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What Is a Out of State Custody Order


What Is a Out of State Custody Order document sample

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									                                                       CASE TYPE 2
                     ________________________ COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT
                           CASE INFORMATION COVER SHEET
Case Number ___________________ Case Title _______________________________________
Attorney Name ____________________________ Bar Membership Number _________________
Please check one category that best describes this case for indexing purposes. Accurate case indexing not only saves time in
docketing new cases, but helps in forecasting needed judicial resources. Cause of action definitions are listed on the back of this form.
Thank you for your cooperation.
APPEAL/REVIEW                                                            ___ Public Records Act (PRA 2)
___ Administrative Law Review (ALR 2)                                    ___ School District – Required Action Plan (SDR 2)
___ Appeal of a Department of Licensing Revocation (DOL 2)               ___ Seizure of Property from Commission of Crime (SPC 2)
___ Civil, Non-Traffic (LCA 2)                                           ___ Seizure of Property Resulting from a Crime (SPR 2)
___ Civil, Traffic (LCI 2)                                               ___ Subpoenas (MSC 2)

CONTRACT/COMMERCIAL                                                       PROPERTY RIGHTS
___ Breach of Contract (COM 2)                                            ___ Condemnation (CON 2)
___ Commercial Contract (COM 2)                                           ___ Foreclosure (FOR 2)
___ Commercial Non-Contract (COL 2)                                       ___ Land Use Petition (LUP 2)
___ Third Party Collection (COL 2)                                        ___ Property Fairness (PFA 2)
                                                                          ___ Quiet Title (QTI 2)
MERETRICIOUS RELATIONSHIP                                                 ___ Unlawful Detainer (UND 2)
___ Meretricious Relationship (MER 2)
                                                                          TORT, MEDICAL MALPRACTICE
PROTECTION ORDER                                                          ___ Hospital (MED 2)
___ Civil Harassment (HAR 2)                                              ___ Medical Doctor (MED 2)
___ Domestic Violence (DVP 2)                                             ___ Other Health Care Professional (MED 2)
___ Foreign Protection Order (FPO 2)
                                                                          TORT, MOTOR VEHICLE
___ Sexual Assault Protection (SXP 2)
___ Vulnerable Adult Protection (VAP 2)                                   ___ Death (TMV 2)
                                                                          ___ Non-Death Injuries (TMV 2)
JUDGMENT                                                                  ___ Property Damage Only (TMV 2)
___ Abstract Only (ABJ 2)                                                 ___ Victims of Motor Vehicle Theft (VVT 2)
___ Foreign Judgment (FJU 2)
                                                                          TORT, NON-MOTOR VEHICLE
___ Judgment, Another County (ABJ 2)
___ Judgment, Another State (FJU 2)                                       ___ Asbestos (PIN 2)
___ Tax Warrant (TAX 2)                                                   ___ Other Malpractice (MAL 2)
___ Transcript of Judgment (TRJ 2)                                        ___ Personal Injury (PIN 2)
                                                                          ___ Products Liability (TTO 2)
OTHER COMPLAINT/PETITION                                                  ___ Property Damage (PRP 2)
___ Action to Compel/Confirm Private Binding Arbitration (MSC 2)          ___ Wrongful Death (WDE 2)
___ Change of Name (CHN 2)
___ Deposit of Surplus Funds (MSC 2)
___ Emancipation of Minor (EOM 2)                                         ___    Habeas Corpus (WHC 2)
___ Injunction (INJ 2)                                                    ___    Mandamus (WRM 2)
___ Interpleader (MSC 2)                                                  ___    Restitution (WRR 2)
___ Malicious Harassment (MHA 2)                                          ___    Review (WRV 2)
___ Minor Settlement (No guardianship) (MST 2)                            ___    Miscellaneous Writs (WMW 2)
___ Petition for Civil Commitment (Sexual Predator)(PCC 2)
___ Property Damage-Gangs (PRG 2)


