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					http://www.rbalaw.org/                   International Legal Network                    January 2004

 A New Year, a New Start                               Shinnenkai Success!
 By Delon Abrams                                       Foreign Admitted Lawyers Ring in 2004
 RBA Membership Coordinator
                                                       By Jeff Shimamoto
 Greetings RBA Members! We on the Executive            RBA Operations Coordinator
 Board hope that everyone had a wonderful and
 refreshing New Year’s holiday and that January        The foreign admitted lawyers in Japan welcomed
 has been a great start to 2004 for all our Members.   the New Year and what a welcome it was. The
 After the great success of the Shinnenkai to start    Third Annual Foreign Admitted Lawyers
 off the year, the RBA is now gearing up for a         Shinnenkai, jointly hosted by the ACCJ, ANZCC,
 terrific year!                                        Foreign Lawyers Association of Japan, FWLA,
                                                       Kokusai Shoji Homu American Lawyers Club and
 The RBA Board is hard at work planning                the RBA, was held at Soho’s Omotesando on
 interesting and fun events for the coming year,       Thursday, January 29th. The party proved to be
 and we will start off the year with a fascinating     an unbelievable success attracting attendees from
 discussion by several distinguished speakers on       as far as Manila, the Philippines. Over 150 legal
 the topic of “Global Security, Terrorism and          professionals and their friends ate and drank, and
 Visas,” to be held on Friday, February 27th           then ate and drank some more until all the food
 beginning at 7:30 p.m. Directing the topic of         provided by Soho’s and all the Washington State
 discussion will be a familiar face to RBA members     wine provided by Orca International vanished.
 - Richard Goldstein, a returning RBA lecturer         Special thanks go to all the RBA Board members
 who is also one of the founding members of the        who helped organize the events for the evening.
 RBA. Other features speakers will include Mr.
 Edward McKeon, Consul-General and Minister            After a very successful 2003, the RBA Executive
 counselor of the U.S. Embassy in Japan; Alan          Board will remain relatively unchanged and is
 Sutton, H.M. Consul at the British Embassy, and       prepared to maintain the RBA’s status as the
 an Entry Clearance Officer of the British             premier legal networking organization in Tokyo.
 Embassy.                                              Similar to last year, the RBA will be offering
                                                       substantive lectures and speeches on the last
 These notable speakers combine many years of          Thursday of every other month at Century Court
 distinguished experience in the fields of             in Roppongi. In 2003, the RBA was fortunate
 immigration and consular issues, and surely have      enough to host such notable speakers as Hunter
 wonderful insights into the complexities of our       Hale and Ron Lavoie, who spoke on a range of
 current times to share with our Membership.           issues from regulations affecting foreign lawyers
 We are thrilled to kick off the first meeting event   in Japan to zoning restrictions on land in Japan.
 of 2004 with such a prominent panel of speakers,      We expect to continue with this trend in 2004,
 and look forward to seeing all our Members on         and we hope that everyone will take advantage of
 the 27th! To accommodate this great event, this       what our meetings have to offer. In particular, a
 meeting will be held in a new venue, the Ibis Hall    chance to network with other members of the
 located on the 4th floor of the Ibis Hotel in         foreign legal community and a forum in which to
 central Roppongi. Please see their location map       discuss issues that touch us on professional and
 at http://www.ibis-hotel.com/map.jpg                  personal levels. 

 Now that the RBA has begun events for 2004, we
 remind everyone its time to renew your                 INSIDE THIS NEWSLETTER
 memberships - see the 2004 Membership Form
 inside this newsletter. As always, information on      A New Year                                Pg. 1
 upcoming events will be distributed to all             Shinnenkai Success!                       Pg. 1
 Members as the events are finalized. We look           RBA EVENTS                                Pg.2
 forward to a year full of exciting and appealing
 events, and encourage everyone to participate in       Announcements                             Pg. 3
 making 2004 a fantastic year for the legal             Career Opportunities                      Pg. 4
 community here in Tokyo. See you all soon!            2004 Membership Form                      End

 Roppongi Bar Association Newsletter – January 2004                                              1
                           RBA EVENTS
                                         The RBA Presents:
            Global Security, Ter rorism and Visas:
                            A discussion of cur rent issues
                                 Friday, February 27th
                                      7:00 p.m. - 9:45 p.m.
The RBA is proud to bring to present for our first meeting of the year, an impressive panel of guests who
will speak primarily about the legal changes and challenges in light of increased terrorism and global
security concerns they have faced in their roles as legal practitioners. The invited speakers all play
important roles in the international legal community and have extensive experience in providing advice on
international law and indeed also on influencing the direction of government policies.

