic on one of three
                          to be an argument,                           things. Our choices
                          but a informative                            are Mediceine,
437 argument              essay.                 No                    Education, or Sports    Members of my class

                                                                     Topic must be based
                                                 yes. LILO online.   on one of the
    research-based                               Reading assignment. following: Education,
438 informative essay     describe               Writing assignment. Medicine, Sports.     Members of the class.

                         take a side on an idea
                         or issue & suppoer it
                         with facts/statistics,
                         close examination of
    argue, analyze,      similiarities and      Yes, introduction,     email this to
440 compare, or describe differences.           body, conclusion       jporter@hawaii.edu      members of class

                                                                                               Members of my class,
                                                                       Evaluate and read       e-structor and
                          Educational            Portfolio and         variety of relevant     Turnitinand the
442 Informative           Approach               Research Paper        sources                 Educational Field

                                                                            Page 17

                            this essay will be very
                            hands-on and
                            requires researching      researching, create        The use of three
                            and careful               an outline, creating       sources and MLA
    research, write,        structuring in order to   drafts, editing, writing   citations whenever
443 Develop                 write a good essay        the final                  needed

                            Write this essay with     The main portion is        Write about a subject
                            detailed descriptions     writing in depth about     in the education,
                            founded on credible       the subject directed at    medical or sports     The audience is
445 research                sources.                  the class.                 fields.               anyone in the class.

                            give information
                            about the career, like                         topic must be based
    compare, descrbe        cost , pay , career    yes, different types of on either education,
446 and analyze             outlook                schools, cost, pay      medicine or sports            members of my class

                                                                                 do peer review on       anyone interested in
                                                      research, draft,           other papers, topics:   teaching , and
                            research info on a        revised draft, final       education,medicine,s    parents of school -
447 informative             particular topic          version                    ports, 600-700 words    aged children

    informative, analyze,
    compare, describe,
    clarify, argue,                              How effective it is and                                 classmates, parents
    persuade, convince,                          what needs to be        descibe topic and               of children affected by
448 brief                   informative approach improved.               produce information             my topic

                                                                                      Page 18

                                                                                                         People who are
                                                                                                         interested in the
                                                                                                         mandatory drivers
                                                   Thesis, outline, write         The topic must be      education law. Mostly
                             to write an arguement a draft and then a             debatable, interesting teens and their
449 arguement                about a subject.      final revision.                and important.         parents.

                                                                                  we are warned to be
                                                                                  very careful when
                             lots of outlines, drafts,   there is backround       citing sources and to
                             and many stages to          reading, research,       really revise before
    research, write,         create the final            draft, revised draft,    turning in the final
451 develop, locate, cite.   product.                    and the final draft.     paper.                   members of my class

                                                                                  Develop ideas for
                                                         No, the main parts       given topic, cite at
                                                         are researching and      lest three sources in
                             Research to write an        citing information for   text and a works cited
452 Research, write          informative essay           essay                    page.


                             support of a thesis         Yes, research work       8-9 page paper,          members of my class,
    evaluate, argue,         with valid facts and        portfolio and research   double-spaced, use       e-structors, LCC
454 inform                   resources                   paper.                   APA or CSE style.        faculty
                                                         yes, write an
                                                         informative essay,
                                                         use 3 sources, site
                                                         the source in essay,
                                                         and in the end in a
                             research-based              works cited page.
455 informative essay        informative essay.          Use MLA format.          Use MLA format.          the class

                                                                                       Page 19

    Highlight both sides                   yes. Describe issue,                          members of the
    of dilemma, but                        address both sides,                           health profession (i.e.-
    position should be                     take a stand to one    APA format, double     fellow students,
456 made clear             analyze         side                   spaced                 teacher, nurses)

                                           all verbs mentioned
                                           above is important.
                                           Because each verb      Topic must be based
    argue, analyse,                        helps your research    on Education,
460 compare, descibe                       paper be complete.     Medicine, or Sports.

                                                                                         other people in my
                                                                                         class, my teacher,
    demonstrate, find,    an informative   yes, draft one, two,  also turn in a          and other people that
474 evaluate, work, avoid approach         three and final essay research partfolio      read my paper


                                                                       Page 20

                         "Describe" is pretty
                         self-explanatory. As      No, the main parts
                         for "analyze" it          are basically what are
                         requires one to look      eating disorders;
                         at all possible aspects   different types of
                         of the topic. And how     eating disorders; what                            My audience will be
                         it affects someone or     causes them and who                               my instructor and the
485 describe and analyze something.                they target.                                      women in my class.


                                                                            write in third person.
490 none                  n/a                      no                       1000 to1250 words.       some classmates.


                                                                            between 1000, and
                                                                            1250 words,
    choose, find, read,   Informative report to    Research, paper,         consistently in third
492 use, pass on          give information         bibliography             person                   my class

                                                                                  Page 21

                         These verbs indicate
                         a shift in person and
                         by using them you                              There really isnt any
                         arent connecting with                          special instructions
                         your audience and       The main parts are     other then turning in a   Our audence will be
                         youre shifting from     the research portfolio research journal          the members of our
                         third person to first   and the research       along with our paper      class, and maybe our
493 I, me, you, and us   and second person.      paper.                 and portfolio.            friends and family.

    Informative or       Inform or argue about                                                    members of class and
495 Agumentative         a topic of my choice Only one part                                       instructor

                                                                        Write a biliograpy and
    chose, find, read,                           research, writing      submit a research
496 use, decide          research                process                portfolio.             Members of my group

                         information about
                         topic and a side of                            1000-1250 words,
                         someone or some                                use a variety of      class members, and
497 Inform, Argument     thing                                          sources, site sources tutors that read paper

                                                                              Page 22

                                                                 Must work daily (or try
                         An overview with   Yes, Documentations, to) on gathering loads
    Analyze, compare     some in depth      notes, and final     of information, write a
498 and describe         features           product              4-5 page paper.         Members of the class


                                                                                        classmates, the
    describe, compare,                      background,                                 community, the
501 think                action             conclusion, middle    none                  general public

                                                                         Page 23

                                               We must consistently
                                               work through the         Complete and use
                                               research work            LILO, post to Ask the
                                               portfolio which          Librarian, finish
                                               consists of 6            readings, no minimum
                                               sections. They are       number of sources,
                                               the research process,    final draft must be 4-5
                                               understanding your       pages, all notes must
                                               assignment, search       be turned in and each
                          I understand it as I strategies, searching,   note must be labeled
                          must pick a side and evaluating sources,      summary,
                          then make my         and resources. We        paraphrase, or quote. I am targeting anyone
    makes and             argument with        must also address the    Entire assignment is responsible for the
504 substantiates         supporting evidence. librarian f              worth 400 points.       care of kids.

                          to show our expertise
                          in an area in which     something we know a
                          we would excel and      lot about, or a little
    express yourself      have a genuine          about, or wanting to must have a
507 clearly, details      interest                know about             bibliography         Peers

                          reasearch a topic that
                          interest you and write                                              anyone interested in
    explain, write,       a paper explaining                                                  the traditions of the
508 research,             your topic in details. No                     cite your sources     Portuguese culture

                                                                        Mrs. Mcgrath wants
                                                                        us to write about
                                                                        something that really
                                                                        interests us.
                                                                        Something we know a My family, friends,
    show, write, share,                           The and the           lot about and have a teacher and
509 showoff               direct                  bibliography          lot to say about.     classmates.

                                                                              Page 24

                          finding information                          site sources
                          and put it in                                (bibliography)-- MLA peers/classmates,
    research, analyze,    understandable and                           format; essay should people who frequent
510 explain, organize     sensible format        one part              be 1000 words        Na Pali Coast area

    explain, express,
511 describe              Help form the body     No                    1,000 words,           Ages 18 - 35

    Write, explain,
    research,                                                          Ressearch the topic
    bibliography, three   Research a topic that                        you can mostly talk
512 different resources   best interest you     No                     about                  The Reader

                          Gives my topic a                                                    Peers, family
    express, explain,     great thesis, body,                                                 members, nurses,
513 describe              and conclusion         no                    Bibliography           doctors.

                                                 Research , must have include bibliography,
    write, research,                             bibliography, MLA    all cited work must
514 express, explain,     explaining in detail   format               show                    public

                                                                       ("Formal" how to write
                                                                       a bibliography and
                                                                       the proper format for
                                                                       a research paper.)
                                                                       your completed paper
                                                                       should be
                          requires a close                             approximately 1,000
                          examination of                               words in length, and
                          something, often with                        should adequetly
                          an explanation of how                        explain your topic in
                          various parts affect                         some detail. Your
                          one another, or how                          paper must be
                          one or more parts                            accompanied by a       The instructor will be
516 analyze               relate to a whole.    one part               bibliography           my only audience.

                                                                            Page 25

    reseach write
517 describe                                                                                     public

    write, research, and                                                                         members of your
518 explain                expository paper                                                      class

520                                                                                              members of the class

                         argue: take a sid on
                         an idea or issue and     Yes. Main Parts: the
                         support it with          information, where I
    argue, analyze,      credible facts and       get the information    i need a sources
521 compare, or describe statistics.              from.                  page.                   My Dad and Uncle

                           The approach is to                           Have a bibliography,
    Research, Explain,     learn something for    To research and write due date, length of      Friends, Family,
522 List, Write            the first time.        about it.             paper.                   Public.

                                                  the main part of my
    Write, research, and                          assignment is to
    explanin. Argue,                              explain to my
    analyze, compare or                           audience about my                              Members of my class,
523 describe.              An expository essay.   essay.                 I must explain          teachers
                                                                         formal paper,
    research, explain,                                                   bibliography, 5 or so   friends, class mates,
524 describe,              finding information                           pages                   teacher

    Writing, Research,                                                   5 pages min. typed
526 Printing               Working                no                     and double-spaced

                                                                              Page 26

                                               For this unit, there are   We have to use MLA
                                               collections of the         style formats, avoid
                                               portfolio. This unit is    plaiarism, spend time
                                               the actual research        researching before
                                               process. The next          writing the paper,      Our classmates and
    Evaluate,                                  unit will be on the        source our findings,    also our peer group
    demonstrate, find,   I would have to       actual writing             and to use citation     members will be our
528 research, source     exemplify my topic.   process.                   builder.                audience.

                         to become very active                            to research and write
    informative,         in researching the    yes, research a topic      a argumentative or
    argumentative,       topic you have        of career field and        informative essay
530 support, evaluated   chosen                research it                from your research    members of my class
                                               Yes, the parts are
                                               creating a thesis,         The paper can be        Students who later
    analyzing and        explaining concepts finding sources, and         either argumentative    have the same
532 describing           in detail             writing three drafts       or informative          teacher

                                                                        Use about 3 sources,
                                                                        located in the LILO
                                                                        assignment. Cite the
                                                                        sources in the text of
                                                                        the essay and at the
                                                                        end n a works cited
                                                                        page. Use MLA
                                                                        format as described
                                               Yes-First I shall try to in your text and at
                                               define the disease,      LILO. Research and
                                               then indications of the write a research-
    analyze, compare, or research-based        disease and lastly,      based informative
533 describe             information           possible remedies.       essay.                 classmates

                                                                               Page 27

                                                   the main parts are the
                                                   serial killer's motives,
                                                   past experiences that
                           why or how people       could define why they                         classmates, peer
535 motives, kill, abuse   become serial killers   kill                     look for sources     group, smart thinking

                           close examination of
                           something, often with
                           an explanation of how
                           various parts affect
                           one another, or how
                           one or more parts
536 analyze                relate to a whole     Types fo pollution         1,000 to 1,250 words peer group
                                                                            Write in the third
                                                                            person, follow the
                                                   Research,create a        MLA format for
    finding, evaluating,   a slow methodical       portfolio, cite sources, writing, create a    the students in my
538 working, read          approach                and write                portfolio            peer review group.

                                                                           informative or
                                                                           research paper, using
                                                                           resources to support
                                                                           thesis, 1000-1250
                                                                           words in lenghth,
                                                                           following MLA
                           evaluating research     focus topic, make       documentation, and
                           and using it to         thesis, research and follow instructions in
                           support the             evaluate, outline,      making a research         class members and
539 evaluate               paper/thesis            write drafts, and final portfolio and turn it in. peer group members

                                                                                 Page 28

                                                                          For this specific
                                                                          assignment we are
                         the approach that       Yes there is more        required to choose a
                         these verbs indicate    than one part to my      challenging question
                         is a direct approach    assignment. These        and be able to          My classmates and
                         to which the topic at   main parts consist of    answer this question    the person who
    argue, analyze,      hand is being           a journal, a paper,      using relative          inspired me to do this
541 compare, or describe investigated.           and the portfolio.       sources.                paper.

                                                 Yes. Along with the      subject must be
                                                 research project, I      related my academic
                                                 have to make a           field or career choice.
                                                 Project Portfolio. The   I must do research
                                                 Portfolio will include   and support a claim. I
                          I must have a great    LILO journals,           must inform, argue,     My english group
    Argue, inform, and    amount of credible     working citations,       and support a thesis members will also be
542 support.              sources.               sources and notes.       statement.              part of my audience.

                                                                          Find, read, and
                                                                          evaluate a variety of
                          take a side and        Research portfolio       relevant sources to
    informative or        support with           and the research         support thesis
543 argumentative         creditable facts       paper.                   statement               members of my class
545 Descibe               Analytical

                                                                               Page 29

                                                The main part of this       To write in a journal
                                                assignment is that it       to help with the
                                                has to b related to         research process of
                                                your field. You must        the paper and also it
                          That you have to pick make a claim of some        shows if we really
                          a topic that you can  sort and have the           understand what the
                          back up with          information to back it      assignment is really    Yes, my classmates,
546 Substantiates a claim information           up.                         asking of us.           peer group, librarians.

                                                  I think that there is
                                                  more than one part. I
                                                  will have one part that
                             That if you compare talks about children
                             and analyze children who have divorce
                             who come from        parents and another
                             divorce and compare section that will
    I believe the verbs      them to those who    compare children who
    that will be included in are not from divorce come from families
    my assginment will be families their is a     that do not come from
    analyze and              difference in their  parents that are not                              members of my class
547 compare.                 education.           divorced.                                         and co-workers

    makes &                                                            Refer to text on
    substantiates a                                                    Conducting                   members of my class,
    claim;research,                              Yes, The Research     Research, complete           professional
    evaluate, argue or                           Work Portfolio & The all assigned reading,         educators reviewing
549 inform                                       Research Paper        Grading Criteria             the assignment.
                                                 decide on topic and
                                                 working thesis,
                           teach readers about a research, take notes,
                           topic they may be     write outline, drafts 1,000 to 1,250 words
550 inform                 unfamiliar with       and paper             or 4 to 5 pages              classmates

                                                                                 Page 30

                           It affects how your
                           research, what                                                        My classmates, and
    Write an informative   position you take      No, the main parts      Create an outline and the college english
    or argumentative       reflects your          are your thesis and     use apa style for your board to review this
551 essay                  supporting details.    the supporting details. references.            classes importance.