Please Note: Public information in court files and pleadings may be posted on a public Web site.
APPEAL/REVIEW                                       judgment from a court of limited jurisdiction     Foreclosure-Complaint involving termination of
Administrative Law Review-Petition to the           to a superior court in the same county.           ownership rights when a mortgage or tax
superior court for review of rulings made by        OTHER COMPLAINT/PETITION                          foreclosure is involved, where ownership is not in
state administrative agencies.                      Action to Compel/Confirm Private Binding          question.
Appeal of a Department of Licensing                 Arbitration-Petition to compel or confirm         Land Use Petition-Petition for an expedited judicial
Revocation-Appeal of a DOL revocation               private binding arbitration.                      review of a land use decision made by a local
(RCW 46.20.308(9)).                                 Change of Name-Petition for a change of           jurisdiction (RCW 36.70C.040).
Lower Court Appeal-Civil-An appeal for a civil      name. If change is confidential due to            Property Fairness-Complaint involving the
                                                    domestic violence/antiharassment see case         regulation of private property or restraint of land
case; excludes traffic infraction and criminal
                                                    type 5 instead.                                   use by a government entity brought forth by Title 64
                                                    Deposit of Surplus Funds-Deposit of money         RCW.
Lower Court Appeal-Infractions-An appeal            or other item with the court.
for a traffic infraction matter.                                                                      Quiet Title-Complaint involving the ownership, use,
                                                    Emancipation of Minor-Petition by a minor         or disposition of land or real estate other than
CONTRACT/COMMERCIAL                                 for a declaration of emancipation.                foreclosure.
Breach of Contract-Complaint involving              Injunction-Complaint/petition to require a
monetary dispute where a breach of contract                                                           Unlawful Detainer-Complaint involving the
                                                    person to do or refrain from doing a              unjustifiable retention of lands or attachments to
is involved.
                                                    particular thing.                                 land, including water and mineral rights.
Commercial Contract-Complaint involving
monetary dispute where a contract is                Interpleader-Petition for the deposit of          TORT, MEDICAL MALPRACTICE
                                                    disputed earnest money from real estate,          Hospital-Complaint involving injury or death
                                                    insurance proceeds, and/or other                  resulting from a hospital.
Commercial Non-Contract-Complaint                   transaction(s).
involving monetary dispute where no                                                                   Medical Doctor-Complaint involving injury or death
                                                    Malicious Harassment-Suit involving               resulting from a medical doctor.
contract is involved.
                                                    damages resulting from malicious                  Other Health Care Professional-Complaint involving
Third Party Collection-Complaint involving a                                                          injury or death resulting from a health care
third party over a monetary dispute where                                                             professional other than a medical doctor.
no contract is involved.                            Minor Settlements-Petition for a court
                                                    decision that an award to a minor is              TORT, MOTOR VEHICLE
MERETRICIOUS RELATIONSHIP                           appropriate when no letters of guardianship       Death-Complaint involving death resulting from an
Meretricious Relationship-Petition for              are required (e.g., net settlement value          incident involving a motor vehicle.
distribution of property from a meretricious        $25,000 or less).                                 Non-Death Injuries -Complaint involving non-death
relationship (i.e., a stable, marital-like                                                            injuries resulting from an incident involving a motor
relationship where both parties cohabit with        Petition for Civil Commitment (Sexual
                                                    Predator)-Petition for the involuntary civil      vehicle.
knowledge that a lawful marriage between                                                              Property Damage Only-Complaint involving only
them does not exist).                               commitment of a person who 1) has been
                                                    convicted of a sexually violent offense whose     property damages resulting from an incident
PROTECTION ORDER                                    term of confinement is about to expire or has     involving a motor vehicle.
Civil Harassment-Petition for protection from       expired, 2) has been charged with a sexually      TORT, NON-MOTOR VEHICLE
civil harassment.                                   violent offense and who has been
                                                    determined to be incompetent to stand trial       Asbestos-Complaint alleging injury resulting from
Domestic Violence -Petition for protection          who is about to be released or has been           asbestos exposure.
from domestic violence.                             released, or 3) has been found not guilty by      Other Malpractice-Complaint involving injury
Foreign Protection Orders-Any protection            reason of insanity of a sexually violent          resulting from other than professional medical
                                                    offense and who is about to be released or
order of a court of the United States, or of        has been released, and it appears that the        treatment.
any state, territory, or tribal land, which is      person may be a sexually violent predator.        Personal Injury-Complaint involving physical injury
entitled to full faith and credit in this state.    Property Damage-Gangs-Complaint involving         not resulting from professional medical treatment,
Sexual Assault Protection - Petition under          damage to property related to gang activity.      and where a motor vehicle is not involved.
RCW 7.90.020.                                       Public Records Act-Actions filed under RCW        Products Liability-Complaint involving injury
                                                    42.56.                                            resulting from a commercial product.
Vulnerable Adult Protection-Petition for
                                                    School District-Required Action Plan-Petition     Property Damages-Complaint involving damage to
protection order for vulnerable adults, as          filed requesting court selection of a required
those persons are defined in RCW 74.34.020.         action plan proposal relating to school           real or personal property excluding motor vehicles.
JUDGMENT                                            academic performance.                             Wrongful Death-Complaint involving death
                                                    Seizure of Property from the Commission of        resulting from other than professional medical
Abstract Only-A certified copy of a judgment        a Crime-Seizure of personal property which        treatment.
docket from another superior court, an              was employed in aiding, abetting, or
appellate court, or a federal district court.       commission of a crime, from a defendant           WRIT
                                                    after conviction.                                 Writ of Habeas Corpus-Petition for a writ to bring a
Foreign Judgment-Any judgment, decree, or                                                             party before the court.
order of a court of the United States, or of        Seizure of Property Resulting from a Crime-
                                                    Seizure of tangible or intangible property        Writ of Mandamus-Petition for writ command-ing
any state or territory, which is entitled to full   which is the direct or indirect result of a       performance of a particular act or duty.
faith and credit in this state.                     crime, from a defendant following criminal        Writ of Restitution-Petition for a writ restoring
Judgment, Another County-A certified copy           conviction (e.g., remuneration for, or            property or proceeds; not an unlawful detainer
of a judgment docket from another superior          contract interest in, a depiction or account of
                                                    a crime).                                         Writ of Review-Petition for review of the record or
court within the state.                                                                               decision of a case pending in the lower court; does
Judgment, Another State-Any judgment,               Subpoenas-Petition for a subpoena.                not include lower court appeals or administrative
decree, or order from another state which is        PROPERTY RIGHTS                                   law reviews.
entitled to full faith and credit in this state.    Condemnation-Complaint involving                  Miscellaneous Writs
Tax Warrant-A notice of assessment by a             governmental taking of private property with
state agency creating a judgment/lien in the        payment, but not necessarily with consent.
county in which it is filed.
Transcript of Judgment-A certified copy of a

