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									                  2009-2010 Officers
             President                 Steve Higgins

            President-Elect            Joyce Scibek

             Vice President            Jim Farren

             Secretary                 Fred Yun

             Assistant Secretary       Don Coleman

             Club Treasurer            Dave Koches

             Foundation Treasurer      Jeff Mack

                  Board of Directors
             Sherman Good                   Wayne Obitz

             Dwight Gressley                Dave Covato

             Mel O’Keefe                    Nancy Smith

                            Gloria Bruner

                    Bingo Officials
Bingo Co-Chairs                    Dwight Gressley & Mel O’Keefe

Bingo Treasurer Co-Chairs          Becky Farren & Gloria Bruner
     The Indiana Kiwanis hold breakfast meetings every 2nd through 5th Tuesday at 7:00 AM
          at the Eat 'n Park in Indiana, Pa. The following are notes from these meetings.

K    iwanis Breakfast - June 5, 2010

     - Twenty six Kiwanians were in attendance.

-May Board Highlights:

       - donated $100 to the Club Foundation

       - donated $600 to the Aktion club

       - donated $300 to 4H

       - donated $5000 to ICCAP taken from our investment fund

       - accepted Rebecca Wincek-Bateson, Robert Engel Jr., Andy Lefcowitz and Susan Lefcowitz as new members

       -the annual picnic will be Sat Aug 7 at Camp Seth Mack

       -Members signed up to work the June 17th 4H presentation night and attend the July 6th dinner meeting

       -James Strong, owner of Chestnut Ridge Chiropractic discussed health and wellness. The 5 steps to good
       health include exercise, eating right, sleep, proper hygiene, and attitude.

       -Howard Henry won the 50/50 but failed to draw the ace of spades. The 50/50 is now worth more than

       -Next meeting is Tuesday, June 15, and Bob Pollack will be the speaker.

      iwanis Breakfast - June 15, 2010

      -Attendance: 26 members

-Guests: Herb Pollack introduced Bob Walker from the state of Indiana as his guest.

-Birthdays: D. Huey, June 10

           K. Roberts, June 11

-Announcements: Secretary Yun announced:
             The Henrys, the Mandigos, J. Scibek, F. Yun, and N. Smith attended Airport Days and supported their
              pancake breakfast

             Members signed up for the June 17, 4-H Presentation Night, the July 4th fundraiser and the July 6th
              dinner meeting.

      -Program: Bob Pollack, county agent at the Penn State extension office, discussed:

             the extension is a federal, state and county operation

             every PA county has an extension office

             4-H is their youth component and agriculture is their major component

             18 4-H clubs throughout the county involving more than 400 children

             4-H age grouping is 5-18

      -50/50: B. telthorster won the 50/50 but failed to draw the ace of spades. Jackpot is now at $210. Come to a
      meeting and win!

K    iwanis Breakfast - June 22, 2010

     Attendance: 19 members

Announcements by Fred Yun, Secretary

      -thanked Kiwanians who judged the 4H Presentation Night

      -congratulated Wayne Obitz for his becoming a 5 star real estate agent

      -asked for help at the July 4th celebration

      -asked members to sign up for the July 5th dinner

      -thanked Bonnie Dunlap for doing the club bulletin since January 2006

      -encouraged members to read the news bulletin which is now being prepared by

       Dave Schimsky and can be found on the Indiana Kiwanis web site

Coming Events:

      -July 1 board meeting

      -July 4 celebration

      -July 10 officer training

      -July 27 Bellefonte club picnic

      -August 4 Johnstown Noon interclub
        -August 7 annual picnic at Yellowcreek at the Boy Scout camp

Program: Tim Long, executive director of the Solid Waste Authority, talked about the operation

        at the recycling center. He also talked about the curbside recycling, the compost program and the

        "satellite" program.

-50/50 was won by Gloria Bruner but she did not draw the Ace of Spades

-At a brief board meeting, the board rejected a fundraising idea presented by Secretary Yun.

-The members wished Wendy a "fun" vacation and donated cash to help make it "fun".

K     iwanis Breakfast - June 29, 2010

      Attendance: 25 members


-Help is needed to man our booth at the July 4th celebration at Mack Park. We will raffle off 3 childrens

bicycles and sell tickets. Contact Mike McElhaney (lottery) if you can help.

-members need to sign up to attend the July 6 dinner at Rustic at 6:15 PM.

-members are needed to attend an interclub in Greensburg on July 14 at 6 PM.

-Officer training will be in State College on July 10

-congratulated Wayne Obitz on his 5-Star Real Estate award. Wayne gave a brief

explanation of what that meant.

Program: Todd Clawson from the IRMC Sleep Disorder clinic discussed sleeping problems

        -The Sleep Disorder center will investigate sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless leg syndrome

        and insomnia.

        -Patients must be referred by their doctor, then will be seen by a sleep physician to determine


        -Causes of sleep disorders may be medications, illness, normal aging, poor bedtime or sleep

        habits, and depression or anxiety.

        -A virtual tour of the Sleep Center is available on-line at

        A lengthy question and answered session followed.
50/50: Dwight Gressley won the 50/50 but failed to draw the Ace of Spades.
                                             Breakfast Meeting Notes

June 5, 2010

- Twenty six Kiwanians were in attendance.

-May Board Highlights:

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