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									                                                                                                November 2009
                                    Baptist Notes
                               A Publication of the First Baptist Church in Framingham
                                    PO Box 2415 ~ Framingham, MA 01703-2415
                                          Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell, Pastor

Celebrating the baptism of Velissa Velazco!
  After attending our Baptism
Group over the summer, Velissa
Velazco made the decision to be
baptized and we celebrated her
baptism on October 18th!
  As you can see, many children
came forward for a better view!
We had a delicious lunch organ-
ized by Diane Halbert following
the worship service, along with a
cake!       —Photo by Paul Moore

Time of Deep Change and Transition… and Transformation                                       Inside this issue:
Dear Church,
                                                                                             November Events      2

  This autumn has been the most glorious in the ten years I have lived in New
England. I have never seen such bold pumpkin and bright gold colors in the                   Pastor Mindi to      3
leaves. Every sunny day that we have had I have found myself walking outside                 move to Oklahoma
just awed by the power of change that God has instilled in all of creation
                                                                                             December Meeting     4
  By now the news has settled in. My husband JC has accepted a call to the
First Christian Church in Durant, Oklahoma (the resignation letter is reprinted              Financial Report     5
on page 3). This is a huge change in our lives, as I will be leaving full time min-
istry after almost 8 years (almost 4 years here in Framingham) and JC will be                Church Family        6
moving from part-time ministry to full-time ministry. It will be AJ’s first move             Birthdays
as a PK (Pastor’s Kid) and probably not the last. But it is a good time in his life
                                                                                             Calendar             7
to move, while he is still young.

  And now it is a time of change and transformation for First Baptist Church. A              Save the Dates       8
pulpit committee is forming that will begin working on getting an Interim Min-
ister to serve the congregation and the search for a new full-time settled pastor.
And as much as neither of us may be ready to say goodbye, this is a good time
for the church to go through this transition. These autumn colors are the bold-
                                                                     (Continued on page 4)
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Baptist Notes

Sunday, November 1st: Kickoff of Stewardship Season
This Sunday, November 1st, we will kickoff our Stewardship season with a pot-
luck lunch and presentation following lunch by Jim Sinclair of the American
Baptist Foundation, who will speak about Planned Giving—Continuing Our

Our Stewardship Theme this year comes from Galatians 6:10: “Now let us work
for the good of all, and especially for those of the family of faith.” We often
think of our church as a family, but in light of the proposed new church struc-
ture, we are also thinking of ourselves as a team, in which every one of us has a
vital part to play, every one of us has a way to contribute, every one of us has a
responsibility to the life of the church. As we prepare for a great time of transi-
tion, we are reminded that we are all in this together.

Sunday November 1st during the Stewardship Moment, we will revisit our
Time and Talents and what we can share of our many gifts. On the 8th we will
share what this church means to us in our faith journey, concluding on Stew-
ardship Sunday, the 15th, in which we will share our financial gifts through our
Estimate of Giving Cards.. We are in this together! See you on Sunday!

Happy Birthday Baby Basket Party
Saturday, November 14th, Happy Birthday Baby will have a basket-making
party to finish out baskets for the Christmas season—please come at 10AM or
speak to Lorna Mailhoit for more information.

Food Pantry needs for November
The Food Pantry requests for the month of November canned fruits and veggies.
By providing specific items each month, we ensure a well-balanced supply of
food to the Food Pantry throughout the year. Food Pantries across the country
are experiencing a dramatic increase in usage. Thank you for donating to the
Food Pantry (the food wagon is in the back of the sanctuary).