                                                                         The portfolio will
                                                                         include the research
                                                                         journals, sources,
                                                                         citation builder, and
                                                                         notes. The actual
                                                  Yes, there is more     research paper
                                                  than one part to the   should support the
    makes and              it requires an         assignment. It         essay's thesis
    substantiates, gather, argumentative          includes the research statement, being           Beside my instructor,
    evaluate, draft,r      approach, a topic that work portfolio and the either informative or     my peer group will be
552 evise, edit            takes a stand          research paper itself. argumentative.            my audience

                                                                            just that it be
                           That we will be                                  interesting and be
                           researching things                               original and
                           that are interesting to We will be writing a 7   something we           just our professor I
    Research, Discover,    the reader that we are page research paper;      generally would like   think as well as
554 Share                  generally interested in biboliography            to know about          ourselves

                                                                                 Page 31

                         ARGUE- requires that
                         you to take a side on
                         an idea or issue,
                         ANALYZE- requires a
    argue, analyze,      close examination of
555 compare, or describe something             Workscited page                                   colleagues

                                                                          how to get licenced
                         it shows what my                                 and what you have to
557 Describe             topic is and explains it yes. how to bartend,    know

                                                the first part for this
                         close examination of   assignment is
                         the subject and the    gathering resources       chose a challenging
                         description of the     and the second part       research question      my audience will be
                         career in              is combind the            and write them infor   my member of the
                         management             information and           informative or         class, family, tutor,
559 analyze and describe information system     wrting a essay            argumentive essay.     and instructor.

    research,exlain,                                                      bibliography, formal   friends, boyfriend,
560 describe,            finding informations                             paper, 5 or so pages   teacher

                                                                          Stay focused one one
                                                                          topic and write a five
    Summarize, compare how, what, when,         Yes, internet, library    page essay on that     members of the
561 and contrast       where and wy             or current book.          one subject.Yes,       general public

                                                                               Page 32

                                                                          Choose a subject
                                                                          related to your
                                                                          academic field or
                                                 Yes;The first part is to career choice, and
                                                 prepare a Research use that subject as
                          I am going to find     writing portfolio and    the basis for a          Besides my instructor,
                          information on my      the second part is to research project that       my peers will bw my
    Conduct research      topic analyze and      write my Research        makes and                audience reviewing
563 and write paper       write a paper.         Paper.                   substantiates a claim.   my research paper.
567 explain, analyze

    pass on OR state &    an informative or an                        MLA, intext citations,
569 support               argumentative paper    State and support    and edit work                Class members
                                                                      The research paper
                                                                      must be 8-9 pages.
                                                                      The assignment
                                                                      fropbox should
                                                                      include several parts,
                                                                      which are the citation
                                                                      builder, all notes that
                                                                      are going to be in the
                                                                      research paper, all
                                                Assignment portfolio, sources that were            Parents and those
                          to plan ahead and not 8-9 page reseach      used, and a                  who are looking for a
570 research              procrastinate         paper                 bibliography                 teaching career

                                                                    Use LILO to aid in the
                                                                    research and writing
                                                Choose and research process. Journal and
                                                a topic. Write an   Assignment calculator
    choose, find, read,   structured and paced. essay based on that to create a schedule
571 use, support          Logical               information.        and                    Classmates.

                                                                               Page 33

                                               Putting a paper
    compare, contrast,   chain gangs, prison   together,                  read logic and       Members in my
572 analyze              life                  Researching                arguments at website English 100 class.

                                               yes, there needs to
                                               have a research            chose a challenging      members of my class,
                                               portfolio, citations,      research question,       personal editors, and
    support, perform,    an analytical         sources, and the           keep well                professionals within
573 argumentative        approach              research paper             documented notes         the field

                                                                          Choose a subject
                         Argue shows you                                  related to your
                         need to take a side   Yes, there are more        academic field or
                         on an issue and       than one part to this      career choice, and
                         support your side.    assignment. The            use that subject as      Members of this
                         Analyze means to      main parts are the         the basis for a          English 215 class as
                         show how various      Research Work              research project that    well as education
                         parts affect one      Portfolio and the          makes and                majors will be part of
574 argue, analyze       another.              Research Paper.            substantiates a claim.   the audience.
                                               research, find print
                                               and online sources,
                         ...informative or     work with sources,                                  class members,
575 inform or argue      argumentative         avoid plagiarism           none                     teacher

    Choose, Variety,                           Research work
576 Evaluate             Research              portfolio, written piece                            class members

                                                                                 Page 34

                                                    There is more than
                          They indicate that you    one part on this       Special instructions
                          must be very active       assignment and the     given for this
                          during the research       main parts are the     assignment is to         Working people who
                          process and gather        researching process,   utilize resources such   may encounter sexual
    inform/research/analy infomation vital to the   and the writing        as Lilo, and the UH      harrassment in the
577 ze                    report                    process                researching systems.     workplace.

                                                                           Be descriptive. Good
                                                                           overview of culture.
                                                                           What I believe is most
                                                                           important to know
                                                    Thesis Statement,      about the culture. The
                                                    Draft, Final Essay,    essay must be 15
582 Describe, learn...                              Bibliography           pages long.

                                                                           As you organize,
                                                                           create thesis that
                                                 Main parts of             gives a good
                                                 assignment: thesis        overview of culture
                                                 statement,                and what you think is    teacher, my fellow
                           Describe and analyze introduction,              the most important for   classmates, and
                           says that I should be conclusion, draft,        an outsider to know      maybe other students
583 describe, analyze      detailed and specific bibliography              about that culture       in a future class

                                                    Research,write a         Research Journal will
    choose a subject that make a claim and          portfolio,write a draft1 be submitted three    Members of my
586 substantiates a claim back it up                and draft2               seperate times.       English class

                                                    Sending toddlers to
                                                    preschool at age 3 or
587 sending, wait          movement                 age 4                 none                      members of my class

                                                                    Instructor has his or
                                                                    her own instructions
                                                                    for students to follow.
                                                                    e.g, total number
                         how you will research                      pages, what font to
    argue, analyze,      and write about your argue, analyze,       use, is needed to use members of the
590 compare, or describe topic                 compare, or describe schorlarly sources?     general public

                                                                                 Page 35

                                                                        Find a problem with
                                                                        topic, research it and
                                                                        find relevant
                                                Problem/Soultion/Acti information and make
598 alcohol               alcoholism            on Research Essay an action                    members of the class
                                                A history of the topic,
                                                general information
                          Finding a possible    (?), and possible
602 Describe, propose     solution to a problem solutions                                      My peers

                                                research,evaluating      MLA format, citations,
                                                sources, taking notes,   find reliable
                                                write paper, make        resources, academic
604 Research              researching           citations                worthiness             members of my class

                                                                         pamphlet to educate   the public in general,
606                                             group disscution         more people           government
                                                                         learn about climate
                                                                         change and find
                                                                         relation between
                                                                         hawaii and climate
607 climate change                                                       change                classmates

                          That we must get our
                          information across
                          clearly by explaining
    discuss collaborate   through words and                              We must use this
    design inform         visuals. Working with yes. Verbal, Visual,     LILO Journal during   fellow students of
608 connecting            one another.          and Written.             the process.          KCC

                                                                        has to be about 5
                                                                        pages. Can be any
                                                Verbal, Visual, and     genre. a connection
    learn, describe,                            Written. Written is the to the service-        my classmates in
610 connect               research              main part.              learning project.      college

                                                                              Page 36

                                                                           discuss your topic,
                                                                           display a flyer,
    learn, make                                                            connect local and     members of the
611 connections, navigate research                 Verbal, visual, written global aspects        class/school

                            Tell what the problem
                            is and suggest a      Analyze problem and Find some sort of a        Members of class and
614 Analysis                solution              find a solution     solution                   general public
                                                  Yes. Essay and
615                                               presentation                                   Class members

                                                                           It must be in a
                                                   Research and            problem/Solution
623                                                Interview               format                Teacher and class

                            to research a topic
                            and choose either an   no, just to do the
                            argumentative or       research assignment The paper should be
    argue, research,        informative approach   using an argument or between 1000 and
628 inform                  to the essay           informative essay    1250 words               members in my class

                                                                                                 People who use
                                                                           research the topic-   animal testing and
                                                    yes, why and where     history and           people who want to
    cruelty, testing,                               animal testing takes   background, past      save innocent
630 analyze, alternatives   animal testing is cruel place                  accurences, etc.      animals

                                                                           We all chose a
                                                   Final draft, Rough      problem that has
                                                   Draft, Resources, and   solutions, and now
                                                   illustration of your    what we have to do is
633 describe, discuss       To be very detailed    action                  create an action for it members of my class

                                                                                Page 37

                                                 tell the teacher why
                         knowing what the        something is the
                         cause of the issue is   problem and what is
                         and why it is thaat     being done or or can
    disscuss an issue/   way, what can           be done to address
635 cause/ concern       change it or help it.   this problem           creat an action          none

                         To concentrate on       Choose subcategory,
    Analyze, focus,      different aspects of    identify problem,   tutorial, six sources or
642 create,contribute    topic.                  solution            more, interview          classmates

                                                conduct research on     4-5 pages well
    analyze,, compare,   gathering information, a spefic topic, find    informed, no
643 describe             narrowing topic,       scholarly sources       plagarizing,             class members

                                                                        Define; Choose an
                                                                        inquiry; Research;
    compare, analyze,    What makes it a                                Bibliography; Draft;
644 argue, describe      culture?                Defining a culture     Final                    General public
                                                 the main part is       MLA format must be       first and second
                         i must research my      researching and        used, citations, and a   drafts will be peer
                         topic to get this       getting information on portfolio must also be   reviewed by my group
645 reseach,             assignment done         your topic             done                     members
    research, Find
    Sources. Evaluate                            Yes. Gather
    Sources. Work with                           information, Origanize
    sources. Avoid                               information. Write the
646 plagiarism.          Gather information.     paper.                 Use Ebscohost.           Group A

                                                                              Page 38

                                                 Choose a challenging
                                                 research question,
                                                 and then find, read,
                                                 and use a variety of   MLA Format, 4-5
                                                 relevant sources to    Pages, written in third   My audience, besides
                                                 write an informative   person, & use LILO        my instructor, is
                                                 or argumentative       as a guide through        members of the
648 analyze and describe Informative report      essay.                 the process               general public.

                                                                        Choose a subject
                                                                        related top your
                                                                        academic field career
                                                                        choice, use that
                                                                        subject foe a
    argue,                                       Yes, The research      research project that
    analyze,compare and to take a stance or      portfolio and the      makes a                Members of my peer
649 describe            claim                    research paper         substantiates a claim. group, e-structors
    Analyze the
    discontentment the
    Koreans felt in
    laboring in the
653 plantations.

                                                                        For Research Work
                         "Inform" requires                              Portfolio, I need to
                         collecting data on a                           submit a collection of
                         subject and providing                          documents with LILO
                         the readers credible                           Research Journal.
                         information. "Argue"                           For Research Paper,
                         requires claiming a                            I need to write an
                         writer's opinion on a   This assignment        eight-to-nine page
                         subject and             consists of two parts: informative or            Members of my class
    Inform, Argue "write supporting the          Research Work          argumentative essay       and drama students
    an informative or    statement with          Portfolio and          with the information I    at LCC who are
656 argumentative essay" evidence.               Research Paper.        have gathered.            interested in directing.

                                                                              Page 39

    Describe, Analyze,                                                                            People who don't
659 and Compare            Informative              Research                Use scholarly sources know about DRM

                                                  yes. The research
    informative or         researching a topic or journal and the
660 argumentative          supporting a claim     research paper                                    class members

                                                    there' s suppose to
    mine are more like a   it tells the reader what be a statistical part   take notes carefully,
    comparison and         my topic is about and and factual                no plagirism, use       mostly the members
661 description            how serious it can be information about it       credible sources        of my class

                                                                                  Page 40

                                                 Find at least 7
                                                 different sorces on
                                                 subject at least one
                                                 book and three
                                                 articales//works cited
                                                 in MLA formatWrite
                                                 informitave abstracts
                                                 on each of your
                                                 sorces write an
    Small, learn, hard,                          abstract of your
662 hurt                  A difficult            overall findings                                College level piers

                         Requires a close
                         examination of                                   The purpose is to
                         something and                                    effectively spend
                         explaining how          Research Work            quality time on the  Para-professionals
    To analyze, compare, various parts affect or Portfolio and the        research process and whose interest are in
663 and contrast.        relate to one another. Research Paper.           avoid plagiarism.    the field of edudation.

                                                                          Work on porfolio
                                                                          daily, not on the day
    Research, collect,                           Yes, Research Work       it's due. E-mail journal
    evaluate, argue,      Systematic, orderly, Portfolio and the          to a separate e-mail Members of the
665 compare.              organized approach. Research Paper.             address.                 general public.
                          a close examination
                          of something, often
                          with an explanation of
                          how various parts
                          affect one another, or
                          how one or more                                 Analyze a cultural
                          parts relate to a                               practice, write 3 typed
667 Analyze,              whole                                           pages essay.            members of my class

                                                                               Page 41

                                                                    use lilo/ use
                                              choose a educational 7resources, one book Hawaiian students in
                                              topic/research roots/ and three periodical school and out of
668 Analyze                                   effects of education articles              school

                                                                     3 typed pages (follow
                                                                     MLA Document
                                                                     design guidelines in
                                                                     BH p.113) plus
                                                                     CITED PAGE ( follow
                                              yes!/ choosing a       MLA documentation
                       it indicates what type cultural practice then in BH, p.569-645; use
                       of paper you are       analyze it and also    "citation Builder" in
669 describe/analyze   writting               give examples          LILO)                 members of my class

                                              yes, choose a cultural
                                              practice, research the
                                              history and location of
                                              origination, the
                       examination with       evolution of this         we will be using the
                       explanation of how     practice, and what is     LILO program to
                       variose parts effect   the significance of       assist us with the
                       each other or how      this practice in todays   research process, in
                       thes parts relate to   society. why do we        conjunction with the
670 analyze            the whole              still do this?            library.               my class mates
671 /                  /                      /                         /                      /

                                                                        ask a question,
                                                                        research for answers,
                                                                        use a source, write an
673 value              importance             write an abstract         abstract               classmates

                                                                             Page 42

                                                     cul tural and
674 views                    descriptive             educatoinal              MLA format, cited     classmates

    Evaluate, investigate,   Not to settle with just
    purpose, methods,        one answer, keep
    scope,                   looking and             Yes, Writing an                                The members of my
675 refine,qualify,argue.    researching.            abstract.                                      class.