Case Type 2                                                                                                                     Last Revised: 9/1/2010
                                            CASE TYPES 3 - 6
                 ___________________________ COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT
                           CASE INFORMATION COVER SHEET
Case Number ___________________ Case Title _______________________________________
Attorney Name ____________________________ Bar Membership Number _________________
Please check one category that best describes this case for indexing purposes. Accurate case indexing not only saves
time in docketing new cases, but helps in forecasting needed judicial resources. Cause of action definitions are listed
on the back of this form. Thank you for your cooperation.

DOMESTIC RELATIONS                                          ADOPTION/PATERNITY
___   Annulment/Invalidity (INV 3)                          ___    Adoption (ADP 5)
___   Child Custody (CUS 3)                                 ___    Confidential Intermediary (MSC 5)
___   Dissolution with Children (DIC 3)                     ___    Initial Pre-Placement Report (PPR 5)
___   Dissolution with no Children (DIN 3)                  ___    Modification (MOD 5)
___   Dissolution of Domestic Partnership with              ___    Paternity (PAT 5)
      Children (DPC 3)                                      ___    Paternity/URESA/UIFSA (PUR 5)
___   Dissolution of Domestic Partnership with              ___    Relinquishment (REL 5)
      No Children (DPN 3)                                   ___    (Title 26)Termination of Parent-Child Relationship (TER 5)
___   Foreign Judgment (FJU 3)                              PROBATE/GUARDIANSHIP
___   Invalidity-Domestic Partnership (INP 3)               ___    Absentee (ABS 4)
___   Legal Separation (SEP 3)                              ___    Disclaimer (DSC 4)
___   Legal Separation-Domestic Partnership (SPD 3)         ___    Estate (EST 4)
___   Mandatory Wage Assignment (MWA 3)                     ___    Foreign Will (FNW 4)
___   Modification (MOD 3)                                  ___    Guardianship (GDN 4)
___   Modification: Support Only (MDS 3)                    ___    Guardianship/Estate (G/E 4)
___   Out-of-State Custody (OSC 3)                          ___    Limited Guardianship (LGD 4)
___   Parenting Plan/Child Support (PPS 3)                  ___    Minor Guardianship (MGD 4)
___   Reciprocal, Respondent in County (RIC 3)              ___    Minor Settlement (With guardianship) (MST 4)
___   Reciprocal, Respondent Out of County (ROC 3)          ___    Non-Probate Notice to Creditors (NNC 4)
DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/ANTIHARASSMENT                            ___    Sealed Will Repository (SWR 4)
___   Confidential Name Change (CHN 5)                      ___    Trust/Estate Dispute Resolution (TDR 4)
MENTAL ILLNESS                                              ___    Trust (TRS 4)
___   Alcohol/Drug Treatment (ALT 6)                        ___    Will Only (WLL 4)
___   Mental Illness--Adult (MI 6)
___   Mental Illness--Juvenile (MIJ 6)
___   Mental Illness-Other Venue (MIO 6)