                                         Featured Speakers:
 Richard Goldstein
           Senior Partner, Law Offices of Richard Goldstein
           The RBA is happy to welcome back Richard Goldstein, a long-time friend and a trusted voice
           on immigration law. Based out of London and New York, Mr. Goldstein frequently visits
           Japan to advise clients on international immigration concerns.
 Edward McKeon
           Consul-General and Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs, U.S. Embassy
           Mr. McKeon was recently appointed to the position of Consul-General at the U.S. Embassy.
           Before his appointment to his current position in September last year, Mr. McKeon served with
           great distinction in a number of U.S. diplomatic assignments, including recent posts as
           Consul-General at the U.S. Embassy in Israel and at the U.S. Consulate General, Guangzhou,
 Alan Sutton
           H.M. Consul, British Embassy
           Mr. Sutton too has served with great distinction at many diplomatic posts and currently
           oversees consular affairs for the British Embassy in
 Entry Clearance Officer, British Embassy
Location: Ibis Hall, 4th Floor Ibis Hotel
(http://www.ibis-hotel.com/map.jpg; http://www.ibis-hotel.com/access-j.html)
Members Fee: 3500 yen
Guest Fee: 4000 yen
Includes: Food and Drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks)

    RSVP by email to events@rbalaw.org by Wednesday, February 25th.

We look forward to seeing you at this exciting first informational program of 2004. Please
also feel free to invite your colleagues and other interested parties to attend this special event.

Roppongi Bar Association Newsletter – January 2004                                               2

       The 2004 RBA
      Executive Board
                                                 POSITIONS ON THE RBA
            Account Managers                     EXECUTVE BOARD ARE
            William Herbert                        STILL AVAILABLE
              Iho Uchida
          accounts@rbalaw.org                     If you would like to contribute to
                                                keeping the RBA running and serving
                                               the legal community here in Japan, feel
            Career Opportunities              free to contact any RBA Board Member!
                Coordinator                            ____________________
                                                     If you would like to place an
                                              announcement relevant to RBA Members
            Events Coordinators
                                              in the Newsletter, please send an email to
           Joanna Diamond                       the RBA at publications@rbalaw.org.
            Aaron Kleiman                             No advertisements, please.

         Membership Coordinator
           Delon Abrams

          Publications Manager

           Technology Assistants
            Igor Nikitenko

                Justin Itin

Roppongi Bar Association Newsletter – January 2004                                  3
Career Opportunities                               and other key jurisdictions is vital, together with
                                                   the ability to critically analyse policy issues and
If you would like to place a job listing in
                                                   developments and successfully deal with
future issues of the RBA Newsletter or notify
the RBA Membership of any career                   regulatory authorities. A degree of international
opportunities, please send e-mail to the RBA       exposure will be key. Native level fluency in
at careers@rbalaw.org.                             Japanese is highly desirable. A local, highly
                                                   competitive package will be offered to the
If you contact an employer who lists with us,
                                                   successful candidate. If you would like to
please be sure to let them know you heard
about them through the RBA.                        discuss this role further please contact Laurence
                                                   Munoz, Managing Director, Major Hagen &
And if you know of a law firm or company           Africa, at Tel (852) 3101 9678 or e-mail at
seeking an attorney, be sure to let them know      lmunoz@mhaglobal.com.
about the RBA listings!!