                                                     write INFORMATIVE
                                                     abstracts of 7           Cite in MLA format, at
    Investigate,                                     sources, Cite Works,     least 1 book and 3
    Summarize,            Paraphrase, Write          write OVERALL            periodicals, 1-2 pages
676 Informative, Evaluate concise abstracts          abstract                 double space typed     members of my class

                                                     Yes, My abstract, the                          No, just my instructor,
    investigate, answer,     a summarization of      subject abstracts, and   Doing this journal,   myself, and the
678 condense, criti          accurate material       a work cited             using library etc.    universe
                                                     start with a question,
                                                     research, make a         use LILO to research,
                             I'll be researching a   works cited paper,       you must use at least
    research, study,         topic and writing       write an informative     one book and three
679 summarize                about it.               abstract.                periodical articles.  class members

                                                     yes, creating an
                                                     abstract, produce a
                                                     works cited page,        Use Lilo to find 7
                                                     produce a question,      different sources, use
    Studying, rereading,     Active and/or social    write an abstract on     1 book and 3
680 summerizing, argue.      learning                all of our findings.     periodical articles    members of my class

                                                                                    Page 43

                                                Need seven sources.        Write an informative
                                                At least one book and      abstract on each of
                         An explanation for the three periodical           the sources and an     College students, my
682 Describe             topic                  articals                   overall abstract       classmates

    investigate, question,                           Topic, Research,
683 search                 Research                  Abstracts                                    Classmates

                         It indicates that I shall   Yes, the main parts
                         focus in on certain         are where various
                         areas to determine a        students start out in
                         students likelyhood to      life like in society,
                         succeed in life. In the     family, and economic
                         case of the compare-        and then what
                         contrast, I shall focus     obstacles and/or aids
                         on at least 2 or 3          the students have to
                         different backgrounds       see what the likely                          My audience shall be
                         that students can           hood of the students My sources of           for the most part
    analyze, and         come from and show          begin successful in   information must be    intended for my class
684 compare-contrast     evidence as to on a         life.                 cited in MLA format.   members.

                         getting information,
                         finding differences
    analyze, compare,    and similarities
686 contrast, describe   between information         families, students    12 point font          members of class

687                                                                                               class

                                                                                 Page 44

                                                                                                   class memebers,
                                                                           the topic should be 8   especially those in my
                             be careful and                                pages long, talking     specific acedemic
    research, gather,        presice when writing   research portfoilo and about a topic related   feild, anyone whom is
688 analyze                  your report            the actual paper       to your future career   interested in busines

                                                    who or what
                                                    nationality brought
                                                    tattoos to prison; how
                             give detailed info,    did tattoos evolve
    compare, contrast,       explain veiws and      throught the years in                          audience: instructor,
689 describe, narrarate      explain history.       a prison culture.                              peers, public

                                                 Premise. Use Lilo to
    describe was there.                          find sources. Prodece
    Not sure whether                             Works Cited Page.
    analyze was or not.                          Write imformative                                 I'm going to direct it
    Represent source                             abstracts of sources.                             towards members of
    arguments.               We are to summerize Write abstract of                                 the public, particularly
690 Condense. W              our findings.       overall findings.                                 the youth.

                                                                           keep track of
    gather, evaluate,                                                      collected documents
    draft, revise, edit,                            yes, research work     for submittal as part
    find, formulate, read,                          portfolio and research of a research work      class members,
691 and organize.            methodical, timely     paper.                 porfolio.               possibly faculty

                                                                                 Page 45

692 informative          Adequate Information No                   N/A                     College Level

                                                                   pick a topic for your   members of my eng
                         tactics, methods of                       research project        102 classroom.
693 methodology          training                                  relating to school.     college level students

                                               Yes, there are two.
                                               The "Research Work                          Class members,
    Research, evaluate   Supportive of an      Portfolio" and the                          members of my "peer
695 and substantiate.    argument.             "Research Paper".   N/A                     group".

                                                                   Evaluate 7 different
                                                                   sources. Must use at
    descriptive and      purpose, methods,                         least one book and 3
696 informative          and scope             cause and effect    periodical articles. college level peers

                                                                         Page 46

    Learning how to cite                        Yes, there is finding
    work, use MLA paper                         the right sources,
    format, use in-text                         proper ways of taking
    citations, and write a An acedemic          notes and the          Learn and know how
697 research paper.        approach.            research paper itself. to avoid plagarism. Members of my class.

698 compare,describe      argue                 yes, reserch, paper      4, to 5 pages         the general public

                                                Yes. Brainstorm on
                                                topic, gather sources,                         Member of my class,
                                                choose right sources,                          and if it gets
    Describing and        they come from an     write it out, cite       DO NOT                published, then the
700 analyzing             informative approach. sources                  PLAGIARIZE!!!         public
                                                1.get a premise 2.
                                                use lilo program 3.
                                                produe a work cited
                                                page 4. write
                                                imformative abstracts
                                                on each of your
                                                sources 5. write an
                          compare and contrast abstract of your          keep a journal and
701 compare, analyze      with imformation      overall findngs          manage yourtime       college level students

    Choose,practice,rese                        1)choose cultural
    arch,analyze,investig                       practice,2)Analyze      pick a topic of that
706 ate,participated      investigative         today/original practice cultural practice      members of the class

                         find similarities and
                         differences and draw                            do not use any
708 compare and contrast a conclusion          abstracts                 apostrophes           students (class)

                                                                              Page 47

                                                    yes, there's
                                                    composing a
                                                    research paper,
                                                    getting information to
                                                    do a research paper,
                                                    actually outlining and
                                                    writing a paper, doing
    similiar, extreme,                              a bibliography, doing
    demand, expect,                                 little drafts in between
    plan, dedication,        seriousness,           of different sections research, write, read,
711 dificult, easy, interest informational          of the paper.            interview people    students in my class

                                                                             Follow the calculator,
                                                    Yes, there is writing    write in third person,
                                                    the paper, compiling     make it 4-5 pages,
    demonstrate, find,     A very dedicated         a portfolio, and doing   and use academic
712 evaluate, work, avoid. approach.                this lilo stuff.         sources.               My classmates
                           look for similarities
                           and differences
    Compare and            between two or more
713 contrast               things                absract                     none                 class mates

                            that I am finding out
                            things needed to        Yes. Main parts are:     Use different        Members of my class,
    investigate, learn,     answer my question      the absract, works       resources, ask       other college students
714 find, evaluate          or issue.               cited                    questions            outside of my class

                                                                                    Page 48

                                                                             8-10 pages, APA
                                                    paper, presentation      style, minimum of 8
    analyze, apply,                                 using visual             professional
719 evaluate               analytical               presentational aids      reference articles     members of the class

                                                                             seven sources at
    descriptive                                     research writing an      least one from a book
720 informative           writing an abstract       abstract                 three periodicals     college students
                          Writing will be
                          involved, Visual          Writing the essay,
                          elements, I will need     Making a Visual,         Three Parts, Visual,
721 Create, Design, Write to be creative            Giving an oral           Oral, Written          Members of Class

                                                                             After you have
                                                                             chosen a challenging
                           Argue indicates that a   Yes, research work       research question
                           side needs to be         portfolio and the        and have found,
                           taken. Once one side     research paper. The      evaluated, and read a
                           is taken, I need to      research work            variety of relevant
                           argue a point. Inform    portfolio includes all   sources, write an
                           means to provide the     the steps and            informative or
                           audience with            sources needed to        argumentative essay, Yes, other members
                           information on the       write the actual         referred to as the    of my class will be my
728 argue, inform          subject or topic.        research paper.          "research paper."     audience.

                           a lot of work and                                                        bored intelligent
730 analyze                research                 im not sure                                     people

738                                                                                                 class, other students

                           examinating the
    analyze,               topic/similarities or    outline,abstact,works
740 compare,describe       differences/details      cited page            use lilo                  class members

742                                                 just one                 none                   students

                                                                                    Page 49

                                               yes two parts. aids
                                               and unfairness with       have something
                                               that. also unfairnes to   intelligent to say, work
                                               animals. statistics for   with your group
747                                            hawaii                    member                   class members

                                                                    Use the library, cite 7
                                               Research, Abstracts, sources, & do
753                      Compare/Contrast      Sources              abstracts               Classmates


                         examination of
758 analyze              something             Extinction of species     None                  members of my class

    Learning, connect,                        verbal, visual and
761 Discuss              research, understand writing                    specific deadlines    members of the class

                                               research and
810 research, argue      argument              argument                  do not plagiarize     the class

                                                                                Page 50

2_1_6                   2_2_1                     2_2_2                 2_2_3                  2_2_4

                                                  Yes is a useful
audience might not      Yes, because it list      resources but they
know or might know      the sources of the        are not the best      No because they are Not really because
the topic and their     aurthors and it has       sources for general   not based on        anything is not
opinion are not clear   reliable sources          interest topics.      extensive research. guarantee

                                                                                               Yes - certain ones
                                                                                               have searchable
                                                                                               recipes indexes - and
                                                                        Maybe - books          recipes are rated on
                        Yes - cookbooks           No - no recipes here! probably better        level of difficulty.

not much

                                                  Probably, if one is                          One has to be careful
                        Books are a good          looking for                                  with Web sites - but if
                        beginning point to find   psychological                                you look at the site
not much about my       out how cats feel         reasons why cats do   These may prove        carefully, you might
topic                   about things.             what they do.         useful!                be able to use it.

                                                                                     Page 51

                                                                                                  useful, report very
                          useful, by other       useful, contain recent                           current research, pre-
                          researchers, part of   and historical         not useful, not           prints, speeches,
cognitive bias            literature review      research on the topic research                   power points

2_1_6                     2_2_1                  2_2_2                    2_2_3                   2_2_4

she already knows a
great deal. Originally,                          They may be, if there
the audience may                                 have been any
have included the                                archaeological
class (who would not                             findings of canoe
know that much), too.                            prows and carvings,
Being a former                                   or any studies of
curator, the teacher                             Maori art motifs; also                           They could be, if they
has a very great          Yes, I need historical to find out if any                               were a museum site
respect for material      accounts of Maori war recent canoe carving      Yes, they may           with photos of Maori
culture and its           canoes and their       has been going on        document current        war canoes, or
meaning in a cultural     carvings and an        and how that is          trends in Maori art     credible sites from
context.                  overview of Maori art. interpreted              and culture             New Zealand

                                                                                                  No, website
                          Yes, the resources                                                      resources are not
                          found in books are                                                      always useful
                          reliable because they                                                   because they are not
                          are all credible. Also,                                                 always accurate
                          the resources found                                                     information. However,
                          in books leads to                                                       websites are
                          other important                                                         sometimes updated
                          sources to help write                                                   with information and
None                      a research paper.       yes                     yes                     news.
                                                                          Some are because
                                                                          they take very
                                                                          technical and
                                                Yes because it is         sophisticated
                                                related to very           research and make it They are good if the
                          To get an overview of sophisticated             understandable to the sites are produced by
                          the topic             research in physics       general public.       reputable physicists.

                                                                                        Page 52

                       this topic has been
                       addrsses by several                              these types of
                       books - they'll provide                          periodicals *might* be
                       the overview I will       Yes - several of these useful - it might be
                       need to do an             kinds of articles show helpful to find out      Web sites *might* be
my classmates aren't effective job of this       promise in that they what popular               good if the
all that familiar with research problem and      report very specific   magazines say about      information contained
the Middle East        the region                data                   my topic                 on the site is credible

they know very little   No. They are out of
about the topic         date.                                           Somewhat useful.         Somewhat useful.

                                                                                      Page 53

2_1_6                 2_2_1                   2_2_2                   2_2_3                   2_2_4

                      Yes, Medical and
                      Psychiatry/Neurology                            Yes, Media, Articles,
                      books, Specific books Maybe, Medical            Fashion and Trends      Credible Websites
Yes, Their own        for anorexia and      Journals, articles that   in Culture, Fitness     are Useful, Be sure
opinions?...          Bulimia               relate to topic           Magazines?              resources are legit

                                                                      may be at correct
                      maybe but not current                           level                   may be current

                                                                                              yes, I would like to
                      it may help, but                                                        know the very recent
                      probably more so on     yes, information are    yes, it might contain   events or
                      articles for current    reliable and peer-      helpful information     controversial topics
no, (probably not)    topics                  reviewed                about my topic          about my paper.

                                                                                             Yes, however, it is
                                                                                             important to be sure
                                              Yes. The information    No. The information the web site is
No. I have been                               is current and          in these magazines is credible because
taught that you       not really, PGD is a    credible. In addition   not reliable. For this there is a lot of junk
should never assume   very new and high       the assignment is to    paper, more scientific out there. Web sites
your audience knows   tech; journals would    use peer reviewed       resources are          like .gov and .edu are
about the topic.      be a better option      articles                needed.                credible.
                                                                                             Yes. It was an easy
                      Yes, because they       Yes, because they       No, because of time way to get information
No                    present facts.          are easy to access.     constaints.            from.
                      yes, sign and
                      symptoms of my
                      disease does not        yes, lots of
                      change sso book will    researched are                                  yes, but i have to be
no                    be useful               published                                       very selective

                                                                                    Page 54

                                              No, because our
No. Their response is, No. Journal articles   target demographic is
"I dont have time..."  are more current       not "scholarly".

                                                                               Page 55

2_1_6                 2_2_1                  2_2_2                    2_2_3                    2_2_4

                      Yes; Because books
                      may show us the pros                                                     Maybe; Because it all
                      and cons/causes and    Yes; Because they                                 depends on the type
No; Smokers may       effects of second-     are current, reliable,   No; Because most         of website, due to
disagree, Non-        hand smoking in        and educated             magazines advertise      advertisement and
Smokers may agree     general                opinions                 smoking                  information

                    yes, lot s of
                    information about
Is it a successful  drug abuse and           yes, highly talked                                yes, provides detailed
prevention program? prevention               about issue              no                       information
                    yes, because
                    questions can be
                    answered, true life                               no, because its not      yes,because they
                    stories, facts on the    yes, because             use for extensive        have controversial
                    subject                  reprable.                research.                topics.