If you cannot determine the appropriate category, please describe the cause of action below.
Please Note: Public information in court files and pleadings may be posted on a public Web site.
DOMESTIC RELATIONS                           Reciprocal, Respondent-Out-of-             PROBATE/GUARDIANSHIP
Annulment--Invalidity--Petition              County--Petition to enforce orders         Absentee--Petition to determine the
claiming an illegal or invalid marriage.     between states under URESA for             location of absent owner of real or
                                             respondents out of the county.             personal property.
Child Custody--Petition involving the
immediate charge and control of a                                                       Disclaimer--Recording a written
child.                                       DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/                         instrument disclaiming an interest by
Dissolution with Children--Petition          ANTIHARASSMENT                             beneficiaries.
to terminate a marriage other than           Confidential Name Change--Petition         Estate--Petition seeking court
annulment, with children of that             for name change, when domestic             settlement of a deceased person's
marriage.                                    violence/antiharassment issues             property.
Dissolution with no Children--               require confidentiality.                   Foreign Will--Filing of a will for
Petition to terminate a marriage other                                                  probate that has been proved in
than annulment, with no children of          MENTAL ILLNESS                             another state, territory, or foreign
that marriage.                                                                          country.
                                             Alcohol/Drug Treatment--Petition for
Dissolution of Domestic                      involuntary treatment for one who is       Guardianship--Petition to appoint a
Partnership–With Children--Petition          incapacitated by alcohol or drugs.         guardian to manage the affairs of an
to terminate a domestic partnership,                                                    incompetent or non-resident person.
other than annulment, with children of       Mental Illness--Adult--Petition for
                                             involuntary treatment for an adult who     Guardianship/Estate--Petition
that domestic partnership.                                                              seeking court settlement for the
                                             is incapacitated by mental illness.
Dissolution of Domestic                                                                 property of a deceased person who
                                             Mental Illness--Juvenile--Petition for     was the ward of a guardian.
Partnership–With No Children--
                                             involuntary treatment for a juvenile
Petition to terminate a domestic                                                        Limited Guardianship--Petition to
partnership, other than annulment,           who is incapacitated by mental illness.
                                                                                        appoint a limited guardian with only
with no children of that domestic            Mental Illness–Other Venue--               partial responsibility for the ward's
partnership.                                 Petition to modify or revoke a Less        person and/or property, where the
                                             Restrictive Alternative originally         ward is not fully incompetent.
 Foreign Judgment--A judgment,
                                             issued in another county.
decree, or order of a court of the                                                      Minor Guardianship--Petition is
United States, or any state or                                                          based solely on the underage status
territory, which is entitled to full faith   ADOPTION/PATERNITY                         of the Ward/Minor.
and credit in this state.
                                             Adoption--Petition to establish a new,     Minor Settlements--Petition for a
Invalidity–Domestic Partnership--            permanent relationship of parent and       court decision that an award to a
Petition to invalidate a domestic            child not having that relationship.        minor is appropriate when letters of
partnership.                                 Confidential Intermediary--Petition        guardianship are required (e.g., net
Legal Separation--Petition to live           to appoint a confidential intermediary     settlement value is greater than
separate and apart.                          to contact the adopted person(s), birth    $25,000).
Legal Separation-Domestic                    parent(s), or other relative(s).           Non-Probate Notice to Creditors--
Partnership -- Petition to live              Initial Pre-Placement --An initial         The filing of a non-probate notice to
separate and apart in a domestic             pre-placement report filed on a child      creditors in a case in which no
partnership.                                 by the DSHS prior to the filing of         probate action is expected (e.g., an
Mandatory Wage Assignment--                  adoption papers.                           estate with a living trust which does
Petition for wage assignment.                                                           not require probate, providing the
                                             Modification--Petition seeking             heirs with an opportunity to start the
Modification--Petition seeking               amendment of a previous order or           time period for creditor filing of
amendment of a previous order or             decree.                                    claims).
decree.                                      Paternity --Petition to determine the      Sealed Will Repository – Filing a
Modification: Support Only--                 legal status of an alleged biological      will under seal before a testator’s
Petition seeking amendment of a              father.                                    death, as authorized by RCW
previous order or decree regarding           Paternity/URESA/UIFSA --Petition to        11.12.265.
support.                                     determine the legal status of an           Trust/Estate Dispute Resolution –
Out-of-State Custody--Recording              alleged biological father which is filed   The filing of a dispute in any estate,
custody established out-of-state.            in conjunction with the reciprocal         guardianship, or trust.
                                             report entered under the URESA or
Parenting Plan/Child Support—                                                           Trust-- A case filed, by order,
                                             UIFSA acts.
Petition for Residential                                                                separately from a guardianship or
Schedule/Parenting Plan/Child                Relinquishment--Petition to                probate case.
Support in circumstances set forth in        relinquish a child to DSHS, an
RCW 26.26.375.                               agency, or a prospective adoptive          Will Only--Filing a will when no
                                             parent.                                    further action shall be taken.
Reciprocal, Respondent-in-
County-Petition to enforce orders            (Title 26) Termination of
between states under URESA for               Parent-Child Relationship--Petition
respondents in the county.                   to terminate a parent-child relationship
                                             when parent has not executed a
                                             written consent.

Case Types 3 - 6                                                                             Last Revised: 9/1/2010

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