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									                                           Manager Skills Certification Program Checklist

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  Module                                                                      Training Group           Date Completed

 Module I Employment and Recruitment

Module 2       Employee Relations
     2.1       Moving into Management                                                  HR
     2.2       Terminations & Exit Process                                             HR
     2.3       When Personal Problems Come to Work                                     HR
     2.4       Handling Difficult Conversations                                        HR
     2.5       Zen and the Art of Successful Coaching                                  HR

Module 3 Benefits
     3.1 Workers Comp                                                             Risk Mgmt

Module 4 Legal / Compliance Issues
     4.1 Legal Issues for Managers                                                   HR
     4.2 Workplace Safety                                                         Risk Mgmt

Module 5 Equity and Diversity
     5.1 Managing Generations in the Workplace                                         EO

Module 6       General Management Skills
     6.1       Business Etiquette/ Professionalism                                     HR
     6.2       Time Management: (either session)                                       HR
     6.3       Managing Workplace Negativity                                           HR
     6.4       Speed of Trust                                                          HR
     6.5       The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team                                            HR
     6.6       Employee Motivation                                                     HR
     6.7       Listening Skills                                                        HR
     6.8       Situational Leadership                                                  HR
     6.9       Manager Roundtable Discussions                                          HR

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