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					Official Launch Date: 1 August 2010
     “First Mover” Positioning
• We Are Seeking Business Partners
• To Build a “Top-Producing Team”
  Sharp Business Minded People
  That Recognize the Marketing Advantages
  Of “Timing” in an Income Opportunity

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Where Are We Going? “The Roadmap”

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       Qualifying Questions
Do You Know Anybody That Wants To:

     If You Answered “YES,”
    Then Zoom Mobile Is Your
        Income Opportunity     Slide 4
  The Cell Phone Market Is Dynamic
                You know how . . .
 Millions of people already use and pay for cell service
 People are looking for ways to save money on their
  cell phone bill
 People in all walks of life and profession are earnestly
  looking for ways to earn extra income

                What We Do is . . .
HELP people SAVE MONEY on their Cell Phone SERVICE

                    AND We . . .
SHOW people how to MAKE MONEY when other
      people talk on their cell phone!
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Remember the International Giant,
   EXCEL Telecommunications?

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    NO “Buying Resistance” to Services
     Everybody NEEDS or WANTS . . .

. . . The Cell Phone Industry Is Projected
    To Grow for the Next 10 – 20 years.
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   Residual / Leveraged Income
• If You Want to Have True Independence,
  Learn To Create Residual and Leveraged
• Once You Create Residual and Leveraged
  Income, You Can Achieve Time And
  Financial Freedom
  I would rather have 1% of the efforts of 100 people,
              than 100% my own efforts”
          John Paul Getty – America’s 1st Billionaire

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           Home-Based Business

Entrepreneur Magazine Estimates
That $427 Billion is Generated Yearly
by Home-Based Businesses

69,000 People Start a Home-Based
Business Every Week

Within the Next 10 years, 1 Out of
Every 2 Households Will Have a
Home-Based Business
- Robert Kiyosaki

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          What The Experts Say About
             Network Marketing!

“Network Marketers are      "Network Marketing is        “Network Marketing: the
creating FORTUNES at       The Perfect Business for      industry for people who
  breakneck speeds!”
                         the average person to create   want to change their lives”

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     ZOOM Mobile, The Company
                A Licensed, Bonded and Certified
       Wireless Phone Company Based in Palm Harbor, FL

      A “Branded” Mobile Virtual Network Operations (MVNO)
Cell Phone Company With a “Unique” Blend of Standard Corporate
      Operations And Hybrid Multi-Level Compensation Plan
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          The ZOOM Mobile Vision
Dear Team Member,
• When we chose direct distribution as the sales model for our products and
   services, we decided on two things:
• First, we resolved that our program would be easy to participate in and
   simple to understand.
• Second, we committed to providing people with the tools and skill training
   they need to be successful within the business opportunity.
• As entrepreneurs, we have an obligation to realize our vision in an
   atmosphere of integrity – a shared tenet of all our team members. I would
   like to personally welcome you to Zoom Mobile and encourage you to take
   advantage of the opportunity that we have to offer.
• We look forward to building a better future with you.
George Burton, President & CEO, ZoomMobile

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ZOOM Mobile Phones

                     Slide 13
Nationwide 3G/4G Coverage

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     ZOOM Mobile Service Plans

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ZOOM Mobile Business Centers

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ZOOM Mobile Business Centers

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ZOOM Mobile Business Centers

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 ZOOM Mobile Compensation Plan
       ZOOM Mobile Pays You 64 Times a Year
     When Other People Talk On Their Cell Phones

1. 1st Level First Order Bonus – Unlimited, Paid
2. 2nd Level First Sale Bonus – Unlimited, Paid
3. Binary Cycling Bonus - $3,000 Maximum Daily
   Earnings, Paid Weekly
4. Customer Retention Bonus – Paid Monthly
5. Stair Step Uni-Level Bonus – 10 Levels, Paid
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Fast Start Bonus Commissions
   1ST Level / 2nd Level Fast Start Bonus

                             1st Level First   2nd Level First
   Associate Level           Order Bonus        Sale Bonus
Associate Level III ($499)     $75.00             $50.00
Associate Level II ($299)      $50.00             $25.00
Associate Level I ($99)        $10.00             $5.00

              Paid Weekly
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 The Binary Compensation Plan
ZOOM Mobile Has A Unique 1/3 – 2/3 Binary Plan:
• Pays Out Weekly
• Can Cycle 20 Times a Day
• Maximum Daily Payout = $3,000
• Build Your Team to Infinite Depth
  Associate Level III ($499): = 3 Points
  Associate Level II ($299): = 2 Point
  Associate Level I ($99): = 1 Points

