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									About Rho Epsilon at the University of Missouri – Columbia

The Rho Epsilon Fraternity began at the University of Southern California in 1947 as a club of
students who were interested in the study of real estate. University of Missouri students first
affiliated with Rho Epsilon in 1977.

All students who are enrolled in real estate courses at a Rho Epsilon approved university are
eligible for national membership. The national fraternity has established over 35 local chapters,
and has over 6,000 members.

The purpose of this fraternity is to promote professional excellence through communication
between the academic and business communities.

Rho Epsilon has six goals:

      To encourage fraternal fellowship among those who have a major interest in real estate.
      To advance and perpetuate high standards of service, knowledge and integrity among real
       estate students, educators and professionals.
      To promote the exchange of ideas and information within the real estate industry.
      To encourage professional and academic study and research in real estate.
      To honor those who have distinguished themselves in the field.
      To develop future leaders of real estate organizations.

Activities of the Chapter in previous years include guest speakers, field trips to building sites and
real estate firms, preparation of directories of real estate professionals in various major cities, and
a monopoly tournament during Business Week (grand prize was a trip for two to Las Vegas).

The Chapter’s faculty advisor is Dr. David A. West. He is a member of the Department of

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