Interfaith Thanksgiving Service—Tuesday November 24th
The Annual Framingham Interfaith Thanksgiving Service will be held Tuesday,
November 24th, at 7:30PM at Plymouth Church UCC in Framingham. The
speaker will be The Rev. Julie Carson from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church.
The Interfaith Community Choir will rehearse “Now Thank We All Our God” at
6:30PM—there will be no music mailed out beforehand and no prior rehearsals.
All congregations are invited to bring goodies for the reception. Come for this
wonderful, exciting event in the religious life of our town!
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November 2009

Pastor Mindi’s letter of resignation (September 28th, 2009)
Dear friends,
        I believe this is the hardest letter I have ever written. It is with a heavy heart that I announce
that I will be resigning from the position of pastor of the First Baptist Church in Framingham, effective
in January 2010, my last Sunday being January 3rd. My husband, the Rev. J.C. Mitchell, has accepted
a call to be the pastor of the First Christian Church of Durant, Oklahoma. He will begin in this new
ministry in January. There is no easy way to share this news, but a letter is the easiest way to get the
news out quickly to the whole church at the same time.
        Being a clergy couple, we have the shared responsibility of being faithful to God’s call on our lives
and being faithful parents of A.J. When we were married we knew that there was the possibility that
someday we would have to make difficult decisions about our current ministries. J.C. was ordained in
May of 2008 and has been in the search process for over a year. Being a member of the Christian
Church (Disciples of Christ) denomination, we knew there was a likelihood he may be called outside of
Massachusetts. My call as a mother comes first, and I feel that this move will be good for our whole fam-
ily as I will be able to spend more time with A.J.
        I know this will come as a shock for many of you. I certainly never expected to leave this ministry
so soon. I hope that you will all receive my assurances that I am not leaving FBC for any reason other
than Christ’s call on our family to move. I have been very happy in my ministry here. I have enjoyed
very much my time as your pastor. I feel the church has grown in spirit as well as in numbers. How-
ever, we feel at this time God is calling us as a family to a new ministry.
        Perhaps the greatest sadness will be for A.J. to say goodbye to his home congregation and for you
to say goodbye to A.J. In many ways, it seems that I am taking away “your” baby! However, we still
have a few months together, and we will be here through the Christmas season.
        My hope is that you as the congregation will work quickly to have an interim minister, and I am
confident that you will call a new full-time minister to the position of pastor soon. The church is in a
good place. The new structure, which I hope will pass the vote at the meeting in December, will em-
power the lay leadership and help the congregation to keep moving forward, especially in the interim.
        May God continue to bless the First Baptist Church in Framingham, and may we enjoy our few
months together. May God bless our parting, though bittersweet, so that the church will continue to
grow faithfully in Christ as J.C., A.J. and I begin a new chapter in our lives.

The Reverend Mindi Welton-Mitchell

                                                     AJ in his
                                                Halloween costume
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                          Baptist Notes

Posting for Meeting of the Church Sunday December 6th
At the September 16th Executive Council, they set a meeting of the church for Sunday, December 6,
2009, at 12:30PM to vote on the proposal for modifying the bylaws and implementing a new structure
for a trial period that would begin at the annual meeting on Sunday, January 24, 2010. It would con-
tinue through the annual meeting on Sunday, January 22, 2012, at which time members would vote on
whether to make the changes permanent. At the annual meeting on Sunday, January 23, 2011, mem-
bers will evaluate the structure and suggest revisions to be voted on as appropriate. A presentation on
the proposed bylaw modifications and the new structure was held after worship and lunch on Sunday,
October 4, 2009.

Marilyn W. Wakeman, Clerk.         Posted September 20, 2009.

At the Executive Council meeting on October 21st, Executive Council added to the agenda the following
items: Accepting Pastor Mindi’s resignation (as required by the Bylaws) and vote on a Pulpit Commit-
tee, as well as any other business that may come before it.

Millie Levin/Kathie Chute Scholarships Awarded
After having submitted their applications to the ML/KC Scholarship Fund Committee recently, the
Scholarship Committee has agreed to awarding scholarships this month to:

Nikki Halbert, a student at Curry College In Milton
Greg Zeman, a student at University of Vermont
Jimmy Wakeman, Jr., taking a course to learn Portuguese at Keefe Tech

We are happy to assist FBC members and friends with scholarships for their education, from the ML/KC
Scholarship Fund, created in the memory of Millie Levin who used to be a BYF youth advisor and also in
memory of Kathie Chute, a young college girl.