   Step        Points     Weak Side      Strong Side   Payout
    1            6             2              4        $40.00
    2            12            4              8        $50.00
    3            18            6             12        $60.00
                                         Full Cycle    $150.00
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The Power of The Binary Plan
Power Leg:                                              Weak Leg:
 Pays 2/3                      Position 1                Pays 1/3              Level 0 = 1 Business Center

         Position 2                                  Position 3                Level 1 = 2 Business Center

Position 4            Position 5        Position 6                Position 7   Level 2 = 4 Business Center

                                                                               Level 3 = 8 Business Center

                                                                               Level 4 = 16 Business Center

                                                                               Level 5 = 32 Business Center

                                                                               Level 6 = 64 Business Center

Build “Leveraged” Income To Infinite Depth
                                                                                               Slide 22
  Customer Acquisition Bonus
   Distributors AND Customers Are Eligible For:
         “Maintain 3 and Your
      Cell Phone Service Is Free”

• Three Actively Paying Cell Phone
  Service Plans on Auto-ship
• Equal, or Greater, Value Than Your
  Current Cell Phone Service Plan
• In the Given Commission Period

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    The Uni-level Compensation Plan
A 10-Level Stair-Step Uni-Level Plan:
• Paid on Profits From:  Phone Calling Plans and Products
•   Build Your Team to Infinite Width
                            Senior                   Senior                     Income
    Rank      Associate                 Manager                 Director                    295,340
                           Associate                Manager                    Potential
              3 IR’s OR:   6 IR’s OR:                                          Sponsor 10   x $.50 =
To Qualify       $299         $499
                                          9 IR’s     25 IR’s     50 IR’s
Level 1          10%          10%          10%         10%        10%              10

Level 2          10%          10%          10%         10%        10%           X 3 = 30

Level 3                       10%          10%         10%        10%              90

Level 4                       10%          10%         10%        10%             270

Level 5                                    10%         10%        10%             810

Level 6                                    10%         10%        10%            2,430

Level 7                                                10%        10%            7,290

Level 8                                                10%        10%            21,870

Level 9                                                           10%            65,610

Level 10                                                          10%           196,830

Possible CV      20%          40%          60%         80%        100%         295,340
Income potential is not guaranteed nor implied. Individual results may vary.                     Slide 24
What Makes ZOOM Mobile Unique?
• A World Class “Branded” MVNO Cell Phone Company
   • Classic Business Model with Multi-Level Pay Plan
• Competitively Priced Calling Plans
   • No Inflated Pricing
• World Class Customer Service (Open 6 Days / Week)
   • One Customer Service Rep Per 100 Distributors
   • US Based With A Toll Free Phone Number
   • Bilingual Customer Service Reps
• Innovative Marketing Plan
   • Maintain 3 Customers = Your Cell Service Is Free
• National Promotions and Branding
   • Stock Car Racing, Pro Football, Country Music Events

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ZOOM Mobile Exclusive and Proprietary
 • A Full-Featured “Application” Store in Back Office
    • 200,000 Aps for Any Smart Phone
 • Internet Based Mini-Portal for Customers (FREE)
    • Includes An “Upgrade” Link To Convert to An IR
 • Mobile VoIP Calling Plans
    • Works on Any Smart Phone and Service Provider
    • 80 Countries Unlimited Calling + Texting (76 Additional
      Countries at Wholesale Rate Charge)

                          ONLY $29.99

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Compelling Reasons To Get Started Now
 •   Immediate Cash Flow With The Powerful Fast Start Bonus!
 •   Build Your Distributor Base Before The Explosion
 •   Position Yourself Higher In The Binary
 •   Get In Now Before the “RED” Coverage Provider and
     International Calling Applications Are Released on August 1st

                         Why Wait?
         Get In Now: Maximize Your Commissions
        ZoomMobile™ Is In The Palm Of Your Hands
                Carpe Diem - Seize The Pay!

Are You Ready to Launch YOUR FUTURE?
     The Time To BUILD IS NOW . . .
            Time IS Money!          Slide 27
 Where Will YOU Get Started?
  Is this you?

                          Or, Is this you?

Join The ZOOM Mobile Power Team! 28
First Things First – Close To Action

                                Slide 29
• Lead Capture Pages
• Webinars
• Team Income Opportunity Meetings/Presentations
• Three-Way Calling
• Personal Training
• Marketing Systems
• PLUS More

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  The Fastest Team In ZOOM Mobile

   “Put yourself in the financial driver’s seat of a
Lamborghini that pays you as fast as you can drive it”

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We’ll MEET You In The
 Cities of The World

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