                                             yes, they are                                     yes, vice versa, .com
                      yes, they provide very reviewed by experts,     not really, some info    is not as reliable as
somewhat, none        good information       they are reliable        may be unreliable        edu, org, gov

                                         Yes, because its             Yes for their views      Yes if it is by credited
Yes, but not the     Yes, because it     recent information           but No because its       organization and No
proper procedure to provides more useful and provides different       just their opinion and   because everyone
prevent sun exposure information         views on the subject         it may not be true       can publish a website

                                                                                    Page 56

                                                                                              Yes, this is very
                                                 Yes, they can provide                        useful to find out
                                                 up to date information                       about current
                                                 on current                                   activities of NGOs
                                                 government policies                          and programs doing
                                                 and initiatives, as well                     work in enterprise
                                                 as programs in the                           development in
                                                 field of rural                               China. I can research
                       Yes, to provide the       development. I can                           published
The audience (except   historical account of     use them to analyze                          government
for committee) knows   rural industrialization   what the current                             document of China,
very little about my   and economic              situation of rural                           though it may be
topic. They have US    reforms. It will also     development is and                           inaccurate if
based biases and       provide theoretical       approach. I can also                         published in China. I
viewpoints.            context.                  use t                                        can research stat

                                                                                    Page 57

2_1_6                   2_2_1                 2_2_2                       2_2_3                     2_2_4
                        No. I want the most
                        recent information on
                        this subject. Books                                                         Maybe. It does
                        are usually take                                                            provide updated
                        longer to write and                               No. Most of the           information. Some
                        therefore, the                                    information is not        information maybe
                        information is not                                reliable for use in an    reliable if it comes
yes                     current.                                          ethics paper.             from a credible site.

                       not really, this is a
                       current event paper     Yes, because i am          no, I cannot trust that
                       and medical jouornals   writing this paper as if   the information has
Oh yes...I am not sure are providing more      I am writing to my         been researched and no- same as the
of their opinions      specific information    peers                      is accurate             magazines

                                                                                               Yes. My topic has
                                                                                               new research
No. Interventions are Yes. Previous books      Yes. The topic                                  information that is
not effective, or     have been written in     requires expertise in      No. Too many opinion published on line as
specific enough       the topic                the field.                 articles             well as by journals

                                                                                                    Yes, current
New information will                           Yes, reliable                                        information, company
be added, opinions      No, the information is information is needed Yes, I also need true          websites and chats
will vary               too new                for this paper        stories                        are needed
that what they know
is more accurate than                            the best kind of
the information I                                information, because
present. they may                                it is written by
already know more                                members of my
about my topic than I                            audience and is
do.. but at the same                             science based
time I should not                                information which is     not so good, is not
assume that they        not particularly, all of non basas and shows      scientific in nature. I   only if it is a is a safe
know anyting about      the information is not both sides of this         need really good          website, like that of
my topic.               specific enough          dicussion.               sources for science.      the CDC.

                                                                                         Page 58

                                                                         No, theres probably
                                                                         not enough broad       Yes, I can find many
no, maybe that all                              Yes, This gives an       information in         different views and
dentists do is brush      Yes, there are many   experts view on          magazines on           information on the
and drill your teeth.     books on dentistry    dentistry                dentistry              internet.

2_1_6                     2_2_1                 2_2_2                    2_2_3                2_2_4
                                                                                              I believe I will be able
                                                                                              to find some valuable
                                                                                              information from
                                                Probably not because                          reputable sites I will
No. They might think      Yes they will give    my topic is a general No because I will not just have to make
a will is better than a   good facts on my      interest topic not    be able to validate the sure they are valid
trust.                    topic                 scholarly             information             sites.

No. Most people are                                                                             Websites are not
not familiar with the                                                                           reliable but a lot of
topics that someone                             Yes because these                               people use them to
chose to write on, so                           materials have                                  find out information
painting a clear                                information that have                           about a certain thing
picture will definitely                         been peer-reviewed       It can be useful but   or subject. Most
help readers              Yes because there     by experts, thus,        using these types of   times, information
understand what the       are a lot of          making them reliable     sources are not        available on websites
topic is about.           information in books. and credible.            always reliable.       are plagarized.
                                                They might be, there
                                                are probably a few for                         Yes, there are many
                                                running, but there                             national running
                          Yes, many books are would be more             Yes, I already know of organizations with
                          written on running.   magazines.              several.               .org websites.
                                                                                               yes, if they are not
                                                                                               .coms. i personally
                                                                                               am skeptical about
my audience is the                              yes these will be       no, my topic is not    the validity of
nursing community.                              useful because they ususally discussed in information found on
they have alot more       maybe, but journal    pertain to the field of popular magazines      .gov sites so that
hands on experience       articles are more     nursing and are         and they are not       leave us with .edu
than I do in regards to   current and contain   written by qualified    proven to be reliable and .org as more
dealing with ethical      latest scientific     authors that can and sources of scientific reliable resources for
dilemmas                  supported data        do quantify their data data                    valid information

                                                                                      Page 59

                                                                          Yes, because new
                                                                          information comes up     Yes, because I need
                                                                          all the time--even       to know how to use
                                                                          about old writers like   them and evaluate
                                                Yes! These are            Mark Twain. And new      their credibility. The
They may not know        Yes, because the       articles written by       writers and writers      web sites may have
my author. They may      author has been        other writers who         oriented to the          very current
not like to read; may    around long enough     really know about         popular market are       information and more
consider my choice of    to be written about.   writing and the           more likely to be        gossip, which
author "old fashioned"   The book information   influences on an          mentioned in             sometimes has a
or unimportant.          is more considered.    author.                   magazines.               grain of truth.

                                                                                        Page 60

2_1_6                    2_2_1                   2_2_2                  2_2_3                    2_2_4
                         yes, for medical
                         description of the      yes because this is    yes, gives public
religious                process                 our audience           opinion                  yes but are technical
                                                                                                 yes, the web has a lot
yes, previous life       yes, they can give                                                      of up to date
experience               helpful information                            Not sure yet             information

Yes, biases may          Yes, perhaps if a       Yes, they are topic
include more natural     specific section is     focused and reliable   Yes to get more        Current info, multiple
or western med. type     dedicated for           and reviewed by        general point of views views, and a plethora
stance                   instance from a text.   experts.               outside the experts. of information.

                                                                                              Yes, but one must be
Perhaps. Whether or                                                                           cautious in selecting
not they do, this                                                                             the appropriate sites.
paper is to inform                                                                            Web sites provide
them of the                                                                                   current news and
arguments arising        Yes, because they       Yes, because they                            information but my
from the issue.          are usually very        are peer-reviewed.      No, because they are selection should be
Biases may be of         credible and reliable   Information is reliable not based on         based on peer-
religious, ethical, or   sources of              and credible and        extensive research   reviewed articles and
humane origins.          information.            cover currents issues. and may contain bias. accurate facts.

Yes. She believes
that cook is
responsible of                                                                                   yes, just becareful
bringing all the                                                                                 who is the source of
diseases to hawaii.                                                                              the e-mail.

                                                                                       Page 61

                      No, take too long to    Yes. shorter and          Yes. short and have     Yes. easily attained
                      read                    provide credible info     some kind of info       info

2_1_6                 2_2_1                   2_2_2                     2_2_3                   2_2_4

                      Yes. Books are
                      credible resources
Yes, but we are to    written by people who
write to an unknowing have dedicated time                                                       Yes. It is much more
audience. Biased      to analyzing my topic Perhaps, though I am                                convenient and
toward Hawaiian       and provide a list of not sure how to utilize                             readily available as a
culture               their sources         them at this point.     Perhaps.                    source of information.

                                                                        I do not think I will be
                                              yes my research           using a magazine
                                              could benifit from        article due to the fact
no, they will have    yes, they will give me these articles it has in   that maybe there was Yes I have used the
their own self        a better range of       my other class            not enough research EBSCO site before
experiences           knowledge               assignments               done on teh paper.       and liked it.
                      No, journals & articles                                                    Depends. Just like
                      based on this                                     Depending on the         magazine articles, the
                      research is more                                  type of magazine         writer may put
                      appropriate to          Yes, these journals       articles. It may view    opinions that may
                      distinguish sides of    provides studies          opinions regarding       useful for choosing
No                    the issue               based on the issue        issue.                   sides of an issue.

                                                                                      Page 62

Yes, that the
onslaught of the
American political and    Yes, the books may        yes, they contain the
general greed served      or may not have           scientific and medical
as a catalyst for these   documented cases of       information needed                                Yes, depending on
diseases                  diseases                  for my topic disease No                           the website

                                                                              somewhat, they can      yes, to get a starting
                        Yes, They have                                        give information on     point for some
                        historical information      Yes, they have            news worthy events      information on issues
no, They may already regarding the past             research information      that have changed       of the year in review.
be bias against the     accoplishments and          on experiments and        public opinion of the   To get general
space program due to failures ot the space          future possibilities of   need for space          information and ideas
rising costs to fund it program.                    space expansion           expansion               for a starting point

                          Yes, because the                                    I would like my
They may think that       information I seek will   If I choose a specific    information to be
NAFTA helps all           be from before            topic, then               accurate so popular
businesses and            internet became           information I can trust   magazines might not
people.                   popular                   will be very useful.      be too helpful.

                     Not many books                                                                 Fan clubs (often with
Randal has read the available. One hit                                        Award winning. Older personal interaction
book, has a personal wonder? Jacket                                           book with significant with James). More
story.               cover.                                                   reputation.           personal effects.

                                                                                                      Yes because they
                                                                                                      might have interesting
                                                    Probably not                                      information on him, if
They might, they may                                because, again, he is                             not the only
not like the author, In a limited way               too contemporary,     yes, his books are a        information, because
they may have heard because he is such a            and also a fantasy    new very popular            he is so
things about them    contemporary author            writer                series                      contemporary

                                                                                            Page 63

No, I may not assume
that my audience
knows about my                                   Yes. It would provide
topic. They will have                            factual information
different views rather                           from credible experts.
than factual           Yes, because my           Scholarly journals are No, because it would Yes but it must be
informative            assignment is             published faster than not be factual        credible and non-
information.           research-based.           books.                 information.         biased web sites.

                                                 Scholarly journal        Popular magazine
I assume my             It is useful, because    articles would also be   articles might be a
professor has first-    of alot of information   a useful resource        useful resource, but it    The web sites will be
hand knowledge          can be attained from     because it to contains   would lack the             my main source of
about my topic,         it, but I have chosen    credible information     credibility that I would   gathering information,
ADHD and                to get more up to date   based on solid           need for my research       because it is easily
medication.             information.             research.                essay.                     accessible.

No. Chi Kung is only
for old people; chi                              Yes. My job is to
kung does not offer     Yes. My job for this     search for an
the benefits derived    assignment is to look    evaluate data from
from weight training    through various          many different
and aerobic exercise.   sources of material.     sources.

                                                                                         Page 64

                       Yes. Because                                                            Yes, because
Some may know          researchers have        Yes, because this      No. because I would      websites can provide
about this topic.      been exploring this     subject deals with the rather use scholarly     up-to-date
Unknown.               subject.                human mind.            jounal articles.         information.

                                                                       Yes. Because their
Some of them do.                                                       are lots of information Yes. Because the
Have not gotten any    No. There are no        Yes. Because            given on this writing web site is a good
opinions from them.    information.            information is given.   topic.                  resource for my topic.

                                               yes, because there is
                       yes, this is where we   a lot of reliable                               yes, if we want to use
probably not, paper is find a lot more         information from                                and collect more
too long               information             approve expertise                               information for us.

                                                                                          Sometimes, because
                                               Yes, because they                          some sites give great
                                               can tell me about the Yes, because they    info, but others are
                                               author and his works  can show me how the fake and I moght not
                                               from a professional   public/community     be able to tell them
                                               point of view.        reacts to his works. apart
                                                                                          yes because they
                       yes, there has been                                                provide information
                       many other wars and                                                about current events
                       children were         yes,becausethe          no, because the      and controversial
none                   innocent, yet victims information is reliable writer might be bias topics

                                                                                                Yes, they are current
                                                                                                and some sites on the
                                               Yes, they are useful                             web do have
                       Yes, books are useful   because they are        No, because the          accurate information
                       resources because it    reliable and credible   articles written are not about a topic, but not
                       will go into detail     and are based on        based on research        all sites are reliable
                       about my topic.         solid research.         and may contain bias. and accurate.

                                                                                     Page 65

                                                                                            yes. assuming one is
                     less useful than                                                       careful about filtering
                     journal articles. with                                                 out reliable
                     the short time that                              yes and no. as        information from
                     stem cell research                               mentioned above, the everything else. the
                     has been under                                   information is often  internet holds near
I can assume they    scrutiny, few people        absolutely. SCR      wrought with popular endless amounts of
understand the       have gathered all the       occurs in high-tech  opinion of someone information and one
premis of why Stem available information         labs by expert       who is not an expert can research
Cell research is     and presented in a          scientist. The       on the subject.       everything from the
controversial, they  book form. I would          complexity of the    however, popular      cutting edge
may be biased        more likely find recent     process demands the opinion can be an      discoveries of SCR to
because they work in journal articles on         caliber of scholarly important part of the the emotional
a medical field      specific aspec              journal articles.    total perspective.    responses of suppo

                                                                                             Yes, if they are
                      Yes because its                                                        credible. There is a
Briefly. They may     considered credible        Yes because they are                        tremendous amount
know that it is a     sources, and it            up-to-date and are     No, they may not     of sites with valuable
problem among         provides a broad           written y scholars and relate accurately to information and they
Americans and that it overview of the            corrected or revised what my paper will be are available at your
can be fatal.         subject.                   by credible people.    about.               fingertips.
                      Books can be a
                      useful tool, but I                                I would definately use
                      would thing a              It may be a useful     a sports illustrated   Web sites are also a
                      magazine in sports         resource for me, but   magazine for my        useful tool, but not so
No? I would not know will do.                    not quite.             topic.                 credible for my topic.

                     No, books are not a
                     useful resource for                                Yes, magazine
                     my topic. My topic is       No, journal articles   articles could be
                     something that is           are not useful to my   useful for my topic if it   Yes the web has
No the audience does happening today.            topic. There are no    had current                 useful resources for
not already know the There really isn't an       peer-reviewed          information on my           my topic. I am able to
topic. The second    expert in the field that    information for my     topic. But I didn't find    go directly to the
question is n/a.     is writing on this topic.   article.               any for my sources.         source of my topic.

                                                                                        Page 66

                                                                            They are useful but
                                               They are somewhat            have not gone             Anyone can put
                          Books are useful     useful but the content       through a demanding       information on the
                          because experts have is more for experts in       peer-review process.      web so it may not be
                          looked over them.    that particular field.       It may be unreliable.     accurate or reliable.

