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Kenya- 27th March 2008

          Quest Holdings International partners with Experian to establish
                             A Credit Bureau in Kenya
Experian®, the global information services company, has signed an agreement to supply Quest Risk
Solutions, a subsidiary of Quest Holdings International Ltd, with its proprietary software to establish a credit
reference database and bureau service in Kenya.

Quest Risk Solutions, as one of the first private credit bureaux in Kenya, will provide valuable decision-
making tools to any company or financial institution extending consumer and SME credit in Kenya. Quest
will use the Experian software to offer the following services to local businesses:

      •    Positive and negative credit account information on individuals and SMEs (a very large segment
           of the Kenyan business population)
      •    Information on previous credit applications

Kenya’s economy has been growing steadily over the last five years. In the past two years, the economy
has grown at an astounding 6.5% and it is projected that the economy will grow at 5% in 2008. Kenya has
over 42 banks, numerous MFIs (Microfinance Institutions) and Saccos (Savings and Credit Cooperative
Organisations) and in 2007, lending of over 10 billion Kenya shillings was granted. The healthy state of the
economy offers an untapped opportunity for the credit bureau business.

The donor community and Kenya’s development partners have noted that the existence of a credit bureau,
credit scoring and a credit rating agency is imperative for the growth of the credit industry in Kenya. In that
regard the Donor Agencies, particularly DFID are funding the mass education campaign on the value of a
credit bureau in the country, through the East African Credit Bureau Association.

Commenting on the agreement, Roberto Giannantoni, Head of Credit Bureau solutions in Experian’s
Decision Analytics division, said: “This operation fits our strategic objectives of expansion into exciting
emerging economies around the world. Quest Holdings and its CEO, Mr Julian Kyula, have been in the
forefront in the establishment of well-run and managed credit bureaus in Kenya. With an exceptional and
highly experienced team sourced both locally and internationally, Quest Holdings is in a unique position to
succeed in this project with the support of Experian as one of the world’s largest and most successful
providers of credit bureau services and solutions for third party operators.

"Lenders need to base their decisions on relevant information about consumers, so automated and
sophisticated credit information retrieval systems are key to managing credit risk. The predictiveness of
decision making solutions has been enhanced by the introduction of shared credit information via credit
bureaux, resulting in better risk management for lenders and improved profitability. Credit bureaux are key
enablers for the growth of a nation’s consumer economy and the quality of consumer credit portfolios, whilst
protecting the privacy and credit exposure of individual consumers.”

Commenting on the agreement, CEO Mr Julian Kyula, stated: “Experian is clearly the world leader in the
provision of credit bureau services and meets all our needs in terms of reliability, ability, support, history of
operating and launching credit bureaus in the developing world. For us, Experian is the perfect partner.

“This agreement will go a long way towards cementing our position as the leading provider of financial
solutions locally. Our mission is to be the leading credit bureau in East Africa, offering unsurpassed services.
We strongly believe that a well developed credit bureau will facilitate and increase the development of
financial services in Kenya and the entire East African region”.
For further information on the press release please contact:

Beatriz Sanjuán, Media Relations Experian-Scorex EMEAI
Tel: +34 617 390 451 Email: beatriz.sanjuan@experian-scorex.es

Peter Brooker, Public Affairs Director, Experian
Tel: +44 (0) 115 934 4548. Email: peter.brooker@uk.experian.com

Anthony Ragui, Managing Director. Quest Risk Solutions Ltd
Tel: + 254-020-241376. Email : aragui@questholdings.biz

About Experian
Experian is a global leader in providing information, analytical and marketing services to organisations and
consumers to help manage the risk and reward of commercial and financial decisions.

Combining its unique information tools and deep understanding of individuals, markets and economies,
Experian partners with organisations around the world to establish and strengthen customer relationships
and provide their businesses with competitive advantage.

For consumers, Experian delivers critical information that enables them to make financial and purchasing
decisions with greater control and confidence.

Clients include organisations from financial services, retail and catalogue, telecommunications, utilities,
media, insurance, automotive, leisure, e-commerce, manufacturing, property and government sectors.

Experian Group Limited is listed on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN) and is a constituent of the FTSE
100 index. It has corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, and operational headquarters in Costa Mesa,
California and Nottingham, UK. Experian employs around 15,500 people in 36 countries worldwide,
supporting clients in more than 65 countries. Annual sales are in excess of $3.8 billion (£1.9 billion/€2.8

For more information, visit the Group's website on www.experiangroup.com.

The word 'Experian' is a registered trademark in the EU and other countries and is owned by Experian Ltd
and/or its associated companies.

About Quest Risk Solutions LTD (QRS)
Quest Risk Solutions (QRS) is a unit subsidiary of Quest Holdings Limited, dedicated to helping,
organisations, consumers and governments make commercial and financial decisions with confidence
and control.

The ultimate vision is for QRS people, data and technology to become a necessary part of every major
consumer economy around the world.

We in QRS aim to help businesses improve their fiscal value and make informed decisions about their
financial status.

We aim to achieve the above through two key arms that fall under Quest Risk Solutions: Quest Credit
Bureaux and Quest Rating Services.

For more information, visit the company’s website on www.questholdings.biz

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