                                                   Cadence Design Systems, Japan
Senior Counsel, Top Global Mobile
                                                   Position Title: Senior Contract Manager
Telecommunications Network, TOKYO
                                                   Location: Shin-Yokohama
                                                   Reports to: General Counsel - Japan
Our client is one of the largest mobile
telecommunications network companies in the
world. Investments the company has made in
                                                   Cadence is the world's largest supplier of
their network and in new technologies mean
                                                   electronic design technologies, methodology
they will lead the way in defining mobile data
                                                   services, and design services. Cadence solutions
services across the world. An exciting
                                                   are used to accelerate and manage the design of
opportunity has arisen for an experienced
                                                   semiconductors, computer systems, networking
regulatory specialist to join the company within
                                                   and telecommunications equipment, consumer
their Corporate Planning Group in Tokyo.
                                                   electronics, and a variety of other
Reporting directly to the General Manager,
                                                   electronics-based       products.          With
Corporate Planning, this will be a key role in
                                                   approximately 5,000 employees and 2002
tackling major regulatory issues facing the
                                                   revenues of approximately $1.3 billion, Cadence
company in the Japanese market. You will be
                                                   has sales offices, design centers, and research
involved in commercial and strategic planning;
                                                   facilities around the world.
policy review and analysis; preparation of
                                                   The company is headquartered in San Jose,
written submissions; participation in Soumusho
                                                   Calif., and traded on the New York Stock
and industry working groups and generally,
                                                   Exchange under the symbol CDN. More
advocate the company's policy position. The
                                                   information about the company, its products and
ideal candidate will have 5 - 10 years'
                                                   services is available at www.cadence.com (in
experience in telecommunications or other
                                                   English) and www.cadence.co.jp (in Japanese).
regulated network industry gained within
another corporation or recognized professional
services firm. A strong working knowledge of
                                                   Senior Contract Manager will provide contract
telecommunications law and regulation in Japan
Roppongi Bar Association Newsletter – January 2004                                            4
drafting, negotiation, and management support
for the Legal Dept. in Japan. Responsibilities
will include drafting contracts primarily in
Japanese, negotiating contracts with customers
and vendors primarily in Japanese, updating and
maintaining      the    department's   Japanese
documents, contract management (including
reviewing for completeness, attending to
execution, distribution, and filing), project
coordination and management, and interfacing
with personnel from other groups within
Cadence. The candidate should have some
contract drafting and reviewing experience with
software licensing agreements, and also must be
flexible in his/her approach to work in order to
grow and succeed in this small legal department
setting. Native Japanese language fluency is
required. The person must be able to work
independently and have strong project
management, interpersonal, and communication
skills both in Japanese and English. Background
should demonstrate an attention to detail and
experience in a role involving sensitive and
confidential information.

Preferred Education:
Graduate of the legal faculty of a leading
Japanese university.
Preferred Experience:
6 - 10 years of relevant work experience and
current employment in the legal department of a
leading Japanese trading or technology company,
including experience negotiating software
licensing agreements.

Contact: Yasumasa Hoshino, Human Resources
(Tel:         045-475-6900,        E-mail:

Roppongi Bar Association Newsletter – January 2004   5
                Temple University Law School, Program in Japan
                        2-8-12 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan   106-0047
              Tel.   03-5441-9800      Fax   03-5765-2517      E-mail     law@tuj.ac.jp

                               TUJ INTERNSHIP PROGRAM
                                  Invitation to Participate

As a fellow-member of the Tokyo legal community, Temple University School of Law would
like to invite your organization to participate in a unique legal internship program.
Commencing January 2004, Temple Law School expects to host over 50 experienced law
students from over 35 law schools across the United States. Our internship program offers
these law students the opportunity to gain first hand experience and knowledge about the
practice of law in Japan.

Our law students welcome legal internship opportunities lasting one day, one week, one
month, or the entire semester on either a paid or unpaid basis (“preferably paid” according to
the typical hungry law student). In the past, our interns have undertaken tasks enabling
them to experience the Japanese legal and business environment, interact with legal
professionals and staff, and gain an insight into Japan’s business culture. Such tasks have
included translation, proofreading, legal research, contract drafting, due diligence, file
management, litigation support, negotiations, correspondence, and the teaching of legal

If you are interested in finding out more about Temple Law’s internship program, please
contact Akiko Abe (Internship Coordinator) or Matthew Wilson (Director) via telephone at
03-5441-9841 or email at law@tuj.ac.jp. Thank you.

Roppongi Bar Association Newsletter – January 2004                                        6
            1.1.        TMP/Hudson Global Resources Legal Team
   Dedicated solely to the Tokyo Legal Market’s needs. If you wish to know your options or have any
           questions at all about the market or your individual situation, please contact us!
                    Please visit our company web site at: http://www.hudsonresourcing.co.jp
               Or our Legal page within: http://www.hudsonresourcing.co.jp/node.asp?SID=1277

James Graham
Manager, Legal & Financial Services
Coverage: Legal (Bengoshi, Foreign Attorney), Compliance, and Para-Legals
Having finished his MBA Finance Degree at International University of Japan, James joined TMP Worldwide in
Tokyo as a Principal Consultant in the Banking and Finance Division in 2000. In that first year James successfully
completed search assignments for Regional COOs, Country COOs, Head of Operations and a number of middle
levels manager roles as well. During this time he also went on to establish the Real Estate and Legal team -
cornerstones of the Tokyo office today.
Currently James is managing a team of 12 people but is responsible for delivering search assignments within the
legal industry and has made a number of high profile placements including several Partners and Investment Banking
Heads of Legal as well as several transactional lawyers and paralegals.
Mail to: James Graham               Phone: 03-3511-6486