No. Everyone has
their own points of                                 Yes because they are
view.                     Yes                       reliable information.

                                                                                              Yes I think if you go to
We all have to                                                                                the right sites this
choose from three         Some books might be                          No I do not think this would be a very good
topics, so, we all have   useful for this     Some on medicine         would be a good        ersource for my topic.
a clue as to what         assignment. Books   might be useful since resource for my topis. They have a lot of
each other is writing     on nursing would be the material is reliable I would need more of information and are
about.                    good.               and credible.            a reliable source.     very current.

No. Rugby is not a        yes. To get an                                                              yes. Rugby team info
popular sport in the      overview of the sport No. Rugby is not an         yes. Current info         from cities around the
USA.                      of rugby.             academic subject.           related to the sport.     world.

                                                                            No because they
                          Yes because it gives                              have journalists that
                          overviews of topics       No because they         might not be
                          that are both, broad      contain technical       interested in the topic
                          and narrow, with          language that are       and might not know
                          credible and reliable     understood by other     as much as an expert
no                        sources of info.          experts in the field.   will.
                                                                                                      Web site are useful
                                                                                                      resources because
                                                                                                      the information that I
                                                                                                      will be seeking will be
                                                                                                      at my fingertips. Just
IQ testing is used in                               THe scholary journal                              as long as I careful
schools to measure        Some book are useful      articles are useful     Popular magazines         evaluate the source. I
knowldge. Some may        because it will provide   because it will allow   will be useful            will check the wesit
think IQ testing is       research information      me to obtain the most   because it will share     for reliability,
good while other may      and the definition of     updated information     stories are actual        accuracy, and
think it is bad.          the topic.                available.              cases or studies.         relevance.

                                                                                           Page 67

                                                  yes, i think scholarly
                                                  journals would be
                                                  very helpful. i am                                 i personally think
                                                  going to need current    yes, they will be         websites would be
                                                  information about the    helpful. like i said      the best source of
                                                  disease, for example     earlier, i need current   information. there are
                                                  if there are any new     information and           a lot of good medical
                                                  develpments or           magazines would be        websites out there
                                                  medication               perfect for that.         that i can use.
                        The most current
                        information would be
I am not familiar with the most helpful, so
my classmates           books that are not
opinions but some       recently published
are parents so I will   may give false                                     Popular magazines
assume that they        information           Scholarly journals           may not be specific       Web sources can be
know a little about the countering the latest that are recnt should        enough for helpful        helpful if the sources
subject.                discoveries.          be very valuable.            information.              are reliable.
                                                                                                     yes because
                                                                                                     information is always
                                                                                                     being updated with
                          sometimes if you just                            yes if the information    new information and
                          want the facts, but   no, not the best           is current and up to      you can get it from
yes, it is only for       books are not always sources for general         date, but it can also     many different
women                     kept current          interest topics            be bias                   sources

                                                                           no, it is not research
No. They might think                              Yes, because the         based and jornalists
that all people learn     yes, the infor is       information is based     may not be experts in The sources may not
the same way.             credible and reliable   on solid research        the subject            be reliable

Yes, they might feel                                                    Popular magazines
differently from how I                                                  could be very helpful        Web sites are useful
feel about Special                                I feel that scholarly with my paper                resources because
Education. Some may       Yes, most of the        journals could be     because sometimes            they may have
even know more            information I will need helpful to me because these magazines              personal experiences
about this topic then I   to obtain, are mostly I will need a lot of    have articles about          that I can use to
do.                       found in books.         personal experiences. Special Education.           relate to my topic.

                                                                                          Page 68

Yes, those who watch
the daily news or        no, because i'm                                                              Yes, because the
reads the daily          looking for               No, because I am          Yes, because they        web will have more
newspaper, also,         information from          looking for more          will usually have        current up to date
teens & parents that     newspapers and            current/up to date        current information on   information for me to
the law affected.        articles about the law.   information.              my topic.                use.

most people will know                                                                                 i would find them very
something general                                                                                     useful because they
about my topic. they     not really because i                                                         have a large amount
might think that have    need more current                                                            of statistics, research,
already heard there is   and up to date                                                               and specialization in
to know.                 sources.                                                                     my topic.

                                                  Yes and no, yes in a
                                                  sense where the
                                                  information is reliable    I would say no. For
                         Most definitely, it      and credible. and No,      my chosen topic I
                         could show statistics because it may be a           would have to
                         on improvement,          ltitle too technical for   research more factual No, again I need
                         failures, etc. for given others to comprehend       opinions, information, accuracy and factual
                         topic.                   the language.              and statistics.        information.
                         yes, they provide a
                         history and a basis for
                         the topic
                                                                             Yes, because it may
Yes, I think that they   Yes, because they         Yes, because the          contain useful
will agree with my       contain reliable          information is peer-      information regarding Yes, because
thesis.                  information.              reviewed.                 my topic.             information is current.

No, they may feel that
they know what its
about, but not fully                                                                              It depends on where
understand the                                     No, not if there not  No, because it is a      the source of
techniques that are    Yes, if I decide to go      understandable to the specific field that I am information is
taught.                into a specific area.       general public.       writing about.           gathered from.

                                                                                           Page 69

                                                                                              NO. I have to watch
                                              Yes. it must be based                           for what is written.
                                              on the nursing field,                           opinions about
                                              mother-infants and                              breastfeeding found
                        yes. breastfeeding is children in particular.                         on the web may be
                        a widely researched This is specific to the     yes. It may help      subject to persuasion
                        topic, may have       health field so those     attract the general   to use formulas over
no. if they are already books on particular   reading must already      reader as well as one breast milk and
for or against          aspects of            have some prior           already in the health therefore may go
breastfeeding.          breastfeeding         knowledge on topic.       field.                aginst it.
                                              yes and no. It does
                                              have credible
                        yes, because you can information about
                        gather much           your topic, but as
                        information within    mentioned, it does
                        books. It helps you   contain technical
                        understand your topic language geared to
                        even more.            experts.

                       yes they are because
                       you don't only need     If you can                                         In a way yes they are
                       recent information,     understantd the          Depending on the          becasue the provide
                       and because books       content then yes         content of the article,   a wide variety of
you cannot assume      are a good source of    because they provide     and how reputable         information and
that your audience     infornamtion (like      good, up to date         the author and            sources but they
knows your topic       reference books)        information.             magazine are.             aren't always reliable.
                                               Yes, because they
                                               may be able to                                     Depending on the
                                               provide a more                                     credibility of the site, it
                                               argumentative                                      could prove useful for
                                               (biased), yet thought-                             providing recent
                                               out and researched                                 information about the
                       Yes, for the history of opinion, which may       Yes, because              topic, or may help to
                       the chosen topic and be useful to help           depending on the          lead me to find other
                       to present a more       spark further ideas      articles chosen, the      sources that could
                       subjective point of     and revelations about    content could be          prove more
                       view.                   the topic.               primary.                  substantial.

                                                                                       Page 70

                                                                                                   Web sites could be
                                                                                                   useful in a sense that
I assume my                                                                                        it'll probably be easy
audience has heard                                                                                 for me to research my
of or knows someone                               Scholarly journals        Popular magazine       topic online. But it
who dealt with an                                 might not be as useful articles are definitely might not be valid
eating disorder. For     Yes, books are           because it might be       useful. But wouldn't   information,
example, an opinion      extremely useful         hard to find one          be as valid as finding considering that
might be that            because their            discussing my topic. information from a          anyone can create a
magazines and tv         resources are            Also it could be a little book. Because the      webpage or site.
cause someone to         definitely valid         bit more harder to        author of the article  Also, it may take
have an eating           compared to some         understand or             might not be an        longer for me to figure
disorder.                website or webpage.      interpret.                expert on the topic.   out what informatio
                         yes thats what we
                         have                                             yes
they might know a
little about it. not sure yes, any way we can
about biases they         find information is                          yes, as long as it is       yes, as long as it is
may have.                 good.                yes                     reliable                    reliable
                                               yes, because
                                               scholarly journals
                                               created by
                                               educational                                         yes, but it depends
                         yes because books     individuals would be                                which ones. usually
                         would be able to give beneficial in                                       organizations that
                         an perspective on the emphasizing the                                     have a credibility -
                         effects of technology benefits of tech in the                             links to education
                         in the classroom.     classroom.                                          institution/group.

maybe a little bit,
because our school is    yes, because it could                                                     Yes, because there
in Hawaii where wave     have information that                             Yes, because there      are many different
forecasting is used by   I can use without                                 are a few magazines     websites, put together
Surfers, Boaters,        reading the entire                                about surfing on the    by different scientists
Island Residents         book, just focusing on   No because my topic newstands today with         and watermen, that
when stroms are          the information that     is not an educational lots of information        describe the science
approaching our          would directly help      subject, it is a history that could help me      of wave forecasting
home                     me                       of a sport.              with my research.       and how to use it.

                                                                                         Page 71

No, you cannot
assume that our
audience knows
about our topic. They                                                                             yes, but you need to
may already have a                                                                                make sure the
pre-conceived idea                                                        yes, but sometimes      websites are credible
about the topic. If the                   yes, having a
                          yes, books are very                             magazines are too       and have sited
topic is very                             scholarly journal
                          useful because they                             general and do not      sources. By doing this
controversial then                        means your
                          are another form of                             give specific and       youre making sure
they will obviously                       information is credible
                          information and the                             sited information       that the information is
have their own                            and will make your
                          more information you                            which is important      correct and not
personal stance                           paper much more
                          have the better your                            when writing a          plaigarized from
towards your topic.       paper will be.  informational.                  research paper.         another website.
                                          Journal articles are                                    Web sites might be
                                          important too                   Magazines mightbe       useful because web
                    Books are very useful because I saw a                 popular so I can        sites are usually
Everyone should     they provide all the  couple of articles on           relate my topic with    opiniated and less
know about anorexia information I need    eatting disorders               articles in my paper.   information

                                                 Yes. Journals are up
                          Books are good         to date information.
No. They are              resources becasue      Up to date
females, so they          the latest published   information is very     No. Magazines are        Yes. The websites
could be biased           information on         usefull, but books will not based on             that EBSCO hosts
against males.            tornados is current.   be more usefull.        extensive research.      are reliable.

                    yes books are useful
                    for this assinment.                                   pretty useful becuase
somewhat, might not Becuase my topic is          Scholarly journals       has current
like topic          not a current event          probaly would            information           To an extent

                                                                                        Page 72

                                                                                                Since my topic
                                                                                                includes a lot of
                                                                                                advertisements... it
                                                                                                probably would be
                                                   Might not be a good                          better to use a
                                                   idea, might tell me                          database provided by
I probably will have to                            HOW to become         This is probably       the school instead of
explain many things,                               affiliated with the   where I can find up to the web, unless I
but most people                                    tourist market but    date information on    needed to find going
understand small                                   would be hard to find tourism, probably a    rates of avg. trip
facts about the                                    much on toursim       good idea to take a    costs, and what is
economy                                            itself.               look into.             offered.
                          No, not really.
                          research done in
                          classrooms today and
                          resources and
                          material used to                                                         I always like to use
                          make better          No, I will not use                                  the world wide web to
                          classroom            these types of articles                             find resources for my
                          enviornments.        for my assignment.                                  papers.
                                                                           Yes, I think that
                                                                           magazines will help
                                                   No, I dont think        me with my topic        It will help me
                          yes because there        journals will help me   because some            because there are
                          are lots of books that   with my topic           magazines talk about    tons of search
                          help you maintain        because there arent     health and provide      engines that contain
                          your health and how      that much journal       ingredients to follow   many information on
weight                    to stay healthy          articals about health   so stay in fit          being healthy

                                                                                        Page 73

                                                  Most Definitely. I
In some ways I might                              located a few articles
think they do, but                                on the National
after I myself was put                            Library of Medicine                               I believe websites are
in the situation of                               website as well as the                            imperative in finding
having a child who                                Food and Drug                                     current information on
might have ADHD, I       Yes. Books on ADHD       Administration           Although I have not      Attention Deficit
realized that I didn't   have given me a lot of   website. These will be   found one yet, I         Disorder and any new
know anything about      background on the        the basis of proving     believe popular          circumstances that
what these teachers      disability itself,       my point that the        magazine articles        may be occuring. This
and doctors were         possible causes,         diagnosis and            could give me some       supports my scholarly
telling me. I believe    diagnosis, treatment,    treatment of ADHD is     personal viewpoints      articles which many
most people believe      affects on learning,     very unproven and        regarding this           of them are older
that it can'             etc.                     maybe dang               disability.              articles.
                                                  i never used a
No i cant assume the                              scholarly journal
audience knows                                    before so i wouldnt
about my topic, they     Yes books would be       know but i think it
might have a vague       useful because the       would be useful                                   it would be useful but
idea. There might be     solar system has         because its by           It would be useful in    it would not be
biases because of the    been heard of and        experts so the           some aspects but it      guarrnted that the
different information    research on for a long   information is           would be difficult to    information is
the resources give.      time.                    accurate.                write a bibliography .   accurate.

                         Yes, because it will
                         have information on                               Yes, because it can
                         the history of my topic                           include a lot of the
                         from years ago until                              current happenings,
No                       recently.               no                        etc., in Italy.          Yes.

                                                                                         Page 74

                                                                                                   yes- na pali coast
                                                                                                   ohana discusses
audience already                                                                                   Nu`aololo Kai ; they
familiar with Na Pali                                                                              go out there often
                        Yes. History Books on
                        the city of Troy, Battle                        Yes. National              Yes. There are sites
Yes because basic       of Troy, or specific     No. Not the best       Geographics has a lot      that have interesting
facts are taught in     details on the walls of source of information   of information on the      fact and information
history courses.        Troy.                    for my topic.          Walls of Troy.             on the Walls of Troy

                                                                        It could be. But the       Yes. Because it will
                                                                        articles normally tell a   lead you to exactly
                        Yes. Because books                              story and i need facts     what you need and
                        can also give you alot                          about everthing on         have tonse of
no                      of useful information. Not really,              my topic.                  information.

                                                                                                   Absolutely! Web sites
No. Maybe a little to                          Yes. They may hold                                  are great because the
those who have                                 important information    Yes. An article may        information may be
someone close to                               books and the            hold a controversial       endless (depending if
them that has                                  internet may leave       part in the subject:       your subject is
diabetes.                                      out.                     Diabetes                   popular).

