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Treasury Securities
           What’s good about
          U. S. Savings Bonds?
 They offer competitive interest rates
 They cannot lose value
 You can buy them for as little as $25
 They grow in value each month
 Earnings are not subject to state or local income taxes
 You can choose Series EE Bonds or Series I Bonds
Now there are two ways to buy
       Savings Bonds!

 TreasuryDirect (for electronic bonds)
 Traditional payroll savings plan (for paper bonds)
      What is TreasuryDirect?
TreasuryDirect is a Web-based system that allows you to:
 Establish an account online
 Buy, manage, and redeem securities online
 Purchase electronic Series EE and I bonds online

           No paper bonds or paperwork
           It’s safe, simple, and secure!
    How does TreasuryDirect
    change Payroll Savings?
 It’s a simple direct deposit program
 You don’t need to wait for paper bonds to arrive in the
 You can add and change bond registrations online
 You can view your holdings online or print a copy,
  which includes the current value of the bonds
          What’s good about
 It’s flexible and convenient … available 24/7
 You can set up automatic, repeating purchases
 There are no paper savings bonds to lose
 You can buy or redeem bonds in one day…with a few
  mouse clicks.
 When you redeem the bonds, the funds are
  deposited in your checking or savings account
 You can make a partial redemption of your bond
Go to
Take a Guided Tour!
                 Begin Saving
 Open a TreasuryDirect account online
 Provide your employer with a direct deposit request
  that includes:
   • your TreasuryDirect account number
   • the dollar amount to be deducted at specific intervals
   • the TreasuryDirect routing number (you’ll find this number
     when you set up your TreasuryDirect account online)
 Your employer sends the deposit to TreasuryDirect with
  your information based on your payroll schedule
 TreasuryDirect receives the deposit and issues you a
  non-interest bearing Treasury security within your
 You use that security as a source of funds to purchase
  savings bonds
                    Just Picture It …

 1. You open a TreasuryDirect     2. You request a                  3. Your employer initiates
    account                          direct deposit deduction          the direct deposit.

4. The direct deposit processes    5. Your TreasuryDirect          6. You purchase
    electronically                    account receives the funds      electronic savings bonds
       Looking for Details?
TreasuryDirect          has:
 Frequently Asked Questions
 User Guide
 Learn More
 Popular Help Topics
 Glossary
   If You Choose Paper
     Savings Bonds….
 Fill   out an authorization card
   –     with savings bond denomination
   –     amount
   –     registration information

 Give this to your payroll department

 Authorize your payroll department to:
   – track your deductions
   – order a savings bond when the purchase price is
    For Paper Savings Bonds
       Here’s How you…
 Change Bond Registration or Deduction Amount:

    • Fill out a new authorization card and give it to your payroll

 Keep track of your bonds:

    • Keep your bonds in a safe place
    • Keep a record of the bond information in case they are lost or
            Here’s How You….
 Calculate the value of your paper savings bonds:

    • Visit for either the Savings Bonds
      Calculator or the Savings Bonds Wizard

 Redeem your paper savings bonds:

    • Take your savings bonds to a financial institution and sign each
    • The financial institution will give you cash and deposit it to your
     How You Replace Lost
        Savings Bonds

 Fill out the paperwork for replacing lost bonds

 Work with your financial institution
• Visit for more
  information on both TreasuryDirect and paper
  savings bonds
• Take a guided tour of TreasuryDirect at
• Read the employee brochure on electronic
  payroll savings for more information
• If you have additional questions, send them
Save for the future with TreasuryDirect
   or traditional Payroll Savings …
                Or Both!

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