Katsuyoshi “Kats” Otsuka
Senior Consultant
Coverage: Bengoshi, Foreign Attorneys for Corporate In-house roles and Law Firms
Kats is a specialized recruiter for legal market in Japan. He handles in-house corporate legal positions for
various industries outside of Finance. His track record includes Bengoshi Partners, Head of Legal and legal
manager positions at IT, Pharmaceutical, Medical equipment, consumer products companies for domestic and
global companies in Tokyo. He has B.S. degree in Material Science and Engineering from Arizona State
Prior to joining Hudson Global Resources, Kats was involved in a large-scale ISP start-up business in Japan. It is
here he began his working relationship with James Graham that continues today at Hudson Global Resources.
Mail to: Katsuyoshi Otsuka          Phone: 03-3511-6489

Keisuke “Keith” Yamaguchi
Responsibilities: Candidate Sourcing & Research
Often the first voice people hear from Hudson Global Resources, Keisuke started as researcher and now is
responsible for candidate sourcing and associate consultant duties. He works closely and supports James
Graham & Katsuyoshi Otsuka. He has B.S. degree in International Business Management from Goldey-Beacom
College at Delaware, USA.
Mail to: Keisuke Yamaguchi Phone: 03-3511-6507

Izumi Kikuchi
Team Coordinator

Responsibilities: Izumi has been working with James & Kats for 2 years and is the heart & soul of the team.
Other than being the person that makes everything go smoothly for candidates and clients alike, she is
responsible for our internal procedures, billings, trouble shooting, making and confirming some of the most
complicated arrangements known to our industry.

Roppongi Bar Association Newsletter – January 2004                                                        7
                       10th Fl. Roi Bldg., 5-5-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-8522
                                Tel: 03-3478-4100 www.century-court.com


Dear RBA Members:

As a means of productive cooperation with the RBA, Century Court is offering an exclusive
Membership to RBA members.

For those RBA members who become new Century Court International Members (available to
foreigners) by June 30, 2003, we are offering Century Checks. These Century Checks,
worth a total value of 20,000 yen, can be used to purchase food and beverages in any one of
the fine establishments at Century Court.


The annual fee for International Membership is 21,000 yen with no registration fee.

The following is a list of membership benefits:

1.   No Visitor’s fee for your guests at Century Court.
2.   Use of the sports center TIPNESS (reduced fee of 2,000 yen per visit).
3.   10% off at WDI’s (www.wdi.co.jp) Roppongi restaurants, Hard Rock CAFÉ Tokyo,
     Spago, Tony Roma’s, KYOGYU-SO, rainbow roll sushi and Breeze of Tokyo
     (Marunouchi Bldg.).
4.   30% off at Hotel IBIS and Roppongi Prince Hotel, 10% off at Hotel Okura Tokyo and
     20% off Sheraton Taipei.
5.   20-40% off at Nippon Rent a Car (reservations are required at least 7 days prior to use).
6.   5-20% off at Hertz.
7.   5% off of LOOK JTB Tours (high quality overseas package tours).
8.   3% off of LOOK JTB Slim Tours (reasonably priced overseas package tours).
     *The tour brochures are available at the club.

For further assistance, please contact Ms. Iho Uchida of the Membership Relations Office at
uchida.i@wdi.co.jp or call 03-3478-4100.

                             International Legal Network

                           Registration Form 2004
Welcome to the Roppongi Bar Association. RBA members receive access to our monthly newsletter,
which includes up to date listings of legal-related career opportunities in Japan, advance notice of all RBA
events, discounted attendance fees to some RBA events, and access to members-only events. In addition,
you will be helping to support the unique and valuable resource that is the RBA!

FEES: The fee for 2004 RBA membership is JPY 5,000 for new members who join from January
through March, JPY 4,000 for new members who join from April through June, JPY 3,000 for new
members who join from July through September and JPY 7,000* for new members who join from October
through December (*includes annual fee for following year). Students are JPY 2,000 at any time of year.

*NOTE: Members who are renewing their memberships from 2003 must pay JPY 5,000 regardless of
the date of renewal in 2004.

Member Information:
Last Name:                       First Name:                       Middle Name/Initial:

Company Name:                                     Job Title/Description:

Office Address:                                   Home Address: (Optional)

Office Telephone:                                 Home Telephone: (Optional)

Office Fax:                                       Home Fax: (Optional)

E-Mail Address:                                   Nationality:

Date of Payment/Bank Transfer:                    Amount Paid:

Bank Transfer Information:
Please make payment by bank transfer (if you are unfamiliar with the furikomi bank transfer system, please
see our furikomi instructions document), please deposit to:

Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi - Jimbocho Branch
Account Type: Ordinary
Account Number: 1283202
Account Name: "Roppongi Bar Association"

Then please download, complete and e-mail this form as an attachment to (membership@rbalaw.org).
Alternatively, you may pay your membership fee in person at any RBA Event.


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