                                               yes, maybe it will be    no, because it is not yes, internet has lots
                                               faster to find           published in the early of information on the
yes where I am from     yes                    information              years                  topic I chose

                        Yes, books are a
                        useful resource for                                                        Yes, definately, the
                        this assignment.       Probabaly, because                                  web is the most
                        Because it has a lot   they are updated         Yes, most likely they      useful source you
No.                     of information.        often.                   would be current.          could use.

                                                                                       Page 75


                         yes because they           no, because they are yes you could find       This one is where you
                         have good                  not really articles to some information in    would find most of
no                       information                find research on       here                   your information
                                                                           no, i dont think
                                                                           magazines will have
                                                                           anything about me
no                                                                         topic                  yes

yes, they would have
different opinons on
what i have but as
long as I keep things
in the real and have                             yes, it would be good                            Yes, any web site that
good sources there       Yes, because there      to get another                                   can hold any
should be no biases. I   are a lot of interest inpersons view on       maybe, if they hold        information about my
could even use my        my topic (King          something that        the information that i     topic would be of
dad as a source.         Kamehameha)             interest me as well.  need.                      great help.
                                                                       Yes, there are many
                         Yes, i could find a lot yes, because my       magazines that have
yes. they might not      of information about topic is probably        lots info about elactric
like it.                 electric cars in books. taught in schools.    cars.
                         Yes, there are many
                         useful resources for Yes there are. They                                 Web sites are very
                         this assignment. It     are important         Yes, they are useful       useful because the
no I cant assume.        can help me to find     because they are up because it has a lot of      internet has
They might just have     ideas and other         to date information   general ideas in           information on
a general idea.          important facts.        that i can use.       certain articles.          anything.


                                                                                                  Very, only source of
                                                                                                  seemingly untamperd

                                                                                       Page 76

No, we cannot           Books can be useful
assume that our         for this assignment. It
audience already        just depends on the
knows about our         topic. For example, if I
topics. The audience    was doing "The
may not be familiar     history on Asthma,"
with some topics so     then I could use           Yes, scholarly journal
the writer must         books because it           articles can be useful   yes, because there
include information     holds information on       for my topic because     could be some           Yes, it is useful for my
that will let the       asthma from a long         our whole assignment     articles on asthma in   topic because I will
audience understand.    time ago.                  must be scholarly.       health magazines.       have more resources.

                                                   yes, because my          yes, because there      yes, because updates
no, they would                                     topic is constantly      are magazines that      are so made so often
probably like to see                               being updated and        are specifically        and up to date
proof to back up my                                results are quicker to   focused on computer     information is readily
statements                                         appear then books        technology.             available.
No, they might have                                                         No, since popular
opinions on the         Yes, because books         Yes, my topic talks      magazines may not       Yes and no, since the
Japanese writing        usually have true          about many different     have fully accurate     information's current,
system                  information                ideas                    information             but may not be true

Yes, because most of                                                  They are not based
us work for the Dept.                                                 on extensive research
Of Education &                                                        nor written by the
subjected to students   Definitely-Books are                          experts. Furthermore,         No, the information
that have been          usually very credible                         they do not include a         could be inaccurate,
diagnosed as such.      with reliable source   Yes-Because it is a    list of references at         biased and/or
Specific opinions or    information with       medical condition, the the end of an article         outdated. My topic is
biases maybe            contents that are      information is         so there is no                a medical condition
relevant to my          verified by the        researched based on evidence to trace the            so factual information
findings.               experts/professionals. case studies.          facts.                        is needed.

                                                                                          Page 77

                        Not really because I
                        want newer                                    No because there
                        information. So if the                        isn't any out
yes by the title but    book is recent it could                       there..unless TIME or     yes because there
they may or may not     help. Even older ones     Yes because I need PEOPLE MAGAZINE            are alot of
agree on my view of     can help too by           to have an acedemic decides to write an       government sites out
why serial killers      providing some            approach with this  article about serial      there concerning my
come to be...           basic/old info..          topic               killer.s                  topic

                                                I need a more popular
                        yes. I can find some language for my             yes. they present      yes. because of the
yes                     scientific ex[lanations audience and myself      recent events          variety
no, My report will be                           Yes, because they
informative so                                  have contain
opinions will only vary Yes, there are many accurate information         no, simply because     Yes, as long as
on whether the topic reputable books            that pertains to         magazines are very     reputability can be
is good or bad          written about cancer. Cancer                     opininated             verified.

                                                                                               Yes, this is where I
                        There might not be                                                     will probally find the
                        much information in                                                    most important
                        books for my topic                                                     information. Through
                        because it is fairly                                                   the web I can go to all
Perhaps a very little   new to most people                                                     types of website,
at the most. They       and doesnt require        Perhaps in some        Yes, alot of          some of them being
might not know how      reference on it for       ways, if I can find    information about my newspaper and
indepth my topic can    people to understand      them, but I think they topic is found in     magazine websites
be and they might       the basics of it. Also,   might be against my magazines. Although and other just
think that my topic     games and game            topic, and the         they might be more    informational.
(having to do with      technology is always      purpose of my paper biased I will still be   Although finding
gaming) is mostly for   evolving, there is a      is to inform and       able to find loads of credible information
kids.                   good chance anyt          convince.              credible information. will be hard,

                                                                                      Page 78

                                                                                               Yes they are useful
                      Books are useful but     Scholarly journal                               resources mainly
                      to an extent. Even       articles are very                               because they are
                      though they are          useful resources                                constantly being
                      compiled with reliable   because not only are     well depending on the updated and they do
Honestly, my topic    sources and their        they written by highly   topic at hand they can have current
isn't that commonly   contents have been       educated individuals     be but they most       information. But since
talked about in       verified by experts      but the information in   likely are not.        anybody can access
common                within that subject      the article is usually   because they usually the internet they can
conversations. So i   they do take time for    revised by experts in    are not reviewed by publish anything
can assume that       everything to be         that field. But since    experts of that field  everything that they
there is little       compiled in an orderly   they are written by      and are generally      please and anybody
knowledge of the      fashion and all the      highly educated          based on only ones     can access it. So then
topic.                information may n        inviduals i              opinions.              it is n

                                           Scholarly journal            For my topic, popular
                                           articles will be the         magezines would not
                                           most important               be a good resources
                     Yes, books will be    resource for my topic.       mainly because my
                     usefull for this      This is because my           topic needs to be
                     assignment.           topic would be best          supported by the
                     Because, most works supported by people            information and
                     pertaining to the     that are professionals       findings of experts,     Web sites will not me
                     medical field have    in their field. Expert       not ordinary writers.    useful for my topic
No, I can't assume   been printed. Also,   findings and research        The only good thing      because there is too
the my audience      there could be great are printed in                popular magezines        much questions on
knows anything about sources that are only scholarly journals.          offers is citations to   the informations level
my topic.            available in print.   Also, informatio             possible works of ex     of credibilty.

                                                                                           The Web may be a
                                                                                           very useful tool,
some audience                                                                              because it will help
members already                                Scholary journal are                        me to gather many
know about my         Books are useful         very useful resources Magazines are not so different types of
subject. Some may     resources, because       my topic. There are   useful for my topic,  information, and it will
have worked with      they have much           many articles written because a lot of them lwt me investigate
these types of        information onmy         on the subject of     may not be true or    which sources are
students.             topic.                   education.            accurate.             accurate.

                                                                                      Page 79

No. If the reader had    Yes because I think                                Yes because they
some type of bad         books explain what                                 also help to presude      Yes becuase I believe
experience or that       Nurse Mid-wifes do        Yes, because I'd like    the audience.             they are like books,
they are doctors that    better than anything      to know what other       Especially if it comes    tons of infromation.
are trained to deliver   else or other than        people think about       from a well known         They are also up-to-
babies.                  internet sources.         this topic also.         magazine.                 date wiht everything.

Yes I can assume         I do not think that       Yes, there are journal
that they already do     there are books that      articles that would be   Yes, I believe that
have some                will be useful for this   a useful resource.       their are popular
knowledge of my          topic because this        Scholary journals are    magazine articles that    I feel that web sites
topic. I believe that    topic is being            contantly being          will be useful to my      are a wonderful
they will agree that     constantly being          updated, they also       research because          source of resources
divorce can have a       researched. I feel that   have experts that        many times                for my topic as long
great impact on          the book would be         research their topics    magazines show both       as the web site is
childrens learning       outdated.                 intensively.             sides of a topic.         cridible.

No, not all of them,
however, most of
them are familiar with
the profession. As
"students", my                                                              I am not sure how
classmates may have                                I would say yes, as I    useful a popular          It will depend upon
personal opinions                                  am familiar with most    magazine article          the website.
and biases, based        If I knew exactly what of the terminology          would be for this         However, it may not
upon their own           book I was looking        associated within the    particular project, as    prove resourceful for
experience(s). The       for, I would say yes, field. I can also "form      there may be a            this particular project,
professional             however, as time is       an opinion" on the       certain amount of         as I will need credible
educators may view       limited, I will resort to topic, as I am           bias, as well as, the     information, with
the project from a       checking the website currently in the              lack of credibility and   reliable sources and
different approach,      for resources.            education field.         references.               references.
no, I would not
assume they know                                   yes, there should be
but with the number                                a lot of scholarly
of people this affects                             information on thid      possibly, may give        yes, will provide links
it is possible           yes                       topic                    some real life stories    to valuable resources

                                                                                           Page 80

Yes, they are going to    not really because                                                     Websites are not very
be looking for a          they are not current or                                                good sources to
research topic on the     relevant for              They are information No, they are not        obtain information
lines of my career,       information that is       that is being reviewed because they are not because that are not
and they will expect it   presently being           by peers in the same always containing       accurate or always
to be good.               obtained.                 profession.            accurate information. current.

                          Probably not because
No, I can't assume        I will conduct
that my audience          research on medical
already knows about       technology and its
my topic. After           impact on the unborn
reading my paper,         fetus, medical                                  No, they are not
they woulfd eiher be      journals will be more                           useful resources
informed about my         useful. Journals are                            because they are "not
topic or if they are      more up to date,                                based on extensive          Yes and no. If I use
familiar with what I      especially when it                              research" and they          the EBSCO service,
am writing about, they    includes medical          yes, they are because have not been written       then it is reliable and
might have their own      research because the      they are based on     by experts in the field     credible sources, but
views due to their        medical field is          "solid research       of medicine for             not all web sites are
particular experience     always cha                findings".            example.                    accurate

They do know about
the topic, not
nessisarilly the entire                                                    NO because... I saiid      Yes, because there
topic. The biases that                                                     that it was a historical   are a lot of
we all have, they do      Yes, because a lot of                            event and recent           opinionated articles
not know all the          the information on                               magazines would not        on the web that are
information but just      this topic is found in                           cover something like       credible from experts
the basics I need to      books, participants                              that, they might, but it   as well as many
inform them about         and experts on this                              would take to long to      credible articles about
specific details of the   topic wrote many                                 find one that would        the hawaiian
overthrow                 books.                                           have.                      overthrow

                                                                                          Page 81

                     Yes, great for
                     overviews of topics
                     broad and narrow.
                     Very credible and
                     reliable sources of                                Somewhat.
                     information, as their   Yes, scholarly             Magazines supply
No, support credible contents have been      journals are often key     helpful information
information- not     verified by experts in  resources for              about issues of         On a ceratin degree
opinon, educate them the field and by the    academic                   general interest and    web sites are a useful
by convincing them   publisher               assignments.               current events.         resource.
                                             yes, i can find out info
                      yes because you can from a person that is                                 No, not able to get
                      find out more detailed experienced and            NO, its hard to find    stories on it. at the
                      infomation             hands on topic             this resources          time

                       yes, books can help
                       me gather information
                       on the requirement to
                       become a                scholarly journals
                       management              provides short essay                             yes, most web
                       informaiton             stories. there are       yes, magazine           information have
                       system.the book         information provided     articles in computer    updates and
yes, my topic is about contains informations   on the job field and     are usually updated     information on the
management             on the career i am      experience               and more technology     careers that students
inforamtion system.    researching on.         information in them.     information in them.    major in.


                                                                                                Yes because of the
no can't assume                             Yes to learn more                                   convient information
audience know my                            about my topic.Even                                 available to me. I
topic.I don't know                          if I have to use a                                  know to use well
what opinions or      Yes to share research medical                     yes to keep up with     documented article
biases they might     information on my     dic.tounderstand            current events about    with dates, reference
have.                 topic                 message                     panda development       numbers etc.

                                                                                      Page 82

                                                                        No, popular
                                                                        magazines will not be
                        Yes, books will be                              useful to me in my         I assume that some
No, I can not assume    useful in this                                  research paper             web sites will be
my audience already     assignment because I I am not yet sure if       because I need             useful for my
knows about my topic    will need to gather a scholarly journals will factual information          research paper, but I
because I have not      lot of information both be useful in my         and not information        will need to analyze
wrote anything about    from books and          research paper, but I that may be                  the information
my topic thus far.      internet resoures.      am thinking it will be. questioned.                closely.

                        Might be able to give
                        me a basic overview                                                        Yes, I have already
No. Most people do      of what gene testing    Yes, most likely. This                             found one website (a
not know much (if       is but maybe not        is a highly debated    Some science                .gov) and it looks to
anything) about this    current BRCA 1          topic so there should magazines might but          have good
topic                   testing techniques      be articles about it.  it is not a trendy topic.   information

                                                                                          Yes, websites will be
No, I can't assume                                                                        useful to me because
that. Since             No, books are not                                                 I can find lots of
Kamehameha              useful because there Scholarly journals will Popular magazines    information on
Schools have a lot of   are no books         be useful to me         that are published   Kamehameha
controversy, there      published about the because they are         about Hawaii and our Schools on the web;
might be biases         Kamehameha School written by teachers on school system might including their official
against me.             education system     their school            be good              website

                                             Yes. They will most
                                             likely have the most       They may be. It          They will probably
                                             recent and thorough        depends on the           have passed around
                       They may or may not. information on the          actual magazine.         information. There
                       Because it's a fairly subject. It is also        More often than not, may be a few sites
No. Majority of the    new topic, the        information that can       the article will focus   with decent and
audience will most     information given in  be validated by other      on the basics of the     usable information.
likely not have a very books may be limited scholars who are in         subject, rather than in- Otherwise, the data
good understanding. to                       the same field.            depth information.       will probably be junk.

                                                                                       Page 83

                                                 yes and no. may be                                I believe that I will be
No. Some people                                  able to get statistics    A investagative         able to find alot of
may have a bias on    I will probably get        but the verbal content    magazine would be       information and
the way prisoners are more information via       may be hard to            helpful, like Time,     opinions on this
treated.              web.                       understand.               Newsweek                subject.

