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                                 Dennis M. Mitzel and Louise L. Labadie
                                          Berry Moorman P.C.
                                       900 Victors Way, Suite 300
                                      Ann Arbor, Michigan 48108
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I.     The Goals in creating an estate plan. Each situation is different but the following are common estate
       planning goals.

       Planning for Retirement
       Planning for Disability
       Post Death Provisions

       A.   Care for Surviving Spouse
       B.   Care for Minor Children
       C.   Provide for Distributions to Adult Children
       D.   Minimize Conflict
       E.   Save Taxes
       F.   Avoid Probate

II.    Estate Planning Documents

       A. Durable Power of Attorney-Authority to make legal and financial decisions
       B. Patient Advocate Designation – Authority to make medical decisions
                  -Living Will Provisions-Termination of life support
                  -Recent Events-Nutrition and Hydration
                  -Anatomical Gifts
       C. Will
       D. Trust
                  -Revocable Living Trusts
                  -Other Trusts

III.   Intestacy Laws-(No Will)-Provisions for surviving spouse

       A.   Spouse   (no children, no parents) – 100%
       B.   Spouse   (at least one common child) - $168,000 plus ½
       C.   Spouse   (decedent has child or children) - $112,000 plus ½
       D.   Spouse   (no children, living parents) - $168,000 plus ¾

IV.    Spousal Elections

       A. Take under Will
       B. Elect against Will-(½ intestate share less other receipts)
       C. Dower rights

V.     Prenuptial Agreement – Second Marriage Planning
        A. Deathtime Protection – Spousal Elections waived
        B. Divorce Protection
        C. Income Tax Returns-
                  -Joint or Separate returns
        D. Capital Gains on Sale of Primary Residence
        E. Property Tax Homestead Exemption
        F. Healthcare Benefits
        G. Medicaid Planning
        H. Document Formalities

VI.     Tax Planning

        A. Estate Tax Exemption
                      2002            $ 1,000,000
                      2004            $ 1,500,000
                      2006            $ 2,000,000
                      2009            $ 3,500,000
                      2010            No Estate Tax but Capital Gains changes
                      2011            $ 1,000,000

        B. Estate Tax Rates
                      45% Flat Tax

        C. Michigan Taxes
                     No Current Death Tax

VII.    Joint Property

        A. Tax Problems
        B. Practical Problems

VIII.   Trusts for Tax and Family Planning

        A.   Trust Provisions
        B.   Family Trust
        C.   Marital Trust
        D.   Joint Trust
        E.   Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust
        F.   Trustees

IX.     Funding
        A. Investments
        B. Residence
        C. IRAs

X.      Insurance
        A. Life Insurance
        B. Long-Term Care Insurance
XI.   Other Issues
      A. Medicaid Planning
      B. Special Needs Trusts for Children
      C. Guardianship Provisions for Children
      D. Charitable Planning

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