Diane Halbert and Marilyn Wakeman, Co Chairs
Ray Zeman, ML/KC treasurer

Time of Deep Change (Continued)
(Continued from page 1)

est in years, and this church is in the perfect place to experience change and transformation.

 In December, this church will vote on a new structure. It is easy during times of transformation and
change to want to put the brakes on and resist changing. It is comfortable to remain the same. How-
ever, Christ is always calling us to move forward, to turn the tables on our thinking. This really is the
perfect time to try something new, to do something daring, to—as my favorite hymn says—risk yourself
for God. Be daring. Be bold as the pumpkin orange and bright as the gold leaves this fall. Let God’s
transformation take hold. Blessings, Mindi
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November 2009

                             Our Stewardship
             Operating Receipts & Disbursements for September

                                                                                                                                   BALANCE     (Budget-
                                                          2009 Budget           SEPTEMBER                      2009 YTD                   YTD)


                       General Fund Pledges                 $     53,478.00         $    3,727.00          $           37,547.51          $    15,930.49

      Undesignated Donations, Gifts, Receipts                      6,000.00              1,290.00                       5,739.00                  261.00

                               Loose Offering                      4,500.00                474.00                       3,232.50                1,267.50

Investments-Transf. From Endowment & Pleas-
                                                                  21,000.00                        -                    5,461.19               15,538.81
                              ant St. Accts.

              Investments- Interest/Dividends                      7,000.00                100.28                       3,205.83                3,794.17

                                         Fees                      7,780.00              2,275.00                      13,455.00               (5,675.00)

        Designated Donations, Gifts, Receipts                               -            5,000.00                       5,835.05               (5,835.05)

                            TOTAL RECEIPTS            $         99,758.00           $   12,866.28      $           74,476.08              $    25,281.92


                               Energy/Utilities            $      12,900.00         $      241.27          $            7,242.50          $     5,657.50

                             Pastoral Ministry                    71,735.00              5,629.30                      53,745.86               17,989.14

                                 Maintenance                       5,360.00                647.95                       3,413.89                1,946.11

                              Office Expense                       1,800.00               185.16                        1,373.14                  426.86

          Worship & Religious Ed. Resources                        7,550.00                108.96                       2,173.47                5,376.53

                                    Insurance                      4,000.00                        -                    3,763.00                  237.00

                  Salaries (Other than Pastor)                    13,100.00              1,250.00                      10,100.00                3,000.00

                               Miscellaneous                       1,567.00                        -                    1,900.16                (333.16)

                  TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS             $            118,012.00           $    8,062.64          $           83,712.02      $        34,299.98

   NET (RECEIPTS-DISBURSEMENTS)                   $        (18,254.00)          $       4,803.64               $      (9,235.94)      $        (9,018.06)
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Baptist Notes

Church Family Notes
We were saddened to hear the news        ness shown to Phyllis Devine and
that Gil Means passed away on Sep-       Ruth Barlow when it was most ap-
tember 29th. A funeral service was       preciated.
held in Ohio on October 3rd. Marilyn      Sincerely, Ruth Barlow
Armstrong, Gil’s sister, thanks every-
one for their cards. Her address is      A letter from Virginia Loring:
4021 Delphos Ave., Dayton, OH             Many, many thanks to the wonder-
45402.                                   ful people who answered my prayers,
                                         and accomplished what I can no
Virginia Stearns fell and broke her      longer do. My house and yard (front
hip and is currently hospitalized in     and back) are neat again.
Framingham, and will be transferred        I enjoyed Nicole’s company and
to a rehabilitation center shortly.      wash inside, too. Also, thanks to
                                         Chris, my drain pipes are working,
A note from Ruth Barlow:                 and thank you Pastor Mindi for eve-
 To our friends at FBC: thank you all    rything.
for the cards and expression of kind-      Sincerely, Virginia Loring