                                                 yes, apa (american
                                                 psychology                                         yes, depending on
                                                 association) is a great                            the site, you can find
                                                 source to see                                      valuable information
                      if the book is a           statistcal and            not really, i dont think by creditable people.
                      testimony on sexual        researched narrowed       popular magazine         especially if its a
they might have       assualt experiences,       topics. they provide      articles have sexual medical site, that will
general               or written by a            you with detailed         assualt articles in      provide you with facts
understanding but not psychologist dealing       information about the     depth or creditable      pertaining to your
in detail             with the issue             field of psychology       information              subject

                                                 Yes, scholarly journal
                                                 articles will be useful
                        Yes, book will be        for my topic. The
                        useful since they will   information is based
My audience may         provide expert           on solid research and
know something          sources of               is reliable and
about my topic. I think information on this      credible since they       Yes, popular
some will agree that topic. They can also        are peer-reviewed.        magazine articles       Some web sites may
media violence does lead me to other             These will also be        may provide opinions    be useful, but I need
have an effect on       sources of               more current than         from the public         to be careful about
children.               information.             books.                    regarding my topic.     accuracy.
                                                                           maybe. if i cant find
                                                                           enough information in   yes, there are so
i cannot assume that yes, they are full of                                 books or journals i     many...i havent
they will already know reliable information                                might look at some      decided on a topic.
about my topic         and are easy to cite.     yes, for credibility.     magazines.              ..confusing
                                                 Yes, I know the
                                                 information can be
                                                 trusted and it makes      Yes, magazines like
No assumptions,         No, The assignment       looking for my            national geographic
everyone has their      calls for online         information that was      have trusted           Yes, I need online
own opinion.            sources                  easier.                   information I can use. sources.

                                                                                         Page 84

                         Yes, because they                                                    If the websites come
                         will give exact                                                      from credible
                         definitions for sexual   Yes because it may     Magazine articles    sources, such as the
No. You must fully       harassment and also      have guidelines that   may be useful, but   Labor Department,
explain your topic to    provide great            classify what sexual   some might be biased then they can be
any audience.            examples.                harassment is.         and not credible     useful.

                                                                                                Yes, it may be useful
                                                                                                because of all the
                                                                                                different types of
                                                                                                information. No,
                                                                                                because some of the
                                                                                                information may be
                         Yes                                                                    false.
they might know that
there are alot of                                                                           yes, they provide
kangaroos, people                                                                           current information
speak with acsents,    Yes, books are a     yes it tells me what                            going on in Australia
the toilet flushes the great resource       they thought about       yes they usually have such as current
opposite way, call     epecially to learn   the culture in their     current and hot topics events, health status,
football soccer, and   about the historical perspective. Maybe i that attracts and          weather, up to date
they have different    and traditional      can even quote the       appeals to the         info that books dont
seasons in Australia   aspects of Australia journal author           everyday audience      have
                                                                     No, because they do Yes, I will be able to
They will probably     Yes they are because Yes because they         not have enough        find a lot of
agree with my          they have usefull    have informationg        researched             information about my
conclusion             information in them. about my topic.          information in them. topic there.
                                                                     yes, there are
                                                                     parenting magazines
yes. what age          Yes, because studies No, because              that talk about        Yes, there are many
children should attend have been done on    scholarly articles don't children going to      web sites that I can
school.                this topic.          apply to my topic.       school.                look at for answers.

a lot of people would    yes! because book is
have known already       schorlarly source and                           yes because the        may be not because I
about my topic. Just     it can provide me     yes because I need        magazine has lots of   can get information
to provide more          some back ground      resent resources for      information about      through magazine
information              about fishing         my topic                  fishing                and journal

                                                                                      Page 85

                                                 Yes, I can read
                                                 information from        Yes, if it provides a
Alcohol can lead to                              experts in dealing      life story of an         Yes, easy to access
the disease of        Yes, they have a lot       with the disease of     alcoholic or his/her     and lots of
alcoholism            of useful information      alcoholism              family memebers          information
They may have some                                                                                Yes, because the
first hand experince                                                                              topic is very
or have been affected                     Yes, because they              Yes, with the            discussed on the
by it                 Probably not        are current.                   currentness again        internet
                                          Yes. Basically, they
                     Yes. Because they    are reviewed by                                         yes. if you find
                     have useful books on professionals which                                     reliable sites, you can
                     Child Development    means reliable                 somewhat useful.         find current and old
general knowledge of Psychology. I've     information for my             Books and journals       information from
my topic             researched it.       topic.                         woud be better.          different places.

                                                                                                  yes its fantastic
                                                                                                  because it can open
                                                                                                  both sides and also
                        not really because                                                        give out information
yes but not enough      they are too out dated                                                    from eveywhere

yes. they will have
basic knowledge                                                          yes but hard to trace    some but hard to see
about the topics        yes. most books are      yes as long as they     sources of               if they are creditable
already.                very creditable          are up to date.         information              or not

                        Possible if it is a book                                                  Great for this topic,
no. They need to        that was currently                                                        being current and all.
know more about         published. Because                                                        Need to be careful to
what, how, and why      the topic is quite                               no expertise for my      make sure what site
it's happening.         current.                 maybe, maybe not.       topic                    is credible.

Yes. I think my
audience knows that
global warming and
pollution affects the   yes, because the         Yes, because I want
ecosystem decline       infomation is more       to use the sourses      No, because i want to Yes, because I want
and extinction of       reliable than other      that are reliable and   use the original      to know the current
species.                sourses                  credible                sourse                information.

                                                                                        Page 86

                                                                        yes because they
                                                                        also contain reliable
                                                                        researched facts that
                                                                        tend to be more        not as useful because
to caught up to see    beacuse they inclued yes because they            current because there of bias and incorrect
relate to the issue    view pionts and facts contain useful facts       are written more often information

                       No because the
I can assume they      NCLB is a very recent
know of it, but not    topic and information
much more than that    is changing rapidly


                       no because this is a
                       very recent topic and i                                                    Yes becuase it's very
They know almost       don't think any books                          Maybe, It is hard to        current. There is just
nothing about my       have this kind of       No because it's a very tell if any of them         the problem of finding
topic                  information right now recent topic             cover my topic              a credible web site

yes, I believe that                           yes, even though they                               yes, there are
females will know my                          may be difficult to       yes, there are            websites devoted to
topic well (and some   yes, because most of read I could use the        magazines devoted to      my topic and some
males), they may       my information will be extra information.        my topic, so              are on first-hand
have their own         attained by using      Plus, the articles are    magazine articles         experiences, so it will
opinions               books                  reliable.                 may prove useful          be useful

                                               Yesbecause it is
                                               creditable information   No because the            Yes and No.
                                               that is current, the     information is not        Depending on the
If it is my intented                           only problem for me      creditable but if could   person of
audience I would                               would be I might not     five me good ideas on     organization
assume they would                              understand all the       what to look for in       publishing the
know about my topic                            information              academic journals         website.

                                                                        Yes, because they
                                               Yes, because they        have been edited by       They can be,
                                               have been reviewed       magazine editor's and     because some sites
                       Yes, because they       and approved by          they have been            are credible, although
yes, none              are reliable sources    experts                  reviewed for accuracy     some are not

                                                                                      Page 87

yes, what age of
consent is in different
parts of the world a
base knowledge of       yah, because most of                   yah because thay can maybe if you make
things that go on with the books you know they are approved by give me up to date   sure that the web site
age of consent          will be accurate     experts           articles             is accurate

                                                                                                It depends on how
                                                                                                current it is. Also, you
                        May give you some                                                       may have to use your
                        general ideas about                                                     own judgement when
                        topic                                                                   it comes to accuracy.

might have some
knowledge of the
actual hurricane but                          yes, because I am         yes because we have
why the develop and                           getting actual            had a lot of            web sites could be
happen in certain       yes, books allow me research done from          hurricanes this year    very useful since
areas more than         to in depth knowledge other researchers and     but if they are not     there is a lot of new
others they might not   of hurricanes in the  can lead me to other      cited might just give   information but might
know a lot about        past                  resources                 me opinions             not be scholarly

                                                                        It really depends on    This is the place to be
Do not assume they      not too much                                    the magazine. Mostly    because most anime
know the topic. Might   because this is more    Maybe but I doubt it.   anime based. Not        fans love talking
know the word but not   on the international    Anime is not a topic    times or internet or    online to people
the subject.            fan based               many write about.       life.                   across the world
                                                                                                some are good and
                        yes they are reliable   yes they are very       they are alright        some are bad you
yes everyone thinks     and they have been      reliable and credible   depending on the        can never tell if the
differently             verified by experts     on certain things.      aricle and the writers. sites are credible.

                                              No. I think my topic is
                        Yes. It's what we use still a topic being     Yes. My topic always Yes. The internet has
No.                     to get information.   researched.             has new stuff.       it all.

                                                                                      Page 88

                         Yes, books can have
I think my audience      more credible
has a general            research information
overview about my        on my topic, rather
topic, but they          than on the internet                                                     Yes, because I can
probably do have         where people can     Yes, because the                                    get up to date
their own opinion on     post whatever they   information Im getting No, because it doesnt        information on my
it.                      want.                is reliable & correct  pertain to my topic.         topic.

                       It depends what your
                       topic is about. If you
                       are doing a current
No, They m ight have event topic then no a
a different opinion on book is not a useful                               No, because they are    Yes, because it
my topic from what I topic. Books are great No, because they are          used more for general   provides up-to-the-
have. It will be their for overviews of       more for academic           interest and current    minute news and
claim.                 topics.                assignments.                events.                 information.

The drama students
at LCC, especially
who have
experiences in                                                                                   No, finding
theater productions,                                                                             information on web
may know some                                                                                    sites may not be as
information or opinion   Yes, since my topic is                                                  efficient in quantity as
about the relationship   not about a current                              No, since stage        finding information
between directors        issue, books are                                 directing is not an    from books and
and actors. However,     great source for my                              issue that attracts    journals on my topic.
my class members         essay. Books may         Yes, sholarly journal   attention from the     However, there could
may not have             provide the most         will give authoritive   general public, it is  be some useful
knowledge on             credible information     information about       hard to find good data academic researches
dramatic production      on my topic than the     different views from    from popular           on directing strategy
and some t               other sources.           experts for my topic.   magazine articles.     on web sites.

                                                                                        Page 89

                         Yes, very credible.
                         But since my topic is   Yes, but I will have to
                         a very current one, I   paraphrase a lot to     No, we are not            Yes, they are current
                         will be using more      help to reader          allowed to use            and my topic is very
no                       internet sources.       understand.             popular magazines.        cutting edge.

                                                                                                   web sites will be
                                                                                                   useful to me because
                                                                                                   it could help me get a
                                                                      I think that news            better understanding
                                                                      magazines should be          of how people feel
                         They may be. I might                         very helpful to my           about journalists and
                         be able to get useful VERY USEFUL. I         topic because since I        why they feel this
                         examples of field     think that the bulk of am doing research on         way. Websites will
                         work done by          my information will be field journalism, most       also be able to give
                         journalism, but it    obtained from          of the articles written      me current
NO. they might think     might not be useful   shcolarly journals     in news magazines            information, and
that journalists don't   depending on how      because they have      are written by               websites could also
make a difference in     current the           the most current and journalists working            direct me to other
today's society          information is        reliable information   out in the field.            valua

                                             These journals are
                                             mostly the key
they can assume that                         sources to a research
they know about it.                          assignment, however
They may wonder if                           not the best because
my sources are                               of the technical          Not really because it       No because some of
credible and if the                          language they use         is difficult to trace the   the information on
facts about my topic Yes they are because against other experts        writer's ideas whether      different websites are
are factual.         it is usually credible. in the related field.     it is factual or not.       not credible.

                                                                                       Page 90

                                                                                                   Yes because this may
                                               I don't know if i will be                           be the only way i can
                      Maybe Because i          able to find any on my      yes because there       find my information.
                      believe there are        topic so I don't            might be a sorce of     Also there is much
NO but they may       books on spelling        believe they will be        resembulance i can      information to be
have biests           bees                     too useful                  get.                    found on the internet.

                      Probably, but I'm not                                Yes, most magazine
                      quite sure what books    Yes. Scholarly journal      articles are credible
                      are available for my     articles are                resources. I would
No. An opinion        specific topic.          resourceful for             like to view any        Yes, web sites
shared was to do      "Teachers Salary"        research and it gives       articles about the      include a wide variety
minimum research for (Hawaii vs                solid and credible and      National Eduation       of resources right at
certification.        Conneticut).             reliable information.       Association (NEA).      your fingertip.
Yes. Either they will
agree or disagree                              Yes, journals will be
with my statements    Yes, they will give me   able to give an up-to-                              Yes, there are many
on the Department of an overview of the        date and detailed           Yes, they could serve   articles, notes, and
Human Services and system and the              view point of issues        as recent issues and    information available
the Child Protective  phylosophy of the        as it relate to the         events of the           on the internet for my
Services              profession.              career field.               profession.             topic.

                                                                      A magazine which
                      Because the                                     includes an article
                      assignment is about a    They can be useful     about the topic I am
                      historical event and     because the            researching can be
                      needs specific           assingnment needs      useful because I may I should not use Web
                      information, books       research on a topic in use it as an example sites because they
no                    are useful.              a specific field.      of the event today.  can not accurate.

                                                                                         Page 91

                       ENG102: Yes
                       because information
                       from the past can
                       help. Even the books     yes because we need    no because we will be
no/ there might be     from the present day     to see how the         dealing with Hawaiian
people from around     can be helpful to. The   Hawaiians kids view    articles and             yes because the web
the world that don't   library at the U.H.      education and how it   publications and none    can be used to
know about the         have a lot of the        changed over the       of them are really       research about my
Hawaiian Culture       Hawaiian history.        years                  popular.                 topic.

                                                                                                Yes and no not all
                                                                        Yes! it holds current   information might be
Yes we all have the    Yes! it gives more                               usefull information     true because anyone
same assigment         accurate as well as                              that I have to          is aloud use on the
however not the        overviews of topics.                             compare in my essay     computer the
same choices so I      books are also           No not for my topic. It (annalyze how todays    information might not
have to make sure to   credible and reliable    hold to much expert version of the              be true so having a
be accurate on my      sources of               terms rather than       paractice relates to    back up in a book or
researches             information.             lamens                  the original:)          newspaper is usefull

                                                                                                possibly , the large
                                                                                                amount of info and
                                                                                                the immediacy is
                                                                                                desireable, however
                                                                                                the info must be
                                                                                                verified by another
no. im unsure                                                                                   means
/                      /                        eng100/yes,proof       /                        /

                                                                       I dont know. I am
                                                                       probably going to
                                                                       write about the history
Maybe. It has to do                                                    of spelling. I dont
with the movie we      Yes. We need to use                             know if magazines
watched so they will   at least one book. We                           will have that
have many different    need at least 7       Yes. Again we need        information in them. No. Web pages are
opinions               different sources.    at least 7 sources        But I will have to look not always acurate

                                                                                     Page 92

                                                    pro. explain cultural    no does not explain
                          yes, explain cultural     view on education in     cultural view over      easier to find
no. culture               views on education        an unbiased way.         cultural education      materials

                                                                            Yes and no because       Yes and no because
                                                                            the magazines can be     there are a lot of
                                                                            reliable but at the      information about a
                          Yes, Because they                                 same time there are      lot of topics but you
                          hold a lot of                                     no references, so we     will have to evaluate
                          information the           yes, because the        wouldn't be able to      on whether the
                          pretains to our           information is reliable trace the sources of     imformation is
No, Not to sure.          subjects.                 and credible.           information.             credible or not.

                                                                          Definitley, I try too
                                                                          stay on the forefront
                          Yes very useful.                                of new information.
Yes, depending on         Magazines will be of                            Although alot of info      For the most part no. I
their youth, they might   good use to. The          Yes. As long as I can in magazines is            see the internet as
agree or disagree         internet is hard to       understand what I am biased, I am able to        more for
with me.                  trust these days.         reading.              filter it.                 entertainment really.

no. they may think        yes. i am positive        facts, statistics, and   possibly. i believe that
that hard study is the    there is a book out       the latest research      research and proven yes. aslong as i can
only way to be a          there, old or new, that   will all be useful for   facts will help my       get reliable
straight A student.       supports my topic.        my topic                 topic the most           information from it.

                                                    Depends on the
                                                    aspect of your topic,
                                                    like cultures reactions                          Definetly, like it states
not really, different     Yes, books can be         to studying it could be I don't think it would   above, it provides up
ways of different         documented                useful from a 1st       be so useful for my      to date info about
cultures                  experinces                person point of view. topic.                     current events
                          yes                       yes                                              yes

                                                                                           Page 93

                        Yes, because it has                                                        Sometimes. It
                        already been edited      Yes, because it is       Maybe. It is moreso      depends on the
                        and tested for           reviewed by experts      based on opinion and     website the
No. I don't think there accuracy. It also        and the information is   writers trying to make   information is
are any biases          comes from experts       reliable                 the piece interesting.   obtained from.
                                                                                                   Yes, because they
                       Yes, if I can Find any.   Yes, because they                                 are easly accesed
                       Because they are          have extensive           Yes, because they        and up to date, but
                       published and more        research put into        have more resent         sometimes un-
No, None               likely reliable.          them.                    information.             reliable.

                                                                                                   Yes and no, because
                                                                                                   their is a lot of sites
                                                                                                   with information but
                                                 Yes, because like it                              you won't be able to
                        Books will only be       says they are reliable                            easily tell how
                        useful to me if I can    and have easy to                                  accurate the info is.
I do not know what      find some that show a    read footnotes and/or                             The fact though that it
biases my class         person's family,         bibliographies which I   Not really, because I may contain biases
members will have,      societal, and            know will be of great    cannot be sure how doesn't bother my
but I do know they will economic                 help to me in finding    accurate the             project, because if the
have some               background and how       books and/or other       information really is or info is based on one
knowledge of my         they ended up doing      sources of info on my    where the person got person then I know
topic.                  in their life.           topic.                   his/her ideas from.      who to

                                                                       no, because most
                                                                       popular magazines
                                                 yes, becasue it gives are popular because         yes, because there
                                                 you a different view  they have the latest        are different view
                                                 point on the issue.   dirt on a issue             points...

                       yes, studies about
                       family involvement in                              yes, must have some yes, gotta be
no                     studies               no, too technical            info                something
audience doesnt
know about subject

                                                                                        Page 94

                                                                                            The web can be
                                                                                            useful, but It maybe
                                                                     No, they should not    ahard to find credibile
No, I must be able to books may be                                   be used in acedemic information. Although
convey all my ideas   outdated, business                             papers. For my         if after long evaluation
and information as if magazines may be                               business related topic and analyzation of a
they have no idea on my best bet because Yes, especially the         "pro" magazines are credible website, web
my topic              they are current        pro journals           more useful            sites can be used
                                                                     for my topic
                      books will be very                             magazines could be
my topic of Tattoos   useful for this certain I am wary at the fact useful because
should be understood assignment and my        that scholary journals tattoos these days     since the web has
simply and they may particular topic          on tattoos will be     has really taken off   many recent events
have their own        because tattoos is a differently discussed but for the deeper         but my topic is both
opinion although most very ancient subject since these writings topic which is "prison" history and present i
of my essay will be   and known               are geared toward      tattoos it may be      feel that the internet
based on facts.       throughout the world. experts.                 difficult.             is very valuable.

                                            Probably not. I'm
                                            looking more into
                                            varying social
                                            oppinions and I would
                                            think that Scholary
                                            Journals would be
                                            more on facts,
                                            theories, etc. But then
                                            again, three of those     Yes. Something like
Bookworms, nerds,      Yes. There should be pictured above have       teen magazine
social outcasts are    lots of books on     the word Social on        probably would be        Of course. I'm looking
generally looked       social status of     them, so maybe they       very helpful if I can    for what the average
down upon.             youths.              would be helpful.         locate usefult articles. person thinks.

popular culture,                                                      no, popular
common knowledge       yes, they are geared                           magazines are hardly    websites are useful if
can be assumed; all    more toward an all-    yes, they can bring a   a good source of        their information or
else requires          encompassing           centralized focus to    factual evidence on a   source can be
explanation            overview of a subject. the topic at hand.      particular subject.     validated.

                                                                                    Page 95

                                                                                                unlimited sources, a
                                                                                                lot of info, current and
                                                                                                history only
                         Yes, because i get                                yes same as previous drawback, some
                         information that has Yes, same as                 and also for current sources might have
N/A                      been citied for a while previous                  info                 wrong info

                                                  yes, can show the        yes, if the article is      yes, i think this would
                                                  insight to some of the   talking about the           be one of the most
                                                  people in the spelling   ways of training for        important resources
Yes                      yes                      bee                      the spelling bee            for my topic

                         Although they will be
                         good for general
                         background               Yes, I believe that
                         information, due to      after providing a        Probably not, seeing
                         constant changes         general background,      as my argument will
No, computers are        and technological        using journals to        most likely clash with
complicated, and         improvement, certain     further delve into       traditional wisdom, a
people who are           issues and topics will   specifics can            popular "view" may
involved with video      not be availible for     strengthen my            detract from my
games are nerds.         information.             argument.                stance.

They know my
research topic should
be related to
education. At this                                I feel that it will be
time they may not        Books may be useful      useful because its       I feel that it will be
know the aspect of       to an extent. They       reliable and credible.   useful because of
my topic. Some           often take time to       I'm looking for          current and recent
people in the class      read. Unless the         something written by     events. The downfall        For recent information
may have different       whole book is on the     experts. The problem     on magazine articles        yes. The problem is
opinions of why or       effects of my topic, I   is that it will be       are that it's not written   that I'll have to look
what effects students    feel that there will     difficult for me to      by the expert. I want       closely to the
may have when            only be some             understand. I need       something that will be      information I select
entereing academic       chapters that will be    something to my          giving me proper            and see if it's credible
competitions. I feel t   useful to me.            knowledge.               information.                or not.

                                                                                           Page 96

Perhaps some people         Yes, because the
might know some             books might have                              Not really, because it    Sometimes, but
details of my topic,        information that some Maybe not, because it   might only have a         mostly all the sources
but I don't think they'll   other sources might might lead into           small section that        include all the same
have any biases.            not have.             plagarism.              talks about your topic.   information.
no not eveyone
knows about war             not really because it                         yes cause it could in     yes because this is
aircrafts                   could be out of date    no                    your subject              more up dated

                                                                       My topic includes info
                                                                       about the histoty of a
                                                                       weapon, therefore,
                         yes, because they are                         magazines are not
                         a scholarly source,                           very helpful because
                         and credible as well.                         they only include            yes, because i tried to
maybe a couple of        My research paper     yes and no, because recent topics. Unless            only use "gov" sites
them, the ones in the needs reliable           my topic has not been it was a popular               who provide reliable
military. They might     information to        written of in a journal magazine that                sources and info,
totally think the info i educate others about yet, that's according includes the story of           because other sites
have are wrong or not an unknown topic to to the ebcso host            how the M-16 cam to          are either bias or just
too descriptive.         them.                 server.                 be.                          simply not credible.

they might, they                                                                                    yes definatly, they
probrably have there        yes because they        yes, because they                               have all kinds of
own opinions but            may hold records that   may have articles that kind of they may have    information. I just
facts can overwrite an      explain the reasons     uncover reasons for some opinion that are       have to be careful on
opinion.                    im researching          my topic               worth looking at .       which ones i use.
                                                                                                    yes,if they proven
                                                                    Maybe, if there was             accurate a wide
no, only that which is yes, because we         No, because my topic some interesting                varirty of information
pacticed today by      need to fing the origin is on a specific     current insight into            is available from
evereyone              of our cultural topic   cultural practice    the cultural practice           comfort of home

                                                  yes, because
                            yes, because it helps information is reliable no, they do not           no, information may
no                          write abstracts       and credible            include references        contain bias

                                                                                        Page 97

                                              perhaps if i need
                                              expert information, or
                                              if i want that type of
not nessasarily                               information that is
becasue they don't     it could be becuase    given in the journals. i
know what my topic is there is published      personally would not
yet, i don't know what information about      want to use it
my topic is yet. they what my topic may be becuase i have a
may have a bias        about. they are        terribly small               perhaps, if i want      yes becuase it is easy
against my topic       numerous so i would vocabulary so i                 interesting and         touse. NO becaseu
becasue they aren't    have a lot of          probably wouldn't be         amusing information,    not all the information
interested in the      information to look at able to comprehend           more so than solid      is legitament on the
same ideas as i am. and read.                 what that article is t       concrete evidence       internet.

I can't assume my                              If the scholarly                                     I think the websites
audience knows                                 journals I read make                                 are going to be
about my topic, and      Books are going to be sense to me, they will      I don't think these will usefull for me,
they might have          usefull because I     be useful, but if I can't   help me at all, I don't because there is
personal biases due      might need to learn   understand them I           want to include a lot some really good
to personal              about the historical  don't think they will       of the popular           material on the library
experiences.             aspect of my topic.   help that much.             opinions in my paper. search pages.

                                                                           yes because they        yeas because it has
alittle that the two     yes alot of information yes because it has        have pro and con        unlimited information
schools are different    about my topic          general information       about my topic          on my topic

                                                                                                   yes very useful,
                                                                                                   because the internet
                                                                                                   is a convenient way
Possibly. most of my     yes very much,                                    yes, because            to find out about
audience might have      because books have      Maybe not. I feel that    magazines might         something. Also i
the opinion that         facts that are          there isnt one            have opinions of        could look at different
hazing occurs only in    unbiased, books can     particular journal        actual students in      articles from different
Fraternety's, or that    show me the history     articles aimed at just    college that have       places. But I would
only certain people      of hazing and why it    hazing, but maybe         experienced hazing,     have to exercise
will get involved with   even became so          talking about college     or just have some       caution on the validity
it.                      popular.                and what students do.     information.            on the web sites.

                                                                                         Page 98

knowledge of general                          yes, more current and
personality theory   no                       based on research     no                       no

                       yes because they       yes because they                              some are you have to
no wondering what it   have credible          have good               yes because there is be sure that there is
is about               information            information             good articles in them creditable information

Just what they hear                           yes, its appoved by                            Not as much, can
on the news/media      yes                    experts                 yes                    easily be made up

                                                                     Popular magazines
                                                                     are not always useful   No, website
I can not assume that Yes, the resources      Yes, scholarly journal resources for my        resources are not
my audience knows found in books are          articles are useful    topic because the       always useful
anything about my     reliable because they resources for my         people writing these    because they are not
topic. The purpose is are all credible. Also, topic because it is    articles are not        always accurate
to inform the         the resources found approved by experts. always experts. This          information. However,
audience and          in books leads to       The information and makes their                websites are
assuming that they do other important         citations make journal information less        sometimes updated
not know anything     sources to help write articles reliable and    reliable and less       with information and
about my topic.       a research paper.       credible.              credible.               news.

                       yes. if i can find a                           possibly. depending yes. very. i think i can
                       book, then at least i im not sure. i havent    on the magazine. i  find people to
                       know the information looked through            assume some may be  interview through the
unknown                isnt made up.         scholarly journals yet   helpful             internet
                                                                                          depending on the
                                                                                          source and the
no, they think other   yes because they a  yes they proven            maybe buecause they information to be
wise                   secondary reasource information                hold a bias opinion accurate

                       yes,because they are                         not really, they are
                       a reliable source of                         not put through strict   no, not reliable or
yes, not sure.         information.         yes, they are credible. peer review.             evaluated.

                       yes, because they      yes, cause its from yes, some are cause
                       have a lot of          the eyes of someone they are true and   not really, cause too
no                     information            esle                came from Japan     many sites pop up

                                                                                   Page 99

                       no, its easier to look                             yes , because i read   yes, you can find
                       on the internet bc                                 magazines a lot and    specifically what u
not liking people with books are not as         no, to hard to            so do many kids my     want in a short
aids, prejudiced       specific                 understand for me         age                    amount of time

Yes, they are all
doing the same thing.   Yes, because they       Yes, because the          Not really. They are  Yes, as long as the
They may be biased      are informative & are   information is credible   usually opinion type  site is credible. Web
due to personal         commonly written by     although it may be        pieces, & are not     sites have the most
experiences.            experts.                difficult reading.        terribly credible.    current information.
                                                                                                Websites are useful
                                                                                                because there is a lot
                                                                                                of information that is
                                                                                                available although
                                                                                                you have to be
                                                                                                cautious of the
                        yes. I think that books                                                 Yes. there are many
they know all of my     have many               no. they are too          Yes. they are ease of information on the
topic.                  information.            difficult for me.         getting information.  web.

                        Yes and No, Yes
                        because there are so
                        many books with so                                                     ABSOLUTELY
                        many different ideas    They could be but I                            because they are
No, just information    but no because          am going to try and                            usually the most up to
from their personal     information can be      get more recent           Yes because they are date information
expirences              outdated                information               pretty current       source
                        No                      Yes                       No

the class knows the
topic because they
have to write the       yes, because the
same paper already      teacher said so

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