November Birthdays                       Thanksgiving Offering
6 Doris Stefanini                        This year’s Thanksgiving Offering,
10 Gladys Smith                          taken on Sunday, November 22nd,
10 Marcus Vaz                            will go to SMOC’s Fuel Assistance
11 Ernesto Velazco                       Program, a fund that directly helps
14 Catherine Tucker                      those in need of covering fuel ex-
19 Reshima Samuel                        penses this winter.
24 Pat Schneider

November Meetings of the Church
Christian Education Board: Sunday, November 8th, following worship

Missions Board: Sunday November 8th, following worship

A&F Board: Tuesday November 10th, 7PM at the home of the Zeman’s

Executive Council: Wednesday, November 18th, 7PM

SPRING PLANNING MEETING to take place at beginning of Council meeting.

Deacon’s Board: Sunday, November 29th, following worship

*Cathedral Agape uses the building Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays 7-10PM
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November 2009

    Sun                Mon         Tue              Wed               Thu                   Fri        Sat

1 Prayer Circle   2           3 Election Day   4                 5                  6             7
Sunday            5:30PM AA                    12PMAA                               12PMAA        9:30-3:30 Reilly
Stewardship                                    6:30PM            7PM                              Hall In Use
Begins                                         Wonderful         Choir Rehearsal
Potluck Lunch                                  Wednesday
Presentation on

8 Stewardship     9           10               11                12                 13            14
Christian Ed      5:30PM AA                    12PMAA                               12PMAA        10AM Happy
Mtg.                          7PM A&F          6:30PM            7PM                              Birthday Baby
Missions Mtg.                 Meeting          Wonderful         Choir Rehearsal                  Basket Party
5PM Youth                     @ Zeman’s        Wednesday

15 Stewardship    16          17               18                19                 20            21
Lunch and         5:30PM AA                    12PMAA                               12PMAA
Presentation                                   7PM Executive     7PM
(A&F has lunch)                                Council (Spring   Choir Rehearsal    3:30PM
                                               Planning @                           Framingham
                                               beginning)                           MOMS Club

22 Thanksgiving   23          24               25                26                 27            28
Sunday                        7:30PM                             Thanksgiving
                  5:30PM AA   Interfaith       12PMAA            Day                12PMAA
5PM Youth                     Service
Group                         Plymouth

29 First Sunday   30
of Advent
Deacons’          5:30PM AA
First Baptist Church in Framingham
1013 Worcester Road
PO Box 2415
Framingham, MA 01703

December Save The Dates...

Repeating Events: Wednesdays, December 2nd and 9th: Wonderful Wednesday, 6:30PM Dinner, 7:15PM
       Choir Rehearsal Thursdays December 3rd, 10th and 17th, 7PM.
       Caroling at the Train Station Tuesdays December 15 and 22, 5-7PM.

Sunday, December 6th: 2nd Sunday of Advent, Prayer Circle, Communion Sunday, Potluck Lunch.
       Church Meeting following lunch to vote on new structure and pulpit committee.

Tuesday, December 8th: Administration and Finance Meeting, 7PM at the home of the Zeman’s.

Sunday, December 13th: 3rd Sunday of Advent, Christian Education and Missions Board Meetings following worship.
       Christmas Caroling 1:30-4:30PM to homebound members.          Youth Group Christmas Party 5PM.

Wednesday, December 16th: Executive Council, 7PM.

Saturday, December 19th: Pageant Rehearsal, 4PM for ALL Pageant Participants.

Sunday, December 20th: 4th Sunday of Advent. Pageant will take place during the worship service.
       Pizza Lunch and presents following worship.

Thursday, December 24th: Christmas Eve Service of Lessons and Candles, 7PM.

Sunday, December 27th: Poetry and Music Sunday. Deacon’s Meeting following worship.

Thursday, December 31st: New Year’s Eve Celebration, TBD.

                       ***DEADLINE for the December Newsletter is November 19th!!!***

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